End of Chapter #18

Delighted Fazzi beamed as he kissed Joseph and told him, “We can go anytime you want. From now on you and I will go (to the Mosque) every Friday if you are here. You better get moving if you are going to meet Richard’s son. Give them all my regards and perhaps you can arrange some kind of social get-together, to launch the official beginning of the Arab American Investment Club. I think its time that we got together for social reasons now. Do you agree?”

“Well Richard Junior works evenings but the rest of the family might be amenable by now.”

Chapter #19

After leaving the house Joseph pulled his car to the side of the road, opened his cell phone and checked in with Agent Barns. He reported on the Thursday meeting of the investment club and also mentioned about the conversations he had overheard at the Mosque.

“Bill, I have to admit it. It looks like you were right from the beginning.” Joseph told Barns. “You know how I didn’t want to believe it but it looks as if Fazzi and the club are going to be used as the new money source for Hamas and God knows who else. I’m convinced of it now. And it is not just what I overheard at the mosque, but also for the life of me I can’t understand how people like that tailor can afford to invest a sum of $100,000. These people are not that loaded with cash.”

“That money is most likely coming from the oil rich countries and it’s being funneled through Syria. Ever since the U.S. and some of our allies started to close down some of the legitimate lines of aid, that money as well as other money had to find a new route. The people in power have decided to use people like your little tailor and perhaps hundreds or thousands like him. Your tailor most likely has many very rich clients that over pay for custom made garments. Sure he pays most of the legal taxes, but there are always those very big tips. Now they have hit on a new way of investing and using the profits as well as getting huge charity deductions. It’s a high-tech improvement of the old Bingo Scam.”

“Bingo Scam?” Joseph asked. “What the hell is a Bingo Scam?”

“Boy you sure are from Hicksville. I’ll bet that until recently you even believed in the tooth fairy. The ‘Bingo Scam is as old as the hills. For years churches and charitable organizations ran and still run bingo games and games of chance. There was a lot of money to be raised this way.” Barns explained. “The bingo concession, which may or may not be the charity itself, always had trouble getting unpaid workers. After all who wanted to work when they could play bingo and maybe win some money. So what do they do to entice a few more workers? They came up with a simple solution. They would take a potential worker aside and tell him that since most of the players paid cash for the cards there was a lot of cash money floating around….”

“You don’t mean that they allowed them to pocket some of it…”

“Oh no! It was a little more sophisticated and complicated than that.” Barns continued. “At the end of the evening, in order not to have to carry huge amounts of cash (coins and bills) around until it could be deposited in the bank, these workers were permitted to write checks and take cash for the amount of the check. Since the checks were always made out to the charitable organization-they could be and were used as proof for a charity tax write-offs.”

“Wow, I never heard of that.” Joseph said. “And the churches never stopped it?”

“We like to think that they never knew anything about it.” Barns laughed. “Anyway when the federal government got wind of it they clamped down on individual charity contributions. Now they demand a lot more evidence then a check. It looks as if Fazzi has found a new twist to the bingo game scam. It’s a money-laundering cover-up for sure. Like you said, I never had any doubt that Fazzi was still a Syrian Agent. But it’s nice to hear that you are finally convinced.” Barns said. “However, I need not remind you that all this is still hearsay, and hearsay is not proof. Only by the illegal transfer of funds will we be able to get the hard evidence. You keep your eyes and ears open. Report everything back to me and be careful. It is difficult to get good agents into the Islamic community. You have been able to penetrate this cell deeper than any other agent we have ever had. I wish we had a hundred like you. Do whatever you have to do to maintain your cover. When my area director spoke to the federal director, he was so impressed that he took the files and reports to the very highest level and everyone is interested and backing this project now.”

“That’s good news! I’m glad to hear that because I would not like this to be considered a rogue operation.”

“Rogue operation? Don’t talk like a fool. Once you were able to get someone like Richard Worthington to come into this, it ceased being a game and became serious business. With a person of his reputation and connections, this operation could no longer take place without the very highest sanction and approval.” Barns said. “You would be surprised at the eyes and ears that went up when I informed the director that Worthington was going to work with us. That man has a lot of friends and connections all the way up to and including the President. The director’s ears perked up when I told him, and he put in a call to the White House. After all Worthington is a big contributor to both political parties as well as being on a first name basis with the last three or four presidents. As soon as the President was notified, I got a call to come down to Washington and was told by both the director and the big guy himself to make sure nothing happens to you or Worthington. In fact when this is over the president said he would like to meet with the two of you and express his gratitude.”

“It’s rather comforting to know that. It would still appear that money still buys protection!” The soldier laughed.

“Joseph, don’t be so cynical.” Barns said. “Richard does not have to do any of this. Remember He is not taking any money for this and that family really cares about you and the country. I want you to be very respectful of them.”

“Fuck it Bill, you do not have to lecture me on Worthington or the respect due to him-Fazzi does that all the time. By the way, I’m on my way to spend the weekend with them now. Did he report to you about the meeting Thursday?”

“Yes, early this morning, a full and detailed report including a complete description on the inside of the house. He gave us a list of everyone that was there, along with his or her address and phone number. He even included some descriptive information on some of them. Hell he even included the name of Fazzi’s new cook. He said that when this is over that he might like to hire her. I think we have hooked this man and his entire family. He told me that nothing they have ever done before has brought the family so close together. They are having the time of their lives. When I told him that the President sends his regards and wants him to be careful, he just pooh-poohed it off. He also told me that he had received a personal call from his nibs already telling him to be careful. Anyway we took the list of names he gave us and ran them through our computer lists. The President also suggested that we check with the Mossad. You know who they are?”

“Yes I do. Are you sure it’s a good idea to work with them?” Joseph asked. “Fazzi is suspicious of Jews or anyone who might even appear to be Israeli. At one time, so he tells me, he thought I might be a Mossad agent and he had his people run a complete check on me back to the day I was born. I am sure he did do that and that if he had found anything there, I would be feeding the fish at the bottom of the Atlantic by now. I just don’t want my name to be linked with them. Besides, they have their own agenda and it might not be the same as ours.”

“Fazzi is right to fear them. When it comes to Hamas, the Mossad has expert knowledge gained unfortunately through many years of having to deal with them. Also we never know when we might uncover one of their agents or they might have an operator of their own in the mix, so to speak. After all, they have operatives that look and speak Arabic better than some Arabs. They have been known to infiltrate these terrorist cells better than we have been able to do, that is, until now. At times they even share intelligence with us. I never told you before, but it was through them that we learned about that wife bargaining episode at Fazzi’s that first Friday. They informed us that a certain American soldier, named Joseph Benson, might be turning into a traitor. Our own paid agent, who was also there, did not think it was important enough to tell us that. They had found out about that Arab that we were trying to get married to Fazzi’s daughter. They were even thinking of doing something like that themselves. However, you screwed up their plans on that. They even thought about enlisting you as an agent, but turned down the idea.” Bill said.

“How come they didn’t?”

“Well first of all they try to use only one of their own people for this type of work. Secondly, you have to be kidding, use an American soldier! One who shows up at a Mosque in uniform? One who just happened, ‘so to speak’, to fall into the pot? Not even the CIA or Hollywood would dare come up with a stupid plot like that. It’s too obvious. The Arabs think we are stupid, but not that idiotic. Not even Mossad, which is known for crazy hair-brained plots like that, would have attempted anything like it. At one time one of their agents penetrated deep into Syrian intelligence. He was able to rise to such high political and social heights that he was being considered for the post of Minister of Defense, which at that time was the steppingstone to the Presidency. In the past we have often had to ask for their help and we will continue to do so in the future. It has taken us a long time to develop Arabic speaking agents and we still don’t have many that we completely trust. You are one of the few. We don’t want to loose you! Be careful!”

I will Bill-I got to get going, please give my regards to the guys in the office.”

Joseph eased his car back onto into traffic and then took Route 3 through the Lincoln Tunnel into the city. He made his way downtown and found a parking lot near the theater. He walked over to the ticket office and informed the cashier who he was. An usher directed into the wings of the stage where he was able to watch the play. Rich was on stage and it was the last act. After the final curtain call he came over to Joseph and the two of them went to his dressing room.

Rich closed the door and grabbed Joseph and the two of them kissed and clung to each other. “I missed you so much, Joseph. Dad told me about the meeting. Everything is going good-isn’t it?” Rich asked.

“Everything is wonderful. We can talk about all it in the car. Do you want to go to Long Island tonight or tomorrow?” the soldier asked.

“It’s up to you. I did pack an overnight case, but we could go to my place and get a good night’s sleep or go to the Island right from here. I did tell mom to expect us tonight, but we can call and I’m sure she will understand.”

“Tell you what, I hate the thought of trying to find another parking lot tonight in the city. Let’s go tonight. We can spend Saturday there then I can get you back in time for Saturday’s performance and we can sleep late Sunday and I can go back to base late Sunday evening or early Monday morning.” Joseph suggested.

“That sounds good. It will be a wonderful treat to wake up two or three mornings in a row with you next to me in bed.” Rich said. “Oh by the way before I forget, Frank sends his regards. He calls at least twice a week to see how I’m doing and to ask when we are going to go out to celebrate your graduation. Any suggestions?”

“Not a one. Maybe next weekend sometime, let’s say late Saturday after the show or Sunday afternoon. I will leave it up to you. You call him and set a date and I’ll make it.” Joseph said as the two of them left the theater and went to the parking lot. “School starts the week after next so I will be busy getting my lectures set and meeting students after that.”

“I’ll call him. Maybe I can take off a Saturday night. My understudy has been praying that I would get sick or something.” Rich laughed as they got into the car.

The trip out to the Island was faster than usual and they made it in record time. Richard and Sarah were waiting for them and they all sat in the library and had a light supper and talked. Joseph and Richard went over the investments that Richard senior would suggest and Joseph filled him in on how the word was spreading through the Arab community. “When we were in the Mosque today, all kinds of people kept coming over to both Fazzi and me insisting that they be included in the Club.”

“Yes I know the word is out in more than one way.” Richard said. “It appears to be the hottest thing on Wall Street. Everyone wants a bite of the action. We have been getting calls from just about every brokerage house looking to get in on the ground floor. Someone started the rumor that we are going to become, if not the official then the unofficial, bankers for the entire Arab world. They are saying that from now on any Arab/American who doesn’t participate in the “Fund” is a traitor to his people and that in the future all Arab capitol one way or the other will pass through Worthington’s.”

“I hope you are doing nothing to stop those rumors.” Joseph said.

“I even added to them. I let it be know that, in time, we hope to establish a corporative enterprise that would rival the economies of some nations and perhaps even surpass the Swiss bankers. Nothing like a little free advertising to get things rolling.” Richard said, “I’m having our lawyers set up the paperwork and I checked it out with the Securities and Exchange Commission and a few friends in Washington. In fact when I spoke with Fazzi earlier this evening and told him of the plans, he was as happy as could be that things are working out this way. He had only one problem and a stipulation with it.”

“And what was that?” Joseph asked. “I think he would be delighted with how things are going.”

“Oh he is. Only to use his own words, he like most Arabs, is distrustful of Americans and he would like to have one of ‘his’ people on the inside of Worthington’s to look after his interests. When I asked him whom he wanted-he put forth your name. He says that he knew I would have no objection to you and that since he and his people trust you, they would all feel secure with you as their agent.”

“My God! Am I going crazy here? Me? Why me?”

“When I asked him that, he said that he knew that I might not accept any Arab he might suggest and since both he and I trust you… You are the best choice. I also informed him that in order for this to work you must have access to any and all information he has. He told me that Worthington’s could depend on that. We could not have asked for a better situation.”

“Perhaps, but just what is it that I will have to do? I don’t really understand anything about this stuff.”

“Well, you will be his representative. He wants you to look after his interests.” Richard said. “For the details, you will have to consult with him. I just think he wants you to be his eyes and ears. He said it would be good training for you as his heir. He even alluded to the future ‘Worthington & Benson Investments’. I guess he thinks you are going to become part of his family and marry his daughter and take over for him.”

Joseph looked at Rich and then said to his father, “he has sent Kassie and Mary away for good. I don’t think he harbors any thoughts of Kassie and I getting together in the future. While he still calls me his future son-in-law-we both know it is just a cover up for social, community and political reasons as well as to hide his real intentions.”

“And what are those, Joseph?” Sarah asked.

“He wants me to be his lover, his son, his heir. The man has reached that stage in life where he is searching for immortality. The closing doors of the forties I think it is called. He looks back and sees half his life gone and very little if anything that he hoped for in his youth has come about. At this stage, in his life he can see only past failures, old age and death in the future. He has never produced a child and needs and wants an heir. Someone to love and whom he hopes will carry on for him. It’s sad, real sad.”

“And what about you and our son?” Sarah asked. “Does he know about junior?”

“As far as he knows, Rich and I are just friends. Fazzi thinks that he is my first and the only gay relationship I have had.”

“And that’s the way we want it.” Rich added. “Joseph and I decided that before we went into this. Mom, I’m OK with it. This is too important to all of us, so please play along.”

They talked till after midnight and then went to up to their room to sleep.

“I don’t think your Mother likes me being involved with Fazzi.” Joseph said.

“Well what did you expect? She is afraid that you will leave me. She is only being protective of her “Cub”. Rich said.

“I’ll have to talk to her and reassure her that it is you that I love.”

“Never mind talking to my mom. I want to make love to you. Come let’s get that lovely ass of yours in bed. I’m going to fuck your brains out. I don’t want to talk or hear anything more about that fucking Arab or anything else for the rest of this weekend.” He said, grabbing Joseph and throwing him onto the bed. “This weekend, you are mine and I intend to use you for sex, for pure sex and nothing else.”

Clothes started to fly through the air as they pulled off each other’s garments. Soon they were both naked rolling on the bed touching and tickling each other.

“Are you sure they can’t hear us?” The hysterical soldier asked.

“No they can’t, they are in the other wing of the house. Even if they were in this wing, what makes you think they would be interested? They have their own happy times in bed to keep them busy. They are still young enough to enjoy sex almost every night. I could tell you stories about some of the times I used to hear them making love. What can I say, I inherited my old man’s passion. But to answer your question, no, it is just you and I here. So you can scream all you want. No one is coming to help you.” Rich stated and then asked, “So my love, tell me how would you like it this first time tonight? On your knees, stomach or back?”

“My back, always on my back. You know how I like to watch you as you fuck me!” The soldier answered. “I love seeing your face and the look in your eyes as you cummmmm.”

“My eyes?? What about my eyes and my face?”

“I love seeing them roll back and your face gets this intense expression, like you are off in another world.”

“I’ll give you another world.” Rich said as he stroked his cock and began rubbing the tip around Joseph’s hole teasing him and making him want it more and more. When he saw Joseph’s rosebud puckering to welcoming his wet cock head, he removed his cock and covered it with a condom. He slowly inserted the tip of his hard dick as his lover moaned in both pleasure and pain. Inch by inch, feeding the love stick deeper and deeper until about one half of his long hard cock was buried in the warm welcoming, sucking sinkhole, and then he removed most of it until only the head was still imbedded.

“You think you can take it all in one shot?”

“Yeahhhhhhhh fuck me baby! Give it all to me!” Joseph shouted.

“Your wish is my command. Get ready, bitch, here it comes.” Yelled Rich as he drove his pig-sticker in, until his balls banged against the soldiers ass. “There you are all skewered up like one of those bar-b-cues you love. Now ride my sword!”

The sense of being so full sends spasms throughout Joseph as again he screams out, “Oh baby fuck me.” However, the momentary pain from the ass pounding has caused his own cock to deflate.

“Ready? Are you really ready? Here we go.” Rich moaned as he picked up the pace and really began slamming in and out of the now dripping man cunt forcing Joseph’s cock to again grow hard between their bellies.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! God YES! That’s it lover, the both of them moaned over and over, as they began bucking their hips fucking faster and faster. Ride me cowboy!”

“Yeah Bitch, you like it hard? I know you do. Matching each other’s thrusts while the bed creaked and bounced, the dance of love continued as both approached the brink.

Joseph’s sphincter tightened sending waves of pleasure through both of them. “OHhhhhh! God”, he hears Rich scream.

“Let me have it, come on fill me up! I want to feel your hot cock expand in my pussy. Joseph keeps screaming out to Rich as he himself is beginning to explode. “Yesssss, cumm you can do it! Cummmm with me, together!” He shouts as Rich drilled in one more time then stiffened up and lifts his head and howled like a banshee shooting his love juice into the condom.

“Fuck, damn it, that was fantabulous.”

They lay like that in each other’s arms for about five minutes. Then they grew soft and separated. They lay on their backs looking at the ceiling and relaxing.

“Joseph, what are you thinking?”

“Oh nothing, nothing at all.”

“I think I know you well enough to know when you are lying to me.” Rich said. “Now spill it, please.”

“I was just thinking about the day when you and I will be free to really make love together.”

“I thought we just did a damn good job of it here tonight! Are you telling me that you were not satisfied?”

“No nothing like that-we were great but___”

“But what?”

“I want to feel your raw cock and your seed in my body not in some latex condom.”

“Believe me-I too wish that with all my heart, but you know it has to be this way, until we can both be together. Just the two of us, and only the two of us, no one else.” Rich said.

To Be Continued…