Cathy’s Story

Back in our hotel, we went out onto the balcony with a drink and I started to tell him about my little adventure with Angela, my sister,

It was a Saturday night and she’d just moved into my flat with me, she was just a few days past her sixteenth birthday and she was gorgeous darling we were having a drink to celebrate her freedom in leaving home and as she sat opposite me at our kitchen table, I noticed that she was naked beneath her little white skirt, she giggled when I pointed it out and said that she felt naughty.

“Okay” I laughed and stood up to take my own panties off but she stopped me,

“No Cathy” she looked very seriously at me, “Pretend I’m a customer and you’re giving me a private lap dance”

“You’re a girl” I giggled and she nodded, “Yes, I’m a girl who likes girls, remember?”

Derek already knew that I’d been a lap dancer for a while, but his eyes lit up as I described how I drew the curtains and climbed onto the table, I hadn’t mentioned to him that my sister had been in trouble with mum and dad because of her feelings towards other girls!

“I was wearing a little denim mini skirt that flared up as I swayed in time to the music I’d put on, she sat back in her seat with a funny little smile on her face, but it was her eyes that I couldn’t help looking at, there was a hunger in them, she wanted me Derek, my sexy little sister actually wanted me!”

“I unbuttoned my blouse and her eyes looked into mine when she saw how my breasts bulged out almost spilling completely over my skimpy bra cups, I unzipped my skirt and she reached up to take it off me”

“You’ve got a beautiful body Cathy” she said softly, “Lovely big breasts”

“I turned my back on her and slowly squatted in front of her, “Unfasten my bra” I said huskily and she did it immediately,

I held my bra in front of me as I turned back round and looked into her eyes,

“Beautiful” she whispered and reached up to take it from me, my breasts stood out proudly and without taking her eyes from mine, she kissed each nipple, “Just beautiful Cathy” she repeated,

“My mind was in turmoil then Derek, I stood up again and swayed a bit more, Angela parted her legs and I gasped as I watched a finger slipping in between her cunt lips”

“Some of my nicest punters are allowed to remove my panties”

“She smiled and reached out for me, but I took hold of the hand she’d had between her legs, her finger was slick with a sticky mucus and she moaned softly as I sucked it like a penis, her eyes fixed firmly on mine, she eased my panties off and it was my turn to moan as I felt her lips on my stomach”

Derek got down on his knees then and eased my skirt up around my hips, my brief little panties hid almost nothing of my slit and they were no barrier to his tongue as he snaked it under the narrow string.

“With the first touch of her tongue on my clitoris, I climaxed and sprayed her pretty face, she loved it Derek, she used her tongue like a knife in butter, it seemed to be everywhere, my cunt, my clit, even inside my anus”

“She helped me down from the table then and we went to bed, her face was still dripping with my juices and I cleaned her with my mouth before moving around into the sixty nine position, we did everything Derek, everything that two horny young girls could possibly do with each other, I felt two of her fingers in my cunt and another one in my anus, she wriggled all of them at the same time, I buried my face between her legs and her cunt Derek, oh my God it was beautiful, wet and succulent like a juicy peach in my mouth”

“We sucked and licked and kissed, we used fingers and tongues, I even lay on my back and drank from her Derek”

He stood up then and smiled at me as he removed his jeans and shirt, his prick was rock hard and angry looking, he was going to fuck me whilst I talked about Angela, he held out his hand which I took, pulling me to my feet, he sat down and beckoned me to straddle him, I moaned softly as his beautifully curved penis slid easily into my cunt.

“It was just like how I want to be with Charlotte” I told him as he began to move slowly up and down inside me, “I want to look up and see the pink flesh inside her cunt darling”

“Fuck yes” he hissed, “I’d love to see your tongue inside her cunt”

“You want to see me drink from her don’t you?”

“Yes” he gasped, “Cathy I’m coming baby” I felt his prick speeding up, faster and faster he fucked me, his face contorted with lust, I used my vaginal muscles to grip him, the sweat was falling over his face in little rivulets,



Derek again.

The next morning we went down to the beach immediately after breakfast, Cathy was a different woman, gone was the shy, quiet woman, the one that had been down trodden by a man not even worthy of her, in her place was a beautiful, confident woman, a woman who actually looked like she enjoyed life.

The ridiculously tiny white bikini panties she wore just about covered her slit, even her labia peeked out from either side of it, but she wore it proudly under the mini loin cloth tied loosely around her hips and her bountiful breasts jiggled under the skimpy tee shirt with every step.

“Christ but you look good enough to eat” I told her, “Let’s go back to bed”

But she wasn’t having any of it,

“You can fuck my brains out every day and twice on Sundays when we get back” she giggled, “And I hope you do, but meantime I want some sun on my back, so come on mister, get your butt in gear”

I got my butt in gear and felt proud as we settled down on the sand just a few yards away from the dark blue water of the Atlantic ocean, even at that early hour there were plenty of people on the beach and quite a few of them were naked.

Proudly she stripped off her tee shirt and began slapping sun tan lotion all over her breasts and shoulders,

“You can do the rest”

She rolled over onto her stomach and presented me with her lovely little bottom, I started with the back of her neck and she sighed with pleasure as I kneaded the lotion into her flesh,

“I think that Charlotte or Katie might enjoy doing this” I whispered in her ear and she wiggled her bottom sexily,

“I think I’d like that as well”

I massaged the oil into her back and allowed my hands to roam freely over the cheeks of her bottom, she seemed to like that so I ran a finger down over the tiny scrap of material between her legs, she moaned softly and whispered that it was nice,

“You’ve got a lovely touch Derek”

Her legs parted slightly allowing me to see the puckered skin around her anus, I put a dab of lotion on a finger and insinuated it beneath the string of her panties,

“Mmm, a very lovely touch” I prodded gently against her tiny rear hole before sliding the tip of my finger into it,

“Is your cock getting hard darling?” she asked with a smile on her pretty face, I moved very slightly so that she could see how my shorts were being pushed outwards by my prick,

“What do you think?” and she giggled as I pushed the finger in right up to the knuckle, she was moving her hips slowly almost imperceptibly but I recognized the signs, she was on the way to an orgasm, a young couple walked by and smiled as the girl said something in a foreign language, Cathy heard her speak and realized that they must have seen my finger in her anus,

“Push Derek” she hissed and then as I did so, she bit the towel and shuddered into her orgasm.

We spent the day just sunbathing and swimming, she proved to be a natural exhibitionist by slipping her panties off and lying naked, legs spread wide showing off her beautiful little cunt, her nipples looked hard and swollen and as we got dressed to go for lunch, I asked her if she’d felt sexy lying naked all day,

“Amazing darling” she replied and hung on to my arm, “I never thought I’d do anything like that in public”

“I want to make love to you on the beach before we leave” I told her and she giggled,

“Yes darling, I’d like that too, I can imagine doing it in the surf, the water lapping round us, ooh yes, wouldn’t it be romantic?”

Over lunch in the hotel, I could hardly take my eyes off her, even though she’d put her tee shirt back on, her nipples were still clearly visible and she knew it,

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” she whispered and I nearly choked on my coffee, instead though I sat back in my chair and lit a cigarette, I was thinking of something and wondered how she’d react.

“Did you marry whatsisname?”

“No why?”

“So you’ve never been married?”

She shook her head and smiled, “No, have you?”

“No, but I wouldn’t mind marrying you”

It was her turn to sit back and study me, she took a cigarette out and lit it, the silence was deafening as she blew a long stream of smoke up into the air,

“Was that a proposal of marriage Derek?”

“If you like”

“I like” she laughed, “I like it a lot”

I stubbed out my cigarette and got up,

“Come on then, I suppose I’d better buy you a ring”

“Romance isn’t your strong point is it Derek” she giggled, “But I’m getting on a bit now so I suppose I could do worse”

“Yeah, you’re no spring chicken, that’s for sure” and I winced as her fist thumped into my arm.

She put on a little blue skirt after I’d removed her panties and we went in search of a ring, thank God she wasn’t one of those women who like to look for hours before settling on one they saw at the beginning of the search, she pointed to a little ring with a single emerald in a cluster of smaller stones and I put it on her finger there and then in front of a grinning jeweler,

“I knock twenty euros from the price senor, you got a very pretty lady, you lucky man”

She kissed me in return and whispered that we should go back to the hotel,

“I want to introduce two friends of ours” she giggled,

“Who, what, what bloody friends?” I asked stupidly,

“That lovely big prick of yours” she laughed, “And what you like to call my sexy little bottom”

She lay naked on her stomach across the bed and pretended to admire her ring as I kissed my way slowly down her back, she tasted slightly of sweat but it only increased my ardour and hers too from the low moan that escaped her lips as I ran my tongue in between her cheeks and kissed her tiny hole,

“Gently darling” she whispered as I placed the swollen head of my penis against it and began to push,

“My God but you’re big” she hissed, but pushed herself back at me anyway,

She grimaced as I continued to push, so I kissed her neck and said that we’d leave it for now,

“No” she almost shouted, “I’ve read about this, I’ve heard about it all my life and now I’m going to do it, push damn you, just fucking push”

I pushed and she screamed as her ring opened and I slipped all the way into her anus,

“Oh God yes” she hissed, “Oh fuck Derek, that’s fucking wonderful”

“You’re tight baby” I crooned and set up a rhythmic fucking motion, I felt the greasy walls of her rectum gripping me, gripping and releasing as I pumped.

Reaching beneath her with both hands, I used one had to part her pussy lips and squeezed her clitoris with two fingers of the other hand, she squealed and bucked beneath me, her bottom pushed back against my groin, she cried and sobbed, she swore foully at me, she begged me to fuck her, to push harder until I knew from her jerking movements that the dam was about to burst,

I felt her reaching behind herself for my hips and I felt her nails digging into them as she started to cum,

“Derek” she squealed, “Fuck yes, yes, yes, yes, I’m coming Derek”

I felt my prick seeming to grow and suddenly it hit me, a wonderful, warm feeling as I spurted, Cathy screamed and I rammed two fingers into her cunt, a warm shower sprayed my hands and we rode together in tandem to where the waves of pleasure engulfed us both!



Back at our rented house, we celebrated meeting my brother again with champagne, I was light headed with the shock of seeing him again, the sight of seeing Cathy openly masturbating his huge penis had served to intensify my orgasm and I knew I would have to be with again before they left the island.

“You were sensational” Katie said softly and slipped a hand beneath my skirt as she kissed me,

“I’m still wet” I breathed into her mouth and felt a finger easing my panties aside before entering me, the finger went in deep and I sighed with disappointment when she withdrew it and offered it up to my mouth,

“Taste it Charlotte” she said softly, “Taste the juice from your beautiful little cunt my darling”

I licked and lapped at it hungrily, my senses swam as she sat up on the work top and parted her legs obscenely,

“Now I need you to taste mine, I want you to lick me from here” she touched a finger gently to her clitoris and ran it slowly down to the dark little ring of her anus, “To here”

I was almost overcome with desire from just inhaling the cloying aroma of her cunt and the sight of her wide open buttocks, opening my mouth I kissed her pussy pressing my tongue in between the wet warmth of her lips as she held my face, both hands gently caressing my cheeks,

I felt someone behind me, one of the boys, was sliding my panties down and then I moaned softly as I felt the warm heat of a fully erect penis nudging at my tiny rear hole, Katie slid forward very slightly guiding my face downwards, I closed my eyes and tasted the slight bitterness of her bottom just as the prick at my anus lunged up me.

Using both hands, I opened her little ring and pressed my tongue in as far as I was able, she was gasping and breathing heavily pushing her hips into my face, I drew my tongue out again and sucked out the thick sex juices that had gathered quickly, the prick in my bottom was pistoning now faster and deeper, Katie cried out that she was coming so I fastened my lips over the glistening little bud of her clitoris and whipped it with my tongue as I drove her towards her orgasm, hands gripped my breasts and squeezed them, the fingers pinching my nipples painfully.

Katie stiffened and filled my mouth with her precious, golden nectar, she cried out again, her hips jerked and heaved once more against my mouth, then she sighed and relaxed, my mouth still pressed into her cunt as I swallowed every last drop.

I felt his lips on my neck and on my ear as he buggered me frantically,

“I’m coming Charlotte” he hissed, It was Nick, I leaned back and kissed him and felt his prick jetting into my rectum as he tasted his sister’s wetness on my lips, someone pushed past my feet, that had to be Nigel and it was my turn to come as I felt his mouth on my cunt.

I slept with Katie that night, or rather I lay awake in her arms thinking about my brother and Cathy and I think it was then that I realized my time on the island was drawing to a close!