Linda stood up and walked over to the terrified young girl. “I’m sorry, Carrie. I was hoping you’d like me enough to do it willingly.” Carrie lifted her head, tears running down her round cheeks. She sniffed and wiped her eyes, her face becoming defiantly angry.

“So now you two are going to rape me!?! Is that it!?” She glared at the girl who she considered a friend only a few short moments ago. Linda stared into her eyes for a moment, then turned away and lay back on the bed.

“You know what to do, Carrie,” she said quietly and spread her legs. Carrie stood looking down for a few seconds until she felt a push on her back.

“Go on, slut!,” Bill said as her pushed her over to Linda. Carrie stumbled and fell to her knees at Linda’s feet. Bill took her by the chin and undid his towel. His long, hard dick stood out in front of him nest to her face. “Warm up on me!,” he said, pushing her face to his cock. Carrie opened her mouth and took the hard member into her mouth, the now familiar taste of precum filling her mouth. He moaned and started moving his hips while holding her head in place, basically fucking her mouth. The thick, hard cock slid in and out of her warm mouth, nearly gagging her as he pushed it in to the back of her throat.

“Suck me, whore!,” he demanded and Carrie obediently sucked harder on it. “That’s better!,” he gasped and started moving faster. Carrie was getting dizzy as her head was forced back and forth faster and faster, her long hair flying about her head wildly. Finally, he pushed it deep into her mouth and groaned as a huge load of hot semen filled Carrie’s mouth and started to run down her chin. She tried to pull away, but Bill held her tight.

“Swallow it!,” Linda ordered, scrambling to her knees for a closer look. With a huge effort, she swallowed most of it before Bill’s cock erupted again, once more filling her mouth. This time, she managed to swallow more of it. She kept sucking on it until he pushed her away and sat down on the bed, a satisfied smile on his face.

“You’re a pretty good little cocksucker!,” he said with a grin. Carrie fixed him with a flat stare until he looked away. She felt nauseous and the thick cum coated the inside of her mouth.

Linda looked at her, pity in her eyes. “It would have been easier to lick my pussy. That’s the way Donna works. Remember that the next time you think about disobeying her.” She let her words sink in, then lay back on the bed.

“Ok, Carrie, my turn,” she said, spreading her legs wide. “Remember to lick my clit often. And suck on it, too.” Carrie looked at her exposed pussy, glistening with her juices. It couldn’t be any worse than giving head. She climbed onto the bed and crawled up between Linda’s legs until her face was inches from her fragrant twat. Linda looked down at her and Carrie moved closer. She stuck out her tongue, still coated with Bill’s cum, and tentatively licked her labia.

“More,” Linda said. “Go deeper! And remember my clit!” Carrie took a deep breath. The scent of Linda’s pussy mixed with the taste of Bill’s cum filled her nostrils and she almost puked. She was relieved that she didn’t. The punishment for puking in Linda’s pussy would no doubt be very bad. She steeled herself and dove in, deciding to get it over with as soon as possible. Linda moved her hips.

“There! Yes, like that! . . .No, not so hard! Go easy! . . . That’s better!” Carrie eventually learned what she liked and tried her best to get her off as quickly as possible so tonight’s nightmare would finally end.

Linda’s body started to shudder and quiver. Carrie could feel her pussy contracting as her orgasm neared. She finally cried out and her body stiffened as she came over and over into Carrie’s mouth, spraying her face and mouth with her cum. When she stopped, Carrie sat up and wiped the clear liquid from her face. It was sweet, and a little bitter, but overall much better than a man’s! Linda flopped back on the bed, completely spent.

“Good job, Carrie! I don’t always cum like that!” Carrie didn’t respond, she just wiped the remaining pussy juice from her face and stood at her feet. Linda didn’t say anything for a few moments while she caught her breath. Finally, she sat up and looked at Bill. His cock was still limp, but showed some signs of recovering. She looked up at Carrie.

“Ok, now for your final lesson of the day.” Carrie swallowed hard, trying not to show the fear she was feeling. “I need you to suck Bill’s cock until it’s hard again. But you don’t have to make him cum this time.” She looked down and saw it was a little harder than it was only a minute earlier. “I don’t think it’ll take too long,” she added, winking at Bill, who grinned. Carrie obediently got onto her knees and Bill sat up on the edge of the bed. She crawled between his legs, took the semi-hard dick in her hand, and began to bob her head up and down on it, slurping noisily. Bill smiled in pleasure and grabbed one of Linda’s tits, tweaking her nipple. She closed her eyes, sighing from the pleasure she was getting from the pain.

Carrie could feel Bill’s cock growing harder and harder in her mouth. She stopped when it felt like it was as big as when she’s first sucked it. Linda looked down at it.

“How’d she do, Bill? Are you back up to speed?” He grinned and nodded.

“All ready!,” he said exuberantly, winking at Carrie. She felt a pang of fear as he winked at her. They wouldn’t! Then she remembered who she was dealing with. Yes. They would.

Linda stood and hugged her, though not with the same passion as she had earlier. “Lie down, Carrie. On your back.” She turned her around and Carrie sat woodenly on the edge of the bed, then lay back. This time she knew there would be no reprieve. She was going to be raped, and this would only be the first time. She looked up as Bill stood at her feet, his long cock bobbing in front of him and a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Move up more,” Linda said and Carrie slid further up on the bed so her feet were at th edge. Linda pushed her legs apart and folded them at the knees. Her tiny, virgin pussy opened up, the soft pink folds visible under her labia. Linda crawled onto the bed and lay next to her. “I’m sorry it has to be this way, sweetie. I really do like you. Maybe someday you’ll be able to forgive me.”

The look in Carrie’s eyes told her that wasn’t very likely. Linda reached down and began to finger Carrie’s tiny twat, pushing her long fingers in deeper each time, but being careful not to go too deep. Donna’s orders were very specific about that. Her girls all had their cherries popped by a cock, a real cock. Carrie started to feel her pussy getting wet, in spite of her situation. Linda’s touch turned her on, and she couldn’t convince her body to ignore it. As if reading her thoughts, Linda spoke.

“Don’t try to resist, Carrie. If you’re not wet, it’ll hurt real bad. It could even tear your cunt inside.” Her use of the vulgar ‘cunt’ in reference to Carrie’s pussy was no accident. Linda was trying to distance her feelings for the pretty teen, perhaps without even realizing it.

A few minutes later, Linda’s fingering had the desired effect and Carrie was wet enough for Bill to take over. Linda licked her sweet juice from her fingers, relishing her last taste of Carrie’s virgin pussy, while Bill leaned over her. She felt the tip of his cock touching her pussy and it actually felt good! At least Bill’s cock wasn’t as long, or thick, as Steve’s had been. It was still quite big, though, and she tried to prepare herself for its’ insertion.

He moved it across her lips a few times, lubing it up with her juices. Then he placed the tip at her opening and started pushing. Carrie grit her teeth as he tried to force her tiny vagina to open enough to fit the head inside. He grunted and twisted, but she resisted and he eventually eased up, glaring down at her.

“Honey, let’s get something straight. I’m going to fuck you. Right now. I don’t care how much you resist. I held back because I don’t want to hurt you, but if you don’t cooperate, this is going to hurt a lot more than it has to!” She looked up at his cold stare and knew he meant it. Linda lay back beside her.

“Just relax and let it happen, Carrie. It’ll be over before you know it and you won’t have to worry about the pain again. You never know, you might even cum! I know I did my first time!”

Carrie thought about what they said. It was true, all of it. Although she doubted very much that she would cum. She sighed resignedly, and nodded.

“Ok. I’ll try.” Linda watched her face for a long moment, decided she was being truthful, and nodded to Bill. He leaned down again and once more placed his hard cock at her tiny hole. Carrie tried to relax as she felt him pushing against her. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then the head began to stretch her vaginal opening and slide inside her. It was the most amazing feeling! There was pressure, lots of pressure! But so far, no pain! She could feel her pussy opening wider as more and more of the hard shaft was pushed into her. The soft head rubbed on her labia and then on her vaginal walls. As the head passed through her opening and into her vagina, it squeezed shut on the narrower shaft and she could feel it’s rougher texture as it slid into her. Bill moaned at her extremely tight pussy and pushed deeper into her. He felt the added resistance of her barrier at the same time Carrie cried out.

“Owww! Ow! P . . . please! It hurts!!” Bill paused, looking not at Carrie, but at Linda. She held up her hand, stopping his forward progress. He sighed. Every time he took a girl’s virginity, she screamed bloody murder for the first little bit, then got over it. Linda’s attachment to this one was starting to piss him off.

“Carrie,” she said softly. “You knew there would be some pain. It’ll be over soon. Just be brave, ok?”

“But, it hurts!,” she whined.

“I know,” Linda replied, “But not for . . .” Her words were cut off as Carrie screamed loudly, tears welling up in her eyes. Linda looked down to see Bill’s cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. He grinned back at her.

“I figured I’d just get it over with while you had her distracted!,” he said, still grinning. Linda shot him a dirty look, then turned back to Carrie, who was sobbing and crying. She put her hand on Carrie’s forehead and Carrie roughly pushed it off, then shoved Linda back.

“Get the fuck away from me, you bitch!,” she screamed through her tears. Linda looked hurt, but backed away. Carrie put her hands over her eyes and sobbed loudly. Bill shrugged and pulled his bloody cock from her tortured cunt, then pushed it back in again. Carrie screamed again and again as he continued his assault on her. Linda walked to the far wall and stood trying not to watch as Carrie was brutally raped. Eventually her screams stopped and she lay unmoving as Bill continued to ream her aching twat. Finally, he pulled out and jerked his hot jism all over her face, tits, and stomach. He blew a kiss in her direction, then went into the bathroom. He emerged a few minutes later with the towel once again around his waist and, with a wink to Linda, went out the door.

Linda was sitting with her back against the wall. This was what she had been trying to avoid. No, this was worse than the other ‘break ins’ she’d witnessed. Those other girls weren’t completely willing either, but they weren’t raped so brutally. Carrie hadn’t moved, her beautiful young body covered with cum and her red pussy dribbling blood onto the sheets. Linda had to know if she was all right. ‘Of course she isn’t all right, you stupid bitch! She was just raped!,’ she told herself. She walked over and looked down at the once beautiful face.

Carrie lay staring blankly at the ceiling. She turned her head as Linda approached and a single tear ran down her cheek.

“Why?,” was all she said. Her once bright eyes now had a dull, lifeless look and Linda had to turn away, her own eyes welling up. She had no answer for her.

“I . . . I’m so sorry, Carrie,” she said, still looking away, her voice cracking. “I never wanted this for you.” She ran from the room still naked but not caring, as her tears began to flow.

Debbie rushed through her shower, excited about spending the evening with Andrew. True, he was a few years older. But he seemed to like her, so who knows? She toweled herself off and went out into the bedroom to get her clean clothes. There was a simple navy blue t-shirt, a pair of loose fitting shorts, and panties. As usual, there was no bra. At first, she’d been uncomfortable not wearing one, considering the size of her chest, but she had come to accept it.

She paused in front of the mirror to examine her new, trimmer figure. There wasn’t a huge difference, but she could definitely see an improvement. She fondled her large, firm tits, teasing the nipples before sliding her hands to her smaller waist and thighs. She wondered if Andrew felt the same way about her as she did about him. It seemed like he did, but maybe she was misreading friendship as something more. No, he was definitely flirting with her. She was sure of it. Maybe she’d make a move tonight; try to kiss him, if she could find the nerve.

She went over to the bed and pulled on the panties. Whoever supplied her with clothes knew about her thinner shape, and the panties fit her perfectly. She couldn’t say the same about the t-shirt. It was too small and fit so tight over her large breasts that it left nothing to the imagination. The shorts appeared to be a relaxed fit, and they were around the legs. But they were tight everywhere else and, like the shirt, left very little to the imagination. She sighed and looked at herself in the mirror. Well, if she wanted Andrew to notice her, she couldn’t miss!

There was a light tapping at the door. That was odd. No one ever knocked, they just barged in. She couldn’t open the door anyway. She heard it again, and this time the door swung open. Andrew stood there holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

“I thought maybe a little celebration was in order . . .” His voice trailed off when he saw what she was wearing. She noticed his stare and struck a brief pose, giggling. He grinned, walked in, and closed the door.

“Wow! You look . . . very sexy!,” he exclaimed as he walked over to her. She blushed and lowered her head. He raised her chin with his finger and looked into her eyes. “I mean it, Deb. You look great!” He smiled warmly and she returned it.

“Thanks,” she said, then noticed the bottle in his hand. “What’s this?”

He grinned and held up the bottle. “I thought since your exercise program is going so great, you might like a little champagne to celebrate!”

“Champagne?,” she asked, examining the bottle. She’d never had alcohol before.

“Uh-huh,” he replied as he struggled with the stubborn cork. He finally got it out with a loud pop and poured two glasses. He passed one to Debbie then clinked them together. “To you, honey. Eleven down and only nine to go!” They each took a drink and sat on the bed, neither speaking.

“Why don’t we watch a movie?,” Andrew suggested as he picked up the remote and turned on the TV. Debbie reached out to stop him, expecting the usual porno to come on, but she was surprised to see the regular channel guide come up. He flipped through the guide and finally stopped on “The Princess Diaries”. ‘Perfect,’ he thought with a smile. ‘Romantic teen crap. Just what the doctor ordered!’

They settled back on the bed, side by side and leaned against the headboard to watch the movie.

About half an hour into it, Andrew refilled their glasses and settled back next to Debbie. He put his arm around her and her heart leapt!

“Do you mind?,” he asked quietly. Debbie shook her head, then nervously laid it on his shoulder. Andrew smiled to himself and clinked their glasses together. “Drink up!,” he said, and watched as she drained her glass. The movie wore on with Debbie making little ‘Aw’ noises every now and then and commenting on something that had just happened. Andrew chatted along with her, pretending he gave a shit about the stupid movie.

He was about to refill her glass for the fourth time when their eyes met. Debbie smiled at him and unconsciously licked her lips. Maybe it was the champagne, but she felt braver, less inhibited. Andrew smiled back and set their glasses on the side table. Her turned back to her and gazed into her eyes. They slowly moved closer until their lips met and Debbie felt herself melting into his arms. She felt his lips part and his tongue probed at her lips. She opened her mouth a little and he pushed his tongue into it, teasing her tongue with his. Debbie wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, returning his kiss eagerly, darting her tongue deep into his throat. Andrew’s hands were on her back, pulling her body even tighter to his.

After a few minutes, she felt his hands move lower, then slip up under her shirt. His touch was gentle and very sensual, but she thought that maybe they were moving too fast. She pulled away.

“Uh, Andrew . . . I . . . I don’t think you should do that . . . not yet, ok?”

He gave her a puzzled look. “Do what?” She fixed him with a ‘you know what I mean’ look and pulled his hands out from under her shirt.

He laughed. “What? That?!” He stood up, still laughing, and moved toward the door.

“You . . . you don’t have to leave!,” she said. “Can’t we just . . . kiss some more?”

He shook his head, still chuckling. “I thought you were ready for an adult relationship, not this teenage make-out crap!” He turned as if to go. Debbie stared at him, stunned.

“Andrew! Wait!,” she cried, leaping from the bed. He stopped and turned to face her.

“I . . I am ready,” she said softly, her eyes lowered. “You just . . . surprised me, and . . .” She raised her eyes to meet his. “I don’t know what you want me to do!” She took his hands in hers and moved closer, her eyes locked on his. “Please,” she pleaded. “Show me?”

Inward, Andrew grinned. ‘Just like clockwork,’ he thought. The drugs he put into her champagne were starting to have the desired effect. Outward, he looked warily at her. “Are you absolutely sure? Because I don’t want to waste my time messing around with a kid!”

Debbie smiled nervously and moved even closer. She wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted. She’d never felt like this before! All she knew for sure was that she didn’t want him to go. “Yes, I’m sure. Just, . . . don’t go, ok?”

He stared into her eyes for a long moment, then smiled warmly. “Ok, Deb. As long as you’re sure.”

The TV suddenly switched to a porno and the sounds of moaning and panting filled the room. Andrew smiled. Donna’s timing was perfect. They watched as a girl sucked on a man’s cock while another girl licked her pussy.

“Does that look like fun to you?,” Andrew asked as he stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders. Debbie stared at the screen, eyes wide.

“D . . . do people actually do that?!”

Andrew casually slid his hands to her waist. “Oh, yes! Would you like me to teach you how?” He leaned down and kissed her neck. She tilted her head back and sighed, enjoying the soft caress of his warm lips on her tingling flesh. He moved his hands to her stomach, slipped them under her shirt and slowly moved them up until he was cupping both of her big tits. She sighed again and he put his lips to her ear. “I can do things to you that will make you feel so good, you’ll beg me not to stop!,” he whispered.

“Yesss,” she sighed as his fingers found her erect nipples and began rubbing and pinching them. He reached down and pulled her shirt off in one quick motion, then brought his hands back to her breasts, caressing them gently.

“Much better!,” he said, kissing her bare shoulder. Debbie sighed. His touch was sending little jolts of electricity through her young body. She knew her nipples were sensitive, but . . . wow! After a few minutes, he moved his hands to the button of her shorts and began working on it. She put her hands on his.

“Andrew, I . . .” His lips stopped their tender kisses

“I thought you said you were ready.” His voice was low and flat.

“I know . . . and I am, I think,” she said. Andrew sighed and turned her to face him. Her large tits barely sagged and her face bore a worried look.

“Look, Deb. I like you.” He smiled and stroked her cheek. “I like you a lot. But I’m older and I need certain things from a woman. If you can’t give me those things, we’re wasting our time here.”

Debbie looked at him then lowered her head. He paused for a few seconds, then turned to leave. She grabbed his arm.

“Wait!,” she said. He turned around and watched as she undid the button of her shorts and wriggled the tight garment over her hips. They fell to the floor at her ankles and she stepped out of them. She looked up at him, wearing only her panties, and smiled nervously. She reached down to her panties to pull them off as well, but he reached out and stopped her. She looked at him, confused.

“First, do me,” he said, placing her hands on his pants. She forced a nervous smile and began unbuttoning them, then lowered the zipper and pulled them down. Andrew kicked them off as he removed his shirt. He glanced over at the TV. A sexy brunette was stuffing a huge dick into her mouth. He pointed at the screen.

“Think you can do that?,” he asked her. Debbie watched the TV for a few seconds, then turned back to him.

“I . . . don’t know.” He sighed, and she added hastily, “But I’ll try!” She suddenly sounded very young.

“Ok, ” he replied, kissing her. “That’s all I ask. Take off my shorts and I’ll tell you what to do.”

Debbie dropped to her knees, watching the girl on the TV devour the huge tool. She looked up and saw the bulge forming in Andrew’s shorts. Lifting her hands to the waistband, she pulled them down and off, revealing his hard, seven inch cock. It stood straight out and she stared at, wondering how he could walk around with that thing in his pants!

“Hold it and stroke it,” he told her. She reached out and grasped the shaft. It was so hard! She looked up at him.

“Go ahead! Stroke it. Back and forth, . . . not too fast! That’s it! Good!” She watched as it slid back and forth through her tiny hand. Precum was oozing from the hole in the tip and her hand and the shaft were soon coated with it. She glanced over at the TV again and saw that the girl had pulled it from her mouth and was rubbing her hand over the large tip. She tried imitating her motions and was surprised at it’s velvet soft texture.

Andrew’s response urged her on. “Ahhh! Yes! Good, Deb!” Debbie smiled. It felt good to please him. After a few seconds, he laid a hand on her head and gently urged her mouth closer to his hard cock.

“Suck it, baby. You can do it! I promise I’ll make it up to you later!” She had no idea what he meant by that. The only thing she could think of was fucking, but her mother had told her it was only pleasant for the man and would actually hurt her the first time she did it. After that, it was just a woman’s duty to please her husband, her mother had said. Debbie was unsure about that. She didn’t like to doubt her mother, but the girls in the movies she’d been watching seemed to be getting some pleasure from it.

Andrew was getting impatient. “Come on, Debbie.” She licked her lips and moved her mouth closer to the bulbous head. Her lips touched it and she opened her mouth, sliding the soft head past her teeth, and over her tongue to the back of her throat.

“Ahhh, yes!,” he sighed as her lips closed around the shaft. “Now slide it in and out of your mouth. Use your tongue, and don’t forget to suck!” She began to do as he requested, her mouth making slurping noises as her saliva dripped from her lips. This wasn’t that bad! It was actually kind of a turn-on! Andrew’s moans and sighs of pleasure urged her on, still trying to please him.

“Very good, baby!,” he said, throwing his head back and sucking in a breath through his clenched teeth. He stopped her a few minutes later and pulled her to her feet.

“How was it?,” he asked her, smiling. She shrugged. She didn’t mind doing it, but the fact that it made him feel good made it worth the effort. She smiled.

“It was ok,” she said. He returned her smile.

“Good. Well, a promise is a promise!” He stuck his tongue out and waggled it, then dropped to his knees in front of her. He grasped the waistband of her panties and pulled laterally. The thin fabric tore apart with a loud ripping sound and fell in pieces to the floor. Debbie jumped, startled by the move.

He looked up at her, a sheepish grin on his face. “Sorry. I’ve always wanted to do that!”

Debbie, now naked before him, suddenly felt very self-conscious. She moved her hands to cover herself, but Andrew caught them and held them to her thighs. He looked up into her eyes.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of, Debbie. Your body is beautiful and you should be proud to show it off.” He smiled up at her and she forced another shy smile. His eyes moved down across her large, firm tits and flat stomach to her pubescent little pussy. Fine, almost invisible blonde hairs covered it. He could see her labia starting to swell and smell the scent of her sex. He moved in and kissed her mons, then her thighs. Then he stood up and pushed her gently back onto the bed.

She looked up at him, her eyes filled with fear. “P . . . please be gentle!” There was a tremor of fear in her voice as her eyes dropped to his hard cock bobbing over her.

He smiled. “Relax, Deb. We’re not going to do that. Well, not yet, anyway.” He dropped to his knees again and crawled between her legs. “First, I’m going to do to you what you just did to me, . . . well sort of! You’ll love it, I promise. Every woman does!” Debbie felt a surge of confidence at his reference to her as a woman. She lay back and tried to relax. Andrew brought his mouth so close to her virgin slit that she could feel his warm breath on it. Then his tongue touched her and she gasped as he licked all along her tiny slit. He was right! This felt real good!

He lifted his head. “Do you like that?”

She nodded. “Yes! Don’t stop!” Grinning, he lowered his head and began licking her pussy, pushing his tongue in deeper and deeper. Debbie began to moan and started rocking her hips to match his oral penetration. Pulling back the little hood that covered her clit, he started teasing it in between licks and she cried out as his soft tongue flicked across the sensitive little nub. He took the tiny bud between his lips and sucked on it as he teased it with the tip of his tongue. At the same time, he slipped a finger into her tight pussy, being careful not to go too deep.

Her reaction was immediate and involuntary. She groaned loudly and her body jerked. “Oh, god! Andrew! I’ve never felt . . . anything like this before!,” she gasped. He intensified his sucking and finger-fucking until her louder cries and spasming body told him she was getting close to cumming. He lifted his face from her dripping pussy, but continued to finger-fuck her and rub her clit with his thumb.

“Do you feel all warm and tingly inside?,” he asked as she squirmed on the bed.

“Y . . . yes!,” she gasped.

“Good. Now I’m going to make you cum. Just relax and enjoy!” He dove back to her pussy and attacked her clit again, nibbling and sucking on it while his finger stroked her small vaginal opening. It didn’t take long.

Debbie felt the tingly sensation suddenly blossom and explode inside her, flooding her young body with pleasure like she had never imagined. She cried out, jerking and spasming uncontrollably as wave after wave of her very first orgasm coursed through her young adolescent body.

Andrew finally released his grip on her clit after her third orgasm, but continued to slowly lick the juices from her twitching pussy. Finally he stopped at Debbie’s plea for mercy and crawled up next to her on the bed. She opened her glassy eyes and smiled contentedly at him.

“Th . . . that was fantastic!,” she exclaimed, panting for air. He leaned over and kissed her, letting her taste her own cum on his lips and tongue. She lay back, licking her lips thoughtfully.

“So, how do you like the taste of pussy?,” he asked, kissing her right nipple.

She started at his touch, then replied. “It’s ok, I guess.”

He suddenly rolled over on top of her. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her inner thigh, only inches from her pussy.

“Time for the main event!,” he said with a grin and adjusted his position so that the tip of his cock was touching her virgin cunt. She looked up at him, the terror returning to her wide eyes.

“N . . .now?! B . . . but I thought. . . !”

He cut her words off. “Honey, you’re wet and well lubricated. Your pussy is ready. This is the best time.”

She swallowed hard. The soft tip did feel good rubbing against her swollen labia. He was right, of course. Besides, she wanted him inside her!

“All right,” she whispered, looking into his eyes. Matching her gaze, he applied pressure to her wet opening. Debbie grimaced as the head forced her open and slipped inside.

“Are you ok?,” he asked, smiling at her. She met his eyes and nodded. He pushed deeper into her tight, wet vagina slowly, struggling to maintain control. Debbie’s hands clenched at his skin as he continued pushing into her. It felt good, kind of. At least there wasn’t any pain, which she found surprising. It did feel like she was being stretched wide open, though. Suddenly, a sharp pinch caused her to cry out as Andrew’s cock reached her barrier. He raised his eyes to hers and shook his head.

“I’m sorry. There’s no easy way to do this!” Before she could reply, he pushed his cock through her hymen and buried it to the hilt in her hot, tight cunt. She cried out again and began crying, tears welling up in her eyes and pouring down her rosy cheeks. He didn’t move, just watched her silently until her sobs eased and she looked up at him. She glared at him with a mixed look of fear, confusion, and possibly hatred.

“Wh . . .why did you d . . .do that!,” she cried, wiping the tears from her face. “Th . . . that really hurts!”

He wiped a tear from her cheek. “I’m sorry, baby. I thought that would be the best way. Get it all over in one shot.” He raised his body up and nodded toward her pussy. “See? All in!” She raised herself up on her elbows and looked down. He was right. His whole length was buried inside her. As the worst of the pain eased, she realized that she could feel it pressing against her tender vaginal walls. He started to pull it back out and the pain flared up again.

“Owww! Andrew! S. . . stop! It still hurts!”

He paused and looked down at her. “Debbie, I’m sorry. I have to move. It’ll feel better in a little while.” Without waiting for her reply, he pulled it out slowly until just the head remained inside. Debbie grimaced and grit her teeth against the pain, but didn’t cry out until he drove it back in. He kept moving in and out of her aching pussy, her cries turning to whimpers as her body got used to the invader and accepted it. He noticed she wasn’t resisting and looked into her eyes.

“Starting to feel better?”

She glared up at him and nodded. “It’s not as bad as before, but still hurts a little.”

“It’ll start to feel real good soon. Even better than when I went down on you if you let it,” he said with a grin as he increased the pace a little. As before, he was right. A few minutes later she began to feel the familiar tingle in her womb. She started moving her hips to meet his thrusts and he began to move even faster.

Before long, they were fucking furiously, their sweaty bodies slapping together amid grunts and moans. Debbie could feel her orgasm building and she was anticipating the climax and release that she knew would soon follow. Andrew kept hammering away at her tight pussy, using all his will power to keep from cumming first.

Finally, Debbie’s moans became louder and her body began to jerk a little. “Oh, shit! Oh, god! Ohhhhh . . .! Ohhhhhhh!!” Her body went completely rigid and Andrew could feel her already tight pussy squeezing his cock even tighter, making it impossible for him to move. He was all the way in and her muscle contractions were making it very difficult to keep from shooting his load inside her. He had other plans, as per Donna’s instructions.

Suddenly, Debbie’s body went rigid, then began to jerk wildly as she climaxed and released. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Unggggg!!,” she grunted, tossing her head from side to side. Andrew groaned as she squeezed his cock, forcing himself not to cum. She wailed and moaned loudly as she came over and over, her nails digging into his back.

She finally eased her vise-like grip on his cock and he pulled it out, then drove it back in again. She screamed and came again, her cry diminishing to a low gurgle as her orgasm subsided. He held his cock in her for a few minutes until she opened her eyes, licked her lips, and smiled dreamily at him. He returned her smile and slowly slid his cock back out. He started fucking her again, this time with longer, slower strokes. Debbie sighed and closed her eyes, the contented smile still on her lips.

He kept up the slow fuck for maybe two or three minutes until he felt himself getting close to cumming. Then he pulled his throbbing cock from her dripping cunt, the shaft glistening with her juices, and crawled up onto the bed and knelt next to her head.

“Suck me!,” he gasped, pushing his wet cock into her face. “Suck my cock!” Debbie opened her eyes and looked at him. His eyes were wild. She looked at the slick cock hanging in her face and tentatively grasped it in her small hand.

“Yes! Now suck me off!,” he exclaimed. “I want to cum in your mouth!”

Debbie was moving his cock toward her open mouth, but stopped when he said he wanted to cum in her mouth. She couldn’t imagine the gooey white semen in her mouth! It seemed disgusting!

“A . . . Andrew! No! I . . .I . . .can’t!,” she pleaded.

“Do it!,” he ordered through clenched teeth. “Or I’ll make you do it!” She looked up into his wild eyes and angry face. Terrified, she opened her mouth and slipped the juicy organ inside, tasting her own fresh juices on it’s slick surface. As soon as she did, Andrew grabbed her by the hair and began to move her head back and forth, fucking her mouth. Debbie tried not to gag as he pushed it to the back of her throat over and over. He was really scaring her! What had she done to make him so mad? Before she could give it any further thought, he thrust to the back of her throat and groaned. A second later, a warm, thick, salty substance filled her mouth and ran down her throat.

“Swallow it!,” he commanded through clenched teeth, giving her head a jerk. Trying hard not to gag on the thick cum, Debbie managed to get some down, but his cock kept shooting more of it into her mouth and it started to seep from the corners of her mouth and run down her chin. She forced down a couple more mouthfuls before he pulled his spent cock from her lips. He grinned at her. “You missed some.” He scooped a gob from her chin and put his finger to her mouth. She obediently parted her lips and sucked it clean, then sat watching him in silence as he dressed. He walked over to the door and unlocked it.

“I’ll tell Donna you’ll be ready to go to work as soon as you lose the rest of your weight. In the meantime, I’m sure she has some more training planned for you!” And then he was gone. Debbie looked at the closed door for a few seconds, then collapsed sobbing on the bed, her tears mixing with the drying cum on her face.

– To Be Continued… –