One Evening when Dot and I were at her sister Kathy’s, Kathy mentioned that some time she would like to learn to play poker. Later when she and I were alone I said “I’ll teach you how to play poker and if your mother isn’t there I’ll teach you strip poker if you would like.” “I’ll think about it Larry,” she replied as Dot came up to us, “What are you to talking about?” she asked “I just told Kathy that I would teach her poker if she wanted,” I stated. A couple nights later Kathy and Gary dropped in, “This is a pleasant surprise, is Mother with you ?” Dot asked as they came in, “Not tonight,” Kathy replied “we thought we would be nice to visit with out her.”

Later after playing a few hands of a dice game Kathy said “You said you would teach me poker, Larry I think tonight would be a good time to learn,” “Ok I’LL get the poker chips and cards,” I said rising from the table. Returning I said “I think we should stay with the simple game, draw poker,” opening the chip box I added “the white chips are worth $5 the red ones are $10 and the blue are $20, Gary will you give everyone a hundred dollars, the value of the hands are the same as yahtze with the addition of the flush, straight flush and royal flush, a flush is all one suit, any questions so far?” “What’s a royal flush?” Kathy asked “That would be all face cards of one suit,” Gary said. “In the actual game,” I said shuffling the deck, “everyone antis up with $5, that’s putting one white chip in the centre before the cards are dealt, then five cards are dealt and the person to the left has first go to check meaning to pass the bet, to bet or to fold.” “Once the betting has started can a person check?” “Check can only be done if no one has opened the betting.” I said “House rules is that there can only be three raises in a round of betting,” as I dealt out the cards “after the betting you can exchange 0 to 5 cards or fold.” As we played I hoped that maybe Kathy would suggest we play strip poker.

After about 45 minutes Kathy asked “What’s the difference between regular poker and strip poker?” “Instead of chips you bet with clothing,” Dot replied. “I have a better way that lasts longer,” I said. “How’s that?” Gary asked “Well everyone gets $60 worth of chips and each article of clothing can be sold or bought for $50, shoes and socks are one article,” I said looking at Kathy “Do you want to play?” I asked. “Yes I think it would be fun,” she replied “Don’t you Dot?” Dot was a little slow in replying then said “I guess it could be.” Standing up I said “I think Dot and Gary should be on this side of the table and Kathy and I on that side, and everyone has 4 white 2 red and 1 blue chip.” After a couple rounds both Kathy and Dot sold their shoes and socks. With the next hand I sold my shoes and socks. After another two hands Dot sold her blouse, as she removed it I noticed that her nipples were pushing out her bra, and Gary licked his lips as he watched her.The next hand Kathy lost and as she removed her blouse to sell I noticed that her nipples were extended as well and that Dot watched her closely. Gary loss the next three hands and had to sell his shoes and socks and then he sold his shirt. Just to make sure that I had enough money I sold my shirt.
After another two hands both Kathy and Dot had to sell their pants, as Kathy removed her pants first I saw that she wore bikini panties and I could see a dark triangle of her hair, as Dot removed her pants I watch Gary looking at my wife and I saw that he approved of what he saw.I placed my hand on Kathy’s thigh and she didn’t remove it so as Dot dealt the cards I caressed her thigh bringing my fingers into contact with her pussy. I loss and had to sell my pants. As I stood up and removed them I saw both Kathy and Dot look at the bulge my cock made in my shorts. For the next two or three hands I was careful in my betting. First Dot had to sell her bra and as she removed it I watched for a response from Kathy and Gary, Kathy looked at Dot then looked down at her bra covered tits, Gary licked his lips then I saw his eyebrows raise I had my own reaction my cock began to rise to the occasion. With the next deal Kathy had to sell her bra, as she removed it and her tits came into view my cock took another jump. As Gary dealt I placed my hand onto Kathy’s panties and gave her pussy a rub, I felt her panties getting a little wet, removing my hand I made sure that she saw me bring my fingers to my lips and I gave her a wink. At the end of playing the hand Gary had to sell his pants, as he removed them I watched my wife and saw her eye open wider, looking at Gary’s crotch I saw why his cock bulge was quite large. As Dot dealt the cards I again placed my hand on Kathy’s pussy and she reached over and took hold of my cock though my shorts, causing it to get harder, as she rubbed it. I was unlucky and loss the hand “I guess if I want to stay in the game I’ll have to get naked,” so I stood up and slowly removed my under shorts, allowing my cock to spring out. As Kathy looked at it she saw that I was shaved around the base of it, “My that looks nice,” she said, “Thankyou ,” I said “I thought of shaving all the hair off, I’ll let you do it if I can shave your pussy.” Kathy stood up and removing her panties said “Ok, its a deal,” Taking her hand I said “continue playing don’t wait for us,” and led Kathy towards the bathroom, entering we left the door ajar and I told her to start the shower as I got the razor and shaving cream out. As we stepped into the shower I placed my hand on her pussy and my finger slipped between her lips, “Now wait until we shave,” she said, “how much do you want to remove?” “All of it, from my neck down,” I replied.

Applying the cream over my chest and down to my groin, Kathy took my cock and began to stroke it, “Remember what you said,” I teased caressing her tits. Kathy picked up the razor and starting at my neck carefully shaved my chest, right down to my cock and taking her time around my balls. Taking the hand shower she wash me off taking her time with my cock. When she finished I lathered her pussy and being careful not to nick her lips I shaved her hair off, having her place her foot on the side of the tub so I could get between her legs. When I finished I slid my fingers into her cunt, “Now what are you doing?” she asked, “Making sure I didn’t nick you,” I replied as I began to lick her clean pussy. “You are supposed to be shaving it off not eating it off,” I heard my wife say as I looked out Kathy said “He can get it off anyway he wants to.” Stepping out of the tub Kathy and I allowed Dot and Gary to get in, I saw that Gary’s cock was hard and wet so i thought that Dot had sucked on it before coming into the bath. After Kathy and I had dried off I led her to the bedroom. we laid on the bed side by side and I began to lick and suck her pussy Kathy took my cock into her mouth and I felt it touch the back of her throat. It didn’t take to long before she began to moan that she was coming. I then turned around and taking a hold of my cock I brought it to her lips and slowly slid into her, as I began to pump in and out of her I heard Dot say “Is there room for two more?” “Always room for two more to fuck,” I said just as I felt my orgasm start and Kathy came again. Laying in Kathy’s arms we watched Garry and Dot. Later we agreed that we had to do this again.

The End