The car park was well lit albeit that it was fairly empty by now. Kirstie looked at her watch; 9:00pm. Gods ! she hated working late in the library. Damned research. As she walked towards her car she could see only one other, a luxurious gold colored limo with a Chauffeur type sitting at the wheel reading a newspaper by the interior light… She was so taken with this obvious and out of place ostentation that she didn’t see the flat front tire until she was almost at the car. Her mind cursed and she swore audibly but even louder when she saw that both front tires were flat.

For a moment Kirstie stood and stared and then swore again very loudly, letting go with all her frustration in one violent outburst. She failed to notice the suited businessman walking toward the other car and then veering sharply towards her.

“Is there a problem? Can I help?” His voice was quiet and almost genteel, the words crisply spoken. “Ah, sorry, I see the problem” he added before she could say anything. ” I’ll get Richard to change the wheel for you.” He gestured for the Chauffeur to join him by her car.

“And this one too?” she threw back pointing at the other tire.

He crossed around to her side of the car. “Ah. Okay. Problem with that one I would see .” He responded. “Can I offer you a lift anywhere and you can collect your car in the morning ? Or would you prefer to use my phone to call someone? ” The Chauffeur walked up beside her as they spoke. ” I think you can see the problem here Richard.”

“Can you drop me at the Queen s Head in the City ? Some of my friends are there and I can sort out from there. It s only about 15 min away .” She smiled her most practiced damsel in distress smile .

“No problem, I know it well.” His smile was pleasant, charming in a way.

Richard held the door as the two got into the back of the car. As she climbed onto the long back seat she was surprised to see a woman sitting there whom she had previously not noticed. She assumed that she had arrived whilst she was distracted.

The car started and pulled away from the car park but instead of turning towards the City it turned exactly the opposite way.

“What the “? She started but was silenced immediately with a sharp smack across the face from the woman next to her.

“Shut up. Keep quiet and you won t get hurt”. The woman snarled. “Well not too much anyway ” she added half to herself.

Kirstie started to rise and shouted ” Fuck you, you bastard ” She never finished her sentence as a fist smashed into her stomach and forced her back into the seat gasping for breath.

“Now be quiet ” the man said very calmly but with more menace than any amount of shouting.

She felt a knife s point break the skin just where her throat joined her chin. The fear spread over her and she slumped back and started to sob.

The woman next to her smiled and kissed the girl s cheek where the tears ran down and she felt a hand run up the inside of her thigh. Two fingers were unceremoniously pushed past her knickers and into her cunt.

” Please. I’ll do anything that you want” she sobbed.

“Yes, Yes you will” the man s voice came through her tears. ” But let s see if you mean that shall we “? “Remove these” he said pulling at her knickers.

With a wave of fear sweeping over her she decided to simply obey and lifted herself off the seat and removed the items. The man took them from her and handed them to his female companion.

For what seemed like forever the journey continued, although in truth it was for little more than thirty minutes. During the time her captors played with her cunt, teasing her and finger fucking her while kissing each other around her. Kirstie endured the situation seeing no opportunity to do otherwise. The car came to a halt at what she guessed were some gates for the halt was only for a moment and a few moments later it halted again outside a low building. The car door opened and she was unceremonially pulled out, offering no resistance, simply considering that it would be pointless, for the moment; the building was like a low farm barn, and she was standing next to a large solid-looking door.

“Now” she said to herself and broke away from them. Richard was the wrong side of the car door holding it open and the man had stood aside for her to go in front.

She managed maybe thirty paces along a track before she felt someone behind her and then almost instantly a hand grabbed her arm and swung her round, she fell onto the tarmac. Richard, for it was he, grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet by it. She clawed at him with her nails but he easily avoided them, she hadn’t noticed before he was built like a gorrilla ! He fist smashed into her stomach and then again into her face. She tasted blood from a split lip and fell to her knees. He grabbed her hair and began pulling her along by it. Half stumbling, half crawling she was dragged back to the car and the door to the building from where the man and woman hadn’t moved an inch.

“They’re much more fun when they fight” laughed the woman. She grabbed Kirstie blouse and tore it open with a sound of buttons ripping off. The knife slipped between her breasts and cut the bra apart, Kirtie’s breasts fell free in the cool evening air.

” Shall we go in my dear” . The man s voice was soft and Kirstie wasn’t sure whom he was addressing, she barely heard through the pain in her jaw, mouth and stomach from Richard s punches.

The inside the building was well lit but she could see little as a light shone suddenly in her face but it was warm and there was no carpet on the floor, she could easily tell that.

All hands released her although she was aware of Richard still behind her. She stood still for a moment still trying to catch her breath.

“God I want her” said the man and at the imminence of her rape suddenly all the strength returned to her. She turned and attacked Richard again, against a man of his obvious strength the effort was totally futile. There was laughter as the remains of her blouse and bra were torn from her and she was forced onto her stomach on the floor. She had been pushed across something, like a low barrel under her stomach. She became aware of more hands holding her wrists not the woman s these were men’s hands. There was a click and she felt the vicious grip of too-tight handcuffs biting into her wrists as her arms were stretched out in front of her. There was a movement at her wrists and then she realized that they had been stretched out and fastened to some sort floor bolt. Her ankles meanwhile had been pulled apart and were held there by further hands. All the time she was alternately screaming, cursing and begging for mercy. All entreaties merely attracted more laughter and she began to be aware that there were at least a half dozen people here, maybe a lot more, including more than the one woman .

She could turn her head enough to see the man walking behind her and unzipping his trousers. ” I take it no-one minds me being first” he smirked. The response was simply more laughter of assent.

“Which hole do you want to use my dear “? The woman s voice was soft, almost caring.

“Which hole “? “Oh my God” ! They weren’t just going to rape her they were going to bugger her as well. “Oh please no ! Not that “!

“You know my preferences. And besides I am willing to bet that she is still a virgin up her ass. Well, for the next few minutes anyway. ”

The woman leaned close to Kirstie s ear and spoke softly and crisply. “By the time they have finished with you that little ass of yours will be quite as open as your sweet little cunt.”

The menace in her voice was solid even though she spoke so gently and the result was that Kirstie started to sob as she turned her head towards her tormentor.

“Please don t let them do this. Please.”

“Them “? The woman s voice rang with laughter. “Them ? I m going to have that little hole myself before we are done.”

The woman stood up and moved out of Kirstie s view but she felt her skirt lifted and female hands pull her ass cheeks apart. Then they were pulled further and then as far as the flesh would go. Kirstie could feel her ass involuntarily being pulled open by the spreading of her cheeks so far and even though she tried to clench she knew it was having little effect.

“No ! PLEASE PLEASE NO “! Kirstie voice was screaming It fear as she felt someone, and she knew it was the man, move between her open and stretched legs.

She felt a slight pressure against her ass and screamed even before the hugely engorged prick, she couldn’t know but he was nearly ten inches long and a good four inches around. He had always known that buggering a woman, particularly one unused to his size, caused extreme pain and it was the causing of that pain that excited him even more. Sometimes when he was particularly brutal in using his wife s anus, even after all this time he could still draw blood and tear her slightly. As he looked down as Kirstie s virgin little hole he knew that he could tear it but he also knew that she would accommodate him there and he would enjoy it.

He had used no lubrication on Kirstie so as to deliberately enhance the pain he so enjoyed causing and as he forced himself through the tight virgin ring Kirstie screamed in the most intense pain she had felt in her life.


In those few seconds Kirstie screamed the loudest she ever had and the pain simply increased as his length ploughed deeper into her dry ass, she wanted to die from the pain and the humiliation and the simply the thought of a man fucking her ass made her ashamed. She had always though of any sort of sex as dirty and now felt so degraded.

They say that the pain subsides after the first penetration but for Kirstie if anything it got worse as the man ploughed backwards and forwards in her ass and she screamed and begged and pleaded and screamed again. The intensity of pain was beyond her imagining but no relief came for what seemed like hours, although in truth was no more than a few minutes, until she heard that grunting of a man in orgasm and through her tears and cries realized that she was being subjected to what she thought of as the final humiliation of having a man cum up her ass.

He had finished and, with no care for the piece of fuck meat tied in front of him, the man deliberately pulled out brutally before he had even softened. It achieved the desired result and Kirstie screamed again at the sudden and intense pain that felt like her insides were being pulled out. But she was aware of the warm trickling down her thigh, her first thought was that it was his cum, she couldn’t know that it was mixed with her blood. He had indeed torn his way into her and had she seen the broad smile on his face she would have been even more afraid.

“I rather enjoyed that” . Kirstie heard his voice through her sobs as she felt her ass cheeks released and realized the pain that her ass was still causing her even though he had gone.

“It looked rather nice too” . The woman, laughing. ” John “? Her voice was louder “John, did you get all that on the overhead cam “?

” Sure did . It was a great shoot. Should be a great movie when it’s finished. I reckon one of our most profitable” .

The words took a few minutes to sink through Kirstie pain and degradation before she realized that they were filming her rape and were going to sell copies.

Kirstie became aware of a second man behind her and tried to turn to see, but her position prevented her turning more than a small amount, she was stretched too tight. However the other s intention quickly became clear as she felt him push into her cunt. There was no preparation and no subtlety, he just rammed home and sawed in and out of what, to him was simple a piece of meat, a hole to be used. Kirstie heard him grunt as she felt his cum coat her insides. She was still crying when she felt her head pulled up by her hair. She opened her mouth in pain and suddenly a prick was forced between her lips.

“And if I feel so much as a tooth on my skin I will pull every one out with a pair of pliers. You understand “?

A man s voice, a voice she hadn’t heard before, cruel and sadistic even though well spoken, a man s voice who’s mere tone assured her that he truly meant his threat. Kirstie nodded as she accepted her oral rape as well.

She tried to remember what her ex had liked, she thought if she could make it good the man would soon pull out and cum on her. She had never enjoyed performing oral and always though it too submissive for her, it had been a constant argument with him. The man, however, was not her x, he was not interested in soft oral ministrations and proceeded to fuck her mouth like another cunt. Kirstie gagged a little as her throat was being fucked and then she lurched forward as far as her bonds would allow as another man entered her cunt.

Within minutes she felt the prick in her mouth begin to harden and pulse and she knew that this would not be withdrawn as she felt her mouth and throat fill with salty cum. Her face was held hard and she had no option but to swallow and only when he felt her throat do so did the prick withdraw from her mouth. Her cunt received another coating of cum at about the same time and then was left empty again.

Kirstie dropped with fatigue. She had been holding herself taught, struggling as best she could but in the moment she thought they had finished with her she relaxed.

Her respite may have lasted twenty seconds. Long enough for one man to move away from her and another to step in. She felt her ass spread again and a second violation begin. Again no preparation, no attempt to move slowly just a prick positioned against her torn hole and then slammed home.

Kirstie’s pain returned tenfold and she screamed for them to stop. She didn’t recall the man’s climax but the pain of his withdrawal was at least as bad as the first time except this time as soon as he had left her hole another prick began its rape of her ass and when he had finished another and then another. Kirstie thought she would certainly die this time as six men raped her anally one after the other. Her ass was leaking cum and she could feel it running down into her cunt along with the blood from what she was now certain was a torn and bleeding hole.

The last man withdrew and then walked to her face.

“Now clean it my little sweet”

She raised her head and although she could see little higher than his stomach she knew that this individual was young. He was smooth, almost hairless but his prick was covered in cum and blood and small flecks of dirt. She realized with revulsion it was shit, her shit. Her eyes pleaded but he couldn’t see them and even if he had been able to she knew the result would be the same. She kept her mouth shut but when something smashed into her back was it a Whip? A belt? She opened her mouth to cry out and found it stuffed with the repulsive sex. She sucked and licked and felt like throwing up but he was in her only a few moments.

“Good that’s better” he said as he stood and moved away. She only now realized that because of her position with her ass and cunt high in the air they had to kneel to use her mouth.

“My turn “, a woman s voice. “Now my dear because I am kind I want you to suck this and make it wet before I have you. Of course the wetter it is the easier it is for you.”

The dildo presented to Kirstie s mouth was black and mounted on the woman like a fake prick. Kirstie had heard that Prostitutes used strapons with each other to entertain clients but she had never actually seen one. And this was huge. It looked like the size of a man s wrist and almost as long. Kirstie opened her mouth and used all the saliva she could manage to wet it, her jaw ached it wasn’t supposed to open this wide but with horror she also knew that her cunt wasn’t either.

The woman stood up and Kirstie saw black stockings ending in black high heels with ankle straps padlocked closed and she also thought that she saw a sparkle of gold at the woman s shaven cunt lips. Kirstie braced herself for the pain but it wasn’t as bad as she had thought. Her rape had opened her up even though most of the men seemed simply to want to rape her ass. The dildo didn’t stay in her cunt long and Kirstie was glad when she felt it removed. Glad that is for a moment only until she felt the head rest against her abused anus.

” NOOOOOOOOOOOO “! she screamed before anything had actually happened but her scream was so much louder when the thing tore into her ass. She knew her back hole had already been torn but she didn’t know that the new monster had torn it more and this time the rape continued forever. No quick fuck and cum from the excitement of raping a helpless girl this was pure rape for the joy of causing the pain and it went on seemingly forever.

“I enjoyed that” beamed a female voice as the thing was finally withdrawn and Kirstie again slumped down.

“Over to you guys” The voice by now was disembodied and Kirstie just lie as unresponsive a cheap whore as she felt herself entered front or back or orally time after time. When anyone had finished with her mouth her face slumped down again and she could see the pool of drying cum that she had not managed to swallow.

Kirstie took nine men and two women over the next three hours. Many of them twice and a couple three times. “I just gotta use all three holes” was one voice that penetrated her nightmare.

At last it all seemed to go quiet and no-one was fucking her. It had actually been only a few minutes since the last man had withdrawn from her ass but that was now so open and well used she could barely feel it.

“Richard ” It was a female voice.

“You and the rest of the staff can have her any way you want and then you can tidy up. Send her to the usual place” .

“Thank you My Lady” . What was obviously Richard s voice was respectful, even submissive. Kirstie braced herself and her body for further degradation and rape and it happened again and again over what seemed once more like forever.

When Kirstie was eventually released there was no movement in her or resistance left. Her hands were cuffed behind her and her ankles fastened together with similar device. She was slung over a large shoulder in a fireman’s lift and was barely aware of the hot sun on her back and the brightness as she left the building. She felt herself thrown into the car and then transferred to some other form of transport. She was naked except for a torn skirt and too tired to resist, but she felt that her journey went on forever.

As he bid his guests goodnight they all thanked him. ” Marvelous evening Sir Richard” thanked one man as he shook his host’s hand “She was a delight and deliciously tight. At the start anyway “. There was laughter. “See you next month I hope” .

“I certainly hope so Chief Inspector” . Sir Richard smiled as he returned the handshake.

Kirstie Delavois was reported missing two days later. She has never been traced although the rumors are that she was heard of in a brothel in one of the ex-Soviet Republics.

– The End –