These two 19 year old super sexy, super cute male sluts hated one another from the first time they laid eyes on eachother. They both worked in an all male strippers clubs on a deserted old dirt road, but it was packed with horny lusty ladies looking for the sexiest males they could find.

Fernando is the cutest, sexiest looking Hispanic Peruvian male you ever saw, with cute dark brown eyes, full sexy lips, long, thick, dark, black hair hanging down in curls to the middle of his back. He’s 19 and 5’10” with a beautifully built lean but powerfully muscled body at 170 lbs. He is naturally so super smooth skinned and hairless from his cute face to his toes and his skin is a natural dark tan. And what also makes him the star attraction is that he has the thickest 12″ long beautiful uncut cock with a set of the hugest balls hanging down to his mid thigh. He’s been dancing there for three months and then a new cutie came along and became his biggest rival. Buffy the blonde is what he wants to be called. He has got to be the cutest sensual looking blue eyed 19 year old blonde male standing at 5’10” and 170 lbs. and he has a beautifully built lean strong muscled body which is the exact same body size as Fernando. Same size arms, legs, butts, chest, but The Peruvian brunette is the slightly thicker muscled and slightly stronger of the two. Buffy is so totally super smooth skinned from his cute blonde face to his toes and naturally. Both guys only have to shave their crotch areas so their cocks and balls are totally smooth. Buffy’s sexy armpits are naturally smooth, while Fernando’s sexy armpits are shaved smooth. Buffy has long straight blonde hair to the middle of his back too and his background is Nordic/Swedish with light blonde skin. That’s enough to make him Fernando’s biggest rival, but what makes this matchup even more incredible is that Buffy has a 12″ thick cut cock with huge balls hanging almost as low as the Peruvian.

Fernando looks like a sexy male version of the super cute gorgeous brunette actress Rosario Dawson and Buffy looks like a sexy male version of the incredibly cute super gorgeous blonde actress Scarlott Johanson. That’s how incredible cute these two boy’s faces are.

This night was special. It was the first time the club, which is run by Madame kaos, featured oil wrestling night. This is exactly what Fernando and Buffy were waiting for. Both hated eachother with a passion and now they had an exuse for tearing one another apart. The fights started at 8:00 on this night with the other bigger bulkier strippers and these fights were just playful but still competetive and the women loved every minute of it. Now it was 2:00 in the morning, most of the women were still there, but all the male strippers had left except for the last two, the main event of the evening. Fernando and Buffy.

They stood eye to eye, hands on hips staring eachother down as two lucky women poured hot oil and rubbed the oil all over their evenly matched strong lean muscled bodies. They were drenched and dripping in oil.

Madame Kaos announced, “This is our last fight but this one is for real. There will be no rules and both boys are encouraged to pull the hair right out of their sexy heads. We want to see cocks pulled and all the most dirty tactics right ladies?!”

There was a huge loud cheer of approval from the horny lusty ladies in the audience. Fernando shouts out, “I can take anything this blonde bitch can throw at me, I’m gonna fuck him up!” Buffy answers, “We’ll see after I get thru with this Hispanic fuck, He’ll be a useless piece of garbage!”

Both boys were trembling with nervous tension and excitement, especially since Fernando never fought an evenly matched blue eyed long blonde haired cutie before and Buffy never fought an evenly matched brown eyed long haired brunette before. This was going to be an incredible event to watch.

The fight begins. Fernando grabs Buffy by his blonde hair and throws him across the oil pit. Buffy recovers and grabs Fernando by his long dark hair and pulls him around the pit then throws him flying onto the soft mats, oil splashing everywhere. The Peruvian gets up and both muscle boys lock in a hairpull tug of war. Pulling violently,both boys trying, then successfully ripping out a handful of hair. The Peruvian and the Swede never felt pain like this before. Their cute faces grimacing in pain as they now got into the wildest body slapping you’ll ever see. Heavy rights and lefts traded between both wrestlers could be heard above the screaming from the girls in the club. They were both totally erect from the start of the fight but didn’t want to get into a dick pulling contest just yet, but now they couldn’t hold back any longer. Fernando grabbed Buffy’s huge dick and pulled and squeezed with all he had. Buffy screamed out as a huge load of white hot cum shot out of Buffy’ blonde dick. Fernando knew what was coming and he braced himself as Buffy pulled and squeezed the dark Peruvian’s monster dick. Fernando was now doing the screaming as the hugest load of white hot cum shot out across the oil pit from his dark tanned Hispanic dick. Both boys fell to the mat and rolled around. Buffy’s smooth light blonde skin pressed against Fernando’s sexy dark smooth skin was a sight to see. They slapped arms and legs and both boys grabbed and pulled on their beauitful round full muscled butts. The action was fast and furious, both boys being super strong and in the greatest physical shape. And both boys claim they never got tired before in a fight or any physical activity. They were pummeling eachother for quite a while in the opening sequence of the sexy fight. This was real animosity between the blonde and the brunette.

It’s now 3:00 in the morning. The fight has been going on for an hour. both muscle boys are now almost totally exhausted but they continue, neither wanting to lose to his rival. They roll around some more,smooth sensual armpits pressed and rubbing into eachother’s faces. Both boys are totally heterosexual and not gay,but they are so aroused by the close body contact of super smooth flesh and both knowing how gorgeous they are that they quickly get erections again. Buffy grabs Fernando by his dick and huge balls and drags him briefly around the oil pit by his cock. Another huge load of cum shoots out all over the sexy Peruvian’s smooth shiny torso. Buffy grabs the cum and smears it all over the tired Peruvian’s cute face. Fernando felt so humiliated. He crawls over to a tired blue eyed blonde Buffy and pulls his blonde dick and balls,squeezing with all he has left and actually lifts the blonde off the mats by his cock. Buffy shot out another huge load but right in Fernando’s sexy face. Fernando could taste his blonde cum as both boys get into a sexual lusty frenzy, pulling eachother by the hair and their cocks and balls. Fernando starts biting and scratching Buffy and Buffy returns the favor. Both cute muscle boys rolling around fighting like two little schoolgirls totally dead tired and exhausted. The Peruvian,his gorgeous long curly black hair, now wet and slick from the huge amounts of oil poured on both combatants, hung so sexy in long thick black curls falling onto his gorgeous smooth dark tanned shoulders and arms and back. Buffy hated his sensual dark sexy looks and especially his beuatiful long thick black curly hair. But Buffy’s hair looked so sexy too,long and straight and wet from the oil flowing onto his sexy light skinned smooth arms and shoulders and back. And Fernando wanted his hair as a trophy so bad.

They both smelled so good, so sexy from the perfumed baby oil that it also contributed to both boys getting totally aroused with huge erections thruout the fight despite the painful violent attacks of both combatants.

Fernando slowly gets up, picks up Buffy by his sexy blonde legs and twirls him around and throws him across the pit, showing his superior brunette strength. But he also used up too much of his remaining strength also proving that brunettes may be a little dumber than blondes.

Fernando reached down to finish the blonde but Buffy grabbed the brunette by his hair and pulled his sexy muscled tired brunette body down on top of him. They both slowly sat up, sitting directly in front of eachother throwing heavy slaps across their cute faces as their heads were slapped violently from side to side,long beautiful hair flying every which way. They had to rest their gorgeous muscled arms when the brunette started spitting at the blonde’s cute face, the blonde spit back at the sexy brunette’s face. They didn’t know what else to do to humiliate eachother. They punched and slapped their tired bodies some more, then pulled eachother by the hair as hard as they could. Both bodies were red and exhausted. Their long hair was a mess,both losing some in the fight.

It was now 4:00 in the morning.The fight had lasted two full hours of non stop catfighting between two strong muscled pretty boys.

“I’m gonna end this you Peruvian fuck!” Buffy says in a quiet tired voice. “You blonde fucking cunt, I’m still the stronger and sexier…” but right in the middle of Fernando’s reply, the long haired blonde lifts up the brunette by his long thick black hair and flips him over. Oil splashing everywhere. Then Buffy grabs Fernando by his hair and drags him slowly around the oil pit with all of his remaining blonde strength.

“Unngghh, blonde cunt.” was all The sexy Peruvian could say in a quiet low tired voice as he was being dragged violently by his long dark hair. His luscious dark tanned smooth body lying limp, his sexy arms outstretched, not able to stop the sexy blonde from pulling him around the oil pit. Then the blonde Buffy fell from exhaustion and as he fell backwards, ripped out two more handfuls of the Peruvian’s dark curly hair. Both cute boys just lay there. Buffy still clutching Fernando’s hair that he ripped out in his tired blonde hands as a trophy to prove that he won this marathon length catfight.

As both boys lay there totally spent and not moving, they both began having huge erections again. Both cocks grew to their maximum size of 12 thick full inches. Both of their dicks were a little mangled and red from the vicious pulling and squeezing but still so sexy and lucious. The women screamed for both boys to pull eachother’s cocks off. They both crawled over to eachother and got into a sexy tired embrace, rolling around so incredibly slow like in slow-motion. Each muscle boy lightly touching and grabbing eachother’s arms, hands so tired they can’t even grab anything. But Fernando somehow pulled Buffy’s cute cock and balls, with both of his tired brunette hands squeezing and tearing his dick apart until he just gave out completely.

Buffy screamed out, “You fucking Peruvian whore, unnghh my dick you’re gonna fucking pay bitch!!!”

The sexy Tough and vicious Peruvian knew what was coming as his sexy cute dark brown eyes locked with the blonde’s sexy cute blue eyes.

“Fuck you blonde fuck, fuck me up, I don’t care. I’m doing this for all the girls out there!!!” screams out Fernando.

But the girls in the audience couldn’t care less about these two muscle studs and Buffy knew that but Fernando was so in love with his sexy self that he believed that every woman wanted him. They all had their husbands and boyfriends to get back to. They just used these two dumb cute muscle studs to beat the crap out of eachother for their pleasure.

So Buffy grabs Fernando one more time by his dick and balls and just pulls and tears his cock and balls, pulling and squeezing every last ounce of cum from the stunned Peruvian’s big fat dick as Fernando screams out violently not able to stop the blonde, being too tired. Fernando’s slightly stronger arms and legs just gave out before the blonde’s.

What a fight!!! Both boys lay there totally exhausted as everyone left the club at about 4:30 in the morning. Madame Kaos stayed the night as both boys lay there then had made love to both sexy muscle boy studs.

– The End –