“My dear”, Dr. Wellhung started, “Now that you have expelled the enema I will perform another procedure to verify that your bowels are free of any obstructions. I will be using a special rectal probe for this purpose.”

With that said he opened his case of instruments and withdraw a sealed bag containing a coil of black rubber tubing and various small parts.

“This rectal probe is of my own design”, he explained removing the contents of the plastic bag “and it is unique in that it has provisions that will allow me to verify its position during the insertion. You will note that the tip of the probe has this small vibrator attached. It may be small but it is completely self-contained and powerful enough that its vibrations can be felt externally. It is powered by two lithium batteries, which I am inserting now, with sufficient life for the expected duration of the procedure. This is not going to be painful but you will most certainly be aware of the location of the tip as it makes its way through your bowels. I will turn it on once we are ready to begin the procedure”.

“Doctor, that looks really long”, Michelle commented upon seeing that he had fully uncoiled the probe, “Will you be putting all that inside me?”

“For the record”, Dr. Wellhung spoke, “the entire length of the probe is 36 inches but it will not be necessary you take it quite that deeply. There is sufficient length that I will be able to manipulate the probe during insertion and once it is fully in place. Now Michelle, I can perform this procedure with you either kneeling or lying on your side. Most women find lying on their side in the fetal, or more technically the Sims position to be the most comfortable, and that is what I would recommend.”

“All right Doctor”, Michelle agreed, “I will trust your judgment.”

“Good my dear, now I am ready to begin the procedure. I would like you to lay on her left side, with your knees pulled up, facing away from me. Find a comfortable position and you may rest her head on a pillow if you like.”

Michelle assumed the position, lying on her side. In that position her gown was lifted slightly and the smooth cotton fabric of her panties accentuated the soft roundness of her buttocks. Between her thighs the bulge of her vulva was also apparent.

“I will be removing your panties now Michelle”, Dr. Wellhung told her and without hesitation he carefully slipped them down her hips. Michelle raised herself slightly and down they come, first revealing her full womanly behind and then after briefly resisting (held by the feminine moisture of her labia sticking to the fabric) the crotch pulled away from her vulva and that too was revealed. Dr. Wellhung slipped them further down her smooth legs and finally over her feet. Michelle has been a good patient thus far, lifting herself slightly to help the good Doctor slip her panties off, but keeping in the fetal position.

Michelle felt his fingers briefly touch her lower back and slip between her soft and warm cheeks and her heart started to really race, but then Dr. Wellhung’s hand moved past that most sensitive area to the inside of her thigh and he coaxed her to raise her leg a bit. He wanted her to be as comfortable as possible and so he slipped a pillow in between her knees.

She lay there doing her best to relax, feeling both excitement and nervousness at the same time. Again she felt his hand separating the soft globes of her behind. This time when he slipped his finger there between them it is slick with lubricant. His finger found her little rosebud anus and he lightly massaged the lubricant there. The Doctor noted that Michelle had a little soft and fine hair growth extending from her pubic area back to her perineum and around her anus. Her skin there darkened somewhat as well, and was generally smooth with the usual amount pucker toward her anal entrance. As the Doctor rubbed the area he could tell Michelle would need a bit of time before she would be ready for the procedure.

Michelle was tightly clenched at first, but despite her trepidation the feeling of the Doctor’s finger rubbing her anus was both arousing and compelling and she relaxed a bit. As he feel her clenching less he ever so gently pushed his fingertip slightly inside that tight little opening, further lubricating her tender tissues. The slight penetration resulted in her involuntarily clenching again, but he spoke softly close into her ear “Relax Michelle, I am going to insert my finger now to lubricate you internally” and she did relax slightly. It was enough that his finger slipped further inside, gently pushing through her anal sphincter.

For a moment he let Michelle get accustomed to the feel of his finger inside her anus and then he began to stroke it in and out slightly, just enough that the tip withdrew past the inner ring of muscle, and then back through it again so the tip entered the cavity of her rectum, assuring the tissues there and inside the tight tube of her anal sphincter were slick with the gel. As he was finishing lubricating her anus he noted that she had begun to push back toward him.

That was the indication that he had waited for. Although Michelle had not yet fully relaxed her anus she was mentally ready for the procedure. He again withdrew his finger but this time he slipped it completely from the tight grip of her behind.

Michelle could sense him back there behind her working on the final preparations. When she heard the soft buzzing sound she realized that he had finished.

“I am going to be beginning the procedure in a moment Michelle”, Dr. Wellhung told her, “But before I do I am going to inject additional lubricant into your rectum to help assure the procedure is as comfortable for you as possible.”

The Doctor parted her buttocks again and placed the tip of the applicator at the opening of her anus. The applicator was a white plastic tube about the size of a douche nozzle with a plunger that was, at the time, fully retracted. The doctor had filled it with more of the lubricating gel he had used earlier. He pushed the rounded tip inside her, and continued inserting it until it was fully in place, a good four inches buried in her rectum. The darker slightly puckered skin of her anal area contrasted with the slick white plastic. He slowly pushed in the plunger, injecting the cool, slick contents into the heat of Michelle’s rectal canal. He heard her moan slightly as she felt it flow inside her. Dr. Wellhung could not help but wonder if Michelle had ever experienced the feeling of a man ejaculating inside there.

When the plunger had forced all the contents of the applicator into Michelle the Doctor withdrew it. Her anus closed tightly, keeping the lubricant to melt inside her.

“Now my dear, that wasn’t so bad now was it?” he asked her.

“No Doctor” “Good, now this time I will be inserting the end of the probe. Are you ready?” Her answer “I hope so” was inconclusive but the slight lifting of her leg was affirmative.

Once again she felt him spread her buttocks. Her anus felt cool from the air and lubricant. She felt the tip of the probe touch that most private spot. It was rounded and smooth, slick with more lubricant and buzzing with the vibrations of it’s enclosed motor. Michelle’s anus was alive with sensitivity and the feeling was electric, very similar in effect to when she first would begin to use her own vibrator on her clitoris.

With one hand holding her buttocks apart Dr. Wellhung began applying a firm pressure with the probe. At first Michelle resisted the intrusion but after a few moments she make an effort to relax and he feel her tight little anus beginning to yield. The tip of the probe slowly opened her tender hole and entered. Michelle could feel the hardness of the Doctor’s penis in his pants there against the back of her thigh and she understood that this was as exciting for him as it is for herself. However, that moment of reflection was soon eclipsed by the sensation she felt as the tip of the probe passed through her inner ring of muscle. At that point her anus was dilated as much as it would be over the course of the procedure. The thickness of the vibrating probe tip was greater than that of the Doctor’s finger, yet still not uncomfortably the large. Behind the tip the smooth black tubing that was to guide it into her bowels was even smaller in diameter, just about the size of his finger. Michelle could only imagine how it might feel if it were the Doctor’s penis entering her now instead of the vibrating probe.

Ever so slowly Dr. Wellhung slipped the probe into the tight ring of her anus. She was not fully relaxed but the lubricant was very effective and the Doctor’s stroking her soft buttock was calming. The tip completely passed through into the less tight cavity of her rectum. She could feel it vibrating inside her now, not in the ring of her anus but actually inside her body. The smooth tubing kept her anus from closing completely despite her involuntary clenching.

“It’s inside you now Michelle” Dr. Wellhung told her appreciably “You are doing very well”

Despite the fact that she was not saying anything, he can tell the procedure is already beginning to affect her. Michelle’s breathing was more rapid and he noted an ever so slight undulation of her hips. He looked down and could see the length of the probe projecting from her anus, and below that her labia are showing, swollen with her arousal. The Doctor slipped a finger between them. She felt soft, warm, and very wet. Further forward with his finger and he could feel her clitoris had hardened.

Once Michelle had a few moments to become accustomed to the probe end fully inside her, the Doctor gently pushed the tube inward slightly. It met no resistance and slipped in, only an inch further now, but from her soft moan it was apparent that she could feel the movement.

“Michelle, I am going to begin inserting the probe deeper now. I will go slowly and it will not hurt. Try to relax”, and with that he reach around and cup her breast. Her nipple is hard against his palm. On his other hand, the one gripping the tube of the probe, he could feel the heat emanating from her crotch.

Keeping my one hand cupped over her breast to help calm her, he applied some more lubricant to the smooth black plastic tubing then gently but steadily began pushing it further into her anus. The tubing is slightly thicker than an enema hose and it is quite flexible, although not as much so as a rubber enema hose. Instead it has just the right degree of flexibility to follow the contours inside a woman’s body, yet stiff enough to resist kinking as it is inserted. Inch by inch it disappeared into Michelle’s behind, pushing the vibrating probe tip well inside her rectum now. At approximately six inches inserted, Michelle and the Doctor both feel resistance.

“Now Michelle”, he told her, “the probe is fully inserted inside her rectum now. I am going to manipulate the tube a little until I feel the opening to your bowels” She moaned again at the feeling of it moving inside her. It felt almost alive.

Even uncoiled the tubing of the probe remained slightly naturally curved. By gently twisting the tubing the Doctor could somewhat change the direction the tip is pointed and after a few moments the resistance he noticed earlier lessened, meaning the end of the probe was passing through the inner sphincter that marks the transition between her rectum and bowels.

“Michelle, could you feel that?” he asked her, despite the fact that he knew she did indeed feel it by the way she shuddered just then. “My dear, the probe is entering your bowels now. You have taken it a little more than seven inches deep. If you were to engage in anal intercourse with a well endowed man, you would feel something similar at the point of full penetration as the mouth of your bowels opened and settled over the glans of his penis”

Michelle’s breathing was much faster and she actually began moving her hips back and forth toward the Doctor, toward the probe where it disappeared into her body. The Doctor released her breast and found her hand and taking it in his, he placed it low on her tummy. Michelle could feel the gentle vibration from the probe tip inside her body. He moved her hand lower to encourage her to rub her clitoris while he returned his own hand to her breast, and again pushed a little more of the shiny black tube deeper into her clenching anal opening.

Once the tip of the probe had passed into her bowels it slid in easily again. Dr. Wellhung applied lubricant to the tube as necessary as he feed it further inside Michelle. The vibrating tip also tended to vibrate the tube somewhat and she could feel every inch that was in her body. Her fingers were rhythmically rubbing her clitoris and the Doctor could see that her feminine secretions were flowing freely from entrance of her vagina. He extended one finger there between her labia and found that opening there. It was warm and very wet and it almost seemed as if her vagina was actually trying to suck his finger inside. He teased the opening a moment but did not take advantage of the opportunity to penetrate her… yet.

Dr. Wellhung had 18 inches of the tubing inserted into Michelle when he noted a slight resistance again. This signified a turning in her internal form. Again it was necessary that he manipulate to tube to allow the tip to find the proper direction to follow the turn of her bowels. The doctor slightly withdrew the probe, turned it, pushed, and repeated that again until he felt the tip had turned in the correct direction. The feeling of the vibrating probe tip moving about inside Michelle, then beginning to go inside deeper again must have been the trigger; she gasped as an orgasm surged from there deep in her bowels through every cell of her clitoris.

Once her spasms subsided, he asked “Michelle, Are you ready for me to finish inserting the probe?”

“Ohhhhh doctor, I don’t know if I can take any more”, she gasped, still shaking with the aftershocks of such an intense orgasm, “How much further?”

“Here my dear, you can see for yourself”, he told her and taking her hand he moved it behind her where her fingers found the tube as it protruded from between her cheeks. “Now I want you to hold the tube and get up.”

Michelle carefully rolled forward and began to rise to a kneeling position. Every movement made her even more aware of the foreign feeling in her bowels. It was not painful, but she most certainly could feel every inch. Dr Wellhung took her free hand and helped her off the bed, to a standing position. Even the act of standing accentuated her awareness that the probe was already very deeply inserted. But then when he lead her to the mirror and she stood sideways and saw that over half it’s length has disappeared into her body that awareness was brought into razor sharp focus.

“Now Michelle”, he told her, taking her hand away from the tube, “I want you to stand here and open her legs a bit and just watch”, and with that he turned her forward to face the full length mirror on the wall, and gently use his hand to coax her legs open until she was standing with her feet far enough apart that she could see the tube hanging down between her thighs.

Then standing behind her, Dr. Wellhung reached around placing one hand on her tummy to help steady her, and with the other hand he grasped the tubing and carefully pushed it upward a bit. He could see where her eyes were looking in the mirror. Michelle’s gaze was fixed between her legs where she could see what she was feeling, the tube slipping further up inside her bowels. She looked almost dreamy, mesmerized by the sights and feelings as very slowly, the Doctor pushed the probe further up inside her. Now a little more than a foot remaining, now less, ten inches, eight inches, “Oh My Gawd” she thought, six inches. The doctor stopped. Michelle had taken the probe as fully as he had intended.

By the time Dr. Wellhung finally got done with the insertion of the probe Michelle was beside herself. Her legs were shaky and weak. She could feel the entire length of well over 2 feet of the probe coiled inside her. The tip was still vibrating and had even grown slightly warm deep inside her bowels. As the Doctor caressed her tummy she could see there, hanging down between her legs, was now only about six inches of the plastic tubing. It stayed in place with no tendency to slip out like a vibrator or butt plug might. The doctor reached down with his hands and spread her labia while she watched in the mirror. When those lips parted she could see that her inner lips were glistening wet and very pink and swollen and clitoral hood bulged from the erection of her clitoris. Even the end of it was visible, like a little pink pearl straining to emerge further. She didn’t know what she was feeling. It was a strange mix of lust, desire, and embarrassment, and she felt that she had submitted to the Doctor’s care at a level of intimacy that she had never reached before. Every bit of her was alive with need and arousal. Her eyes and his met in the mirror. They both looked and watched as the Doctor’s hands left her vulva and slid up to cup her breasts. Her vaginal lips remained somewhat open and the wetness was evident inside her thighs.

“My dear”, the Doctor said, speaking with his eyes into hers as well as his voice, “do you find it pleasurable knowing that you have taken that entire length inside you?”

“I can’t believe it is all inside me Doctor”, Michelle said, speaking as if in a daze. She was clearly in a space of her own.

“I asked you, is it pleasurable?”

“Yes Doctor, it is pleasurable, especially in my mind to know what I have let you do. Have I pleased you Doctor?”

“Yes Michelle, you have pleased me, and now you will please me further”, the Doctor spoke and taking her hand, he lead Michelle to the bed. He helped her to lie down. She was almost robotic in her motions, cautious in her movements due to the strangeness of feeling so very deeply penetrated, almost afraid to move the wrong way lest something would happen inside her, yet fully acquiescent to his will. The Doctor laid her face down on the bed. She did not resist even slightly as he spread her legs, as she felt the cuff being secured about her ankle, and again, about the other ankle. When the Doctor put his hands around her waist and coaxed her to rise slightly she did. He slid a pillow under her, elevating her crotch to a position that suited him.

She laid there, eyes closed, anticipating what would come next. She did not know what it would be, but that did not matter. The Doctor had told her that she would please him further and that was all she needed to know. She felt him tying the cord to the loop on the cuff at her left ankle, heard the sound of the cord being pulled under the bed, and felt him working again with the cuff on her right ankle. The Doctor pulled the cord tight, spreading her legs yet more, not uncomfortably so but certainly widely separated. He felt the most exposed and vulnerable she had ever felt in her life. She imagined that her most intimate opening, her anus, was obscenely visible to his gaze, not just visible but slightly opened by the short length of tube projecting up from it. It made her think about how long, how very long that probe had looked the first time she saw it as the Doctor uncoiled it. Now she could feel all that length. It was inside her, in to the very core of her being, vibrating and warm in her belly.

The Doctor moved behind Michelle. She felt the soft hardness of the head of his penis between her labia. He finally spoke, “Michelle, I will be withdrawing the probe now. I have restrained you because I want you to remain absolutely still during the withdrawal. It will not be at all painful, but the sensation will be unlike anything you have felt before. I want you to just do your best to relax and feel what is happening inside you. I will insert the head of my penis into your vagina Michelle. That will allow me to feel any spasms you may have during the withdrawal. Are you ready Michelle?”

Michelle sighed and said very softly that she was ready. The Doctor felt her wetness, her feminine juices making the entry of his cockhead effortless. He felt her warm, soft vagina open for him, and close again, gripping his penis just beyond his bulging mushroom head. He used his hands and spread her plush asscheeks. The sight of her dark pink anus likewise encircling the tube was erotic beyond belief.

The Doctor took hold of the tube and began to withdraw it. There was very little resistance as Michelle was so well lubricated internally. Gradually the tube began to emerge. Deep inside her bowels Michelle felt the vibrating tip moving. Again the sensation that it was alive within her body. She slipped the rest of the way into her private headspace. She felt the familiar sensation again, starting in her clitoris, then deep in her bowels, then everywhere from the top of her head down to her toes. They curled as she came. Her fingers clenched the sheets as she came. The probe kept moving inside her, vibrating and hot, so deep inside her, she came. The doctor felt her vagina clenching his cockhead, squeezing out precum. In time with her vaginal clenching her anus clenched as well gripping the emerging tube, causing the puckered little ring to protrude slightly. Her spasms came in waves, clench, unclench, clench, and unclench. The Doctor continued slipping the probe out from Michelle’s body in a steady manner. He felt her body heat had warmed the glistening black tubing. She was completely gone now, awash in orgasm, pounded by wave after wave washing through her entire being. She was not even aware of the presence of the doctor’s penis in the mouth of her vagina. She did not feel the cuffs keeping her legs apart. She could not stop the endless movement of the probe traveling through her churning bowels, the endless spasms of her vulva. Further the Doctor withdrew the probe and as the end passed though that other opening deep inside her that marked the transition between her bowels and rectum Michelle clenched and did not unclench at all. Her cunthole squeezed the Doctors penis tightly. Her anus gripped the tube. The Doctor felt the vibrations getting stronger as the tip passed through her rectum. It reached her anal sphincter. He looked and watched as her anus began to open, reluctantly releasing the thick tip that had journey so far inside her. It popped out. Michelle’s body went limp. Her vagina released its grip on the Doctor’s penis. Her anus relaxed and opened, a small dark mouth leading to the heat inside her. She was ready. The Doctor was ready. He withdrew his cockhead from her limp cunthole and moved it upward, to her waiting and dilated anus.

To Be Continued…