This story begans when I am in my teens (18) still in highs school and I can remember looking and enjoying other boys dicks, and all thru life I always wanted to try it, I was close one time with a friend of mine he was older in his 60’s and I was in my 30’s we were having a few drinks and we went to the rest room at the same time and he just said come on pee here I don’t care and he stood on one side and I stood on the other side of the toilet.

I kept looking at his dick and finally he said would you like to play. Like why don’t we go to my house and see what happens. I was taken back for a few minutes and started to get hard and he said well that is my answer, lit’s go ok. We got to his house and no one was home so we had a drink and was talking and he sat near me on the sofa and I reached over and felt his dick and it was also getting hard, he told me if we hurried we could play before his wife gets home, well we took our dicks out and we played with each other and was about ready to bend over and take his dick in my mouth when we heard someone drive up the drive way, damm it, he said , his wife was early and had to stop and I went in the bathroom and jerked off while he saw his wife and told her I was visiting and she was thrilled , she liked me.

We greeted each other and sat down for a drink but I could see he was still sort of hard and he showed, his wife went in the kitcken to get a drink and he went in the bath room to jerk off, and when he came back he had a smile on his face so I knew he did it. We never did get to play. But later on in life at the ripe old age of 70 I was having a drink at the local bar and a man of about 45 or so came in and he sat next to me at the bar and started talking about every thing and nothing if you know what I mean, I looked down at his pants and saw the outline of a monster and was just staring, he notice me and re-arranged his dick, where I could see more of it, or the outline of it.

He asked me do you ahh play or like to look. I told him the truth I have never played but looked a lot. We chatted a while more and ask if I would say go to his house for a drink and talk. I asked him if he was married and he said yes but his wife is out of town until next week, visiting friends and relatives. So I told him, I was married and always wanted to play but never have.

Gove to his house and he put on a tape and the first thing you see is a nice hard dick, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and he said do you like that, I told him yes I would like to try and see what it is like. He told me maybe we can take care of that interest of yours, I told him had to go to the bath room to pee, and he showed me where and I went, while I was gone he took off his clothes and was standing there naked as a jay bird when I got back, and he did have a nice one. he asked me would you like to join me and get relaxed. I took off my clothes and my 6 1/2 incher stood up, he told me you have a nice dick and I told him he had a beautiful one, aboout 8 or 9 inches long and sort of fat.

He asked what would you like to do or me do to you? I told him I would like to be your woman for now, let me suck you and let you mount me and suck me also, not at the same time ok, so I sucked his dick and it was something I dreamed about for a long time , so nice and the first juice was sweet warm, he told me to suck just the head and he wouldn’t cum so fast so I did and it was so slick and tasty felt like silk and I wondered why it took me so long to get a gaste of a man and enjoy it.

Now he told me you have to stop or I’ll cum and not be able to fuck you, he had some grease of some sort and rubbed his dick head and put some in and around my ass and it felt cold but he told me it would warm up also he said this may hurt a bit but I will take it easy, he position me had me bend over the table and I held on to the other side waiting for the pain if there was to be some, I felt his hands open the cheeks of my ass and the head of his dick against my ass and he told me hold on and in one pucy had about half of it in, it did hurt for a few seconds only and it started to feel wonderful, he than told me he would start going in and out and for me to try and relax, how could I with a baseball bat size in me his dick was fat, he went in and out slow at first and he picked up his in and out motion and it felt so good I could feel myself cuming and he told me hold on I am going to cum now and he went faster and I could feel his dick get bigger and some hot stuff go in me , oh baby what a feeling, I have missed this all my life, but not any more.

He did me 4 more times before his wife came back. Now it is hard for a 70 year old man to get someone to do him, and I am in good shape, sports, swimming, racqet ball etc. Bue I have found a few men willing to do me and surely appreciate it, thanks fellows.