It was getting dark as Jim Stanton turned his truck onto the unpaved road that led up the mountain to where his cabin stood. The light snow that had been falling when he left town had gotten heavier and was now coming down quite hard. The wind had also picked up and was blowing the snow into drifts across the road and against the snow banks on each side. He squinted as his headlights reflected off the swirling snow, making it difficult to see much more than a car length past the hood of the truck. Instinctively, he slowed down, trying to keep to his side of the road without getting stuck in the drifts. He eased into a corner and felt the rear wheels losing traction in the six or eight inches of fresh snow and gently eased back on the throttle, just enough to keep the tires from spinning out without sacrificing too much forward momentum. He knew the as long as he could keep moving, he wouldn’t get stuck. He glanced in the rear view mirror at the big snowmobile in the back of the truck.

“Didn’t think I’d have any problems with all that weight back there,” he said to himself. Of course, the weather prediction was for a few inches, not a blizzard! He felt the rear wheels start to slip again as the road grew a little steeper. This time, he reached down to a lever on the floor and shifted the big Chevy into four wheel drive. This had the desired effect and the truck immediately jumped forward, easily pushing up the hill through the snow, which was now almost a foot deep.

He crawled slowly up the hill. There were no other tire tracks but the snow was coming down so hard now that any tracks would be obliterated in a matter of minutes. Visibility, which not long ago was a mere inconvenience, was now a real concern. The headlights were useless, merely reflecting the light off the driving snow back into his eyes. He switched them off and turned on the high intensity amber fog lights. They weren’t much better, but they were mounted lower and didn’t reflect as much light back at him. Fortunately, he knew the road well and could see the snow banks out the side windows. All he had to do was keep it on the road until he came to Jake’s store, only another couple of miles down the road.

After a few more minutes, he came to the bottom of a small incline and knew Jake’s was about a quarter mile past the top. He rolled up the hill just fast enough so he wouldn’t spin out and soon crested the hill. Off to the right, he could just barely make out a set of flashing red lights. He slowed the truck and pulled up behind a Subaru wagon, the right side tires hopelessly stuck in the snowbank. There were no tracks and the car had several inches of snow on the roof. It had obviously been there for a while. Exhaust puffed from the tailpipe.

Switching on his four way flashers, he got out of the truck. He made his way to the drivers’ door of the idling car, his face turned away from the wind-driven snow. Before he reached it, the door swung open and a pretty young blonde woman stepped out, pulling the hood of her parka over her long hair.
“Hi there!,” she called out over the howling wind. “Are we ever glad to see you!”

Before Jim could reply, another girl climbed out of the drivers’ door, this one a redhead. Jim couldn’t help but notice her large set of tits before she zipped up her parka.

“You ladies are a long way from civilization!,” Jim called out. “What are you doing out here on a night like this?”

They looked at each other, then the blonde spoke up. “We were supposed to meet some friends at a store around here somewhere! Then we were going to spend the weekend at their friend’s cabin!”

Jim grinned. “Would your friends be Anna and Richard?”

The girls looked at each other, then back to Jim. “You know them?,” the blonde asked as she held her hood in place against the howling wind.

He nodded. “I’m Jim Stanton. It was my cabin you were going to!” He held out a gloved hand.

The blonde laughed and shook his hand. “Well, I’ll be . . .I’m Lara James and this is Karen Moreland.”

“Very pleased to meet you both!,” Jim said, then eyed the car. “Let’s get your car out of there! I have a tow strap in the truck! I’ll pull in front of you and hook it up!”

Jim returned to his truck while the girls started kicking and digging at the snow in front of the car. He pulled up past them and backed up to within a few feet of the Subaru. Flipping the seat forward, he retrieved the tow strap and walked back to the car. The girls had managed to clear away most of the snow and it was a simple matter to hook the strap to the frame and the other end to the truck. He turned to Lara.

“All right! Hop in! I’ll take up the slack, then it should come right out of there!” Although it was a car, it had all wheel drive and he knew all they needed was a little tug to get it moving.

Lara nodded and they got back into the car. Jim eased forward, then accelerated harder when the strap tightened. The Subaru shuddered and spun, then the tires gripped and it pulled free of the snowbank and out onto the road. Jim jumped out and retrieved the strap, then motioned for them to follow him. They slowly moved down the road a few hundred yards and into the parking lot of Jake’s store. The store was dark, obviously closed. But Jim knew it would be. Jake was a friend of his who lived five miles back toward town. He would have closed up and gone home before the storm got too bad.

Jim pulled around to the back of the parking lot and backed up to the snowbank. Lara eased her car up in front of his truck, wisely stopping in his tire tracks. Jim got out and walked over to the car. Lara opened her window a few inches and yelled, “Get in the back!”

Jim gratefully climbed into the back seat and closed the door. “Wow! It’s getting nasty out there!,” he exclaimed, brushing snow from his hair.

Lara frowned. “It sure is. Do you think Anna, Richard, and the others will make it?”

Jim shook his head. “I doubt it. Richard’s truck isn’t four wheel drive. If he’s not here already, he’s not coming.”

Karen looked at Lara, her face bore a worried expression. “What are we gonna do? Can we make it back?”

Lara grimaced. “I’m not sure. This thing’s all wheel drive, but the snow’s getting awful deep and it’s hard to see.”

Jim spoke up. “I wouldn’t try it. There won’t be anyone else out there tonight to help you if you go off the road again, and it’s easy to do on a night like this.” He looked at Lara. “You’re right. Visibility’s the problem. My truck’s four wheel drive, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m lucky to have made it this far!”

Karen sighed. “Ok, so we sleep in the car?”

Jim shook his head. “Look, I know we just met and you don’t know me from Adam, but why don’t you stay at my place like you planned to do? I have plenty of room . . .” He grinned broadly. “And I promise to be a perfect gentleman!” Lara looked at the ruggedly handsome, sandy-haired man in the back seat and thought, ‘Gentleman? Christ, I hope not!’ Despite her thoughts, she turned to Karen with a dubious look.

“What do you think, Karen?” Karen looked back at Jim, then over to Lara. He could have sworn he saw a twinkle in her piercing green eyes.

“Well, he’s a friend of Anna’s and he did rescue us. Why not? It might be fun!”

Lara nodded and turned to Jim. “All right, then. How much further?”

Jim smiled. “Only about five minutes .” He nodded toward his truck with the big Polaris snowmobile in the back. “By snowmobile.” The girls gave him a puzzled look and he explained that the road his cabin was on wasn’t plowed in the winter because it wasn’t a permanent residence, only a vacation home. He just left the truck here at Jake’s in winter and sledded in.

“But what about all our stuff?” Lara waved at the back of the car, which was stuffed with a cooler, sleeping bags, and several duffle bags. Jim studied their gear.

“Well, I have a fridge and plenty of food, so you can leave the cooler here. And all four guest rooms were made up with fresh bedding last week before I left, so you won’t need the sleeping bags.”

Karen smiled. “Four guest rooms?! Must be some cabin!”

Jim chuckled. “Let me guess. Richard led you to believe you were coming to a one room shack with no running water, no indoor plumbing, and no electricity, didn’t he?”

Lara grinned sheepishly. “I believe ‘rustic’ was the word he used.”

Jim laughed and shook his head. “Don’t feel bad . . . he does that to everyone! Trust me, I call it a cabin, but it’s got all the conveniences of home, including indoor plumbing!” They seemed to relax a little. “You two get together what you need. I have a sled hidden behind the store I can tow behind the snowmobile. We should be able to get everything on it. If not . . .” He shrugged. “I’ll just make two trips . . . no big deal.” With that, he opened the door and stepped back out into the raging storm.

The big sled was held in place by two straps and he soon had them off. He backed the powerful machine off the truck, moved it over to where the sled was hidden, and started hooking it to the back bumper.

Lara and Karen watched him maneuver the snowmobile off the truck and hook the sled to its rear bumper..

“So, are you sure you’re ok with this?,” Karen asked, keeping her eyes on Jim.

“Are you kidding?,” Lara replied. “He’s gorgeous!”

Karen grinned. “Yeah, he is, isn’t he!” She gave Lara a wink and got out to collect their gear.

Fifteen minutes later, the sled was loaded and Lara had backed her car in beside Jim’s truck. They all gathered around the idling snowmobile. “Can we all fit on it?,” Lara yelled over the noise of the wind and the snowmobile.

Jim nodded. “It’s made to seat two comfortably! It’ll be tight, but if I slide way up, we should all fit!” He climbed on and slid up so that his knees were only a few inches from the handlebars. “Ok, get on!,” he yelled.

Karen moved first and climbed on behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. Lara dropped in behind her, squeezing between Karen and the backrest.

“All set?,” Jim called. The girls told him they were. “Hang on! I’m going to have to keep up a pretty good speed in this deep snow with all this weight!” He squeezed the throttle and the big machine roared. The track spun a bit, then caught and they jumped forward, dragging the sled behind them. Jim expertly guided the big machine onto the road to the cabin. It was awkward steering with two passengers so he pointed it straight down the middle of the road. The powerful machine plowed through the deep snow, snowflakes reflecting in it’s bright headlight. At least the wind wasn’t as bad here in the trees and visibility was a little better.

Karen and Lara hid their faces from the flying snow and the big machine moaned under it’s heavy load. After a few minutes, Jim made a hard left turn, standing up and leaning to help steer in the deep powder. He sat back down once they made the turn and soon the headlights picked up a dark shape looming up in front of them. Karen glanced up and saw a good-sized log house appear in the beam of the headlight. Jim swung the machine around and stopped next to the covered porch that ran along the front..

Both girls both stared in awe at the cabin. Contrary to what they’s been led to believe, this was no shack. It was the size of a house, with three dormer windows protruding from its roof. Jim cut the engine and stepped onto the porch. He dug out a key, opened the door and turned to the girls.

“After you, ladies,” he smiled, turning on a light and stepping aside.

“Wow! You weren’t kidding!,” Lara exclaimed, still looking the cabin over. Jim was pulling their gear from the sled and dusting the snow from it.

“I plan on living here sometime soon so I figured I’d do it right!,” he said as he carried their gear inside.

The girls gasped as they took in the interior. The main floor was essentially one big room, dominated by a huge fieldstone fireplace at one end. The ceiling soared to the rafters at the rear half of the room and the back wall was almost all windows. While it was warmer than outside, it was still a little below room temperature. Jim dropped their bags and adjusted a thermostat on the log wall.

“You can’t see much at night, but there’s a lake a couple of hundred yard out there. It’s really quite a view,” Jim said, nodding toward the windows. He pointed to a set of log stairs that led to the second floor. “My room is on the end at the right. Take your pick of any of the others.” He smiled and added, “And make yourself at home. If you need anything, just ask!” He walked over to the fireplace. “I’ll get a fire started while you settle in.”

Karen and Lara carried their bags up to the second floor. They each chose a comfortable room and changed into dry clothing. Lara decided on a tight pair of jeans and a sweater that showed off her nice set of 32C cups. She looked at herself in the mirror as she brushed her hair. She was twenty-three, with long flowing blonde hair that fell nearly to the small of her back, a pretty ‘girl-next-door’ face and bright blue eyes. She stood about five foot nine and weighed one-fifteen, and was very proud of her slender figure, which she worked hard to get and maintain.

Down the hall, Karen had also selected jeans that accentuated her long, slender legs, but opted for a short t-shirt that showed off her bare midriff. She was also checking her outfit in the mirror. Also twenty-three, she was a little taller than Lara at five foot eleven and had a thick mane of wavy auburn hair that fell nearly halfway down her back. She had a very cute face with a small, button nose, just a few freckles, and a luscious set of pouty lips like the kind some women pay a lot of money to have. But hers were one hundred percent natural. Her green eyes completed the look, which was stunningly beautiful. Her large 36D tits combined with her tight one hundred and twenty pound frame made her a knockout, and she knew it. Thinking maybe she was being a little too obvious, she slipped a white blouse over her skimpy t-shirt, but only fastened the bottom three buttons. Satisfied with her appearance, she went downstairs. Jim was tending to the fire and Lara was sitting behind him on the couch, chatting. They both turned as Karen came down the stairs.

Jim swallowed hard at the sight of the beautiful redhead, then shifted his eyes to Lara, also strikingly beautiful. ‘Uh-oh,’ he thought, turning back to the fire. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’

Karen sat on the couch next to Lara. “So what are you two talking about?” She settled back on the couch and crossed her long legs.

“Jim was just telling me that he’s a writer,” Lara told her. Karen raised and eyebrow and appeared impressed.

“Really? Anything I might have read?,” she asked.

Jim chuckled. “Nothing you’ll find on any high school reading lists.” He closed the fireplace screen and turned to face the two beautiful young women. “I’ve written a few western novels. Just pulp fiction, but . . .” He gestured around the room. “It pays the bills!”

“I’d say it does,” Karen replied, her beautiful green eyes locked on his. Jim changed the subject.

“Anyone want a drink before dinner?” He started toward the kitchen. “I’ve got a pretty good selection of wine. Or rum, vodka, whiskey, beer . . . whatever you prefer.”

Karen stood. “I’d love a rum and coke.” Lara ordered the same and Jim went into the kitchen to get them. Karen wandered over to him and Lara remained seated on the couch, turning to watch them over the back of it.

“What’s for dinner?,” Karen asked as she entered the kitchen area. Jim was busy making their drinks. He finished one and passed it to her. She sipped it and smiled, her eyes sparkling. “Mmm . . . perfect!”

“I took a lasagna out of the freezer. It should be ready in about an hour,” he replied as he carried Lara’s drink to her. He had a beer for himself in the other hand.

“Sounds great,” Lara said with a smile as she took the drink.

After dinner, and a few more drinks, they were sitting on the floor in front of the fire, talking and laughing like old friends. Jim couldn’t believe that he’s rescued not one, but two beautiful, and very friendly, young women. He didn’t know if anything would happen with either of them, but their company was indeed welcome! Soon, the talk turned to boyfriends or girlfriends. Neither of the girls was in a serious monogamous relationship and Jim had broken off with his girlfriend of eighteen months six months earlier. Lara seemed a little embarrassed talking about her love life, but Karen was very open. She even confessed that she’d once made out with another girl in college. Lara seemed surprised.

“We were roommates in college! You never mentioned that before!”

Karen shrugged. “It wasn’t a big deal. All we did was kiss a little. I started feeling her tits and she backed off. We were both a little drunk!”

Lara looked over at Jim, who shrugged non-committedly. She turned back to Karen. “Wasn’t it . . . weird, though!? Kissing another girl!?”

Karen laughed. “Not at all! Why should it be? Lips are lips!” She gave Lara a sultry look. “And I think women are very sexy!,” she purred, winking at Jim. “Wouldn’t you agree, Jim?”

Jim grinned and chuckled. “Can’t argue with that!” He grinned at Lara, who blushed slightly.

Karen’s eyes flashed. “Do you want to see what it’s like?,” she asked with a mischievous grin, taking Lara’s hand and staring into her deep blue eyes.

Lara blushed even more. “No! I mean, wouldn’t that make me a . . . lesbian?” Karen laughed and shook her head.

“No, no . . . why would you want to label yourself? I like guys . . ” she gave Jim a quick wink and a little smile. “But I also find women attractive. Am I a lesbian? Hell, no! I just like . . . what I like, that’s all!”

Lara seemed intrigued. She stared at Karen for a long moment, then turned to Jim. “Would you think it was weird if we did it?”

Jim shook his head and grinned. “Don’t you know that most men fantasize about women making out with each other?” They all laughed and Karen seized on the opportunity to rise to her knees and crawl over to Lara. Settling down in front of her, she took both of her hands and leaned in so their faces were only inches apart. Their eyes locked and Karen leaned in, planting a lingering kiss on Lara’s soft lips. Jim watched in amazement, feeling his cock twitch at the sight.

After a few seconds, Karen backed off and smiled at the pretty blonde. “How was that?”

Lara licked her lips and stared into Karens’s bright green eyes, then smiled softly. “That was . . .nice!,” she said quietly. They sat staring into each other’s eyes for a few more seconds.

Jim, feeling a little uncomfortable, cleared his throat. “Anyone need a refill?,” he asked, rattling the ice cubes in his empty glass. He had switched from beer to the rum and coke the girls were drinking.

“I’ll get them,” Lara said, standing up. “I think it’s my round.” Jim and Karen both admired her small round ass inside her tight jeans as she walked over to the kitchen. They looked at each other and grinned, then Karen unfastened the buttons of her blouse and removed it. Jim couldn’t help but gaze down at her ample tits.

“Getting warm,” she said with a smile. She noticed his eyes drop to her chest and smiled to herself. Jim realized he was staring and averted his gaze. She laughed . “Don’t be embarrassed,” she said, touching his arm. “If I didn’t want you to look, I wouldn’t dress like this!” She looked down at her large, firm tits stretching the fabric of the tight t-shirt. “So, what do you think?” She grinned and wiggled her body, causing them to quiver slightly. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Jim felt his cock grow a little, but before he could stammer out a reply, Lara came back with their drinks. She noticed Karen’s blouse on the floor and glanced up at her large breasts that seemed to be trying to burst free from her tight t-shirt.

“Did I miss something?,” she asked, glancing over at Jim’s red face.

Karen giggled and her tits quivered. “I asked Jim what he thought of my tits, but he seems a little tongue-tied!”

Jim chuckled nervously and sipped at his drink. “You caught me off guard! No one’s ever asked me that before!” He grinned. “At least not until we knew each other a little better!” That brought about another round of laughter. Lara sipped at her drink. She was reluctant to admit it, but the sight of Karen’s quivering tits had aroused something in her. Something that made her panties a little damp.

Karen’s face brightened and her eyes sparkled mischievously. “Hey, Jim, do you have a deck of cards?”

“I think so. Why?”

She gave him a peck on the cheek and stood. “Where are they?”

“Top left drawer, over by the bar,” he replied, pointing, and she went to retrieve them. He shot Lara a questioning look but she only shrugged and shook her head. Karen found the cards and literally bounced back over to the fireplace. She settled back down on the rug and dealt five cards to each of them, then pulled her blouse back on.

“So, what are we playing?,” Lara asked innocently as she picked up her cards. Jim caught Karen’s grin and lowered his head, chuckling. He suspected what she was up to and she confirmed his suspicions by putting her blouse back on. This could get very interesting!

“Strip poker!,” Karen exclaimed. “Let’s keep it simple . . . straight poker, one draw, lowest hand removes an article of clothing!” Lara’s mouth dropped open.


“What? You’ve got a beautiful body! What’s the problem?,” Karen replied, eying Lara’s curvaceous frame. “Don’t be afraid to show it off!” She picked up her cards. “You in, Jim?”

He grinned at them and picked up his cards. “Sure, why not!” Lara stared unbelievingly at both of them for a few seconds, then sighed and picked up her cards. “Oh, what the hell! A few more drinks and I won’t care if I’m naked!,” she said with a grin.

“That’s the spirit!,” Karen exclaimed, patting her on the knee. “How many, Jim?”

To Be Continued…