She’d sensed that I was awake, even at the very second I opened my eyes,

“You slept like a log”

Pulling her over so that she lay half on top of me with one leg thrown over my hip, I kissed her on the lips and ran both hands down her back, onto the swellings of her bottom,

“Yeah, I was tired anyway and then I met this amazingly sexy woman”

Snaking a hand down between our bodies, she found my erection and took it into her hand,

“Was she hot?”
“God yes, she was more than hot, she wore me out”

Her hand became a fist and gripped me, masturbating me slowly,

“Tell me about her”

I felt the wetness from her pussy seeping out of her onto my hip as she began to move against me,

“Well I’ve actually known her for a long time, a very long time, but last night, can you believe she asked me to shave her?”

“Wow, she must have been horny”

“Mmm, yes she was, she was beautiful too”

“Ooh Dave, keep that thought won’t you?”

“You know I will, now come on, it’s less than an hour until your appointment”

Without letting go of me, she screwed her face up in disappointment and closed her lips lightly over my nipple, I gasped as she bit me gently and tilted her head up as if for a kiss.

“I want you Dave” she breathed as our lips touched, “I want you so bad it hurts”

“You’ve got me Mickey, I promise you darling, you’ve got me!”

Reluctantly she climbed off me and I led her to the bathroom, where she sat down on the bowl with her legs wide open,

“You ever watch a girl pee before?” she laughed,


My voice sounded like it belonged to someone else as she motioned me to squat down in front of her,

“Would you like to?”

“God yes Mickey”

I’m not sure what I expected, a roll of drums, or a fanfare or something, I’d only had two serious relationships and neither girl had ever done anything like this for me!

I actually heard it splashing into the water below before I realised she was doing it and it wasn’t until I leaned closer that I saw where it was coming from,

“Oh wow Mickey” I said softly, “That’s amazing, it doesn’t come from your pussy does it?”

That set her off giggling again, “No” she laughed, “Actually it comes from my left ear!”

“No, you fool, I mean it comes from that little hole just above your pussy”

“I can see we need to educate you bro” she was still laughing as she wiped herself,

“I can’t wait”

I had an almost permanent erection as I helped her get dressed, the minx teased me unmercifully by pretending that she couldn’t make her mind up which panties to wear!

“Don’t forget you’ve got to finish shaving me later”

“Hey, the bandages will be off then remember? You’ll be able to do it yourself”

“Yeah” she giggled, “But it’ll be a lot more fun if you do it”

I couldn’t argue with that!

She gripped my hand tightly as the receptionist welcomed us and showed us into the doctor’s office.

“You’ll be fine Michelle” she said softly as she left us and touched Mickey’s shoulder in a gesture of comfort,

Doctor Phillips was our family doctor and had been present at our birth, a lovely man who was more of a friend than a doctor, he’d visited us in hospital after the crash and it had been he who broke the news to us of our parent’s death.

Mum and Dad had driven up to Bretton hall at Leeds university to fetch us back for the summer holidays, we were both in our final year there, me doing business studies and Mickey studying dance and drama, we’d just gone onto the M1 when a juggernaut braked sharply in front of us, Dad was still watching in his mirror as he merged into the traffic, our car went into his back end and as he’d nearly stopped and dad was accelerating, it was quite a smash!

Mum and dad were killed instantly by massive internal injuries, caused by the engine being pushed back into their chests, I vaguely remember Mickey being catapulted into the windscreen head first and then thankfully, I blacked out.

As I said earlier my own injuries were completely insignificant, I’d since done all my crying and grieving and even as Mickey lay in hospital I’d vowed to look after her if she ended up blind, I was about to find out!

“Michelle, how nice to see you up and about” he said and hugged her closely, “And David, how are you?”

“I’m fine doc” I smiled, his enthusiasm was infectious, “I’ll let you check me over after Mickey’s big moment”

I’d got away with some broken ribs and a gash on my head, something that in more reflective moments, I found quite hard to come to terms with, I’m sure you know what I mean, especially when we thought that Mickey’s blindness might be permanent, I’d asked myself many times why should I have come out unscathed?

“Ok” he nodded and guided Mickey over to his couch,

“Now Michelle” he spoke very softly and held both her hands, “We know that both retina were damaged in the accident as we explained to you, certainly the left one was detached which is why you had to stay completely still in bed for a week, now we’re hoping that both eyes will be perfect or as near as can be when I take the bandages off, but there is no guarantee”
Mickey nodded and gripped his hands tightly,

“Yes, I understand that” she said, her voice almost a whisper,

“Right, are you ready?”

She nodded again and I could hardly bear to watch as he unwound the bandages until just two thin layers were left covering her eyes,

“Hold them in place a second Michelle” he said and reached over to draw the blinds,

“Turn the light off please David”

I did as he asked and held my breath as he sat down again and slowly unwound the two final layers,

“Keep your eyes closed for a moment Michelle”

Carefully he dabbed at the sticky mucus around her eyes and then sat back gripping her hands,

“Open them darling” his voice was unbelievably soft and tender and I felt a lump in my throat as I wondered if mum and dad were watching!

“No” she said, “No, I can’t see anything” her voice broke and I rushed to her side,

“You moved Dave” she said, “Wait, wait, wait”

We all held our breath,

“It’s coming” she turned her head slowly and looked around the room,

“It’s not very clear doctor”

“Give it a minute Michelle” he sounded full of emotion too, “Close them again darling and keep them closed for two minutes”

“Come here please David” she whispered, I squatted beside her and held her left hand, it seemed more like two hours than two minutes until the doctor said, “Open them now Michelle”

“Still nothing” she said and I felt her world beginning to crash,

Slowly she smiled, it began with a twitch at each corner of her beautiful mouth, slowly it widened until her pure white teeth were on display and it didn’t stop until it was wider than the grand -canyon!

I couldn’t help it, I cried, I just gripped her hand and wept as she put her other arm round my shoulder,

“I can see Dave” she was crying too, the doctor had a tear in his eye as well and when the receptionist came in to see what all the noise was about, she burst into tears!

“Look, there’s the car park” she pointed excitedly, “And the sky’s blue today, it’s beautiful, I can’t believe it, thank you doctor, thank you”

“Michelle” said the doctor as she hugged the receptionist, “Come back over here and let me finish the tests, there still might be some damage, so don’t let’s get carried away with it all!”

It took a further hour to finish everything he needed to do and at the end of it the news was mixed,

“I want you to wear this for another few days Michelle” he said and handed her a black eye patch, “The left one is fine, but your tests show that the right one needs further rest, so please dear, wear this and don’t get up to anything too strenuous, at least for a week or so”

“Don’t worry doctor” she said impishly, “I’ll make sure my brother does all the hard work”

Surpressing a grin, I thought of a particularly hard task I was really looking forward to, later on that day and Mickey’s eyes on mine told me that she was too!

Another hour while he examined me and made me do all kinds of back breaking exercises and we were free to go, Mickey looked gorgeous in her eye patch, like a female captain Kidd and couldn’t stop looking at herself in every shop window we passed,

“Where are we going?”

“Shopping” I said, “We need to get food in, but more importantly, I think you need some retail therapy”

“Wow, you’re a girl’s dream Dave” she laughed, “Handsome, good in bed and generous too!”

“You’re not so bad yourself Mickey” I said, “Not bad at all really”

“Lead on bro” she said and took my arm.

“That’s the very last time I ever go shopping with you” I said as I made yet another trip back to the car for more parcels,

“Stop being mardy” she laughed, “You know you enjoyed it”

She was referring to when we were in the lingerie shop, apparently she’d been there before and knew the assistants by name, she’d grabbed what seemed like arms full of tiny bits of lace and nylon,

“What do you think of these Dave?” she’d asked with a twinkle in her eye and held up a miniscule pair of panties for my approval, another bloke standing waiting for his rather overweight wife had coughed discreetly and muttered to me,

“Bloody hell mate, my missus has got bleeding hankies bigger than that bugger!”
“Or these Dave?”

And she’d held up a g-string, as a stunning young girl in a white mini skirt brushed by me and grinned at me as her large breasts brushed against my chest,

“Nice” the girl muttered to me, “Lucky man”

I think my face must have been the same colour as the double decker buses that passed by as I practically ran out of the door to wait for her where I could have a cigarette on the pavement.

It had been another thirty minutes before she emerged and together we staggered to the car park under tons of bags and packages, no food though, we’d forgotten all about that, still we could get it another day.

Me, the mister sensible in our relationship insisted that we both eat before going out to celebrate, so of course I ended up in the kitchen being constantly interrupted by my sister showing off her myriad of purchases,

When I’d finally massacred the chips and pork chops, we sat down to eat them, me with a very uncomfortable erection and Captain Kidd in a completely sheer, white baby doll!

“We’ve got the inquest in the morning Mickey” I said, hoping to get my mind away from those wondrously firm breasts jutting out invitingly beneath their almost non-existent covering!

“Yes I know Dave” she said softly, “And then hopefully the funeral as soon as the coroner gives his verdict”

“Mickey will you put those bloody things away just for a few minutes while we discuss the arrangements?”

With a smile, she got up and came round to me,

“You mean these?” she said with a smile and threw off the skimpy top,

“You’ve got a job to finish bro, remember?”

“Yes Mickey, of course I remember darling, but the arrangements!”

Pulling out my chair from the table, (complete with me on it) she plonked herself down in my lap and stared at me with her one good eye!

“Dave have you cried yet, you know about mum and dad?”

“Yes and about you”

Her face softened at that, I think it surprised her,

“Well I haven’t, don’t ask me why, ‘cos I don’t know, I know I’ve got to face it tomorrow with you and God knows what else we’ve got to go through, but after yesterday, you know, with you, I know I can face anything, but it’s not until tomorrow,

I’ll probably cry buckets all day for the next month, but I’ll be ok because I’ve got a strong man beside me, a man I happen to love very much, so please Dave let me deal with this in my own way, ok?”

“Ok Mickey, I’m sorry”

“And stop saying sorry will you?”

“Ok” I dipped my head and closed my lips over a nipple,

“Were you saying something about a shave?”

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