Katie was lying on the bed, watching TV. For a change, there was something on besides the usual porn. Long after she had gone to bed the previous night she lain there trying to think of a means of escape, but no ideas had come to her. Donna seemed to have all avenues blocked. She decided to play along, pretend to be cooperative, and hope she would stumble onto something.

She sat up as the door swung open and crossed her legs to try to hide her bare pussy under the too short mini-skirt. A man she hadn’t seen before stepped in and looked quickly around the room, then his eyes settled on her.

“Come with me,” he said, holding the door open. Katie slid her bare, slender legs over the side of the bed and walked toward the door, her head bowed. She could feel his eyes on her scantily clad body as she passed him and stepped into the carpeted hallway. She tugged down on the skirt, trying to cover as much of her pubic area and bare ass as possible. He walked behind her as they went down the hall, around a corner, and down another similar one. He put a hand on her shoulder as they approached a door.

“Stop here,” he said, and opened the door, ushering her in.

Katie walked in and surveyed the room. It was much larger than her room, with a big bed at one end sitting on a slightly elevated platform. ‘Like a stage,’ she thought with a shudder. There were movie lights and cameras all around it. At the other end of the room were two couches and behind them, a long makeup table with three chairs. Two of the chairs were occupied by naked women. Another woman worked over them with a makeup brush as they chatted away like they were sitting in a beauty salon. A man dressed in a robe sat on one of the couches talking to Donna, and another man, also wearing a white robe, was talking with a woman who was tinkering with one of the cameras.

Donna and the man she was talking with turned to Katie as she walked in. She recognized the man on the couch as Steve, the first guy she’d been forced to give a blow job to earlier. He stood up, winked at her, and went over to the girls at the makeup tables and joined in on their conversation. Donna walked over to her, her gray eyes scanning Katie’s svelte young body in the skimpy clothing.

“Well, all cleaned up and looking very sexy!,” she exclaimed with her trademark cold smile. She turned to the nude women sitting at the makeup tables. One was a pretty brunette with long, wavy hair, and the other was a very young looking blonde. “Linda, Jessica, this is the new girl I was telling you about.” Both girls got up and came over. Donna indicated the pretty, petite brunette. “Katie, this is Linda.” Katie smiled and said hello. Donna took the other girls’ hand, a small blonde who didn’t seem much older than Katie. “And this sweet little thing is Jessica. This will be Jessica’s second movie. Linda’s been in quite a few. You may have seen her on TV.” Both girls smiled and greeted Katie with a hug and peck on the cheek. Jessica smiled warmly, as if understanding Katie’s fear and uncertainty about what was about to happen.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be ok. It’s not that bad.”

Katie forced a smile. Donna walked toward the bed and clapped her hands together.

“Ok, people! Let’s get started!” Linda and Jessica went over by the makeup tables and dressed in outfits similar to the one Katie wore, then joined Donna by the bed.

“Over here, please!,” Donna called to Katie, beckoning her over. She walked slowly over to where they stood.

“Ok, here’s the scene,” she said. “You two . . ,” she indicated Linda and Jessica. “Are two lesbians who decide to recruit Katie here into your . . . deviant lifestyle.” She reached down and lifted Katie’s skirt. “Oops! Maybe you should put on some panties, just for effect.” The woman who had been applying makeup brought her over a pair.

“I should touch her up a bit, too,” she said as she handed the white underwear to Katie.

“Ok, but quickly,” Donna replied with a wave of her hand.

The woman took Katie’s hand. “C’mon, honey. We’ll get you all fixed up.” She led her to one of the chairs and had her undress before dusting her entire body with powder. A few minutes later, Katie put her clothes back on and walked back over to the bed.

“Ok,” Donna said and pointed toward a fake red brick wall. “Let’s start over here.” There were several wooden crates next to it and some papers littered the floor. It looked like an alley in some seedy downtown area. Donna turned to them.

“Linda, you and Jessica will start kissing and making out here in the alley. Make it interesting, lots of heavy petting and tongue action, but no nudity yet.” She turned to Katie. “You come into the picture, see them, and are shocked at first, but then you become curious and watch them. I’ll cue Linda to notice you after a minute or two and invite you to join them. Got it?” Katie just stared at her. “I said, got it?,” she repeated, her voice louder.

Katie blinked and swallowed, her brain finally processing what she was being told to do. “D . . do I have any lines?” It seemed like a stupid question, but it just came out before she could stop herself.

The girls giggled and Donna smiled. “No dear. Just use your body language and facial expressions. My buyers don’t care what you say!”

Linda placed an arm around her shoulders. “You’ll do fine. Have you ever made out with a woman before?” Katie shook her head. Linda smiled. “Just do what comes naturally. Jess and I will help you through it. And try to relax! This will be fun!” Katie looked up at her and Linda could see the same fear and revulsion that she’d seen in Carrie’s face the day before. She gave Katie a quick kiss on the lips and walked over to Jessica.

“Ok, all ready?” Donna looked around at the camera people and other members of the production crew, who all gave her affirmative responses. “All right, action!”

Linda took Jessica by the hand and led her to the center of the alley set. She turned and took her small body into her arms and stared into her eyes for a few seconds. Then they started kissing, gently at first, then with more passion. Their tongues probed and hands roamed across each others’ bodies. Katie watched in stunned amazement. It was one thing to see two women kissing on TV, but this was completely different! She felt a hand touch her arm and turned to see Donna standing beside her.

“Ok, honey, you’re on. Just go over there . . .” She pointed to an area at the edge of the set. “And watch them. Remember, at first you’re shocked and surprised, then curious, and finally you start to get a little turned on. Touch yourself, rub your tits. When Linda beckons you over, hesitate, like you’re not sure if you should before you go to them.” She gave her one of her icy stares. “And remember, my time is valuable. If you waste it, you’ll pay dearly!” She held Katie’s gaze until the teenager looked away. “Go,” she said, pushing her toward the set. She went over to where Donna had pointed and waited for her cue.

Donna raised a hand and said, “Ok, Katie, go. And remember, you’re surprised.”

Katie took a deep breath and stepped into the lights. She looked over at Linda and Jessica and gasped, her hand going to her mouth as she hid behind one of the crates, still watching them.

“Very good! Now, back up a little, like you’re going to leave, then stop and watch. That’s it. You’re curious . . . good!” Katie watched the two girls as instructed. It wasn’t hard, because she was a little curious, and still a bit uncertain if she could go through with it. Donna spoke again.

“Ok, Katie, now you’re getting turned on. Rub your tits over your shirt.” Katie brought a hand to her breast and rubbed it. “Good! Now, squeeze it a bit, play with your nipples.” Again, Katie did as instructed. Any chance she had for escape depended on her earning some kind of trust and she was determined to do whatever it took to do just that.

“Wonderful!,” Donna exclaimed. “You’re a natural! Ok, Linda, you notice Katie and point her out to Jessica.” She looked at Katie. “You’re embarrassed and turn to leave, but stop when Linda calls you back. From there, just do what comes naturally. But no sucking or licking just yet! We’ll save that for the bedroom!” She sat back in her chair. “Ok, Linda. Whenever you’re ready.”

Linda and Jessica resumed their kiss. Then Linda looked up quickly as if she’d heard a noise and spied Katie standing behind the crate. Katie reacted as Donna had told her. Linda called out, “Wait!”, and ran over to her. She took her by the hand with a subtle wink and said, “Don’t go!” She scanned Katie’s tight, sexy body. “Come and join us! It’s always more fun with three!” She led Katie back over to where Jessica stood.

“Hi! You like to watch?,” Jessica asked, smiling sexily. Katie looked down, acting embarrassed. Jessica giggled, took her hands, and pulled her to her so that their lips were almost touching. She looked deep into her eyes. “Wanna play with us?,” she whispered. Linda stroked Katie’s hair. Katie looked back at Jessica and nodded. Jessica smiled and kissed her.

Jessica’s lips were warm and moist, and very soft. Katie even surprised herself by kissing her back automatically, without having to force herself to. She felt Jessica’s lips part and parted her own in response. Then Jessica’s tongue was in her mouth. It felt wonderful and she found herself pushing her tongue into Jessica’s mouth and flicking it across hers.

‘Holy shit!,’ she thought. ‘I’m french-kissing a girl . . . And I think I like it!’

They separated and Jessica winked at her. “Wow!,” she whispered. “That was nice!” Before Katie could respond, Linda spun her around and kissed her deeply while Jessica stroked her hair and back. After about thirty seconds, Donna said, “Ok, Linda. Wrap it up and lead them off set. We’ll pick it up again in the bedroom!” Linda broke away from Katie’s lips and stared into her eyes.

“C’mon, honey. Let’s go somewhere a little more private!” She took her and Jessica by the hand and led them off the set.

“And . . . cut!,” Donna called. “Very nice, girls! Katie, you’ve shown a lot of initiative. Keep it up!” She stood up. “Take five and have Sharon check your makeup, then we’ll continue.”

The girls went over and sat at the makeup table where Sharon, a thirty-something redhead with a huge rack, fussed over them. Jessica was sitting next to Katie. She reached over from her chair and squeezed Katie’s hand.

“That was some kiss, sweetie!” She smiled and her blue eyes sparkled as she looked at Katie.

“Thanks. I really liked it, too,” Katie replied

“Was that the first time you’ve kissed a girl?,” she asked, still watching Katie closely. Katie nodded.

“Well, you did great. Um, would you . . . object if I asked Donna if we could be roomies? I’d really like to get to know you better!” Katie stared into the pretty blonde’s eyes. It would be great to have someone to talk to, and she somehow found herself attracted to Jessica.

“Do you think she would?,” Katie asked.

Jessica grinned. “Does that mean it’s ok with you?”

Katie nodded and returned her grin.

Jessica lowered her voice. “Donna told us you’re still a virgin. Is that true?” Again, Katie nodded. “How old are you?”

Katie lowered her eyes from Jessica’s. “Fourteen,” she said.

“I just turned fifteen three month ago,” Jessica whispered. Katie turned to the beautiful young girl sitting beside her. Jessica smiled warmly. “It’ll be ok. Just do what they say. It’s not nearly as bad as disobeying.” She squeezed Katie’s hand again and Katie squeezed hers back.

“Thanks. I’ll try.”

Donna clapped her hands. “Ok, girls! Let’s go! Break’s over! Back to work!”

They stood and Jessica led the way over to the bedroom set. Linda leaned in close as Katie watched Jessica’s small round ass under her tight skirt. “Looks like you made a friend!” Katie turned and saw she was smiling. She smiled back but said nothing as they approached the set. She hoped she’d also found a trusted ally!

“All right,” Donna said. “This scene is basically your straight-forward girl on girl on girl. The only twist is that Katie’s new to the lesbo scene, which shouldn’t be too hard to do as she really is!” She grinned at Katie, who averted her eyes. “Just do the usual, and make sure Katie tries everything, ok?” They nodded and moved to one side of the set, just off camera.

“Are you ready, honey?,” Linda asked.

Katie shrugged nervously. “I guess so. It’s not like I have a choice.”

Linda smiled, ignoring her comment. “Ok, let’s do it!”

“Action!,” Donna yelled. Linda led them onto the set and gently pushed Katie to a sitting position on the bed. She embraced Jessica and they began kissing passionately as their hands explored each others’ supple young bodies. Katie was surprised to feel a twinge of jealousy as she watched them. They inched closer to her and Katie stared at Jessica’s tight buttocks only a few inches from her. Before she realized what she was doing, her hand was on them and she gently caressed the soft flesh over her short skirt. She reached around and began rubbing Linda’s ass with her other hand. They broke off their passionate embrace and looked down at Katie, then back at each other and grinned.

Jessica sat down next to Katie and they started kissing. Linda pulled off her top, revealing her smooth round tits, then dropped her short skirt to the floor. She brushed her long hair back over her shoulder and knelt in front of Katie, wearing only a tight black thong. Jessica pushed Katie back so that she was lying prone on her back, but her feet were still on the floor. She leaned down and continued their kiss while rubbing her tits over her tight t-shirt. Katie reacted by thrusting her tongue deep into Jessica’s throat and pulling her closer.

Linda ran her hands along Katie’s legs, eventually reaching along her outer thighs to the spaghetti strap of her borrowed panties. She tugged on them and Katie instinctively lifted her hips so she could pull them off. Linda tossed them aside, then put her hands on Katie’s knees, forcing them apart. Then she ran her fingers along her inner thighs to her sweet, virgin pussy.

Katie gasped into Jessica’s mouth as Linda’s fingers gently stroked the moist flesh of her virgin slit. They broke off their kiss and Linda took Katie’s hands, hauling her up to a sitting position. She held her fingers, wet with fresh pussy juices, to Katie’s lips and urged her to suck on them. Linda then kissed her, and then Jessica, her hands slipping under her shirt. She tugged Jessica’s shirt off to reveal a perfect set of 32C cup tits, firm and supple. Her erect nipples were as thick as her pinky and about half an inch long. She leaned forward so that her tits were in front of Katie’s face.

“Suck on them!,” she whispered. Katie hesitated only a second, knowing that Donna was watching her closely, then cupped her breast and sucked the nipple between her teeth. Jessica held her head in place and closed her eyes, throwing her head back. “Yes! Oh! That feels good!”

Linda moved over behind Jessica. She unzipped her mini-skirt and wriggled the tight garment down over her curved hips. She kissed Jessica’s neck and slipped her fingers between her legs. Pushing her panties aside, she slipped two fingers into her twat. Jessica moaned in pleasure and spread her legs a little more. Linda pushed the two fingers deeper inside her warm cunt, bringing louder cries and moans of pleasure from her lips.

After a moment, Linda eased Jessica up, pulling her luscious tits from Katie’s eager mouth. Jessica stood up and lowered her panties, kicking them aside. Jessica and Linda were now both completely naked, while Katie still wore her skirt and t-shirt. They each took one of Katie’s hands and pulled the young girl to her feet. Jessica kissed her then pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her bare breasts and hard nipples. Meanwhile, Linda was working on her short skirt, and it was soon on the floor at her feet. She eyed Katie’s slender body, smiled at Jessica, and gently pushed her back onto the bed. Spreading her legs wide, Linda knelt between them while Jessica lay next to her and sucked on her hard nipples.

Linda licked slowly along Katie’s inner thighs to her sweet virgin pussy. She blew gently across the light peach fuzz, causing Katie to twitch suddenly. With a grin, she stuck out her tongue and licked all along her swollen labia, from her asshole to her erect clit.

Katie gasped. “Oh, yes!! That feels so good!” Linda licked her lips and repeated her tonguing again and again. Katie sighed and moaned, her body twitching occasionally. Jessica watched, becoming more turned on as Katie moaned and writhed on the bed.

“Do me!,” she whispered to Katie, and swung a leg over her chest. She lowered her dripping pussy to Katie’s mouth. “Please, baby! Lick my pussy! Please!!” Katie could smell the musky-sweet aroma of Jessica’s wet pussy. She stuck out her tongue and gave it a tentative lick.

“Oh, yeah!! Don’t stop!,” Jessica cried.

Katie did her best to imitate what Linda was doing to her own pussy. The feeling was indescribable. Linda was creating sensations within her like she’d never felt before, not even when she masturbated! Even though she was really trying her best with Jessica’s pussy, Katie was too distracting and she had to constantly pause while Linda’s tongue triggered yet another small orgasm. Jessica realized that Katie wouldn’t be able to give her the attention she needed as long as Linda was still eating her, so she climbed off her face and joined Linda between her legs.

The combined feeling of two tongues licking her pussy was too much. Jessica pulled back the little hood that covered her clitoris and sucked the little bud between her lips, teasing it with her tongue. That was when Katie lost it. She felt a warm tingle building deep in her womb and a pressure in her vagina as her muscles contracted.

“Oh, god yes!!,” she cried, gripping the bed covers tightly in her clenched fists. Jessica sucked hard on her clit while Linda pushed her tongue deeper into her vagina. Katie’s body tensed, then began shaking and quivering as she climaxed several times. Waves of intense pleasure surged through her trembling body as she came over and over from the combined efforts of the two girls. She was bucking her body so hard that Linda and Jessica were forced to cease their oral attentions and watched in awe as she continued to cum even after they’d stopped! When her thrashing was reduced to shudders and gasps for air, Jessica rubbed her swollen pussy lovingly, speaking softly to her in hushed whispers. Katie lay there panting for breath, smiling occasionally at something Jessica whispered into her ear.

“And . . . cut!,” Donna cried. “Wonderful! Wonderful! Katie, that was an exceptional debut performance!” Linda and Jessica each kissed her on the lips.

Jessica leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “You taste delicious! I could eat your pussy all day!” She gazed into her eyes and kissed her again, then was gone.

Katie closed her eyes and remained lying on the bed, still trying to catch her breath as the production crew scurried about taking away all the video equipment. They paid little or no attention to the naked teen lying spread eagle on the bed.

“Well, I’m impressed!” Katie opened her eyes to see Donna looking down at her. “You exceeded my expectations. It appears that we understand each other.”

Katie managed a weak smile. “It . . . it was kinda . . .fun!”

Donna’s lips formed a smile, but her eyes didn’t reflect humor. “That’s good. Just be sure you don’t disappoint me. That would be very bad. For you, and for your friends!” She locked her eyes on Katie’s for a brief moment, then turned and walked away.

Katie knew a warning when she heard one. Somehow Donna either knew or suspected what she was up to! Shit! Maybe she’d been too quick to suddenly be the perfect little slut. She propped herself up on her elbows and watched as Donna walked away. ‘Well, I’m not giving up!,’ she thought. ‘I will get out of here . . . and Carrie and Debbie are coming with me!’

Donna clapped her hands loudly. “All right! That’s a wrap for today! Good shoot, people! We’ll continue tomorrow!”

Katie sat up, found her clothes and got dressed. She glanced over and saw Jessica talking to Donna and look her way. Donna looked over at her, then back to Jessica and nodded. She went over to the door, spoke to the man who escorted Katie to the set, then left. The man looked over at Jessica, who nodded, then over to Katie. Then, he too opened the door, and walked out. Jessica walked over as Katie was adjusting the tiny skirt.

“Hey, there!,” she said, giving Katie a peck on the cheek. “Getting your strength back?”

Katie smiled and nodded. “That was incredible! I’ve never felt like that before!”

Jessica smiled and took her by the hand. “I’m glad you enjoyed it! I know I sure enjoyed doing it to you!” Katie lowered her eyes and blushed. “Hey! I’ve got a surprise for you! Donna agreed to let us bunk together! Isn’t that awesome?!”

Katie ‘s eyebrows went up in surprise. “She . . . she said yes?!”

Jessica nodded exuberantly, a huge smile on her pretty face. “Uh-huh! As long as you keep up the good work on the set, we can be roomies!” She leaned closer and added in a low whisper, “Very special roomies!”

Katie looked into her cute face and nodded, smiling. Jessica took her hand. “C’mon, roomie! Let me show you your, I mean our, room!”Carrie lay unmoving for a long time on the bed after Linda had run out of the room crying. Her mind felt numb, detached from her aching body. She still couldn’t believe what they’d done to her! And after Linda pretended to be her friend! That bitch! So what if she had apologized and seemed genuinely upset after it had happened. Fuck her. She let it happen.

She slowly crawled from the blood and cum-soaked sheets and made her way into the bathroom. Her reflection frightened her. Did she really look like that? Dried cum coated her face and her hair was disheveled and streaked with it as well. She turned on the shower and stood under the steaming water for a good half hour trying to scrub away all the dirt. It didn’t help. She finally got out, toweled off, and went back out to the bedroom.

She stepped into the room and was surprised to see her bed changed and neatly made. There was a pile of clothes neatly folded on the bed. She picked them up and noticed that instead of the expected selection from ‘Hookers R Us’, they were a pair of comfortable looking cotton pajamas. She quickly pulled them on and was finishing buttoning up the top when the door opened and Donna walked in, followed closely by Steve. Carrie stood perfectly still, her eyes following them through the room.

Steve stopped by the door and folded his arms across his chest, watching her intently. Donna walked over to the other side of the bed and looked across at the frightened girl. Carrie tried to meet her gaze, but once again Donna’s steel gray eyes bore into hers until she looked away.

“How are you feeling?,” she asked, her eyes still locked on Carrie’s face. Carrie didn’t reply. She just stood looking at the floor. Donna moved along the side of the bed, then said, “It didn’t have to be like that. If you had been a little more cooperative with Linda, we would have gone easier on you. Your attitude made me think you were going to take too long unless we forced you into it.”

Carrie looked up at her, hatred burning behind her green eyes, but she bit her tongue and said nothing. Donna noticed the angry look, but ignored it.

“You feel you were wronged. That I had no right to do that to you,” she said calmly, then turned suddenly, glaring menacingly at Carrie. “But you have no rights here!,” she hissed. “I fucking own you and I’ll do whatever the hell I want to you!” Over by the door, Steve grinned and winked at Carrie, making a kissing motion with his lips.

“Now, I realize that you’re sore right now. Bill really gave that little twat of yours a workout,” she continued, her voice dropping to a more congenial level once more. “So I won’t have you fucking again for a day or two. But, I wanted to see if you can accept your situation and take my orders. Therefore,” she motioned to Steve. “You’re going to give Steve a blow job. Right now.”

Carrie’s face fell and her stomach lurched. Steve grinned and licked his lips. Donna motioned him over and he walked over to where Carrie stood, visibly shaking.

“N . . . no. P . . . please . . .,” she pleaded.

Donna chuckled and rubbed Steve’s shoulders as he stood before her. “Come, come. It won’t take long, then you can relax for a couple of days!” She ran her hand over Steve’s chest and down to the growing bulge in his sweat pants. “I believe Steve is about ready. On your knees, Carrie. Get to work.”

Tears came to her eyes as she obediently dropped to her knees and lowered Steve’s pants. His huge cock flopped out and she grasped it in her small hand. She opened her mouth and slowly slid it in, wrapping her lips around the thick shaft.

“There! That’s not so bad, now, is it?,” Donna exclaimed, still massaging Steve’s shoulders. “Now get on with it. When he cums, he’s going to pull out and shoot it into your mouth. I want you to swallow it. Understand?”

Carrie murmured that she did and began bobbing her pretty head on Steve’s huge dick. Donna kissed him while Carrie sucked him off, stroking his cock as she did. Before long, Steve began to moan and Carrie sensed he was about to cum. It was amazing how quickly she had learned to recognize it.

Steve started panting and suddenly yanked his thick cock from her mouth. “Keep your mouth open and hold it right there!,” Donna yelled. Carrie obeyed and a few seconds later felt warm gobs of cum hitting her nose, cheeks, lips , and tongue as Steve jerked off in her face. “Wait until he’s done, then swallow!,” Donna ordered. A few seconds later, Steve pushed his cock to her lips., smearing the cum across them. “Ok, swallow, then suck his cock clean,” Donna said, watching her.

Carrie forced the warm goo down then cleaned the remaining cum from Steve’s cock and sat back on her knees, looking up at them with undisguised hatred. Drops of white cum streamed down her pretty face and hung from her chin. Donna scooped a drop just as it was about to fall and held her finger to Carrie’s lips. Carrie glared at her but sucked the finger clean.

“Very good, my dear,” Donna said with a little smile. “You seem to understand what I want. Next we’ll work on your technique. You have to appear to be enjoying yourself, whether giving head, eating pussy, or fucking.” Carrie just sat expressionless, watching her. With a cold smile, Donna said, “If you don’t look sexy, happy, and really into whatever you’re doing on film, then you’re useless to me. In that case, I have an . . . associate . . . who I can sell you to. He’ll put you to work on the street, where the clientele doesn’t give a shit if you’re having fun or not. And trust me, if you think it’s rough here, you don’t want to be working for him!” She paused, letting her words sink in. Carrie’s expression remained the same, although her eyes darkened. “I’ll give you a day or two to think about it.” She turned and left without so much as a backwards glance at Carrie, still kneeling on the floor next to the bed.

Carrie remained there for a few minutes, then stood almost trance-like and went into the bathroom to wash the cum from her face and hair. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, the once so pretty and innocent face looking years older. A tear ran down one cheek, then the floodgates opened and she slumped to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. How could this be happening to her? She had her whole life ahead of her. Young and beautiful, she would have been one of the A crowd in high school. And now, she was nothing more than a sex slave to a brutal tyrant. She gradually pulled herself to her feet and made her way back to the bed. She flicked on the TV and yet another porno came on. Carrie stared as a woman caught a face full of cum from two huge dicks, then buried her face in her pillow, once more sobbing until she finally fell asleep, her future flashing before her on the TV.

Jessica held Katie’s hand and led her down a series of hallways until they came to door with the number 425 on it. Jessica opened the door and stepped aside, gesturing Katie in. “Home sweet home!,” she said with a grin.

“Your door isn’t locked?,” Katie asked as she stepped inside. Unlike her previous accommodations, which resembled a hotel room, this looked like an apartment. They entered a room with a large couch, two easy chairs, and a big screen TV. There was a small kitchenette off to one side with a refrigerator and microwave. There was a set of double french doors on the back wall.

“They used to,” Jessica explained. “When I started being a good little slut, they moved me here and allowed me to walk around the halls. I guess I must have earned their trust.” She shrugged. “Besides, where could I go? The elevators are the only way out of here and you need a key and PIN number to use them.” She pointed to the french doors. “That’s the bedroom. The bathroom’s in there on the left.”

Katie walked over and peeked into the bedroom. There was a king sized bed in the center, with another TV and a makeup table. A small chest of drawers stood on the other wall next to a door.

“Wait til you see the bathroom!,” Jessica exclaimed, squeezing past a shocked Katie. She pushed the door open to the bathroom and Katie could see a large whirlpool tub. She went over and looked in, her eyes wide. Besides the bathtub, there was a shower that looked big enough for four people. There were several showerheads all along the tiled walls at different levels, as well as the one in the usual place over your head.

“That shower is unbelievable!,” Jessica said from behind her. “I can’t make up my mind which I like better – it or the whirlpool!”

Katie turned to her, shaking her head in disbelief. “B . . . but how? My room was so small! I don’t understand . . .”

Jessica put a finger to Katie’s lips. “I know. I was in one like that, too, at first. Once I stopped fighting it and did as I was told, they moved me into this room!” Katie looked around at the posh room, still a little awestruck. Jessica moved behind her and wrapped her arms around her narrow waist.

“How about a nice bath, baby? Or a shower?” She brushed Katie’s long curls from her neck and kissed it sensuously. Katie sighed at the touch of her warm, soft lips on her skin and moved her head to one side so she could have easier access. Jessica moved her hands slowly up Katie’s stomach to her firm tits, caressing them over her top until her nipples were hard and sensitive.

Katie swallowed hard and managed to say, “Uh, yeah . . . ok!” while Jessica continued kissing her neck and caressing her soft breasts. She closed her eyes as Jessica’s fingers gently pulled and twisted her sensitive nipples. She lifted Katie’s top over her head, her tits bouncing slightly as they fell back into place. She looked over Katie’s shoulder at their reflections in the mirror. Her hands still stroked and fondled Katie’s bare tits.

“You have beautiful tits!,” she whispered, nibbling on her earlobe. Katie smiled and placed her hands on Jessica’s, pressing them harder onto her tits. Then she turned and kissed Jessica on the lips while reaching for the hem of her top.

“Yours are pretty nice, too!,” she exclaimed as she lifted Jessica’s top off, and immediately cupped one in her hand before lowering her lips to the nipple and sucking it into her mouth. Jessica sighed and put a hand to Katie’s head.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, Katie! That feels so nice!” Encouraged by her words, Katie sucked on each nipple for several minutes. While she did, Jessica moved her hands to Katie’s skirt, unzipped it, and let it drop to the floor at her feet. Katie reached up and pulled Jessica’s skirt down without stopping her oral attentions and dropped it to the floor. Jessica stepped free of it and kicked it aside.

“Let me turn on the shower, honey. We can continue this in there!,” Jessica said. Katie reluctantly released her nipples, giving each one a quick kiss. She straightened up, grinning seductively at her new friend.

“Did I do ok?”

Jessica kissed her back and turned on the shower. “Ok?! You made me wet! See?!” She took Katie’s hand and pressed it between her legs. When Katie pulled her fingers free, they were wet and slick with her juices. Katie giggled then put them into her mouth and sucked them clean before Jessica pulled her into the shower. They embraced and kissed passionately as he water sprayed them from all angles. They washed each other slowly and sensuously, then stepped out and toweled off.

“You’re right!,” Katie exclaimed as she hung up her towel. “That shower is incredible!”

Jessica giggled, hung up her towel, and walked naked into the bedroom. Katie followed her. Jessica stopped as soon as she stepped through the door, causing Katie to bump into her.

“Hey! Wh . . .” Her words faded as she looked past Jessica to see Donna and Steve sitting on the edge of the bed.

– To Be Continued… –