Chapter 18

Steve and Angie arrived at his house and went up to the kitchen. Angie rummaged through the fridge looking for the fixings for a salad while Steve sat on a stool next to the breakfast counter. He watched her ass as she bent over, his thoughts on Angie’s plans for Michelle.

“So, how long have you thought about . . . sleeping with other girls?” he asked hesitantly. Angie stood up, a head of lettuce in her hand.

“For a while now. I mean, I still like guys.” She grinned. “Some more than others!” Steve smiled sheepishly and she continued. “I just find girls very sexy, too. And I’ve seen movies with two women and just wondered if it’s as much fun as it looks.” He watched as she placed the lettuce on the counter, then went back into the fridge. “Looks like we have everything I’ll need. Can you see if there’s some hamburger and buns?” Steve reluctantly pulled his eyes from her smooth, round ass and went over to the cupboard where his mother kept the bread. Along the way, his eye caught the blinking light on the answering machine and he pressed the button to hear the messages. There was only one.

“Hi, honey,” his mother’s recorded voice said. “We decided to stay another night up here. We’ll see you tomorrow afternoon. Call if you need anything.” She paused for a second, then added in a lower voice, “And please try to control yourself. You too, Angie.” There was a soft click as she hung up. He looked over at Angie, who had stopped what she was doing when she heard the message. She gave him a curious look.

“Did you tell her about us?” she asked, eying him suspiciously.

Steve shook his head. “No, she figured it out on her own.” He dug into his pocket and retrieved the two condoms she had given him. “She gave me these.” Angie looked at the prophylactics and shrugged.

“Well, if we’re going to be alone here all night, I may have to step up my plans!” she said. Steve shook his head and chuckled as he pulled a bag of hamburger buns from the shelf. “Let’s see,” Angie said thoughtfully, putting a finger to her chin. “If I could get her alone . . .” Her voice trailed off as she thought through her plan. Steve left her and went downstairs to the storage room where the freezer was. He grabbed a frozen package of pre-made hamburgers and came back up to the kitchen. Angie was sitting at the table, still deep in thought. He tossed the burgers in the sink to thaw. She looked over at him.

“Is there some way you could leave us alone for maybe an hour after we eat?” she asked. He shrugged and thought about it.

“I guess I could go to the store for munchies,” he replied. “It wouldn’t take that long, but I could stretch it out.” That would be easier said than done considering that two beautiful and hopefully willing girls would be waiting for him at home. Angie nodded absently, still looking thoughtful.

“That should work,” she said, then stood up and came over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long, wet kiss. His prick twitched at her tender touch and he suddenly wanted her – right here, right now. He reached for her ass, but she pushed him away. “Not now,” she scolded with a slight smile. “I need you in top form tonight!” She pushed him away and went over to the sink to begin preparing the salad. She kept looking out the window, her mind miles away as she worked out her plan to get Michelle into bed with them.

Chapter 19

Michelle arrived a few minutes before five. Steve was cleaning the grill on the gas barbeque and Angie had just stepped out onto the deck with the platter of burgers. She waved at Michelle and beckoned her inside the fence. She stepped through the gate and Steve couldn’t help but stare at her. She was wearing a pale blue sun dress. The lightweight cotton billowed around her long legs and it was plainly apparent that she had no bra on under it. Her long, lightly tanned legs seemed to go on forever and her long hair shone as it fell across her bare shoulders and down her back. He swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on the grill. He had never seen Michelle dressed like that before and he wondered if it was for Angie’s benefit.

“Wow, Michelle!” Angie exclaimed, eyeing her as she climbed the three steps to the deck. “Looking good!”

Michelle smiled demurely and blushed a little. “Thanks. It’s so hot I wanted to wear something light. And I’ve been wearing shorts every day for two weeks. I just needed a change.”

Angie laughed and glanced at Steve. “Well, it looks good on you. Wouldn’t you agree, Steve?”

Steve looked up at the beautiful brunette and quickly shifted his gaze back to the flames. “Yeah, sure. You look real nice, Michelle.” Angie sensed their mutual discomfort and changed the subject.

“Ready for the burgers, Steve?” He nodded and took the tray from her, then began dropping them onto the grill as the girls sat down at the table. There was a hiss and flames shot up around the burgers as grease dripped down onto the fire below. Angie started asking Michelle about the school they would both be attending in the fall, hoping a neutral subject would allow her to relax a little. Angie was wearing her khaki shorts and a white tank top, also with no bra. The shorts were loose around her legs, but were tight enough to show off her nice ass. She had dressed in front of Steve and he knew she had no panties on under them. As he watched the burgers sizzle, he absently wondered if Michelle had any on under her flimsy cotton dress, then decided that she must have. There was no way she would be that daring!

When the burgers were almost done, he dropped the buns on the top rack to toast them slightly. Angie and Michelle went in to get the salad and by the time they had returned, he was setting the burgers on the picnic table. They settled in to eat, Angie and Michelle dominating the dinner conversation. They way they went on, Steve thought to himself, you would think they had known each other for years, not hours.

They finished their burgers and gathered up the dishes. Steve shut down the barbeque and made sure the propane was turned off, then joined them in the kitchen.

“Great burgers, Steve,” Michelle said as she dumped the stack of plates into the sink. She smiled at him and turned around to begin washing them. He couldn’t help but stare at her sexy body under the thin cotton dress. He caught Angie watching him out of the corner of his eye and turned to her. She was grinning at him and raised her eyebrows at him before turning to take a good look at Michelle’s ass herself. She winked at him, then joined Michelle at the sink.

After the dishes were done and put away, they moved down into the relative coolness of the basement. Steve retrieved his card from the desk and put it into the satellite receiver, then got his bag of weed from his stash and sat down to roll one up. Angie picked up the remote and began scrolling through the movie guide. He left the movie choice up to her and Michelle, knowing any of his selections would be vetoed anyway. He plopped down on the couch next to Angie while Michelle sat on the other side of the pretty blonde. She had her legs folded under her on the couch, her knees visible under the light fabric of her dress. Angie was slouched back on the couch with her legs stretched out in front of her, slightly apart. Steve couldn’t make up his mind which of them looked sexier. As he fired up the joint and passed it among them, the girls commented on the pros and cons of several movies while Steve sat silently, offering no comment. A few minutes after they’d finished the joint, Angie turned to him.

“We could use some munchies for later. Would you mind going to the store?” Her eyes held a mischievous glint.

He shrugged. “Sure. What should I get?” The two girls looked at each other, then back to him. Michelle said “popcorn” at the same time Angie said “chips.” They giggled and Steve said he would bring both, then stood up and went up the stairs. He glanced back over his shoulder and saw that Michelle was scrolling through the guide. Angie turned to look at him over the back of the couch and mouthed “one hour”. He glanced at his watch, nodded and went up the stairs.

Angie turned back to the TV. Steve’s dope had given her a pretty good buzz and she hoped it had helped loosen Michelle’s inhibitions. She watched as Michelle clicked on the descriptions of a few movies. None seemed satisfactory and she passed the remote to Angie. “Here, you try for a while.” Angie scrolled through the list, pretending to look at a few movies. But her real goal was the adult channels. She kept punching the remote until they appeared on the guide. She paused at one and Michelle turned to her, her eyes wide and a mischievous grin on her face. “Is that what I think it is?”

Angie grinned and nodded. “Wanna watch it?” Michelle looked up at the title – “Wet Sex”. Angie hadn’t stopped on just any channel. This was one of the movies she had watched while Steve was at work and knew it had plenty of threesomes and lesbian scenes. Michelle hesitated for a second, then nodded, grinning.

“Ok, but only until Steve gets back!” Angie nodded her head and smiled to herself as she clicked the button. The screen was filled with two women locked in the sixty-nine position. Their moans of ecstacy filled the room and Michelle’s eyes grew wide. Angie pretended to be watching the screen, but was really studying Michelle’s reaction. So far, it seemed positive. She was watching the two women intently, seeming to study their moves. Her tongue unconsciously flicked across her full lips, her eyes glued to the action. When a guy moved into the picture wearing nothing but a smile, Angie once again watched Michelle’s face as she took in his huge prick. She turned to Angie, a look of horrified surprise on her face. “Are . . .are all guys that big?!”

Angie chuckled and shook her head. “No, these guys are freaks!” she replied. They both watched as the two women began taking turns sucking on the ten inch cock. “For example, Steve is about . . . uh, seven inches. That’s about average.” She thought for a moment, then said, “Well, maybe a little above average, but not huge like these guys.” Michelle nodded and turned back to the movie. The guy was pushing his cock into one of the girls. She moaned and sighed as he did, seeming on the verge of orgasm as his massive tool filled her pussy. Michelle swallowed and watched as they began an animated fuck. Angie touched her arm and Michelle started, then relaxed and smiled.

“Sorry, you scared me!” She said, then their eyes locked as Angie stroked her arm.

“Do you like the movie?” she asked softly, her eyes never leaving Michelle’s. Michelle swallowed hard, but held her gaze and nodded. Her eyes had a frightened look, but she still seemed receptive to Angie’s subtle advances. Angie let her eyes go back to the TV, where the women were kissing while the guy continued to fuck one of them. “Do you find that sexy – two women?” Her voice was still soft, even sexy, and Michelle shivered under her tender caress. She nodded again, but said nothing. Angie smiled and moved closer to the sexy brunette. “Do you find me sexy?” Michelle stared at her for a long moment, their eyes locked. Angie moved her hand from Michelle’s arm to her knee. “It’s ok, Michelle. You can tell me. I promise I won’t tell anyone.” She was slowly moving her face closer and Michelle could now feel her warm breath on her cheek. She nodded slowly.

“Y . . .yes,” she breathed in a faint whisper. Angie smiled and leaned in so that their lips were almost touching. She paused, her eyes studying Michelle’s, then leaned in and pressed her warm lips to Michelle’s.

For a brief moment, Michelle froze, but didn’t pull away. Then she seemed to relax a little and allowed Angie to kiss her. She even responded, moving her lips slightly. After a few seconds, Angie pulled away, allowing her lips to linger on Michelle’s for a second, then sat back. Her eyes remained locked on Michelle’s and a slight smile formed on her face. Michelle licked her lips, watching Angie closely. This was the moment of truth. Either Michelle would accept her advances or run. She waited breathlessly as the long-legged beauty thought over this new development.

“Was that ok?” Angie asked after several long seconds had passed. Michelle just looked at her, then slowly nodded. Angie’s smile widened and she breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed to release the tension in the room and Michelle found herself smiling back. “Whew! I was afraid you were going to turn and run! I’ve never done that before!”

Michelle looked at her curiously. “You’ve never . . . kissed a girl before?” She seemed genuinely surprised, although Angie had given her no indication of her sexual preferences. Angie smiled and took her hand.

“No, I’ve never done it before. I’ve thought about it – a lot, lately. And when I saw you, I just had to try.” Michelle blushed and nodded.

“I know. Me too.” She raised her eyes to meet Angie’s. “I just sort of . . . knew. Does that sound weird?”

Angie smiled again and shook her head. “Not at all. I felt it, too.” She leaned in and kissed Michelle again, this time parting her lips and pushing her tongue against Michelle’s lips. Michelle got the hint and opened her mouth to allow Angie’s soft, warm tongue inside. They held each other, their hands exploring while their tongues danced together in a passionate kiss. Suddenly, Michelle pulled away, breaking off the tender kiss.

“What’s wrong?” Angie asked, a puzzled look on her face.

Michelle looked up at her. “What about Steve?” she asked. “Aren’t you two . . . going steady or something?”

Angie took her hand and pulled her closer. “Steve knows that I’m interested in women. He’s ok with it.” Michelle’s expression changed to one of surprise.

“He doesn’t mind?”

Angie shook her head. “Not at all.” She glanced at the threesome taking place on the TV. “As a matter of fact, he’d love to , uh . . . join us.” She nodded toward the TV. Michelle’s eyes grew wide. “If you’re interested, that is.” Michelle turned and watched the action on the TV, not speaking. Angie didn’t push her. She waited patiently while she thought it through. After a few minutes, Michelle sat back, staring straight ahead as the guy on the screen jerked his cum all over the faces and tits of the two women. She waited until the scene ended, then turned to Angie. Her face was expressionless and Angie held her breath. Finally, Michelle spoke.

“All right,” she said quietly. Angie’s eyes widened. While she had been reasonably sure now that she could take it as far as she wanted with just the two of them, she had half expected Michelle to say no way to the threesome. She smiled and took Michelle’s delicate hands in hers.

“Really? Are you sure?”

Michelle nodded, a slight smile on her lips. Angie threw her arms around her and hugged her. “You’re gonna love it! Steve is such a gentle, caring lover!” Michelle hugged her back. After a few seconds, she released her embrace and backed away.

“So, you and Steve talked about this . . .with me?” Her eyes held a look of concern. Angie squeezed her hand.

“I told him this afternoon that I found you very attractive and he said it was ok with him if I asked you.” She grinned. “But he didn’t think you would go for it!” Michelle giggled nervously and shook her head.

“I still can’t believe it myself!” She looked at the gorgeous blonde and smiled wryly. “So the little trip to the store was a ruse so we could be alone?”

Angie grinned sheepishly. Pretty and smart. “Sorry. I couldn’t very well ask you when Steve was here.”

Michelle squeezed her hand and returned the grin. “Don’t you mean ‘seduce’ me?” Her grin widened and they both began to giggle. When they finally stopped laughing, Michelle looked at her watch. “He could have gone to the store and back twice already. Is he waiting outside for your signal?”

Angie laughed. “No. I told him to give me an hour.” She looked at her own watch. “He should be back any time, now.” They settled in on the couch next to each other and watched as the next scene played out on the TV. This one was only a man and a woman, but they were fucking ferociously. So hard that the table she was lying on was being pushed across the room. Michelle asked questions about sex, which Angie was happy to answer. When Angie asked her if she was ready to give up her virginity tonight, she hesitated.

“You wouldn’t mind if he and I . . .” she began.

Angie shook her head. “Not at all. As long as I can play, too!” This brought on another fit of giggling until Michelle suddenly stopped and looked wide-eyed at Angie.

“What about your parents? Shouldn’t they be home soon?”

Angie shook her head again. “Nope. They decided to stay away for another night.” She smiled, running her hand along Michelle’s soft thigh. “We have the whole house to ourselves all night!” Michelle thought for a moment, then stood up, looking around the room. She spied the phone on the desk, went over to it, then picked up the receiver and dialed a number. Angie started to say something, but she held up a finger, silencing her.

“Hi, Mom . . . I’m still at Angie’s . . . uh-huh . . . um, Angie just asked if I could spend the night . . .” She looked over at Angie and winked. “Uh-huh . . . no, no . . . we’re just going to hang out and watch movies. They get HBO . . . no, we won’t . . .” She rolled her eyes. “Yes, Mom, I promise . . .ok. . . I will . . . bye.” She replaced the receiver and turned to Angie. “Would you mind if I ran home for my pajamas and toothbrush?” She indicated the phone. “I promised Mom I would.”

Angie got up and went over to her. They kissed deeply, then Angie released her. “Just don’t change your mind, ok?”

Michelle smiled and caressed her soft cheek. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.” With that, she turned and went quickly up the steps and out the door. Angie watched her go, then flopped down on the couch and looked up at the TV just in time to see the next cum-shot.

A few minutes later, she heard the back door open and close, and a few seconds later Steve appeared at the bottom of the steps. He looked around expectantly, and when he didn’t see Michelle, his face fell. He went over and tossed the chips and popcorn onto the coffee table, then sat down next to Angie, who was going back and forth between two different pornos.

“So, she ran away, huh?” he said, watching the couple on the TV.

Angie flicked to the other channel, which had a threesome. “She went home,” she said, still staring at the TV. He sighed and leaned back, his disappointment obvious. Then she turned to him with a wide grin on her face. “To get her pajamas so she can stay the night!” she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling. He stared open-mouthed at her, then a cautious grin began to creep across his face.

“Really?! She said yes?!” Angie nodded excitedly. Steve couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Michelle, the staunch virgin, had agreed to a threesome!? “But how? . . . I mean . . .how?”

Angie snuggled in close. “I just used my charms to seduce her. She couldn’t resist!” She looked up at him, her face serious. “But this stays between us. I promised her. I don’t care what people think of me as much as I care about her reputation. So no bragging to your friends, ok?” Steve nodded, still dumbstruck that this was really happening. “I mean it,” Angie said sternly. “Say nothing! Not even if you don’t use names. This is a small town. People will figure it out.” She fixed her gaze on him and he swallowed hard, nodding.

“Of course, Ang. I would never say anything to hurt you or Michelle!” She held his gaze for a moment, then smiled and settled back in next to him.

“I know you won’t, Steve. I just needed to hear you say it.” They watched more porn in silence for a few minutes until Steve spoke up.

“So, how far did you get with her?” he asked, still watching the TV. Angie turned to him and he couldn’t help smiling.

“Further than you!” she exclaimed, grinning and slapping his arm playfully.

They continued to watch the adult channels while they waited for what seemed like hours for Michelle to return. Forty-five minutes after she left, there was a knock at the door. Angie licked her lips and stood up. “I’ll get it.”

Steve watched her go. “Make sure all the doors are locked, ok?” he called after her as she started up the steps. She waved an acknowledgment and disappeared up the stairs.

Chapter 20

Angie opened the door and saw Michelle wearing the same dress and carrying a small overnight bag over her shoulder. She swung open the screen door and let her in, then closed and locked the door. She quickly checked the patio and front doors, then went back over to Michelle and led her downstairs to where Steve waited.

They reached the bottom of the steps and Michelle looked uneasily toward Steve. He returned her look, smiling nervously back at her. “H . . .hi, Michelle,” he said, his voice wavering slightly. Michelle flashed him a brief smile and allowed Angie to take her bag. She stood anxiously near the steps while Angie put it in Steve’s room and returned. Angie took her hand with a smile and led her to the couch. She sat down next to Steve and pulled Michelle down next to her. She looked at Steve and Michelle and could actually feel the nervous tension between them.

“Hey, you two,” she said, taking both of their hands in hers and looking from one to the other. “We’re all friends here. There’s no need to be shy!” Steve looked at her, then over to Michelle. She was absolutely gorgeous in her pale blue sun dress with her long hair flowing over her milky shoulders. He smiled at her and she returned it demurely, her small hand gripping Angie’s. Angie took her and Steve’s hands and placed them together. With a brief hesitation., they grasped each other’s hand and looked at each other as if for the first time. Angie leaned over and kissed Steve, then did the same to Michelle. Steve’s cock jumped when he saw his girlfriend kissing another girl. He had never felt so turned on before! Angie released Michelle’s sexy mouth and put her arm around the sexy and demure brunette’s shoulder. They both looked back at Steve; Angie with a huge grin and Michelle with a nervous smile. “Still think you can satisfy both of us, stud?” Angie teased as her free hand went to his leg, then slid up to his bulging cock. She turned to Michelle. “Sure feels like he’s ready to try!”

Michelle’s eyes dropped to Steve’s bulging shorts and she swallowed. Angie looked over at her and caressed her neck. “Try to relax, Michelle. This is going to be fun!” Michelle smiled a little wider and nodded.

“I know. It’s just . . .” She looked at them both. “I’ve never really done anything, let alone this! It’s just a little scary.” Angie pulled her closer, hugging her warmly.

“If you don’t want to do anything, you don’t have to. You can just watch, if that’s what you want. But I hope you do more.” She nuzzled Michelle’s neck and nibbled on her ear. “I can’t wait to make love to you!” she whispered. Michelle twitched as Angie touched on a sensitive spot, but smiled. “And like I said,” Angie continued, looking back at Steve. “Steve is a very gentle lover. He won’t hurt you, right, Steve?”

Steve looked over at the two beautiful creatures next to him on the couch. He shook his head. “N . . .no, of course not, Michelle!” He saw her eyes go to his crotch and blushed. His cock was so hard he was sure it was going to burst from his shorts! Angie followed her gaze, then looked up to meet Steve’s eyes.

As if reading his mind, she said, “Maybe we should free that beast before you hurt yourself!” She got down on the floor on her knees and motioned for Steve to stand up. He glanced over at Michelle, who remained seated on the couch, one leg tucked under her. “Come on! Up!” Michelle urged, pulling on his hand. He stood, his cock pushing out the front of his shorts into a large teepee with a tiny damp spot at the apex. Angie looked up at him, a playful grin on her face.

“Someone’s ready to go!” Steve blushed and averted his eyes from Michelle’s. He could feel two pairs of eyes on his groin as Angie undid his shorts and began to lower them over his erect penis. She pulled them down and he stepped out of them automatically, leaving him standing there in a t-shirt and boxers. There was some relief as the pressure of his shorts was released for the roomier boxers. His hard shaft left an even more prominent tent in the roomier boxers and the wet spot was much larger. Angie turned to Michelle, smiling and licking her lips.

“I told you he was the perfect size!” She motioned for Steve to remove his shirt, then with another glance at Michelle, she reached down and pulled her halter top off. Her tits fell free, bouncing slightly, then settling into their usual position high on her chest. Her nipples were hard, poking out of her darker areolae and just begging to be nibbled and sucked. She motioned Michelle over. With a quick look up at Steve, she dropped to the floor and moved cautiously over next to Angie. Angie kissed her quickly, then picked up one of Michelle’s hands and placed it on her bare breast. Michelle didn’t move it for a second, then she slowly began to knead the soft flesh. Angie smiled at her then reached up and grasped Steve’s boxers by the waist band. “Ready?” Michelle nodded slightly, her eyes fixed on the long bulge in Steve’s shorts. With a grin, Angie began lowering his boxers. The base of his cock came into view, surrounded by a few light brown curly hairs. As Angie continued to slowly lower them, more of his hard shaft appeared. She watched for Michelle’s reaction. She was watching in rapt fascination as Steve’s cock – the first she had ever seen – was slowly revealed. She licked her lips unconsciously, her hand still gripping Angie’s tit, as more and more of it was revealed. Finally, the shaft gave way to the thick head. As soon as Angie pulled the waist band of his shorts past it, his cock sprang up, pointing straight at them. Michelle let out a startled cry, releasing Angie’s tit, then grinned sheepishly and settled back down. She studied the long, thick shaft with its pulsing purple head and long blue vein running down the length of it. Angie, in turn, watched Michelle’s reaction and smiled to herself. This was going to be so much fun!

Angie finished pulling Steve’s boxers down and off, leaving him completely naked before the two girls. Angie gripped his hard shaft and turned to Michelle. “Want to touch it?” Michelle watched as Angie slid her hand slowly back and forth along it, then reached up and touched it gingerly. She was startled by it’s hardness and pulled her hand away. She wondered how something that big and that hard would ever fit inside her. Angie picked up her hand and placed it around Steve’s cock where hers had been. “Just stroke it slowly. Like that.” Michelle moved her hand as Angie had done. Steve sighed and she looked up at his face, surprised at the pleasure she appeared to be giving him just by stroking his cock. Angie watched for a few minutes, then said, “Would you like me to show you how to give head?” Michelle nodded and removed her hand so Angie could take over. She watched as Angie ran her tongue along the length of the shaft, then licked at the engorged purple tip. Steve sighed, gasping in pleasure as her warm tongue caressed his throbbing meat. Angie looked over at Michelle and grinned. “Now for the fun part!” She looked up at Steve and slowly slid her lips over the head, swallowing almost four inches of his hard prick. Steve groaned and placed his hands on Angie’s hair, closing his eyes as her warm mouth engulfed his aching dick. Michelle watched, enthralled by the live oral sex act she was witnessing. Steve’s pleasure was instantly obvious, but to her great surprise, Angie seemed to be enjoying it just as much! She murmured appreciatively as she began pumping her mouth back and forth on it, causing Steve’s moans to become more urgent. After a few minutes, she stopped and released his cock from her lips.

She turned to Michelle. “Wanna give it a try?” Michelle looked at the hard cock and back to Angie, who licked her lips and grinned, then motioned toward it. Michelle swallowed hard. She seemed hesitant, but moved closer until she could smell the pungent, yet enticing, aroma of his sex. She once again gripped it in her hand and moved her lips closer. She could now clearly see the soft flesh of the head and the tiny drop of clear fluid oozing from the hole at it’s tip. “Go ahead,” Angie coached in a soft voice. “Just try licking it to start.” Michelle stuck out her tongue and moved closer. The scent was even stronger now, inviting her to taste it; suck on it. Her tongue touched the hard shaft and she slowly moved along it, feeling the roughness. Steve sighed and she pulled away. Angie touched her arm. “Don’t stop, Michelle. It feels good, right, Steve?”

He nodded and smiled. “Uh-huh! D . . . don’t stop!” Encouraged by their words, Michelle once more licked the length of his cock as she had watched Angie do. She did this several times, feeling more comfortable with each pass. She didn’t quite understand Angie’s love of doing it, but it wasn’t nearly as disgusting as she had been led to believe and the pleasure she was inflicting on Steve made it a little bit fun for her.

Angie leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Ok, now try sucking it. It’s such a turn-on!” Michelle looked down at the inflamed head and took a deep breath. Why not? Angie did it. And Steve sure seemed to like it! She held her breath and opened her mouth. She felt the velvet-soft flesh on her lips as she pushed her mouth over the head. As it passed over her teeth and slid along her tongue, the tangy taste of his pre-cum filled her mouth. She paused for a second, then decided it wasn’t that bad, and pushed her mouth further onto it; past the soft head until her lips slid along the hard, bumpy shaft she had been licking a few minutes earlier. When it reached the back of her tongue, she stopped before her gag reflex took over. Angie rubbed her shoulders.

“Good! Now try moving back and forth, like I did!” Michelle pulled back and pushed it into her mouth again. Steve moaned and she felt his hands in her hair, but he didn’t force her to move her head. She did it again and after a few strokes, worked into a bit of a rhythm. She was beginning to see the appeal. It did kind of turn her on to have a cock in her mouth, giving someone as much pleasure as Steve was experiencing. His moans were becoming louder and the pre-cum taste was getting stronger on her tongue. Angie touched her shoulder.

“You better stop, Michelle. He looks like he’s about ready to blow!” Michelle let the heavy cock slip from her luscious lips and looked up at Steve. His face was flushed red and he was breathing in short gasps. Angie kissed her on the lips, then smiled. “You nearly made him cum. I didn’t think you’d want him to cum in your mouth on your first blow-job!” Steve was smiling at them and shaking his head.

“I wouldn’t do that to you, Michelle,” he said. “That would be a real prick move, if you’ll pardon the pun.” Both girls groaned at his bad joke, then stood up. Angie kissed Steve deeply, her tongue probing deep into his throat. She finally released his lips, then gently urged Michelle to do it. She moved closer and they kissed, softly at first, then with more passion until their tongues dove deeper into each others’ mouth. They pulled apart, staring into each others’ eyes. It was at that point that Angie, now standing behind Michelle, reached up and placed her hands on her shoulders where the straps of her dress were. She leaned closer, her lips almost touching Michelle’s ear. Michelle could feel her hard nipples pressing into her flesh as her breasts were flattened against her back.

“We’re both a little over-dressed for the occasion,” she whispered, winking at Steve. “But you have more on than I do, sweetie.” She pushed the straps over Michelle’s shoulders and her arms went instinctively across her breasts to prevent her dress from dropping to the floor. Steve smiled at her and gently removed her arms. Michelle allowed him to and her dress fell in a heap around her ankles.

Steve slowly moved his eyes down over her incredible body. Her tits were bigger than Angie’s, but they required no support. Her areolae were nearly two inches in diameter and her thick, hard nipples protruded a half inch from their centers. Her slender body was perfectly proportioned and her creamy hips gave way to a pair of long, athletic legs. As Steve had suspected, she was wearing panties – a white thong which left little to the imagination and surprised Steve. He didn’t think she wore underwear like that. When he commented on them, Michelle blushed..

“I bought them last year but hardly ever wear them. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to wear them, so when I went home for my overnight bag, I changed into them,” she explained. Angie walked around her, turning her so she could get a better look.

“Wow! They look great on you!” She moved her eyes up Michelle’s voluptuous curves until they met her eyes. “But then again, with a body like yours, what wouldn’t look great on you!” She glanced over at Steve, who nodded his assent.

“Two gorgeous, near naked women,” he exclaimed with a grin. “What’s a guy to do?” Angie rolled her eyes and shoved him backward so that he sat down on the couch.

“How about if you just watch for a while, super stud,” she said with a grin and turned to Michelle. She gently cupped one of her large, firm breasts and squeezed her nipple. Michelle sighed and closed her eyes. Angie moved in and kissed her, pushing her tongue into Michelle’s mouth as she caressed her tits and teased her nipples. She gently pushed Michelle back until she sat on the couch next to Steve, who was watching the pair with interest, his hand slowly stroking his hard cock. Angie straightened up and looked down at Michelle and Steve, then slowly unfastened her shorts. Doing a mini strip-tease, she worked the tight shorts over her hips and bent over to remove them. She pointed her ass in their direction, exposing to them the pink flesh between her slender legs. Steve looked over at Michelle, who was watching Angie as she stood back up and turned around, a sexy smile on her pretty face.

“Your turn, baby,” she cooed at Michelle. “Let’s see that sweet little virgin pussy of yours!” Steve stared at Angie. It was so strange to hear his girlfriend talking dirty to another girl! It was also extremely sexy!

Michelle looked over at Steve, then back up to Angie, whose naked body was only a foot away from Michelle’s nearly naked body. Angie knelt at Michelle’s feet and reached out to grasp the sides of her thong panties. Michelle looked down at the pretty blonde, then obediently raised her hips from the couch. Angie grinned and pulled her skimpy underwear down. Michelle sat back down and raised her long legs so that Angie could pull her panties completely off. Now all three were naked. Angie looked down at the neatly trimmed pubic hair on Michelle’s mons and smiled. She slowly pushed her legs apart, exposing the pink flesh of her swollen labia. Her pussy was small, with perfectly symmetrical lips. They were swollen, but not grossly. Her labia was clean shaven, with just the small triangle on her mons left. Angie looked up at her and licked her lips, grinning mischievously.

“You look good enough to eat!” she exclaimed. Michelle smiled nervously and blushed. She had never been naked in front of other people before, with the exception of the showers at school. But that wasn’t sexual and there certainly weren’t any naked guys there! She now found herself both excited and terrified at the same time. Steve sat forward and peered down between her legs, increasing her discomfort.

“Very nice,” he said, reaching over to stroke her tits. Michelle sat perfectly still, wondering if maybe she was in over her head. Angie leaned down and kissed her mons just above the little triangle of hair. Michelle gasped as her lips touched her sensitive skin. She found that all of her senses were on high alert and the slightest touch sent shivers throughout her body. Angie grinned at her reaction.

“Are we a little sensitive?” she asked, winking at Steve. Steve smiled and moved closer to Michelle. He cupped her chin and turned her head toward him, then kissed her deeply. Michelle felt like she was being swept away by his passionate kiss, lost in a whirlwind of sensual delight. Then she felt Angie’s lips moving down her mons to her inflamed labia and she stiffened, pulling her lips from Steve’s.

She looked down and saw Angie’s blonde hair spilling across her thighs and felt her warm tongue moving across her slit. She cried out when Angie pushed her tongue into her warm pussy and swirled it around her tiny virgin opening. Steve’s hands found her breasts and his fingers teased and played with her long, erect nipples, creating even more unknown sensations in her young body. When Angie’s tongue flicked lightly over her erect clit, she literally screamed in pleasure.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Ohhhhh, shit!!!” She arched her back, thrusting her pelvis upward into Angie’s mouth. Angie kept up her oral attention, concentrating on the newly discovered clitoris. Michelle’s body bucked and writhed on the couch. Steve moved away a little and watched as his girlfriend brought Michelle to her first non self-inflicted orgasm. Michelle suddenly went stiff and she let out a high pitched cry that faded to nothing before she began bucking and thrashing wildly, making it difficult for Angie to keep her mouth on her spasming pussy. She moaned and sighed as she climaxed and released, until Angie finally pulled away and her body finally fell limply to the couch. She lay there, occasionally twitching, and panting for air, her chest heaving. Her face and upper chest were flushed a bright red, as was her pubic area, and her hair was splayed across her face and shoulders, clinging to her sweaty skin. She looked up at them, a contented smile on her face.

“H . . . holy shit!” she gasped. Angie grinned and Steve chuckled. She lay there unmoving for a few seconds, her legs still spread wide, then slowly pulled herself into a sitting position at one end of the couch. Angie knelt down in front of her, then leaned up and kissed her.

“Rest for a while.” She looked over at Steve, an impish grin on her face. She gave Michelle another quick kiss, then stood up and went over to Steve. He stood and they embraced and kissed, his hard cock poking her thigh. Michelle lay back, basking in the afterglow of her intense orgasm, and watched them.

– To Be Continued… –