Remember, I’m the woman whose husband, Joe, arranged for me to have black men because it was a fantasy of both of ours that we wanted to live out. Our two daughters, Nan, 19 years old and a college student, and Wendy, 18 years old and a high school senior, inadvertently found out about our sex hobby and wanted to be part of it. Joe takes videos of our escapades and the girls wanted their daddy to video them in action with big, hung black men. They were both very active sexually before they started on their black adventure but both of them had fantasies of fucking black men. Their fantasies were about to come true!

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The next morning the girls wanted to see the videos and when they saw themselves getting royally fucked, they started to finger each other and finally got in a sixty-nine position and started licking. Dad couldn’t hold himself and bent me over and gave me a good doggie fuck as we watched the video and our two girls.

Like me, they were crazy for more of the same. Dad put another ad in the paper similar to our first one and got about the same response. I had a wonderful time with my girls sorting thru the letters and cock pictures to decide whom we were going to see. Since the letter said mom and two daughters looking for. The response we got was overwhelming. The first week we got 205 letters. The first month we got over one thousand. I guess a guy reading our note and then thinking about three eager women ready to do anything, got them excited. We let the girls in on our secret control room and Dad s ability to video, including zoom, any spot in our bedroom with four different cameras. We told the girls that we would start in motel rooms but as we get to know the men, we will bring the good ones to the bedroom where they will not know Joe is there. Joe and I interviewed the ones that we liked to see if they past muster. We met them at bars throughout town and decided if we wanted our daughters being fucked by these men. I personally inspected each man s cock in the bar to make sure we were getting what had been advertised. I have to admit I fondled them quite a while and sucked a few, just for the fun of it.

The sex worked out much like before but now, since we had three women, we had at least three men at a time. As we progressed, we got up to twelve men, but that was after they came to our home. I had warned Nan and Wendy that they had to be careful and not fall in love with the men. Black men want to fuck and show off their white women. It will be heavenly sex because they are so big and can fuck forever, but they don t want to marry white pussy and so any long term relationship would never work out. Also, they like to make babies with their white women and no matter how much you are in love with them, dontt let them talk you into a gang bang to get you pregnant.

After a short burst of fucking almost every night, we had to slow down so that the girls could study. We got a group of about forty men we could call on and they would usually be able to come over. We then restricted our sex to the weekends. But the girls didn’t want to only fuck on the weekends and so they started to meet black boys at school. Our youngest handled it fairly well because there was still peer pressure to not be seen with black men and so she carefully took a few black boy friends and brought them home into our bedroom where daddy could get every move on video.

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She never saw money exchange hands but she was sure he was charging some of the men because often he didn’t even know their names. Eventually, he started seeing her less but he would call and have her meet a man in a motel room and they would fuck all night, often with several men. She would have jumped off of a bridge if he asked her and I was very frightened. The final thing that happened, where even Wendy had to admit she was just a piece of meat to her lover, was when he took her off on a three-day weekend to a school reunion. What it really was, was a get together of hundreds of blacks at the beach, to have a good time. He had her in a tent and a long line of black men would wait their turn for a blowjob from Wendy. It got so bad that there were two black women sucking the men to get them ready so that when Wendy took them in her mouth, they came almost immediately. Her boy friend was charging ten dollars a suck and he said he would quit when he had one thousand dollars. Wendy said that since his friends got a free BJ, she must have sucked off 150 men that one day. She finally called her father to come and get her, which he did. Joe, God love him, said he would fix the problem. I don’t quite know what he did, but that man disappeared from Wendy s life, never to be seen again. She moped around for a few weeks but with a steady diet of new big, black cocks she soon forgot him and got back with our program.

Both girls have favorites that they bring over regularly and they both like multiple partners and so they often each bring two or three men to visit and then they swap with the other girl and they love it and, of course, the men love it. Before we brought the girls into our sex lives, we were fairly careful about bring men home but now, we had a long string of black men constantly visiting for me or my two daughters. Fortunately, we live in a fairly isolated area and our neighbors can t see who comes and goes but there are often six or seven cars in our parking area of men who have come for some hot sex. We women never let them down and Joe tells me that if we decided to sell his videos, we could make a fortune. The three of us women think that would be a hot idea and we may do that. We shall see.

– The End –