My friend, Alan, invited me to his apartment for a few beers one Friday evening. His girlfriend was at work on second shift so we had the place to ourselves. Alan spilled beer on his lap and took a quick shower to keep from becoming sticky. He emerged from the bathroom wearing only his white briefs. I felt a little bit uneasy being around another man so scantily dressed. I asked if he had any liquor and we went to the kitchen.

As I reached into the top cabinet for a glass, Alan reached over me to grab the bottle. His bulge was pressed into me from behind. We stood in the kitchen and talked about the losers at work. I downed quite a few drinks and was getting loud and laughing a lot. I was leaning against the counter with my hand on the edge. Alan stepped toward my hand to pour himself a drink. As he did this my hand was stuck between his bulge and the counter. I didn t try to move it though. I had a feeling of being a teenager again and flirting with a girl. It felt kind of nice. When he stepped back and launched into another story, my eyes wandered down to his crotch. His bulge had definitely grown some. He noticed during the next few minutes that I repeatedly looked down to his crotch.

We went back to the living room where Alan sat down on the middle of the couch. He patted the couch next to him and told me to sit there. I could feel my cock getting an erection as I sat next to him. As the conversation went on, he put his hand on my leg.. I hadn’t had sex in a few months and was enjoying the touch of someone else. My cock became a little more erect. I let my hand slide over to his thigh and rubbed it up and down. He turned to me and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue darted into my mouth as my hand reached his crotch. His cock was rock hard. I could feel his hand exploring my crotch also. I was so nervous my throat became dry. My drink was empty and I mentioned I needed another one. We went into the kitchen. Both of us were standing there with bulges at full mast.

Back in the living room he grabbed me from behind as I set my drink down. One of Alan’s hands was rubbing up and down my chest while the other was exploring my exploding crotch He kissed my neck and it felt so good. I could feel him pressing into me. He turned me around and backed me up against the wall. I spread my legs and he pressed up against me. His lips stopped right at my lips. We looked each other in the eye and kissed. It was soft and easy at first. Then as my hand moved down to his crotch the kiss became more passionate. I reached into his underwear and felt his cock. It was so hot from all the blood flow. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me downward. I slid to my knees and groped at his bulge with my mouth. I slid his underwear down and took his cock in my mouth. His hand went immediately to the back of my head. He held me there and began to pump his cock into my mouth. It didn t take long for him to begin to cum. I felt it squirt into my mouth as he pulled out and jerked his cock. The rest splattered onto my face and dripped down my chin. I wasn’t freaked out by any of it. His cum coated my mouth and I didn t want to swallow it.

I tried to stand, but he held me down and said to stay there. He looked at me reveling in the fact that his cum was all over my face and in my mouth. After a few minutes, he allowed me to get up. I went to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth out. As I bent over to wash my face, Alan was behind me rubbing my crotch. He grabbed a towel and dried my face. He asked if I was ready for a blowjob. I said yes and he took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I stripped as he watched from the bed. He told me to lie on top of him. We kissed for awhile and I inched up until I was straddling his face. I smacked his face with my hard cock then I slid just the head into his mouth. His tongue swirled around it. Slowly I started pushing my cock in and out of his mouth when I felt his finger at the entrance to my ass. He reached into the drawer of the night stand and pulled out some lubricant. He coated his finger with it and pushed it into me. It felt so overwhelming that I began to cum all over his face. I made him lay there for a few minutes out of revenge. He disappeared to the bathroom to clean up. I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling.

When Alan returned he was sporting another erection. I got down on my stomach and let him push his cock into my mouth. As I was sucking him, he put some lube on my ass and pushed his finger back in. Before long it was two fingers going in and out of me. That s when he got on the bed. He was on his knees and sat on his heels with his cock pointing at my ass. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back until I felt the head of his cock about to enter me. We played around for awhile until he could get it into me. I pushed all the way back until I felt my rectum pop and I had his cock all the way into me. It felt so wonderful as I slowly pumped my ass onto his hard cock. When he got close to cumming, he pushed me flat onto the bed and put all his weight on me as he fucked me wildly. After it was over, we laid there until his cock went soft and slipped out. He looked at the clock and said his girlfriend would be home in twenty minutes. We dressed and shared a kiss at the door.

Since then, I’ve wanted more but he doesn t want to do it again. He was the only one I trusted to do that to me and it was the only time I’ve ever been with a man. I still fantasize about the night and I have a raging hard cock from writing this. I hope to find another lover I can trust someday. Also, I hope Alan (not his real name) reads this and it turns him on.

– The End –