“Hi girls!,” Donna said with a little wave and a thin smile. “You remember Steve, don’t you, Katie?” He grinned and waved to her.

“Donna, what’s going on?,” Jessica asked, casting a wary eye at them. Donna flashed her patented expressionless smile.

“Well, I decided that since Katie did such a great job this morning, maybe she would prefer if her first time was . . . a little more intimate. Steve agreed to help out.”

Jessica could feel Katie’s hands grip her shoulders a little tighter. “Oh, I see,” was all she said.

“Of course, you’re welcome to join in, Jess!,” Donna added, her lips curling in a slight grin.

Jessica smiled a little. “I’d like that.” She placed her hand over one of Katie’s, which was still squeezing her shoulder, and turned her head slightly. “Would that be ok with you, Katie?”

Katie, still hiding behind her, only stared and said nothing.

“Come on out here, honey,” Donna said, standing. “Wouldn’t you rather do this here than on the set tomorrow?” She paused, thinking. “Actually, it wouldn’t be tomorrow if we do it here. You’ll be a little tender and I’ll give you a day or two to recover before we start filming again.” Katie remained behind Jessica, her eyes going back and forth from Donna to Steve.

Donna watched her in silence for a few seconds, then shrugged. “Well, if you’d rather do it on the set tomorrow . . .” She beckoned to Steve and they both started for the door.

“No, wait!,” Jessica cried. They both stopped and turned to her. Jessica gripped Katie’s arms and looked into her eyes.

“Sweetie, they’re going to do it, one way or the other. Wouldn’t it be better to do it here? With me?” Her eyes pleaded with Katie’s. They remained staring at each other for a long moment. Donna turned again to leave.

“I . . . Ok, I’ll do it,” Katie said quietly. A look of relief spread across Jessica’s face. She smiled and kissed Katie quickly on the lips.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “They may have taken you away from me if you didn’t say yes!”

“Well, ok then!,” Donna exclaimed. “Just give me a moment to set up the camera!”

Linda froze, her naked body still partially hidden behind Jessica. “C . . camera? But I thought you said . . .”

Donna shot a cold look her way, then grinned maliciously. “I said we could do it here instead of on the set, but there’s no way I’m not getting it on film!” She softened a little. “Relax, I’ll operate the camera. No one else will be here.”

Jessica took her hands and kissed her. “It’ll be ok, Katie. I’ll be right there with you.” She led her to the bed. Although she had been naked before in front of other people, it was still very humiliating and she felt her face getting hot as she felt Steve’s eyes following them. He was standing on the other side of the bed and had already stripped down to his boxers. Donna finished setting up a camera mounted on a tripod at the side of the bed. She held another one in her hand.

“All set,” she said, nodding to them and raising the camera to her eye. “Action!”

Steve walked over to the naked teenagers, his dick already getting hard at the sight of their firm young bodies and the pleasures he would be receiving from them. He took Jessica into his strong arms and kissed her passionately. As he did, Donna called out, “Ok, Katie. Drop to your knees. You know what to do!”

Katie inhaled a deep breath and knelt in front of Steve’s bulging shorts. She tugged the boxers down, exposing his semi-hard cock, already nearly six inches long. She pulled his shorts from his feet and tossed them aside. Reaching out, she grasped the huge prick in her small hand. Even at half mast, it’s girth filled her hand. He broke off his kiss with Jessica and she dropped to her knees next to Katie. They kissed, then Jessica licked along Steve’s now fully erect, nine inch cock from base to tip. She pulled away and indicated for Katie to do the same. She did, then opened her mouth and slipped the thick, purple head between her lips, taking three or four inches in. Steve sighed as her warm, soft tongue swirled over the sensitive tip.

“Oh, yeah!,” he moaned, closing his eyes.

Jessica watched Katie suck on the thick cock for a few moments, then touched her shoulder. “Go lay on the bed! I want to eat your pussy!” Katie slipped the slick cock from her mouth and lay on her back on the big bed. Jessica winked at her with a seductive smile, pushed her legs apart, and crawled between then, all the while kissing along her inner thighs. She reached the sweet, pink slit of Katie’s virgin pussy and slowly started licking along the length of it, over and over. Katie sighed and closed her eyes, her teeth chewing on her lower lip. Despite the circumstances, she loved having her pussy licked! The fact that it was Jessica doing it made it even more erotic and she gave in to the warm feelings, rising her hips in time to her licking.

Steve eyed Jessica’s cute little ass waving in the air as she nibbled and licked on Katie’s sweet little cunt. He moved behind her and began rubbing his long, hard tool along her wet slit. Jessica moaned into Katie’s pussy and pushed back against Steve’s huge tool, trying to force it into her wet, tight snatch. Finally, he grasped her narrow hips and pushed his cock deep inside her waiting pussy in one motion. She cried out into Katie’s pussy as it slid into her until she felt his pubic hair tickling the smooth skin of her tight buttocks. It wasn’t the first time his huge prick had been inside her tiny cunt, but it felt like she was being fucked by a baseball bat as he rammed it home. His face twisted into a grimace as it slid in and out of the fifteen year old pussy. She raised her face from Katie’s pussy, her chin wet with her juices, and moaned in ecstacy as he bottomed out again and again.

“Oh, shit! Oh, yes!! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!!,” she cried, her hands gripping the sheets as her young body rocked under the force of his thrusts.

Katie opened her eyes and started watching when Jessica’s mouth was pulled from her pussy. From her position, she couldn’t see Steve’s cock going into Jessica’s cunt, but she knew exactly what was happening. She watched in open mouthed awe as the huge, nine inch prick was driven into her new lover over and over, and tried to imagine what it must feel like. Deep inside, she knew she would soon know first hand.

“Yes!!,” Jessica was now moaning. “More!! Harder!! Faster!! Ohhhhh . . .!” Steve, more than happy to comply, started moving faster, their bodies slapping together noisily. Jessica dropped her head to the bed and moaned loudly. Katie, thinking that he must be hurting her, sat up.

“Jess? Are you all right?”

Jessica’s head bobbed as her body continued to be rocked by Steve’s pounding thrusts.

“Uh . . . huh! F . . . f . . . feels . . . so . . . fucking . . . good!!” She dropped her head again, a strangled gurgle escaping her lips as her body tensed in a massive orgasm. Her tight pussy clamped down hard on Steve’s cock, trapping inside her. Her pussy eased up on his cock and he started moving again. Grunting loudly and gasping for air, she came again and again, each orgasm squeezing Steve’s cock in a vise-like grip. Feeling he wouldn’t be able to last much longer in the feisty blonde’s velvet grip, he managed to pull his massive tool from her dripping cunt, and stepped back, breathing heavily. Jessica moaned again, her stretched pussy grasping for the thick phallus that was no longer there. She continued to cum for a few seconds, then collapsed to Katie’s lap, completely exhausted and spent.

“Jessica?,” Katie asked, stroking her hair. Jessica raised one finger, took a few breaths, and raised her face to Katie. She was covered with sweat and her face and upper body were bright red.

“K . . . Katie, you have got to take a ride on that!,” she gasped. She gave her a weak grin and rolled over onto her back, looking up at Steve. “Th . . . thanks, Steve! You are one great fuck!”

Steve grinned and made a kissing motion. “You’re pretty fucking hot yourself, Jess!” He looked up at Katie. “Your turn, baby!”

Katie looked down at the large cock, it’s shaft glistening with Jessica’s fresh cum, then over to Jessica, still lying panting on the bed next to her.

“Come on, Katie! The cameras are rolling!,” Donna called from behind the hand held camera she was looking through. With a resigned sigh, Katie lay back on the bed and slowly spread her legs wide, her small pussy opening to show the delicate pink folds inside. Steve moved to her feet, his thick cock bobbing over her. He crawled on his knees across the bed and stopped with his still wet dick next to her face. Katie didn’t have to be told what to do. She sat up and took the slick member into her mouth, tasting his musky precum mixed with Jessica’s sweet wetness. Steve moaned deep in his throat and placed both hands on the back of her head, entwining his fingers in her blonde hair. He began pushing her head back and forth on his long hard cock, forcing it deep into her mouth to the back of her throat. Katie was getting used to giving head and had no trouble not gagging as the thick monster was pushed repeatedly into her mouth.

He kept this up for a few minutes until Donna said, “Ok, Steve, let’s get to it.”

The big prick was pulled from Katie’s lips and he released her hair. He moved back to the floor between her splayed legs and crawled up until his face was inches from her virgin pussy. She could feel his warm breath on her lips as he moved closer, blowing gently across her engorged labia before licking it, then pushing his long tongue between the folds and into the pink flesh beyond. Katie sighed as his tongue gently caressed her wet slit and moved up to her clitoris, which was erect and stood out like a mini cock from it’s protective hood. Donna moved in for a close-up.

“Very nice, Katie! You have such a sweet little pussy!,” she said, aiming the camera directly at it. Katie merely moaned. She was too caught up in the wonderful sensations created by Steve’s talented tongue to care about anything else at that time. “Such a tiny little clit! And those fine hairs! But we’ll take care of those! We want you to look clean and pure!,” she exclaimed. ‘And as young as possible!,’ she thought.

Steve lifted his head from her tender twat and moved up to her tits, sucking and nibbling on each erect nipple. As he sucked them, Katie felt a hand on hers. She turned her head to see Jessica smiling at her.

“I’m right here, baby. You’ll be fine!” Katie returned her smile warily, the apprehension visible in her deep blue eyes. Steve moved up so that his huge cock was rubbing against her pussy. Katie looked from Jessica up to Steve, her lip trembling.

“Ready?,” he asked. Jessica squeezed her hand and Katie nodded almost imperceptibly. He slid the bulbous head up and down her swollen lips until he located her tiny opening. He applied gentle pressure, watching her face intently. Katie screwed her eyes shut and held Jessica’s hand tighter, feeling enormous pressure as Steve tried to work his cock into her tight virgin pussy. Finally, he managed to get it started into her opening without having to push too hard.

“Ok, here we go!,” he said and pushed his hard cock inside her. Katie cried out as her pussy was stretched wide to accommodate the huge, purple head. Jessica gripped her hand and pulled herself to a sitting position next to Katie’s head.

“Sshhh . . . it’s ok, honey. The pain will pass. Try to relax and it will go easier. Your body needs to stretch more.”

Katie grit her teeth and nodded. Steve pushed the thick tool deeper into her virgin cunt. He pushed through her hymen and she felt a sharp pain as he did, but the constant pressure of his thick cock stretching her small vagina was too much of a distraction for her to give it more than a passing acknowledgment. He continued to push in, then stopped, his face damp with perspiration.

“You did it!,” Jessica cried, squeezing her hand. Katie opened her eyes. Surprisingly, she felt no pain. But she did feel like she was being split in half by the huge cock buried in her pussy. Steve grinned and raised up so she could see. She lifted her head and looked down. His huge cock was completely buried inside her! She could feel his heartbeat as it throbbed against the sensitive walls of her vagina.

He pulled it out so only the tip remained inside and Katie gasped as he passed the area where her hymen had been, the pain flaring up again. She set her jaw and tried to concentrate on the good feelings instead of the pain as Steve began a long slow fuck in and out of her tight cunt. After a few minutes, the pain began to ease and she found her body adapting to his huge size. It was replaced by a tingle deep inside her, a feeling she recognized as the start of an orgasm.

Steve was also having an easier time. Although she was still incredibly tight, he no longer needed to force his cock into her. For the first little while, it took all his will power to keep from shooting his load into her velvet soft pussy. Especially after the energetic fuck he and Jessica had just had. He noticed Katie had now relaxed a bit and was starting to respond to his movements. He picked up the pace, sighing as the added friction increased the sensations in his groin.

Katie began pumping her slender hips in time to Steve’s thrusts. The feelings of pleasure were by now far greater than any residual pain. As she felt her climax approaching, she pumped her hips faster, urging Steve to increase the speed of his thrusts. Soon they were fucking madly, the sound of their sweat-soaked skin slapping together mixed with their mutual grunts and moans. Before long, Katie felt her body on the verge of orgasm.

“Yes!! Oh, god, yes!!! Don’t . . . stop!! Please, don’t stop!! Oh!! OH!! OHHHhhhhh . . .!” Her moans faded to a silent scream as her body tensed and her back arched as the first orgasm exploded inside her. Her tiny body shivered, shuddered, and jerked uncontrollably as Steve continued pumping his huge cock in and out of her clenching pussy. Her pussy gripped his shaft tightly in his soft grip and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

“Oh, shit! I’m cumming!!,” he cried and pumped in and out quickly a few times before burying his cock deep inside her spasming twat and filling her with load after load of hot semen.

Katie could feel the hot cum splashing against her sensitive pussy walls. She was just starting to come down from her orgasm when she was engulfed in another, brought on by the erotic feeling of Steve’s cum shooting into her. She moaned and her body tensed once again, her muscles straining as another powerful orgasm wracked her young body. Steve watched her beautiful face twist into a grimace of pleasure, red with exertion, until she finally relaxed and collapsed exhausted to Jessica’s embrace. Her head rested on her thigh and she could feel the warm moisture of her pussy on her other cheek. Steve, still panting heavily, grinned at her.

“Are you ok?,” he asked.

Katie opened her eyes, her breasts heaving as she too fought for breath. She nodded slightly.

“Uh-huh! That was . . .” She closed her eyes again and her lips formed a contented smile. ” . . . really good!”

Jessica leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

Linda nodded again, keeping her eyes closed. Steve pulled his softening penis from her tortured pussy. She grimaced as it slid free, feeling a sense of loss as her vagina grasped at it, still trying to grip the hard shaft. A large pool of cum drooled from her pussy to the bed, forming a puddle beneath her on the sheets.

Steve leaned forward and kissed her, then Jessica. “You two can really wear a guy out!,” he said with a smile, then stood up and went into the bathroom.

Donna lowered the camera and clapped her hands slowly. “Very good, girls! Katie, you can take a couple of days off. You’ll need to recover. Jessica, I’ll need you tomorrow. Studio B, nine am.” Steve emerged from the bathroom. He dressed, then helped Donna gather up the cameras, and they both left without another word.

Jessica and Katie lay on the bed for a while, neither speaking for several minutes. Finally, Katie looked up at her.

“That wasn’t bad,” she said with a little smile. “I kind of liked it!”

Jessica smiled down at the pretty blonde. “Really? I couldn’t tell!” They both giggled and Jessica’s face turned serious. “Are you sure you’re ok, honey?”

Katie sat up slowly and gingerly touched her swollen red pussy. “I am a little sore, but, yeah, I’ll be ok.”

Jessica nodded and kissed her on the lips. “You’ll feel better tomorrow, or the next day. It happens to me even now after a fuck like that!” She kissed her again, this time with more passion, their tongues touching. They pulled apart and Jessica stood up.

“Come on. We need another shower!” Katie got up and followed her into the bathroom, reliving the intense orgasms she’d just experienced.

Debbie awoke on her bed, still naked. She raised her body from the sheets, the dried cum pulling them with her. She pulled herself free, got to her feet and went into the bathroom. The face in the mirror was a mess, the dried cum flaking on her face and body. It also clung in gobs to her limp hair as well.

A tear ran down her cheek as she remembered her experience the night before with Andrew. Turning on the shower, she stepped into the warm water and began to think back on the previous night’s events. She had been sure he felt the same way about her as she had about him. And then, after she gave him what her mother referred to as her most precious gift, willingly, he’d suddenly turned violent. Feeling dirty and used, she began sobbing as the warm water washed the dried goo from her skin and hair.

Half an hour later, she climbed out of the shower, still feeling dirty, and dried herself off. She wrapped the towel around her body and went back into the bedroom. She was startled to see her bed made up with clean sheets and Donna sitting in the chair next to the TV.

“Good morning, Debbie. I hope you slept well.” Debbie just stared at her, a combination of fear and hatred in her eyes. Whatever Andrew had done to her, she was certain it under this woman’s orders. “Andrew tells me that you’re ready for your first movie.” Debbie remained silent, still staring vacantly at her captor. Donna stood and moved toward her. “I’ll need to see for myself. Drop the towel, please.” Her words were calm, as if she was asking her for her homework.

Debbie stood unmoving. Donna silently approached her and pulled the towel from her body. She stared coldly into Debbie’s eyes. “When I tell you to do something, you fucking well do it!”

Debbie, startled at Donna’s actions and harsh words, began to cry again. Donna ignored her sobs and examined her naked body. “Hmmm . . . better, but you still need to lose a few more pounds. We can work with you, though.” She folded the towel and placed it under her arm, then turned her cold eyes to Debbie’s. “How did you like fucking Andrew last night? Was it everything you dreamed it would be?” Her mocking tone and sinister smile forced Debbie to bite her tongue to keep from blurting out something she knew she’d regret saying. Tears ran down her cheeks and she started sobbing louder.

Donna sighed and rolled her eyes. “Honey, I told him to seduce you and have sex with you. He didn’t do it because he likes you!” She shook her head, chuckling. “Teenagers!”

Debbie sat on the bed, her head in her hands. Her young naked body was wracked with huge sobs, partly because of Andrew, but mostly because of the hopeless situation she was in. Donna walked over and stood over her.

“Get over it. There’ll be other guys. Lots of other guys!” She reached down and laid a hand on Debbie’s shoulder. “Come with me.”

Debbie looked up at her and wiped her eyes, sniffling as she looked around the room. “Wh . . .where are my clothes?”

Donna smiled coldly and pulled the naked teen to her feet. “You’ll be ok like this. We’re all pretty informal around here.” Debbie’s jaw dropped and she looked pleadingly at Donna.

“B . . . but I can’t walk around . . . naked!”

Donna’s cold expression didn’t change. She shrugged. “Why not? You’ll only be getting undressed again when we get there. Come on.”

She took Debbie’s hand and led her toward the door, pulling it open. “After you,” she said. Remembering Donna’s warnings about obeying orders, she put one arm across her breasts and covered her pussy with the other, then lowered her head and stepped out into the hall.

“This way,” Donna said, pointing down the hall. Slowly, Debbie started walking, hoping against hope that they wouldn’t meet anyone.

“Arms at your sides!,” Donna said from behind her. Debbie reluctantly dropped her arms after a brief hesitation, her large tits quivering with each step. They met a couple of girls along the way, both fully clothed. They glanced briefly at Debbie, then said hello to Donna. Debbie had never been so humiliated in her life.

“Ok, here we are!,” Donna exclaimed as they approached a door. She opened it and stepped aside, allowing Debbie to enter to first. She walked in and was surprised to see four other girls about her age in various states of undress. They were all wearing parts of what Debbie decided were cheerleader outfits – short red and white pleated skirts and tight matching tops. A couple looked her way and Debbie blushed, embarrassed to be the only naked person in the room. Not to mention that while she had lost several pounds, the tiny bodies on the others made her feel as big as she ever was. Donna followed her in and pointed to the left side of the room where several makeup tables were situated.

“Take a seat. Sharon will get you all fixed up, then you can find an outfit from the rack.” She led Debbie to a chair and sat her down, then beckoned to a red haired woman with a large bust. The woman came over, smiling warmly at Debbie.

“Another one? This flick’s got a big cast!,” she said, winking at Debbie.

Donna merely nodded slightly. “Get her into makeup and have Joanne find an outfit that will fit her chest.” Sharon nodded and grinned as she eyed Debbie’s large tits.

“That could be a challenge,” she said. “She’s almost as big as I am!”

Debbie sat in the chair staring at her naked reflection in the mirror. Donna said, “I’ll go check on the others. Try to hurry. We’re running a little behind.” Sharon nodded and went right to work. She applied some eyeliner and rouge, then dusted her entire body with powder. The whole time she didn’t stop talking about the hard time she’d had fighting off the boys with her own double D tits when she was Debbie’s age. Debbie didn’t speak the whole time. She just stared into the mirror while Sharon did her work.

“There! All done!,” she said after about fifteen minutes. “Go on over and see Joanne. She’s the blonde over there.” She pointed to a woman in a knee length skirt with short blonde hair. “She find you something to wear.”

Debbie walked over to Joanne and stood watching as she passed a top to a pretty blonde girl who pulled it over her head and adjusted it around her tits.

“That looks good, Jessica,” Joanne said to her. “You’re all set. Go on and join the others.” She turned and saw Debbie standing there, trying to hide her nakedness behind the rack of clothes. “Oh, there you are. Let’s see . . . ” She pulled Debbie out from her hiding place and surveyed her large breasts thoughtfully. “I think I may have something . . . ” She turned and flipped through the clothes on a rack, then pulled out a short red and white pleated skirt. “Here, try this on while I try to find something to cover that rack.”

Debbie quickly pulled the skirt over her hips. It was very short – designed to be worn with white cotton panties, the kind that were meant to be seen occasionally. Even so, it felt good to have something to cover herself with, no matter how short-lived it would be. Joanne passed her a white top.

“Try this on. It should fit.”

Debbie slipped it on. It was tight, but would do. Joanne looked her over, then tugged at the top, adjusting it over her tits. “That’ll do fine, ” she said with a smile. She pointed to the other girls who were sitting and chatting on the couch on the other side of the room. “The other girls are over there. Why don’t you go get acquainted?” She went back to the rack of clothes.

Debbie hesitated until the blonde – Jessica – noticed her and waved her over. She approached them slowly, warily. Besides Jessica, there was a petite brunette with long, straight hair falling nearly halfway down her back; a redhead with thick wavy hair cascading over her shoulders; and a very scared looking girl with shoulder length brown curly hair. Jessica was chatting with the redhead and petite brunette, while the other girl sat nervously on the couch staring at nothing.

“Hi!,” Jessica said as she neared. “You must be new, too!” Debbie nodded mutely, looking at each of them in turn.

“I’m Darlene,” the redhead said, holding out her hand. Debbie shook it.

“Debbie,” she replied quietly.

Darlene nodded to the brunette with the long hair. “This is Zoe.” Debbie nodded to her. “And that’s Michelle, ” she said, indicating the girl sitting at the end of the couch. “She’s new, too!,” Darlene whispered. Debbie looked over at the terrified girl and immediately felt some kind of connection. She walked over and sat next to her. Michelle, startled, jumped and shied away from her.

Debbie smiled at her, looking straight into her large brown eyes. “My name’s Debbie and I’m new, too,” she said softly.

Michelle looked at her, then a tear ran down her cheek. “Wh . . . why are they doing this?,” she asked pleadingly. “I’m only fourteen!” Debbie lowered her eyes and sighed, slowly shaking her head.

“I know. Me too. I don’t know why.” She looked over at the other girls. “Have you guys been here long?”

Jessica shrugged. “A few months, I guess. I was fourteen, too. I guess I must be fifteen by now.” Darlene was the oldest, nearly sixteen. Zoe was also fourteen.

“But they can’t make us do this!,” Michelle cried. “We’re all underage!”

Debbie squeezed her hand. “They don’t care. We’re just property to them.” She thought back at the line from the note in her room – ‘You belong to us’ – and shivered. “My friends and I were kidnaped . . . must be three weeks ago, now. I haven’t seen them since.” Jessica spoke up.

“I’ve seen a few other girls. What are their names?”

“Carrie and Katie,” she replied.

Jessica grinned. “Is Katie a cute little blonde with long curly hair and a hot body?”

Debbie’s eyes widened, ignoring the comment about Katie’s ‘hot’ body. “Yes! Have you seen her?!”

Jessica nodded and sat down on the other side of Michelle. “Uh-huh. She’s my roommate. We’re . . . ” She paused, then grinned and winked at Debbie. “We’re very close friends!” She licked her lips. “We met while making a movie a couple of days ago.”

Debbie stared at her, mouth agape. “Are you saying that you two are . . . ?” Jessica grinned again and nodded. Katie with another girl? It didn’t seem possible!

Donna walked over and Jessica winked at Debbie. “Ok, girls! Time to get to the set! I’ll set it up for you. You are obviously cheerleaders, who decide to , uh . . . reward the football team after winning the big game!” Darlene and Jessica nodded; Zoe took a deep breath; Debbie just closed her eyes and tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. Michelle only continued staring into nothingness, as if she hadn’t heard. Jessica, Darlene, and Zoe started walking toward the door. Debbie took Michelle’s hand and pulled her gently to her feet as Donna stood watching impatiently.

“Come on, Michelle,” she said quietly. “We have to go now.” Michelle glanced over at Donna and allowed herself to be led through the door. Donna followed behind them, a thin smile on her lips.

On the other side of the door was a set consisting of lockers and a long row of bleachers in front of them. A half dozen vinyl-seated metal chairs lined one wall. A row of couches was off to one side, off the set, and four guys sat on them dressed in football uniforms. They looked up as the five young girls entered wearing their skimpy outfits. They stood and walked over. Donna made the introductions.

“Ok, girls, this is Mike . . .” Tall, good looking, sandy hair. ” . . . Bill, . . .” A shorter man, still handsome, with short, dark hair. “. . . Steve, . . .” Tall, fairly well built, with shoulder length blonde hair. “. . . and this is Dave.” He was also well-built, dark complected, with a full head of thick, black hair.

“Guys, this is Jessica, Darlene, Debbie, Zoe, and Michelle. I know some of you have met before and some have never met, but we’re all going to become very intimate before the day is over!” Debbie heard a small sob escape Michelle’s lips and squeezed her hand reassuringly.

“All right. Guys, you just won the big game and are returning to the locker room to celebrate. Girls, you’ve decided to reward them with a little group action. No scripts, just do what comes naturally.” She focused her eyes on Jessica and Darlene. “Some of you have done this before . . .” She turned to Debbie and Michelle. ” . . . and for some this will be your first time. Remember, I expect enthusiasm and full cooperation!” Her look hardened. “Don’t disappoint me. Believe me, there are far worse things I can do to you than this !” She glared at each of them for a long second then, satisfied she was understood, walked over to talk to the guys.

Debbie felt Michelle’s hand squeeze hers. She leaned over to the terrified girl and whispered, “It’ll be all right, Michelle. Just do as they say. It’s not that bad, trust me! It’s better if you obey!”

Michelle looked up at her and nodded. “I know. They made me . . . do things the last time I didn’t!”

Debbie smiled at her. “Me, too. Don’t worry. We’ll get through it!” She glanced over at the others. Jessica and Darlene were talking to the guys while Zoe stood alone watching the crew ready the set. Debbie led Michelle over to Zoe.

“Are you ok?,” she asked.

Zoe attempted a feeble smile. “Yeah, it’s just . . .” She lowered her head and said quietly, “I just . . . lost my virginity two days ago. And now . . .” She waved a hand around the room. Debbie nodded.

“I know what you mean. It was just last night for me.” She turned to Michelle. “How about you, Michelle?”

Michelle bowed her head. “I’m . . . still a virgin,” she said quietly, then looked up at them. “They made me . . . put one in my mouth and . . .” She broke off, her voice cracking. Debbie pulled her close and hugged her.

“I know, I know,” she whispered soothingly.

Donna sat down in a director’s chair next to the camera. “Ok, guys! Places please!” The football players all moved to the side of the set and waited for her cue.


The players ran onto the locker room set, laughing and joking and high-fiveing each other. Donna waved at the girls to get into position. They all moved to the edge of the set, Michelle still clutching Debbie’s hand.

Debbie whispered, “We’d better not hold hands in front of the camera.” Michelle released her hand, but stuck close to her and Zoe.

“Ok, girls! Now!,” Donna called, waving them onto the set.

Jessica and Darlene bounced happily onto the set and embraced Dave and Steve. Michelle followed Debbie and Zoe. Bill and Mike walked over to Debbie, Zoe, and Michelle. They both had their shirts off and were eyeing the girls lustily. Bill went to Zoe and kissed her hard on the mouth, running his hands over her bare ass under her short skirt. He broke off the kiss and pulled Michelle over. He kissed her the same way, pulling her close to him. After a moment, he back away, grinned at them, glanced down at his pants. Zoe got the message and dropped to her knees, pulling Michelle with her. Zoe unfastened bill’s pants and pulled them down. His erect cock stood straight out. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked it slowly as Michelle watched. After a few seconds, she licked it a few times, then took it into her warm mouth. Bill sighed, then lifted Michelle to her feet, kissed her again, then pulled her top over her head, revealing a very nice set of nearly fully grown C cups. She closed her eyes as his hands fondled her perky young tits. A few minutes later, he pushed Michelle to her knees and pulled Zoe up to her feet.

Michelle knew what was expected of her and started stroking, then sucking his hard cock. Zoe and Bill kissed, then she removed her own top. Bill bent down and took her smaller, but perfectly shaped, tits in his hands, sucking on each nipple in turn.

Debbie and Mike kissed and he quickly slipped her skirt over her hips and dropped it around her ankles. She lifted her feet from it and kicked it aside, once again naked from the waist down. Figuring it was only a matter of time, she stepped back and removed her top, her large double D’s quivering as she did. She gave Mike a moment to admire them, then, with a forced smile, dropped to her knees, undid the button of his pants, and pulled them down. Her eyes grew wide when his thick, nine inch long cock fell out in front of her. ‘Oh my god!,’ she thought. ‘That’ll never fit inside me!’. She found herself reaching for it, then stroking the thick, hard shaft in her small hand. Mike placed a hand on her head and gently pulled her head forward. Debbie knew what to do and opened her mouth wide, sucking the huge penis in as far as she could. It was so big that she could only fit the head and a couple more inches in before she started to gag. She did her best, using both hands as well as her mouth. Mike sighed and began humping his hips slightly.

Michelle let the seven inch dick slip from her mouth as Zoe stepped back and dropped her skirt. Bill looked over her sweet young body and he licked his lips. Then he pulled Michelle to her feet and slid her skirt off. He guided her to one of the chairs and sat the naked, scared little girl down. Then he turned to Zoe.

“Eat her pussy!,” he said to Zoe. She hesitated a second, then reluctantly dropped to her knees at Michelle’s feet.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered as she pushed her knees apart and lowered her head between her thighs. Michelle gasped and closed her eyes as Zoe’s tongue started to caress her virgin slit. Bill watched for a few seconds, smiling, then dropped to his knees behind Zoe’s kneeling form. He lifted her from a kneeling position so that she was on all fours, then spread her legs wide, exposing the pink flesh of her pussy. He moved up behind her and slid his hard cock along her lips until she was wet. Zoe sighed into Michelle’s sweet cunt, her voice muffled. Finally, he pushed hard against her recently deflowered pussy and his head disappeared inside her. Zoe cried out and lifted her head from Michelle’s twat while he pushed deeper into her hot, tight cunt, gripping her small hips. Zoe lowered her head and moaned. The only other time she’d been fucked was in the missionary position and this felt a lot different. Like he was going deeper and touching new and wonderful spots! As he began a slow, rhythmic fuck, she lowered her mouth back to Michelle’s pussy and continued licking her sweet juices. Michelle, who was starting to really enjoy Zoe’s licking, watched in fascination as Zoe was fucked by Bill.

Jessica, now completely naked, pulled Dave’s pants off to reveal a nearly ten inch long monster hiding in them. She looked up at him and grinned. Darlene, still wearing her skirt, was busy sucking furiously on Steve’s nine inch cock.

Jessica began sucking Dave’s cock, enjoying the feel of the huge prick in her mouth. One thing she’d learned since she was brought here; she loved sex, and giving head in particular.

Donna spoke up from her chair. “Darlene, give Debbie a hand with Mike over there. Jessica, I want you on all fours on the bench. Suck Steve’s cock while Dave fucks you from behind!” Jessica quickly assumed the position and took Steve’s cock into her mouth while Dave pushed his huge dick deep into her pussy.

Darlene went over to where Debbie was still sucking Mike’s cock. She kissed him and Mike pulled Debbie to her feet and kissed her. Then he went over to one of the benches and lay on his back. He motioned for Debbie to straddle him. Even though she was standing and the bench wasn’t very high, his prick was almost touching her pussy as she stood over him. She looked down. He was so much bigger than Andrew! She wondered if it would hurt a lot.

Darlene straddled Mike’s chest and faced Debbie. They embraced and kissed. Debbie was a little hesitant to kiss another girl, but then resigned herself to the fact that she had no choice and their tongues were soon swirling around each other’s mouth. Darlene broke off the kiss and leaned down, sucking each of Debbie’s big tits in turn.

“C’mon, baby! Fuck me!,” Mike breathed. She could feel his cock pushing against her swollen lips. She took a deep breath and pushed down on the thick head. Her pussy resisted at first, then spread wide to allow it in. She was being stretched much further than Andrew’s smaller cock had stretched her. She sucked in another deep breath and pushed down, forcing the huge tool deeper and deeper inside her. The feeling was incredible! It didn’t really hurt, not at all like the first time, but she was being pretty severely stretched.

She finally felt the cheeks of her ass touch Mike’s pelvis. She felt so full, his huge prick touching her deep inside her uterus. He started to push upward with his hips. Debbie took another deep breath and began fucking the huge cock.

Michelle gasped as Zoe’s tongue flicked across her clit before she looked up to meet Michelle’s eyes. They were sad, defeated eyes. Bill started pounding her harder and harder. She lowered her head and moaned, her young body rocking from the severe fucking that Bill was giving her. Suddenly, he pulled it from her battered pussy and moved up so it was in her face.

“Suck it!,” he hissed. “I’m gonna cum all over your face!” He looked at Michelle as Zoe began sucking on his throbbing dick. “You, too, baby! Get over here!”

Michelle didn’t move; she was too terrified.. Bill soon forgot about her as Zoe’s sucking quickly brought him to orgasm.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!! Ok!!” He grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth from his hard cock, then tilted her face up and started to stroke himself, pointing his thick meat at her face. “Open wide!,” he gasped, still stroking his massive prick.

Zoe opened her mouth, unsure what to expect. A second later, the first shot hit her across the mouth, landing on her tongue. He continued holding her hair with one hand while the other pumped streams of hot white cum from his spurting dick until her face was covered with gobs of it. When he finished, he pushed his cock back into her mouth so she cold lick and suck it clean.

Debbie rode Mike’s big cock until he finally pushed her off. At first, it felt like she would split in half, but her body eventually adjusted to it and she was actually starting to like it. Darlene, with her pussy still in his face, leaned forward and took the monster cock into her mouth.

“Ok, Debbie! Take five!,” Donna called. “Everyone, take a break!” She stood up and walked over to Michelle, her face an icy mask. The terrified little girl looked up into her cold eyes, tears streaming down her face. Donna reached down and pulled her roughly to her feet.

“Don’t you remember what I told you about behaving?,” Donna hissed. Michelle only sobbed louder. Donna ignored her cries. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to make an example out of you, my dear.” She gestured for one of the guards to come over, and handed the naked teenager to him.

“Take her to room ten. I’ll be along shortly.”

Debbie and the others watched as Michelle was dragged out the door, naked and wailing loudly. Donna turned to them.

“That’ll be all for today girls. Good work.” They were allowed to dress and were escorted back to their rooms. Debbie noticed that Jessica wandered off by herself, with no escort, and wondered if they would ever trust her like that. She felt a pang of sorrow as she thought of Michelle, and shuddered at the thought of what Donna would do to punish her.

– To Be Continued… –