I smiled with pleasure when I saw him standing at the bar with his girlfriend he looked great and I could tell he was pleased with how he looked, the white open neck shirt contrasted well with his dark, hairy chest and the tightness of his white trousers accentuated the clearly visible outline of his penis which was hardening by the minute as he and his companion watched the club’s plentiful entertainment.

His companion was a woman of about thirty in a full length white evening gown that fitted like a second skin over her voluptuous curves, the dark circles of her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material and the gown was slit from hem to waist clearly showing one lacy stocking top supported by a minuscule white suspender belt.

“Hi” I said and kissed him on the lips, “I’m glad you came”

“Hello sexy” he grinned, “You look fabulous” and turning to his lady friend, he introduced us,

“Cathy say hello to Charlotte, my sexy, beautiful little sister”

“Hi Charlotte” she said and kissed me warmly, “Your brother lied to me, he only said you were pretty, he never mentioned anything about being stunning!”

“You’re not so bad yourself Cathy” I said with a smile, “I love the dress”

The lights dimmed on the stage, a signal for me that I was on,

“I’ll see you both in a minute” I said and walked through the tables onto the stage where Nick, Nigel and Katie awaited me their lightly oiled bodies glistening under the dimly lit stage, I never tired of being with the sexy triplets, their appetites for all things sexual were enormous and matched only by my own mega high sex drive.

All three were naked and the boys arousal was obvious as they stood on either side of their beautiful sister, the music was soft and muted as I stood in front of Katie and kissed her tenderly, her lips parted slightly and I tasted the soft, velvety warmth of her tongue as Nick moved in on my left and kissed my neck whilst Nigel kissed and nibbled at my right ear lobe.

Together and with impeccable timing, they each unfastened a spaghetti thin shoulder strap but held onto my dress and used their free hand to lift the back of it over my stockings,

Katie’s tongue searched my mouth and she moaned softly as my hands found her bountiful breasts, I tickled each nipple with the palms of my hands and looked into her dark brown eyes,

“God I want you” I breathed into her mouth and stifled a giggle as she nipped my tongue with her teeth,

“Later darling” she whispered, “We’ll have all night to ourselves”

The boys allowed my dress to drop to the floor, I stepped out of it and turned to face the audience naked apart from the stockings and a little black g-string, Katie pushed her naked breasts into my back and slipped her arms beneath mine to cup both of my breasts, she waited until both brothers fastened their mouths over a nipple each, then lifted my long blonde hair up to lick my neck.

I shivered with pleasure at the sibling’s touch and felt the copious wetness oozing into my panties as Katie ran her tongue slowly down my back and I looked across at my brother.

His eyes betrayed nothing, but I knew how much he wanted me, his bulging trousers told me that much, beside him Cathy was swaying very slightly to the music and I noticed his hand moving imperceptibly behind her, she smiled at me and blew me a kiss, the night was looking even more promising.

I began moving my hips in erotic little circles as the boys left my breasts and kissed my ribs, their finger tips slid under the tiny scrap of nylon covering my sex as Katie’s did behind me, I hugged myself tightly feeling my nipples hard and aroused under my own arms as slowly they slid the g-string down to the floor and as the music increased in volume, I spread my legs to allow Katie to slide beneath me, her own legs wide and inviting to the audience.

I stopped moving my hips and stood stock still whilst Katie’s tongue probed gently at my tiny puckered hole, I raised both arms and ran my tongue sensuously over each one, the boy’s tongues were licking my calves now as they stroked their sister’s inner thighs, nobody in the audience moved or spoke as they kissed higher and higher up my legs, my cunt was aching for a tongue now, a tongue or a prick.

Flicking my tongue out lasciviously, I licked myself under each armpit and shivered with pleasure as I felt Katie parting my buttocks, her tongue slithered in wetly at the same time as the boys’ tongues licked at each hairless labia and their fingers met at their sister’s cunt.

A few seconds later, I screamed out my orgasm and poured out my juices over two slavering faces, only Katie’s tongue in my rectum kept me from collapsing, until with a cry she came strongly and noisily with two fingers of each of her brother’s embedded deeply in her fully stretched cunt.

As we took just a second to accept the applause, I looked across to Derek who smiled and rolled his hips as Cathy masturbated his swollen prick, the boys held out a hand each to help Katie to her feet, we kissed again and I tasted myself on her luscious, full lips, we turned then and sank to our knees in front of Nick and Nigel, they moaned in unison as our mouths enclosed two lovely big cocks, I tasted pre-cum on him and knew that within a few seconds, he would fill my mouth with his hot, creamy cum.

As he did so, I imagined it was my brother who was shooting his spunk down my throat and we all left the stage to thunderous applause.

They were leaning back against the bar when I rejoined them, Derek with a smile on his handsome face and Cathy looking like the cat who’d got the cream,

“Oh my God Charlotte” she gushed, “That was absolutely amazing, you were brilliant”

“Thank you” I said softly, “We’ve worked together for quite a while now”

Derek passed me a drink and asked if I was going to go back to their hotel with them, before answering I looked at Cathy and she nodded,

“Say yes Charlotte, I want to taste you”

She wore nothing but her stockings beneath the gown and as I kissed her, I slipped my hand into the slit of her dress, my fingers caressed the silky smooth softness of her mound and she moaned with pleasure,

“I want to be like she was” she said as she laid a hand on my bottom, I want to lie between your legs with my tongue there”

I felt her finger pressing my dress into the crease of my bottom and I reached over to feel the shape of Derek’s cock through his trousers,

“I think I’d like that too Cathy” I breathed into her mouth, “But I have to be elsewhere tonight”

“Come to my house tomorrow night darling” I kissed her and snaked my tongue into her mouth, “If you thought that little show was good, I’ll blow your fucking mind tomorrow night”

Derek’s story.

Cathy and her husband owned and ran the small hotel I was staying in and I found her intensely interesting, she was quite a large, voluptuous woman, not at all the sort I’m usually attracted to, her husband was small and skinny with a personality that matched his stature and I disliked him on sight.

Cathy was the complete opposite, a lovely, lively, sexy woman who seemed to flirt outrageously as a matter of course, she usually doubled up as a barmaid at night and I often found myself chatting to her over a few drinks, she liked to wear low cut dresses that showed off her beautiful breasts and I joked with her that they would be much softer than the pillows on my bed.

“I’ll bring you up some softer one’s” she said with a smile, we were the only people in the bar and she made no attempt to pull away as I leaned over it and kissed her lips, “Just bring yourself up” I replied and winked at her jokingly as I said goodnight and went up to bed.

I’d just shaved and showered ready for an early start on the site when she knocked quietly on my door and walked in without waiting to be asked,

“I brought your pillows” she smiled and then laughed when I asked her where they were,

“Here” she grinned sexily and unfastened the top button of her blouse, “But you’ll have to get them yourself!”

I took over then, expertly flipping her buttons open whilst tasting her mouth again, her breasts were large and surprisingly firm and I eased them out from the confines of her bra as I continued to explore her mouth,

“Nice” she whispered into her mouth as she ran her hands over my hairy chest and down to where the towel was knotted at my waist,

“I hope you’re not going to disappoint me Derek” she said as I reached for the zip of her skirt, a quick downward pull and it slithered down to her ankles, just as she opened the towel and smiled,

“Oh no Derek” she smiled, “I just know you’re not” and she sank to her knees.

I looked behind her to the full length mirror in the old fashioned wardrobe and wondered why she was wearing lacey scalloped little panties with stockings and a matching suspender belt.

“Bloody hell Cathy” I gasped as her mouth sucked and licked at my fully erect penis, “You look fucking gorgeous, good enough to eat in fact”

“Derek” she looked up at me, “It’s been almost two years since I’ve had that, I’d drown you”

“I’m a good swimmer Cathy”

She stood up but kept hold of my penis, “I’m desperate to cum with a real man Derek”

“Lie down, I promise you’ll come”

She lay back on the bed releasing my penis from her grasp as I took hold of her pretty little panties and eased them down over her thighs,

“Ooh Derek” she gasped as I wiped my tongue up the whole length of her glistening, wet slit, “Oh my God, you’ll make me cum”

“Come then” I smiled up at her, my mouth only millimeters away from her beautiful and completely hairless little cunt, “And then I can fuck you and make you cum again”

I delved in again amid her wetness and savored it, I licked inside her labia and she thrust her hips back at me, I sucked out the little droplets of juice that gathered inside her hole and she gasped out loud,


I felt her legs going round my neck and I heard her breathing getting quicker and shallower, using both hands I held her cunt open and tasted the walls of it as I sucked again at her flesh, she squealed and clung to me as I probed a finger downwards and stabbed her tiny little anus, she sighed with pleasure as my tongue scooped up her thick, creamy emissions and then ran down to join my finger at her rectum,

“Yes” was all she said as I probed inside and enjoyed the bitter, slightly acrid taste I found there, I felt her legs tightening around my neck and I felt her fingers gripping my arms,

“I’m cumming Derek”

I ran my tongue back up to her clitoris as she stiffened and emitted a long jet of fluid into my mouth, she jerked again and again convulsively and with each jerk I received more fluid, with one last lick at her clitoris, I rose up and lunged my penis into her glistening pink hole, a smile lit up her pretty face and she arched up off the bed to meet me,

“Fuck me Derek” she hissed into my ear, “Ram that beautiful big cock right up into my cunt”

She cried out when I did just that and I felt the sharp pain of her nails tearing the skin on my back, every time I lunged forward into her, she pushed back against me and squealed not seeming to care about the noise she made,

“I’m cumming again” she squealed and I felt as if my prick was swelling up inside her, ramming my finger right up to the knuckle in her anus, I erupted and we clung together riding out our mutual orgasms.

The following day at work, she was all I could think about, every time I stretched to reach for a screwdriver I felt the tears on my back where her nails had ripped me, I smiled every time I thought about her and my penis was semi-hard all day long.

The hotel was closed as I pulled up outside it, a hastily scribbled sign in the window announced that “We are closed until further notice”

But fortunately the front door was unlocked, I found her in the bar nursing a drink and an ugly bruise on the side of her face,

“Where is he Cathy?”

“He’s gone”

“Where to Cathy, tell me sweetheart?”

“I don’t know and I don’t bloody care, he took all the money out of our account, all the petty cash we had here, a few clothes and his own car, he just walked in about an hour ago, called me a fucking slut, did this” she touched the bruise and winced, “Called me a whore again and left”

“What about this place, the hotel?”

“I don’t care Derek, I feel like walking away and leaving it”

“What about me, are you going to walk away from me as well?”

“Oh Derek, you don’t want me, be honest, you must have fucked a thousand women who are better than me”

“I haven’t actually, this is the first job I’ve done in the UK for about ten years, I’ve spent most of that time in the middle east or Africa working in oil fields, women aren’t always readily available out there, and those that are available, well” I left it hanging, not really wanting to get into the aids issue.

“I’ll make a few phone calls Derek and get you into another hotel”


“Because you’ll need somewhere to stay of course”

“I’m staying here Cathy, may I get myself a drink please?”

“Of course, get me one too”

I got our drinks and went into the kitchen in search of hot water and some cream and she smiled when I started to lightly wash the bruise,

“A little bit of cream and you’ll be as right as rain again” I laughed and then kissed her gently on the other cheek,

“I’ll go if you really want me to Cathy”

“No” she said softly and drew my face to hers again, “That’s not what I want at all”

We made love there and then in the darkened bar, me with my jeans round my ankles and Cathy with her panties pulled to one side, her heavy breasts bulging out over the top of her bra for my lips, then after we’d slaked our needs, I went up for a bath and a shave and she came up with me at my request.

“Whose name is the hotel in?” I asked her as I lay soaking in the hot soapy water,

“Mine why?”

“How are things regarding the mortgage?”

“Okay” she replied, “I’m not in arrears if that’s what you mean”

“Yes it is”

” But I’ve got very little interest in the place now, I’d much rather sell it and go somewhere”

“What would you say if I told you I know something that you don’t?”

“I’d say I’ll drown you if you don’t tell me what it is”

“Come and wash my hair for me and I’ll tell you”

I ducked my head into the water to wet it and she poured out a load of shampoo into her hands, there’s something vaguely erotic about having a lovely, sexy woman wash your hair and Cathy was certainly that, she giggled and parted her legs as I slipped a hand up beneath her skirt and felt the damp warmth in her panties.

“You’d better tell me what you know mister” she laughed, “I’ve got a full bottle of shampoo here and I’m not afraid to use it!”

“They paid me a month’s wages today, right up to the end of my contract, I’ve finished there”

“So you’ll be leaving” she said it flatly, not at all like a question, but she giggled again when I wormed a finger beneath her panties and into her pussy,

“Only if you want me to” I tilted my head for her to rinse the shampoo out and while I was down there, I told her that the refinery was advertising nationwide for workers in tomorrow’s papers,

“They’re starting production again in a month’s time Cathy”

“How many men?” she pulled away and stared at me,

“How many rooms have you got here?”

“Twenty two”

“How many of them have got twin beds?”


“Can you afford to buy twenty more?”

She snorted, “No chance Derek, I could probably stretch to one at the most”

“Let me buy them for you”

“What’s the point Derek, they’ll only be here for a few weeks, then things will get back to normal again, I’ll be just as broke as I am now?”

“The point is, my sexy lady” I laughed, “Is that they want stability of labour, they will only take men on who’ll sign six monthly contracts, with a bonus to be paid after every subsequent six months”

“Oh my God” she gasped and I saw her eyes close while she did some quick mental arithmetic, using both hands I slid them beneath her skirt and eased her panties down,

“We’ll make a bloody fortune Derek”


She looked very pretty when she laughed and even prettier as she stepped out of her panties and stepped into the bath,

“Yes Derek” she said as her mouth found mine and I tasted her tongue, “We!”

Thanks to some very useful contacts at the plant, the bookings began to roll in within two weeks and within three weeks we were fully booked up, two men to a room, seven days a week, it meant a lot of work for us both, clean bed sheets every day and forty four breakfasts every morning, but we were ready for it and Cathy was as excited as a kid with a new toy.

We took advantage of the lull before the first guests arrived and flew out to the Canary Isles for a five day break, it cost me an arm and a leg, but it was worth every penny when I told her to pack a bag.

“Why, where are we going?”

I refused to tell her until they called our flight and just to see the sheer pleasure on her face was the most beautiful thing I could ever remember seeing,

“You’re taking me to the Canaries?”

“No” I laughed, “I thought I’d just wind you up”

She cried, she actually bloody cried in the airport and she was still sniffling as we boarded the plane.

“We’re really going aren’t we?”

I was astounded until she told me that her beloved ex had often promised holidays, but not one had actually materialized, so it wasn’t until the wheels of the plane actually took hold of the Tarmac at Las Palmas airport on Gran Canaria that she leaned into me and kissed me,

“Thank you” she said simply, but I leered evilly and said in my best Hollywood bad guy voice,

“This will cost you pretty lady, I will have your body every night”

We started as soon as I closed the door of our room behind me, pushing me back against it, she kissed me and snaked her tongue into my mouth,

“Do you know something mister?”

I knew that my prick was getting very hard in my jeans,

“My cunt gets wet every time I look at you”

It was wet then all right, I sank down to my knees and kissed the front of her panties whilst she leaned back against the door, both hands in my hair, I tasted her juices through the gossamer thin material and I heard her low, throaty moans of delight as she pushed her hips lewdly into my face,

“You’ll make me squirt again Derek”

By way of an answer, I pulled aside the gusset of her panties and licked deeply in between her glistening sex lips, I scooped out the creamy wetness and plunged deeper in searching for more, the hard little nub of her clitoris was pressing against my nose, I knew she’d cum at any second, so I eased two fingers into her and then, as she gasped, I eased a third into her anus. She squealed and squirted right into my face as I swallowed eagerly gulping down as much of her sweet nectar as I could.

She was still on fire as I led her into the room and lay her on the bed,

“Yes” she said as I stripped off my jeans and she saw my fully erect penis, “Fucking yes Derek, come to me baby, I want you so fucking much”

I practically fell on her, my cock plunging into her liquid centre, instead of moving in and out, I drove deep and held myself there against the neck of her womb, I felt her clitoris against my pubic bone and then slowly I withdrew almost all of the way out,

She moaned and clutched at me, then screamed as I drove forward again and I let go, it seemed as if I was pumping for ever into her cunt and it actually seemed as if she was pissing, such was the power of her second orgasm!

She looked gorgeous in the little white bikini and giggled shyly when I suggested that she went topless,

“Not in public darling” she laughed, “Everyone will be looking at me”

“They’d be dead if they didn’t look Cathy” I told her, “But this isn’t London darling, most people here go topless, a few beaches they’re totally naked!”

“Yes well I’m putting a skirt on over it to start with and when I’ve seen for myself how they all dress here, I’ll decide whether I’m going to show everything I’ve got”

She compromised by taking her bikini top off and wearing just a tee shirt that displayed her lovely big nipples through the thinly stretched material, her skimpy skirt was pretty thin as well, but I thought it best not to mention it as we set off to explore our little part of the island.

It was mid afternoon and the sun was blazing down, I wore just shorts and tee shirt but the tee came off almost as soon as we got outside and Cathy giggled at the mode of dress of most of the girls we saw.

“They don’t believe in wearing very much do they?”

“Well they don’t allow nudity in the bars or restaurants or in the street, other than that” I shrugged, “Basically, anything goes”

We were strolling past a café, with tables on the pavement, people were sitting under parasols drinking and talking, the woman looked at me, looked away and did a double take.



Cathy looked on bemused as the woman ran into my embrace and kissed me, the two men with her were grinning too and leapt up to hug me and thump my back in the way that men always do,

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked and then remembering my manners, I introduced Cathy to Katie, Nigel and Nick, the three most unusual triplets anyone could ever meet!

We chatted inanely for a long time, Cathy saying very little but missing nothing, I saw her eyes flicker when I asked Katie about Charlotte and she listened intently to her answer, I wasn’t sure I was ready to explain to her about Charlotte but it had happened so all I could do was to explain and hope for the best!

I’ll give Cathy her due, she behaved impeccably and even kissed the triplets as we parted with a promise to attend the show the following evening,

It was in the dining room of the hotel over dinner that I told her about Charlotte, my younger sister by four years, I told her how our parents had been killed in a drugs war over a missing shipment of cocaine when I was just eighteen, I told her how I’d gone to court and applied for custody, I had a good job even then and the judge had undoubtedly been swayed by the way Charlie had clung to my hand throughout the hearing, he’d granted me care and control,

Over a brandy after dinner, I told her how we’d grown close, how she’d come into my bed one night and we’d cried together over our dead parents,

“You made love didn’t you?” she said quietly and I nodded,

“Yes, we were lovers for three years until she got a job as a dancer in a touring show when she was eighteen”

“And then?”

“I got the job I’ve just finished as a foreman electrician, we spent time together every time I came back to the UK, But she met the triplets about four years ago and they’ve lived together ever since”

“Did you know they were here?”

“Good God no Cathy” I said loudly and then lowered my voice as people looked at me, “Honestly sweetheart, I had absolutely no idea”

“When you say that they live together, are they all, well you know?”

“They’re all lovers” I said softly, “Even the brothers I think, but I don’t really want to know too much about that side of things”

“I think we should go up to our room Derek”

“Why, are you leaving?”

My heart leapt as she put her lips next to my ear,

“No, I’m not leaving Derek, but you might want to after I’ve told you about my lover before I met the fucking idiot”

“Who was it?” I asked and kissed her lovingly, “Just tell me his name”

“Angela, Derek” she breathed, “Her name was Angela, she’s my sister”

-To be continued…-