Chapter 21

Angie released Steve, then sat down on the couch and spread her legs wide. She smiled up at him with that sexy look of hers and moved her fingers down between her legs. She slowly pushed one, then two fingers into her hot, wet hole, never taking her eyes off Steve’s. He licked his lips as he watched her pleasure herself, her face showing her wanton lust as she brought herself closer to orgasm. He finally couldn’t take it any longer and dropped to his knees between her legs. She pulled her dripping fingers from her sopping snatch and held them up to his lips. Without hesitating, he parted his lips and sucked her fingers into his mouth, savoring the sweet taste of her juices.

Angie watched as he cleaned her fingers, then pulled them from his mouth and looked over at Michelle, who was staring at them intently, her tongue moving over her lips. Angie pushed her fingers back into her pussy, then held them out to Michelle. For a moment, Michelle just stared at them, then she slowly moved closer. Her eyes kept moving from Angie’s to her wet fingers until her lips were only a couple of inches from them. She could smell Angie’s pussy juices and could see the drops forming on the bottom of her fingers. She glanced up at Angie, who smiled and nodded, then to Steve, who licked his lips and grinned. She took Angie’s hand and inhaled a deep breath, then popped her juicy fingers into her mouth. She was pleasantly surprised at the tangy/sweet taste and quickly sucked them clean, then popped them from her lips, grinning at Angie and Steve.

“Mmmm . . . tasty!” she said, smacking her lips. Angie laughed and Steve grinned.

“Wanna try the real thing?” Angie asked, moving her legs wider apart. Michelle hesitated, then dropped to her knees on the floor and crawled over between Angie’s legs. Steve moved aside and watched as she moved closer to Angie’s wet, steamy pussy. “Just do what I did to you, Michelle. Whatever you think would feel good,” Angie coached. Michelle breathed in the aroma of Angie’s excited pussy and moved closer, her desire overpowering any misgivings of what she was about to do. The closer she was to Angie’s sweet slit, the more she wanted to devour her. She stuck out her tongue and licked the length of Angie’s drooling pussy, her juices flowing onto Michelle’s tongue. Angie sighed and laid a hand on Michelle’s head, urging her on. Michelle continued slowly licking Angie’s slit over and over. As she became less inhibited about what she was doing, she became bolder and pushed her tongue deeper into the folds of Angie’s lips and into the hot, pink flesh of her pussy. Angie moaned and squirmed on the couch, partly because of the wonderful sensations Michelle’s tongue was creating and partly to encourage her to keep up what she was doing. Michelle continued her oral attack on Angie’s cunt, now starting to enjoy returning the pleasure that Angie had given her earlier.

Angie moaned and sighed as Michelle’s tongue sought out and touched her sensitive flesh. She opened her eyes and saw Steve grinning as he watched them while he stroked his hard cock. He looked up at her when he saw her staring at him and she beckoned him closer. He moved closer and she reached out, grasping his shaft and pulling him onto the couch on his knees beside her. He raised himself up and she pulled his throbbing meat to her lips, sucking it into her warm, wet mouth.

Steve moaned as her soft lips and warm tongue caressed his hard dick. After watching these two beautiful, naked girls making out with each other, and sucking his cock, he knew he wasn’t going to last long. Angie sucked hard on his cock and he could feel himself moving closer to his impending orgasm. Suddenly, Angie released his cock and cried out. She thrust her hips upward as Michelle increased her licking and sucking. She had located Angie’s clit and was softly nibbling on it, sending Angie over the edge. She groaned loudly and squeezed her eyes closed, her hands gripping the couch as the orgasm enveloped her. She released her pent up breath with a gasp as she climaxed and her body twisted involuntarily. Michelle pulled away, unsure of what she was supposed to do. Angie collapsed to the couch, her body quivering as she slowly came down from the intense orgasm. Michelle looked uncertainly up at Steve, then back to Angie. Angie’s eyes slowly fluttered open and she gave them a dreamy, contented smile.

“W . . . wow! Are you sure . . . that was your . . . first time?” she asked Michelle between breaths. Michelle wiped her lips with the back of her hand and smiled. Steve knelt down and pulled Michelle’s face to his, kissing her warmly. The taste of Angie’s cum was still fresh on her lips and tongue. They separated and Angie sat up and kissed them both. Then she looked at Steve’s still hard cock and smiled. “Your turn, baby!” she said, licking her lips. She gripped his shaft and winked at Michelle. “I’m willing to share!” she said.

Michelle smiled and moved close enough so she could reach Steve’s dick. Angie took it into her mouth and bobbed her head back and forth a few times, then passed it to Michelle. Michelle copied Angie’s technique, causing Steve to sigh and close his eyes. As Michelle sucked voraciously on his throbbing prick, Angie began licking his balls, taking each one into her mouth and gently sucking on it. Steve sighed and moaned as two hot mouths worked on him simultaneously. He felt the tingle start deep in his balls and begin to move outward along his stiff shaft.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum!” he groaned. Michelle released his cock, but Angie quickly took over, sucking it into her mouth and bobbing her head back and forth on it while stroking the base of his shaft. As Michelle watched, Steve’s face became a grimace that almost looked to her as if he were in pain, then he cried out, releasing his breath at the same time his cum was ejected into Angie’s mouth. Angie murmured approvingly as the first shot filled her mouth, then she swallowed and pulled it from her lips, stroking his still erupting cock and shooting gobs of hot cum all over her tits. Steve moaned and sighed until he finally stopped ejaculating. With a quick glance to the wide-eyed Michelle, Angie took his quivering meat back into her mouth and sucked it clean. Steve inhaled sharply through his teeth, his body jerking as her tongue moved over his still sensitive dick.

Michelle watched as Steve’s cum shot from his cock and splattered on Angie’s chest. She was stunned when Angie took his still oozing dick back into her mouth and sucked the remaining semen from it. She tried to imagine what it tasted like; what the thick substance would feel like as it slid down her throat. Angie seemed to like it. She was licking her lips and smiling up at Steve, still caressing his shrinking cock.

Angie turned to Michelle, still licking her lips. She scooped a gob of the sticky white goo from one of her tits and popped the finger into her mouth, licking it clean. “Want a taste?” she asked, picking up another gob of it and holding it out to Michelle. Michelle stared at the quivering white gob and then back to Angie.

“I . . . uh, . . .no,” she said, shaking her head slowly.

Angie smiled and moved her finger closer. “It isn’t so bad,” she said. “I was a little squeamish at first, too. But now I love it!” As if to reinforce her claim, she popped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean with a look on her face like she had just sampled gourmet chocolate. “Mmmm,” she said, smiling and smacking her lips, “Delicious!” Michelle looked at the gobs of cum on her tits, some of it starting to run down them in long streams, then looked back up to meet Angie’s eyes. Cautiously, she reached out and touched a finger to one of the drops, then moved it slowly toward her tongue. With her eyes still locked on Angie’s, she tentatively touched her cummy finger to her tongue. It wasn’t exactly what she would call delicious, but it wasn’t too bad. Angie smiled at her.

“Well? What do you think? Are you ready to swallow when you do your next blow-job?” Michelle’s face changed to one of horror and Angie laughed. “Relax! I’m only kidding!”

Michelle looked up at Steve, then back to Angie. “You swallowed . . . when he first . . .”

Angie nodded. “When he started to cum, yes. I like to do it, but this time I stopped so you could see what it’s like when a man cums.”

Michelle nodded, looking from the drying cum shots on Angie’s naked skin to Steve’s shrinking cock. She looked up at Steve. “How long will it stay . . .like that?” Steve grinned and shrugged.

“Not long with you two running around looking like that!” he exclaimed, referring to their nakedness. Angie giggled and stood up, kissing him.

“I’m going to take a quick shower. Be right back!” She bounced over into the bathroom, her tits jiggling seductively, and turned on the shower, leaving the door open. Steve looked down at Michelle and smiled. She looked a little overwhelmed, which was understandable considering the crash course in group sex she was experiencing. He sat down next to her and took her hand in his.

“How are you doing?” She gave him an exasperated look, then smiled slightly.

“Ok, I guess. It’s a little . . . ” She paused, searching for the right word.

“Overwhelming?” Steve offered. She nodded, suddenly very conscious of their nakedness. They had at least been close acquaintances, if not friends, for a few years and it was a little strange to be naked with each other chatting on the couch. “I know how you must feel,” Steve said, nodding his head and looking down at his feet. “This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, too.”

Michelle looked over at the handsome boy sitting next to her. “But at least you’ve had sex before. This is all new to me!”

Steve looked into her pale blue eyes. “True, but my first time was only two days ago.” He nodded toward the bathroom. “With Angie.” Michelle seemed to relax a little.

“Really? But I thought you and Marie had done it last summer?” Steve looked at her, surprise evident on his face.

“Marie? Who told you that?” Marie was a girl from his home room at school. They had gotten together at a party last summer and had dated a few times after that, but he didn’t get much further with her than he had with Kristi or Michelle.

Michelle shook her head, chuckling to herself. “She made me promise not to tell anyone. Now I know why!”

“Marie said that we had sex?!” he asked, a smile forming on his lips.

Michelle nodded. “Uh-huh. She was bragging to me and Kristi how she had been the first of us to go all the way.” She looked over at him. “So it isn’t true then.” It was more of a statement than a question. Steve shook his head.

“We didn’t do anything that me and you haven’t done.” He paused, then added, “Until tonight, that is.” Michelle smiled and squeezed his hand.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she said, looking into his eyes. “I don’t regret what we’ve done tonight, or what we may do after. I’m just a little . . . scared, I guess.” She looked over toward the bathroom where they could still hear the shower running. “I’ve had thoughts about other girls for quite a while. I just didn’t realize how strong my urges were until now.” She looked back to Steve. “Am I some kind of freak? I mean, I still like guys.” Her eyes quickly roamed over his body. “But I like being with Angie, too.”

Steve took her other hand and turned so that he was facing her directly. “You’re not a freak, Michelle. You’re a very beautiful and sexy girl with an open mind toward sexuality. I don’t think of Angie as a freak, and I don’t think of you as one either. And I promise, I won’t breathe a word of this to anyone.” She smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips then hugged him tight, their bare flesh pressing together. They heard the shower turn off and pulled apart as Angie came back into the room, still drying herself off. She tossed the towel on the floor and looked over at them, a querulous look on her face.

“Are you two starting without me?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips. Michelle stood up and went over to her, giving her a quick kiss.

“Nope. Steve was just helping me get over my fears.” She flashed him a dazzling smile, then said, “I think I’ll have a shower, too.” She went into the bathroom and a few seconds later, the sound of running water could be heard through the open door. Angie came around and sat next to Steve, placing her arms around his neck. The fresh scent of her clean skin filled his nostrils and he looked deep into her eyes.

“Is she ok?” Angie asked him.

He nodded. “Yeah, I think so. She’s just nervous, which I can relate to.” Angie kissed him and he placed his hand on the back of her head, holding her mouth to his. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, kissing her hungrily. She returned the kiss with equal passion and when they finally broke it off, his cock was beginning to return to it’s previous hardness. Angie looked down at the semi-hard member and grinned.

“It’s nice to know that can have that effect on you from just a kiss!” She looked down at herself, as if suddenly remembering she wasn’t wearing any clothes. “Oh, yeah. My outfit may have something to do with it too, right?” she added with a grin. Unlike Steve and Michelle, Angie seemed totally at ease being naked.

Steve grinned and cupped her breast, rubbing his finger lightly across her erect nipple. She closed her eyes and sucked in her breath. “Oh, yes!” she breathed as she released the breath. She grasped his now nearly fully grown cock and stroked it lovingly. Steve sighed his approval. “I need you inside me!” she whispered, pressing her lips to his ear. Just then, the shower stopped and they both turned to the open bathroom door, still caressing each other.

Michelle appeared at the door a couple of minutes later, her skin glowing. She held the towel around her body in a gesture of modesty. Angie continued stroking Steve’s cock and he leaned back on the couch, enjoying her loving touch. Michelle came over and sat on the other side of Steve, watching as Angie worked her soft hand up and down his stiff prick. Steve reached up and caressed Michelle’s back, threading his fingers through her long, flowing hair. She smiled at him and rested a hand on his leg. Angie looked up at the leggy brunette wrapped in the white towel and grinned.

“Feeling a little shy?” Michelle looked down at the towel and shrugged, a crooked smile on her lips.

“Maybe a little,” she admitted. Her eyes went back down to Steve’s cock. Angie knew what she was thinking.

“Would you like to watch us fuck or do you want to go first?” she asked in a casual tone. Michelle looked back up at her and Angie could read the fear and apprehension in her eyes.

“I . . . uh . . . ” She looked over at Steve, who was also watching her, waiting for her reply. “I . . . think I’ll just watch, if that’s ok.” Angie nodded with a smile.

“Of course. Whatever you want,” she answered. Steve nodded his agreement. Angie turned her full attention to him, that mischievous glint in her eye. “So, how do you want me, stud?” He grinned and shrugged.

“You decide, honey. It all feels good to me!”

Angie glanced over at Michelle and winked. “I want you to get a good look. Why don’t we go into the bedroom?” She stood up and held out her hands to Steve and Michelle. They both stood up and Steve led the way into his room. Michelle followed him while Angie pulled up the rear. They no sooner took two steps than she reached out and tugged on Michelle’s towel, pulling it free. Michelle spun around, grasping for it, but Angie tossed it across the room, wagging a finger at her.

“Uh-uh . . . this is a clothing-free zone!” Michelle sighed, but acquiesced. Angie took her hand and they went into the bedroom. Steve was standing next to the bed with his arms folded across his chest, and his hard cock pointing straight out in front of him. He had turned on the lamp sitting on the table next to his bed, flooding the room in it’s soft light. Michelle paused as her eyes fell on the bed, but Angie urged her forward. “Try to relax, Michelle. Remember, this is going to be fun. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Michelle attempted a smile. Angie sat on the edge of the bed and patted the soft comforter next to her. “Have a seat, honey.” Michelle sat gingerly next to her and watched as Steve moved over so he was standing before them. Angie took Michelle’s hand and kissed her softly. “Now, there are many ways to do this. We’ll start with a variation on the missionary position. That’s where the woman lies on her back and the guy lays on top of her.” Michelle nodded. She knew what the missionary position was but was unsure what Angie had meant by ‘variation’. Angie lay back, then lifted her legs up and spread them, beckoning Steve forward. He stepped closer and she rested her legs on his forearms. His cock wavered just a few inches from her waiting pussy. Michelle watched closely, curious to see how his thick, hard cock was going to fit inside Angie’s comparatively small opening. Angie nodded and he moved forward, pressing the tip of his cock against her swollen lips. He adjusted her legs on his arms and slowly pushed his hard meat into her wet slit. Angie sighed as her pussy expanded, allowing him to easily slip into her tight, wet snatch.

Michelle’s eyes widened as she watched Steve’s prick push further and further into Angie’s body. She glanced up at Angie’s face, expecting a look of pain, but was surprised to see a dreamy smile on her face.

“Mmmm . . .,” she murmured. “That feels so good!” Steve kept pushing until he was all the way in, then looked over at Michelle. She looked up at him, meeting his gaze, then returned her eyes back to his cock buried in Angie’s pussy. Angie squeezed her hand and smiled. “See? Nothing to it!” Michelle managed a smile. Angie moved Michelle’s hand to her breast. “Squeeze my tits!’ she said. “Play with my nipples while he fucks me!” Michelle began kneading Angie’s firm breast as Steve pulled out and pushed back into her. Angie sighed and licked her lips. “Oh, yeah!” she moaned. Michelle’s eyes were glued to Steve’s dick as it slid in and out of Angie’s wet snatch with seemingly effortless ease. It glistened with her juices and she could hear the squishing sounds as they moved together. She began to run her finger lightly around Angie’s areola, her fingers lightly brushing across her engorged and sensitive nipple. Angie moaned louder, closing her eyes as they each provided her with different and wonderful sensations.

Steve was starting to thrust a little harder. Because Angie had gotten him off earlier, he had more control and felt confident to really give it to her. She was loving it, encouraging him with her movements and the occasional, “Yes! Fuck me!” He looked at Michelle, who was watching with fascination as his cock pounded in and out of Angie’s drooling pussy. He began to grunt with the effort and Michelle looked up at him, her eyes wide. He managed a smile and she returned it, then looked at Angie, who was moaning almost non-stop. She was lying back against the bed, her eyes closed. Her chest was flushed crimson red and beads of sweat formed above her breasts and on her forehead. It was obvious even to the inexperienced Michelle that she wasn’t in any pain whatsoever. Just the opposite, in fact.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open and she looked up at Steve, her eyes wild with lust. “Yes! I’m gonna cum! Harder!” Steve increased his speed, jack-hammering his hard tool into her inflamed pussy. Her tits, slightly flattened as she lay on her back, shook and quivered with his hard thrusts. Angie closed her eyes again and dropped her head back on the bed, her breath coming in short gasps. “Oh, shit . . .,” she moaned, rolling her head from side to side. She was moving her body with Steve’s, thrusting up to meet his down strokes. With a loud groan, she pushed up and held her pussy tight to his groin, then her body froze. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her face was distorted into a mask of intense pleasure.

Steve tried to keep moving, but her pussy clamped down hard on his cock, making it nearly impossible to move. Her rippling vaginal muscles milked his dick and he struggled to keep control while she climaxed and released with a loud cry. Her body jerked and writhed as she came hard, twisting so much that he had to move quickly to remain inside her. When her convulsions finally eased, she lay panting, trying to catch her breath while her body occasionally twitched with several aftershocks.

Steve felt her pussy relax its grip on his cock and he took the opportunity to pull back a little, then push back in. Angie yelped and wrapped her legs around his back, holding him inside her. She looked up at him through glassy eyes and managed a smile. “H . . . hold still!” she gasped. “I’m still . . . a little . . . sensitive!” He chuckled and glanced over at Michelle. She was staring at them both, her mouth open in wonder at the scene that she’d just witnessed. Angie turned her head to look at the astonished brunette and took her hand. “See? N. . . nothing to it!” she gasped, smiling at her.

Michelle looked at her, then quickly closed her mouth and shook her head. She was smiling but had a look of utter disbelief on her pretty face. “That was . . . amazing!” she exclaimed, looking from one to the other.

Angie grinned up at Steve and winked. “You’re telling me!” Steve laughed and Angie slowly released him, unfolding her legs. He moved back and his hard dick slid from her sopping pussy with a slurping sound. Angie sucked in a deep breath, then lowered her legs to the floor and sat up slowly, leaning back on her arms. She looked at Steve’s rock-hard cock, then over to Michelle. “Your turn, if you’re ready!” Michelle’s smile faded. She was still scared, but Angie’s intense orgasm made her even more curious to see what it was like. It sure looked like something she needed to experience! She gathered up her courage, took a deep breath, and nodded.

Chapter 22

“O . . . ok,” she said quietly, looking up at Steve. “Promise to be gentle with me?” He smiled and nodded, reaching out to stroke her cheek.

“Of course, Michelle. Any time you want me to stop, just say the word.” That seemed to reassure her a little and Angie leaned toward her, touching her arm.

“We want this to be enjoyable for you, baby.” Her warm smile further reassured Michelle. She looked up at Steve.

“Where do you want me?” Angie took her hand and kissed her softly.

“Just lie back and try to relax,” Angie replied and gently pushed Michelle back onto the bed. Her hair spread out behind her head and she had a look of cautious apprehension on her face. Angie lay down next to her and began to lovingly caress her breasts. They kissed and she felt some more of her fear melt away. Just being this close to Angie made her feel safe. And of course she trusted Steve. Angie kissed her softly, her lips lingering for a second, then eased back and looked up at Steve, who was standing at Michelle’s feet, his hard cock in his hand. Michelle followed her gaze and took a deep breath, once more trying to imagine how it would feel to have that long, hard cock inside her. She still wasn’t completely convinced that it would fit, despite watching Steve bring Angie to a massive orgasm only a few moments earlier.

With a reassuring smile, Steve bent down and pushed her knees apart, then knelt between them. He leaned in and inhaled the musky aroma of her sex, then gently rubbed a finger along her dewy slit. Michelle gasped and lay back, closing her eyes as his finger probed the folds of her labia. When he touched her erect clit, she felt an electric charge go through her body and inhaled deeply. It was the first time a man had touched her there and it felt distinctly different than when Angie had done it.

Encouraged by her reaction to his touch, Steve lowered his head and blew softly across her damp lips. Michelle shivered at the sensation and placed her hand over Angie’s as she caressed her tits, pressing it down harder. Then Steve licked her and she let out a small cry. Angie leaned in and took one of her nipples between her lips while still teasing the other one with her fingers. Steve continued to lick and suck on her juicy twat while Angie worked on her tits. Michelle was lost in a whirlwind of feelings which seemed to grow exponentially the longer Steve and Angie kept up their oral attentions.

She was becoming more and more aroused by the second and knew she was gong to cum again very soon. Then Steve’s tongue stopped its delicious lapping and she opened her eyes to see him watching her from between her legs. He smiled and gave her a kiss on her clit, which sent shivers through her over-stimulated young body.

“I think you’re ready. Are you still sure you want to do this?” he asked. Angie lifted her head from Michelle’s tits and slipped a finger along Michelle’s dripping snatch. Michelle sucked in her breath and nodded. Angie brought her finger up to her face and sniffed it, then held it out to Michelle’s lips.

“Oh, yeah. You’re as ready as you’ll ever be. Want a taste?” she said, grinning. Michelle looked at her wet finger for only a split second before pulling it to her lips and sucking it into her mouth. She was so turned on right now she would have licked someone’s asshole if they asked her to. She was surprised at how different she tasted than Angie. She sucked the finger clean and lay back, giving in completely to their control. Angie looked up at Steve and nodded.

Steve stood up and leaned over Michelle, his hands on the bed on either side of her. The tip of his cock touched her wet pussy and he slid it along her slit. It was so soft, yet firm. It felt wonderful and she moaned, moving her hips so that it rubbed her more. He kept this up for a moment, letting her get used to the feel of a cock on her pussy. Michelle sighed and moved faster against it, feeling the start of an orgasm somewhere deep in her womb. But Steve pulled it away. When she opened her eyes, he pushed it back against her labia, but this time with more pressure. He held it against her opening, not allowing it to slip up or down. Michelle held her breath, realizing that the time had come. She gripped the sheets in her hands, watching his eyes intently.

“Just try to relax,” Angie repeated, stroking her cheek. “It will be fine, you’ll see.” Michelle vaguely heard her words, but her attention was focused on Steve right now. He began to apply more pressure and at first it seemed like she had been right and it wasn’t going to fit. Then she felt the strangest sensation as her vagina began to spread, stretching wider so that the thick head of Steve’s cock was starting to go into her! She felt it slowly sliding into her, the smooth flesh rubbing quite pleasurably along her sensitive pussy walls. There was no pain, but it seemed to her like it should hurt. Her body couldn’t possibly stretch that much without pain! Could it?

She felt Angie’s soft hands on her tits once again. “That’s it, baby!” she was saying. “You’re doing fine!” As more and more of the thick invader was pushed into her, she started to feel a slight pain, almost like a pinch, from somewhere deeper in her stretched pussy. The further he went, the stronger it became until she was gripping the sheets so tight her knuckles were turning white and she was gritting her teeth against the pain.

“S . . . starting to . . . hurt!” she gasped through clenched teeth. Angie stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.

“I know, sweetie. But not for long.”

Suddenly her discomfort went from a biting sting to searing pain as Steve’s cock came up against the thin membrane of her barrier. “Ow! Oh, shit! That really hurts!” she said, looking up at him with wild eyes. She looked down between their bodies and could see that only a couple of inches were inside her. If it hurt this much with only that much in, there was no way she could take it all! Angie’s face was instantly next to hers.

“Sshhh . . . it’s all right, Michelle. It will only hurt for a bit,” she said softly. Michelle wanted to believe her, but it hurt so bad! Steve had eased up, not going any further until he got the ok from Michelle. Michelle turned to look into Angie’s eyes. They were gentle and caring, and she had a warm, comforting smile. “Once you get past this, it won’t ever hurt again. And it’s well worth it, believe me!” Michelle studied her face, but could read no deception in her eyes. She took several deep breaths, then nodded.

“O . . . ok. Let’s do it,” she said, closing her eyes and bracing herself for the coming pain. Angie kissed her forehead again, then looked up at Steve and nodded. He leaned back down and once more started pushing. Michelle grit her teeth, but forced herself not to cry out. Her vagina burned as the thick head tore through her hymen and continued into the depths of her virgin pussy.

Her body felt like it was being wrenched in half as the thick shaft was plunged into her. There was no pleasure like she had seen when Angie and Steve had fucked. Only hot, burning pain and the feeling of being invaded by some kind of probe. Finally, she felt their pubic bones touch and the pain calmed to a steady throb. Steve didn’t move his cock and she could feel his hot breath on her face as he fought to keep from cumming in her tight hole. Her vagina squeezed and retracted involuntarily, as if trying to push the invading object back out and it was making it very difficult for him to maintain control. She felt Angie’s cool hand on her forehead and opened her eyes. Steve’s face was only inches from hers and he was breathing with short, shallow breaths, his eyes closed. She looked over at Angie, who smiled back at her.

“The worst is over, Michelle. It only gets better from now on,” she said, stroking her long hair. Michelle wasn’t sure about that. She wanted to believe her, but it still hurt. A lot. Steve opened his eyes and tried to force a smile. It almost seemed to her like he was sharing her pain, and she suddenly felt very close to him. Not just physically. It was as if they were somehow spiritually joined as well. She pulled his face closer and kissed him on the lips, then forced a weak smile.

“I’m ok, Steve,” she said, trying to reassure him, and maybe herself as well. Looking back later, it would seem odd to her that she was more concerned about his well being than her own. He nodded and returned her kiss.

“Ready to continue?” She hesitated a second, then nodded, her eyes pleading. As if reading her thoughts, he said, “I’ll go slow. Just speak up if you want me to stop.” Angie kissed her cheek, then kissed Steve, before moving back so they could go on.

Slowly, he began to retract his cock from her tortured pussy. Michelle winced as it began to move back over the tender spot where her hymen had been, but didn’t cry out. One tear spilled from her eye and rolled down her cheek, but she didn’t ask him to stop. When only the head was still inside her, he stopped and began to push back in. Once again, the pain flared up, and once again Michelle took it without a word. After a few more times, she noticed the pain wasn’t as severe and she relaxed a little. This made it easier for both of them. From that point on, the pain lessened dramatically, although it never quite went away completely.

After a few more minutes of slow, gentle fucking, Steve found that he could move in and out of her tight pussy fairly easily. She was well lubed from his oral attention and now that she wasn’t as tense, her vagina had relaxed somewhat. But she was still incredibly tight and with his limited sexual experience, he knew he wasn’t going to last long. Hell, if he hadn’t gotten off earlier, he would have blown his load before he was even halfway in! After a few more strokes, he felt the constant tingle in his balls become more urgent and he knew that there would be no stopping it this time.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum!’ he cried through clenched teeth.

“Pull out!” Angie cried. “We don’t want her to get pregnant!” He pulled his throbbing dick from her as fast as he dared. He barely made it. Just as he pulled free and stood up, he groaned loudly and shot a thick stream of hot, white cum across Michelle’s stomach and tits, stopping just short of her face. All of his muscles were tensed as he gripped his spurting shaft and jerked it, shooting another long stream onto her body. This was followed by two or three smaller eruptions before he relaxed with a long sigh. Angie looked over at Michelle, who was covered with his fresh semen, and grinned.

“Wow! He got you real good!” She looked up at Steve, who was moving over so he could lay down on the bed. The exertion had left his legs feeling like rubber and he needed to lie down before they gave out completely. He flopped down beside Michelle, breathing deeply.

“S . . . sorry, Michelle,” he gasped, turning to her. “I . . . forgot to ask . . . if you were on the pill!”

She looked at her cum splattered body, touching a bit of it gingerly, then turned her head to look at him. “I am, actually,” she replied. “But thanks for thinking about it.” He looked at her curiously and she added, “It was Mom’s idea. ‘Better safe than sorry,’ she said when we went to the doctor.” Steve nodded, understandingly. Michelle was a very attractive girl and he could see how a mother would worry.

“You could use another shower,” Angie said, swiping a gob of cum from her tits and sucking it from her finger. “So, how was it?” she asked expectantly, settling back down next to her.

Michelle thought for moment. Once the pain had eased, it was actually ok. But she hadn’t experienced any of the euphoric sensations Angie had. “It was ok,” she said. “At first, it hurt. Really bad. Then it got a little better and the more we did it, the less pain I felt.”

Angie studied her face. “I sense a ‘but’ coming.”

Michelle pursed her lips and cocked her head. “But, I didn’t get off like you did. I wasn’t even close to . . . cumming.” Angie chuckled and put a hand on her shoulder.

“I didn’t think you would. Most girls don’t cum their first time. I know it took me a few times before I did, but everyone’s different.” She chewed on her lower lip and grinned conspiratorially. “But once you do, . . . wow! It’s beyond words!” Michelle absorbed this silently. It was true that she was a little disappointed that she hadn’t cum, but she was still glad she did it. She would certainly never forget her first time!

Angie went to the bathroom and returned with a washcloth and a towel. She carefully and thoroughly cleaned all the cum from Michelle’s body. They stood and embraced while Steve pulled back the covers. Then he joined them in their embrace before leading them back to the bed. They all snuggled in close, the heat from their naked flesh warm and comforting in the coolness of the basement. They all kissed once more, then settled in to sleep. Angie and Steve soon drifted off, but Michelle was restless. She kept reliving the night’s events, finding it hard to believe she had experienced so many firsts in one night. She lay her head on Steve’s arm and placed a hand on his bare chest, watching as it rose and fell. Angie was on the other side of him, her head on his shoulder and a few strands of her long blonde hair were splayed across his chest and abdomen. She gazed into Angie’s angelic face and wondered what the future held for her. She finally drifted off, thinking about sex and love and intimacy, and if it really mattered if you found love with a man or a woman. As long as you were happy, what else mattered? And for now, at this very moment, she realized that she was happy.

– The End…For Now… –