Michelle was half carried, half dragged naked through the halls and thrown into a room with a chair, a couch, and a bed. There was nothing else in it. The two guards left, locking the door behind them and leaving the scared and crying little girl in a fetal position on the floor. After a while – it felt like hours – she crawled over to a corner and sat huddled against the wall, her knees pulled to her chest. She had finally run out of tears, but her cheeks were stained with streaks and her eyes were swollen from what seemed like hours of crying.

She jumped, startled, as the door opened and Donna walked in, her cold eyes locking on Michelle, still huddled in the corner. Donna’s mouth curled into a smile, but their was no warmth in it. Michelle hugged her knees tighter to try and ease her shaking.

“Well, my dear,” Donna sighed in a nonchalant tone of voice, “What am I going to do with you?” She paused, then walked over and sat in the chair. She stared back at the scared and naked teen and waved toward the couch. “Have a seat, Michelle. We need to have a little talk.”

Michelle looked into her gray eyes and decided that she had better obey. She slowly rose to her feet and shakily walked over and sat on the edge of the couch, her eyes lowered. Donna eyed her for a moment, then leaned back in her chair and crossed her long, slender legs.

“Now, I understand that it can be a little scary the first time on camera, but . . .” She leaned forward, her eyes burning. “When I tell you to do something, you fucking well do it!!”

Michelle recoiled in fear at her harsh words and began to sob again. Donna surveyed the terrified girl for a moment, then continued. Her voice was softer, but still firm.

“Now, I’ve seen you give head before. Why wouldn’t you do it on camera?”

Michelle forced herself to meet her eyes. “I . . .I . . . don’t know. I . . . just . . . couldn’t move,” she blurted out between sobs.

Donna took a deep breath and shook her head. “Well, we’re going to have to break you of your nervousness. I can’t have you holding up production. Maybe a good gang-bang would loosen those inhibitions.” Michelle’s eyes widened in horror. Donna continued, pretending not to notice her fear. “Or maybe I should just save myself the headache and sell you to a street pimp.”

“No!,” Michelle cried out, then in a small voice added, “Couldn’t I just go home?”

Donna chuckled. “Honey, this is your home! And I am your master! Get used to it.” She went over to the door and knocked twice. It opened and Mike walked in, followed by Bill, both wearing white bathrobes. They stood next to the door, their hands clasped behind their backs. Michelle could see the large bulges at the front of their robes and knew what was coming.

Donna went over to her and pulled her to her feet. She put a finger under Michelle’s chin and raised her teary eyes to hers. “We’re going to have a little party,” she said with a sneer. “Just the four of us. And when we’re finished, you’re going to know a lot more about sucking, fucking, and pussy licking than you ever thought possible!”

Michelle looked over at Bill and Mike, who were grinning widely, then back to Donna and she started sobbing even more. Donna’s hand came up and slapped her hard across the cheek, leaving a large red welt.

“That’s enough of that fucking bawling! Now get on your knees and start licking my pussy, slut!” She undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor, followed quickly by her panties, to reveal a completely shaved pussy. She put her hands on Michelle’s shoulders and pushed her to her knees. “Lick, bitch!,” she screamed and pulled Michelle’s face to her steaming cunt by the hair. Michelle’s lips were crushed against Donna’s bare labia. She stuck out her tongue and started slowly licking the moist pussy.

“That’s it!,” Donna said, easing the pressure on her head slightly. “Now, go deep, you little whore! Fuck me with your tongue!” Michelle realized her situation was hopeless and pushed her tongue as far into Donna’s wet hole as she could, licking all around and hoping it was what she wanted her to do.

“Good, good!,” Donna said, moving her hips to Michelle’s tonguing. She kept this up for a moment or two until Donna said, “Now, suck my clit!”

Michelle pulled her face from the warm, wet depths of Donna’s pussy, her face and chin wet with her juices, and locked her lips over the erect little bud. She began to suck on it, then started flicking her tongue across it when Donna ordered her to. Soon Donna began to sigh and moan.

“Yes!!,” she whispered, her breath coming in short little pants as Michelle’s tongue brought her nearer and nearer to orgasm. There was nothing quite as erotic as a young girl’s tongue in her cunt! Eventually, she began to rock her hips faster, her hands holding Michelle’s face to her spasming pussy.

“Oh, yes!! Oh, yess!!!! Yesss!!!!,” she cried as she came, her pussy flooding Michelle’s mouth with her juices. She made sure Michelle lapped up and swallowed all of her cum, then sat back in the chair opposite the young girl.

“You did very good! I don’t always cum like that!,” she said with a satisfied smile.

Michelle felt like crawling into a hole and dying. Just the idea of doing what she was just made to do disgusted her. Donna grinned at her, then turned to Bill and Mike.

“Ok, guys! Your turn!” Donna’s grin widened as she saw the terror forming on Michelle’s face. “What? You didn’t think that they weren’t going to have a go at you, too?!” She laughed as the guys dropped their robes and came forward toward Michelle. “Just wait until you see what we have planned for you, my little slut!”

Donna stood up and removed her blouse and bra, revealing a very sexy set of C-cups. She took Michelle by the arm and led her to one end of the couch, then bent her over it so that her small round ass was pointing up in the air and her face was buried in the cushions. Mike walked over and stood behind her while Donna knelt next to her head.

“Ok, whore! This is where you become a woman! Brace yourself!” She nodded at Mike, who placed both hands on Michelle’s tiny curved hips, spread her legs with his feet, and began rubbing his thick, nine inch cock along her tiny virgin slit. Michelle was past tears. She buried her face in the cushion and gripped the couch as she prepared to be raped by this huge cock.

“Don’t hold back because she’s a virgin, Mike,” Donna said. “Treat her like the little cum-slut that she is!”

Mike nodded with a grin and applied pressure, working his huge organ into her tiny hole. Michelle’s knuckles turned white as she gripped the couch, her screams muffled by the cushions. He finally worked his thick head in, the thickness of it stretching her lips until they all but disappeared.

“She is a little tighty, isn’t she!,” Donna exclaimed merrily. Mike managed a grin and nodded. Her pussy was clamping down tight on his big meat and he knew he really needed to concentrate to keep from cumming before Donna wanted him to. He continued pushing his long rod deep into the depths of her untouched pussy. He felt more resistance as his cock came to, then ripped through her hymen. Michelle’s screams increased to wails of pain, but he kept pushing until his entire nine inches was buried inside the fourteen year old’s pussy.

Donna held up a hand, indicating for him to hold it there. Mike nodded gratefully. He was still struggling to maintain control as Michelle’s soft vagina walls clamped and squeezed his thick cock.

Donna grabbed a handful of Michelle’s hair and raised her tear-streaked face from the cushion. She gave the tortured teen a crooked grin.

“How does that feel, slut! Get used to it! There are going to be a lot of cocks in that cunt of yours!”

Michelle couldn’t reply. The pain was almost unbearable. It felt like the huge cock buried inside her was going to rip her in half.

“Wait! Don’t answer yet! We’re just getting started!” She nodded to Mike, who pulled part way out, then drove his big cock all the way back into her in one fluid motion. Donna was still holding her head up and she screamed in pain as Mike reamed in and out of her tortured pussy. After a few minutes, her cries eased up a little and Mike could feel her loosening up a bit. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep it up much longer, though.

“Can’t . . . last . . . much . . . longer!,” he panted as he thrust in and out of her. Donna nodded and motioned Bill over. Mike pulled out and, at Donna’s direction, sat in the chair, his purple head glistening with Michelle’s fluids, including blood. Donna and Bill pulled the hapless girl to her feet, then pushed her to her hands and knees in front of Mike.

“Suck his cock, slut!,” Donna ordered.

Too weary to fight, Michelle took the wet, bloody tool into her mouth and began to suck on it, still sobbing.

“Don’t forget to swallow!,” Donna said and Michelle shuddered at the thought of the sticky white goo in her mouth. But she knew she had no choice and kept on sucking. While she was preoccupied with Mike’s cock, Bill moved behind her and without warning, pushed his own seven inch cock into her aching cunt.

Michelle cried out in surprise and pain, but compared to Mike’s cock, Bill’s wasn’t too bad. As she slurped away at Mike’s cock, Bill pounded at her pussy. Eventually, the pain was overpowered by much more pleasurable feelings.

‘Holy shit!,’ she thought. ‘I’m going to cum!’ Donna was watching her and noticed the change in her expression. She motioned for Bill to pull out. Michelle, felling cheated, pushed her hips back, searching for Bill’s cock.

“Uh-uh, slut, you’re being punished, remember? No pleasure for you today!,” Donna scolded, slapping her bare ass. Michelle was frustrated at being so close to cumming, but continued to suck on Mike’s cock. Soon, his breathing became shallow and he got a look almost like pain on his face.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!,” he moaned. Suddenly, his body went tense and Michelle felt a surge from his balls and his cock twitch in her mouth. A spilt second later, Mike groaned and her mouth was flooded with his thick, salty, semen. Donna’s hand held her head in place.

“Swallow it! Every drop!,” she hissed. Michelle forced herself to swallow the thick goo a second before he erupted again, filling her mouth a second time. She managed to swallow most of it, but some leaked around her lips and ran down Mike’s shaft to pool at the base.

“Keep sucking and swallowing until he’s done, then lick up what you missed!,” Donna ordered.

Michelle swallowed what seemed like a gallon of cum before Mike’s cock finally stopped spurting. Donna allowed her to lift her head from the deflating cock. Sticky strings of fresh cum hung between her teeth and the inside of her mouth was coated with it.

“Lick it all up!,” Donna ordered, pointing to the puddle of semen that had escaped from her lips. Michelle quickly did as she was told, believing her punishment to finally be over.

“Very good, whore,” Donna said when she’d finished. “Now go over and lie on your back on the bed, legs over the edge.”

Michelle’s face fell. So it wasn’t over. Donna saw her expression and grinned.

“You thought it was over? Oh, no, my little cum slut! We have one more lesson!”

Michelle walked over to the bed, limping from the pounding her pussy had just endured. She lay down on the bed as instructed, trying to prepare her aching twat for another onslaught. Bill walked up to her while Donna and Mike stood on either side of him. They each pulled one of her legs up and folded it to her chest. Donna crawled up behind her head and held them in place. Michelle watched as Bill squirted some kind of gel into his hands, then rubbed it all over his hard cock. He passed the tube to Mike, who also squeezed some into his hand.

“You see, Michelle,” Donna said softly, her face hovering near Michelle’s. “there’s still one more hole that you haven’t had a cock in yet!” She grinned as she saw the fear turn to terror on Michelle’s face.

“Noooo!,” she cried as Mike rubbed the KY onto her tiny asshole.

“Oh, yes, my little cock-sucking, cum-drinking, cunt-licking, and now, ass-fucking little whore!,” Donna said, an evil grin on her face. Michelle squirmed, but Mike and Donna held her in position as Bill placed the head of his cock to her tiny rosebud and pushed. Michelle screamed even louder than before as Bill’s cock forced her open and slipped inside her back door.

“Owwww!,” she cried, tears once more running down her cheeks. Her ass burned as Bill’s cock was slowly pushed deep into her bowels, stretching her to the point where she felt they may tear her wide open. She felt his balls slapping against her ass cheeks as he bottomed out. He began a long, slow fuck, her cries drowning out his moans as her sphincter muscles contracted on his rock hard cock.

After a minute or two, Donna noticed Mike’s cock was starting to get hard again. She beckoned him over and took his semi-hard cock into her mouth, caressing it expertly with her tongue until he was fully hard again.

“Pick her up, Bill,” she said. “And lay on your back. Be careful not to let your dick slip out!” Bill nodded and picked up the small girl. Being careful not to let his cock slip from her tight asshole, he lay back on the bed, pulling the sobbing young girl with him. Michelle only moaned, barely conscious of anything past the burning pain in her ass.

Mike, sensing what Donna had in mind, stepped between Bill and Michelle’s spread legs, laid his huge prick on Michelle’s tortured pussy. He nodded, waiting for her signal to proceed. Donna leaned over next to Michelle’s head.

“Michelle,” she whispered into her ear. “Can you hear me?”

Michelle barely heard her in her semi-conscious state. “Huh?,” she murmured. Donna pinched one of her nipples.

“Ow!,” she cried, suddenly awake, the pain in her ass as pure as ever.

Donna smiled. “Welcome back, my little slut. Since you seem to be enjoying Bill’s cock in your ass, I thought you might like to have Mike’s in your cunt, too!” Before Michelle could start to protest, Donna nodded at Mike and he pushed his thick, hard cock all the way into her tight pussy. Michelle screamed in pain, but no one paid any attention as both men started fucking her simultaneously. They could each feel the other’s cock through the thin membrane that separated her anal cavity from her pussy. Michelle’s screams eventually gave way to moans and sobs as her young body was used and abused by her captors. Soon the cries disappeared and she only moaned, the feelings of pleasure once again taking over. And once again, Donna stopped her pleasure. She had Mike take his hard cock from her pussy, then lift the nearly unconscious girl from Bill’s cock. Michelle tried to stand and nearly fell down. Her legs felt like rubber and there was a steady ache between her legs.

“On your knees, slut! Finish them both off with your mouth!,” Donna demanded and Mike pushed her to her knees. He shoved his cock to her lips and she automatically opened her mouth and took it inside. Bill stood beside him. Donna placed one of Michelle’s hands on Bill’s cock, pulled from her steamy bowels only a few seconds earlier.

“Suck one while you jerk off the other, then switch. Keep it up until they both cum in your face!”

Michelle was slipping back into unconsciousness. Donna slapped her face and Mike started fucking her mouth. After a few moments, he pulled out and Bill pushed his hard shaft in. Michelle was aware of the sickly bitter taste of her own bowels on Bill’s cock, but she didn’t have the strength to fight. She let him fuck her mouth until he pulled out and shot a thick stream of cum across her face, landing on her lips, tongue, and nose. A second later, Mike’s cock erupted, splattering her face, then her tits and hair. They each pushed their cocks back into her mouth so she could clean them off, then put their robes on and left.

Michelle remained on her knees, her eyes vacant and cum covering her face, hair, and body. Donna had gotten dressed and sat on the bed watching her.

“The next time I tell you to do something, maybe you’ll do it! Or there’ll be a line of guys waiting to fuck you in every orifice you’ve got until you pass out! Then we’ll wake you up and keep going!” Donna’s eyes bore into her. “You got it!? Whore!?”

Michelle slowly nodded, still dazed and her body aching.

“Good!” Donna stood up and walked to the door. She turned and took another long look at the battered young girl, then left without saying another word. Michelle didn’t move for a long moment. Slowly, she crumpled to the floor, curled up into a ball, and cried herself to sleep.

The next week passed relatively event free. Debbie found herself looking forward to her daily workouts, even though she wouldn’t speak to Andrew. She had been heartbroken for a few days after their night together, when she’d given herself more or less willingly to him. Eventually, the heartbreak changed to anger, then acceptance. He had tried to talk to her on a student-teacher level on the first day afterward, but she just went about her exercises without replying. By the end of the week, he would just lead her to the workout room, let her in, then lock the door behind her. A couple of hours later, he would return and escort her back to her room. On the plus side, the weight and inches melted away and she soon found herself fitting into sizes she had only dreamed she could wear. She really did look good, she thought. Then reality hit and she sunk back into depression, wondering if she and her friends would ever know freedom again.

Katie and Jessica became closer. They made love every night and usually at least once during the day. Jessica taught her how to use a dildo and they experimented with many different positions and techniques. Once, using a dildo, Jessica showed a disbelieving Katie the pleasures of anal sex. She watched in rapt fascination as Jessica slowly slid the fake penis in her tiny asshole. Her moans and sighs of pleasure as she brought herself to orgasm convinced the doubting Katie that there was something to it, but she just couldn’t bring herself to try it.

Carrie spent a lot of time alone in her room. She tried to befriend the elderly Chinese woman who brought her food and clean clothes, but the woman only smiled and bowed politely. Carrie decided that she either couldn’t speak English, or was told not to converse with any of the girls and was pretending not to. She was sure she caught a flicker of compassion in her ancient eyes once when she asked if she could please go home.

She watched a lot of TV, for lack of anything else to do. Most of the time it was just a steady stream of porn, but it was better than staring at the walls. She watched how the girls acted; their facial expressions, body language. She practiced mimicking their movements and expressions in front of the mirror, sometimes naked, much to the delight of the men on the other side.

Michelle was eventually taken back to her room. She cleaned herself up and crawled into bed, her tender pussy and anus aching from the brutal gang bang. She remained there for two full days, only getting up to shower and use the bathroom. She showered two or three times a day, never feeling like she was completely clean. She finally put on some clothes on the third day. Occasionally, she would turn on the TV and stare blankly at the sex on the screen. It was like she was in a daze; walking around in a thick fog. Donna watched her from behind the mirror, shaking her head.

“Damn! She’s really fucked up!,” she said to no one in particular.

“Should we pay her a visit?,” Dave asked hopefully. He wanted a shot at the hot little brunette himself. Donna thought for a moment, then shook her head.

“No, I don’t think that would help. It might even make things worse at this point,” she replied, still watching as Michelle stared at the TV. “But maybe some female companionship would bring her around.” She walked from the room, deep in thought, and nearly bumped into Andrew in the hall.

“Oh, sorry, Andrew,” she mumbled, stepping around him. Then she stopped and turned back to him. “Andrew, how is Debbie doing?”

He shrugged. “Ok, I guess. She won’t talk to me anymore, but she’s lost over twenty-five pounds and still works out every day.”

“Ahhh . . . I see,” Donna replied, nodding. “Well, no matter. She did what we wanted her to do. Good job!” She turned and went down the hall to Debbie’s room. She opened the door and found Debbie lying on the bed wearing only her panties, propped up against her pillow watching TV. She jumped up and grabbed a t-shirt when Donna entered, a look of trepidation on her face.

“Hello, Debbie. You’re looking very nice!” She studied her now slender frame, her large tits firm and high.

Debbie still looked warily at her but she managed a thin smile and said, “Thank you.”

Donna motioned toward the bed. “Have a seat. I want to talk to you about something.”

Debbie sat on the edge of the bed and started to fold her arms over her naked breasts, then stopped herself and dropped her arms to her sides. Donna sat in the chair and smiled to herself as she watched Debbie’s hands drop.

“It’s ok. You can put something on if you want to.”

Debbie started to reach for the t-shirt again, then reconsidered and settled back down topless. “N . . .no. I . . .I’m ok,” she stammered.

Donna shrugged. “Suit yourself. I’ll get straight to the point. How would you like a room mate?” Debbie’s eyebrows went up in surprise. This wasn’t what she’d been expecting, unless the room mate was a guy who was always supposed to have sex with her.

“A . . . a room mate?”

Donna flashed her cold, emotionless smile. “Yes. Do you remember Michelle?” Debbie nodded. She’d often wondered what had happened to her after she’d been dragged away.

“Well, she’s having a tough time recovering from her punishment. I think a friend her own age may be just what she needs and I thought maybe you might be interested. You seemed quite close the day of the shoot.”

Debbie nodded. “I’d like that.” Christ! What did they do to her?

“Good!,” Donna said, once again flashing the cold, toothy smile. “Get dressed and I’ll take you to your new room. It’s . . .” She looked around the small, plainly furnished room. ” a little bigger than this one and has a few more amenities.”

Debbie dressed quickly and Donna led her down a series of halls to room similar to Katie and Jessica’s suite. Debbie looked at it in awe.

“You see, ” Donna said as she walked through the large suite. “If you do as you’re told, life here isn’t so bad.” She watched as Debbie explored the rooms. “You did real well in the movie. Keep it up, and there will be even more rewards.” Her face turned dark. “But disobey, and, well . . .” There was a knock at the door. Donna opened it to find a very disheveled looking Michelle on the other side. Donna led her in and sat her on one of the couches. Debbie gasped at the sight of the girl she had met only a week ago and couldn’t believe the change in her. It was as if she didn’t care how she looked or dressed, and her eyes held a blank stare, as if focused on something in the far distance that no one else could see.

Donna brushed a strand of hair from her face, eliciting no response, and turned to Debbie. “See if you can snap her out of it, ok?” Then she went out and closed the door, leaving the two girls alone.

Debbie walked quickly over to Michelle and touched her arm. “Michelle? Are you ok?” Debbie sat next to her on the couch and picked up her limp hand. “Michelle? Please say something! My god, what did they do to you?!” Michelle slowly turned her head toward her and Debbie saw a flicker of recognition in the vacant eyes. A single tear ran down her cheek.

“D . . . Debbie? Is that really you?,” she whispered.

Debbie squeezed her hand. “Yes, it’s me! Are you all right?” Michelle stared at her for a long moment, as if she didn’t believe what she was seeing, then threw her arms around her neck and started sobbing, her body shaking.

“Oh, Debbie! They . . . they . . .” She began crying uncontrollably, her tears flowing down her pretty face. Debbie held her for a long time while she cried, not knowing what else to do.

Finally, Michelle lifted her face from Debbie’s shoulder. “Oh, no! Your shirt! It’s all wet!,” she said, sniffling.

Debbie smiled and stroked her limp hair. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not like I paid for it or anything!” Her smile widened to a grin and Michelle managed to smile back weakly. “Come on, let’s get you into bed so you can rest,” she said, pulling the small fragile looking girl to her feet gently. Michelle looked around.

“Who’s room is this?”

“It’s ours,” Debbie replied with a smile. “We’re gonna be roomies!”

Michelle’s eyes lit up in surprised disbelief. “Really?!”

Debbie nodded. “Uh-huh. Just wait until you see the bedroom and bathroom!” They went into the bedroom and Michelle stared in stunned disbelief at the luxurious fixtures and the king-size canopy bed.

“This . . . is really ours?!,” she exclaimed, her eyes wide in amazement.

“That’s what Donna said,” Debbie replied. She noticed Michelle cringe at the mention of their tormentor’s name and made a mental note not to use it around her. “I’m afraid we’ll have to share the bed. Or I could sleep on the couch. I don’t mind,” she added.

Michelle gripped her arm. “No! I mean, I don’t mind sharing with you, if you don’t.”

Debbie shook her head. “No, of course not.”

“Actually,” Michelle said, “It would be . . . comforting . . . to have a friend nearby.” She smiled shyly at Debbie and Debbie hugged her.

“Yes, it sure would,” she replied. “I’m here if you ever need me . . . to talk, or for anything else, ok?”

“Thank you,” Michelle whispered and crawled under the covers. Debbie tucked her in and turned to go, but Michelle gripped her arm. Debbie looked down at her and saw that the terror had returned to her eyes.

“Please don’t go. I don’t think I can be alone right now,” she pleaded.

Debbie smiled. “I guess it’s time I went to bed, anyway.” She went around to the other side of the bed, pulled off her jeans, and slipped under the covers. Michelle slid over next to her, nestling in close. Debbie put a comforting arm around her new friend. After a moment, Michelle spoke.

“Don’t ever disobey them, Debbie. The things they’ll do to you . . .” Her voice trailed off and she began to cry again. Debbie held her tightly.

“Ssshhh . . . don’t think about it. It’s going to be ok.” Michelle’s sobs eventually stopped as she drifted off to sleep in Debbie’s arms. Debbie lay awake for a while, trying to imagine the awful things they must have done to change the sweet, innocent girl she’d know only a week ago into this traumatized person sleeping next to her. Eventually, she too fell into a restless slumber.

Two days later, Katie awoke alone. She called out to Jessica but there was ono reply. Puzzled, she threw the covers from her naked body and padded out to the living room. But Jessica wasn’t there. She spotted a note on the coffee table and picked it up.

‘Be back soon. Take a shower and get dressed. Love, J.’

She looked around and saw one of the cheerleader outfits lying on the couch. Her heart sunk. She knew what it meant. She sighed, went into the bathroom, and showered. As she toweled herself dry, she tried to mentally prepare herself for what she knew was in store for the day. At least Jessica would be there. That would make it a little easier.

Wrapping the towel around her damp hair, she went out into the living room, picked up her costume, and carried it over to the makeup table in the bedroom. She dumped the skimpy clothing on the bed and went to work drying and fixing her hair. She was just finishing up when she heard the door open in the other room.

“Jess?,” she called, rising from her seat. She went over to the doorway and looked out to see Jessica and Mike standing in the other room. “Oh, hi, Mike!,” she said. Then what little modesty she had left kicked in and she dashed back into the bedroom to get dressed. She was just pulling the skirt on when they both came to the bedroom door. Jessica licked her lips at the sight of her lover’s bare tits and grinned.

“Don’t cover up just because we’re here, beautiful!,” she said, her eyes roaming over Katie’s tight young body.

Katie shot her a scolding look. “Oh, stop it! Didn’t you get enough last night?” She pulled the tight top over her head and adjusted it over her tits.

“I could never get enough of that hot body! Don’t you agree, Mike?”

Mike chuckled. “Just listening to you two is giving me wood!”

Jessica kissed him quickly and gave him a seductive look. “You just keep that thought, stud!”

Katie walked over, a little annoyed at Jessica for openly flirting in front of her. “All ready. Let’s go,” she said, pushing past them. Mike shot a questioning look at Jessica, who shrugged it off and followed Katie out the door.

Michelle had just finished her breakfast. Her appetite had returned in the two days she’d been staying with Debbie and she was starting to feel almost normal again, although terrible dreams still haunted her sleep. She suspected that they always would.

Debbie came out of the bathroom and sat down beside her on the couch. “So what do you want to do today?,” she asked, brushing the hair from Michelle’s eyes. They had become close friends over the past two days. Michelle had eventually told her what they had done to her and Debbie was shocked to hear what she had endured. She wondered if she would be able to keep it together as well as Michelle appeared to be doing. Although her physical wounds were healing and the pain had gone, emotionally she was still very fragile.

Michelle shrugged as she pushed her empty plate away. “We can either watch TV or stare at the walls!” She grinned. “Your choice!”

Debbie returned her grin and rolled her eyes. “Well, at least you’re getting your sense of humor back!” She was reaching for the remote control when the door opened and Donna walked in. Debbie froze, her hand halfway to the remote on the coffee table. Michelle gripped her arm, her eyes locked on Donna.

“Well, my dear, you certainly look a lot better!,” Donna exclaimed as she walked toward them. Her face was twisted in the same emotionless smile she usually wore. Michelle huddled closer to Debbie, but her eyes never left Donna.

“Now, now,” Donna admonished. “Don’t be shy! I’m here to offer you a chance to redeem yourself!” The girls just stared at her. Debbie could feel Michelle start to tremble.

Donna sat down in the armchair across the coffee table from where they sat. “We’re going to finish the movie we started the other day. You can cooperate, do as you’re told, and you can both come back here tonight.” She paused and focused her eyes on Michelle. “If you don’t want to be cooperative, I have no further use for you and you will be sold to an acquaintance of mine. And I promise you, he isn’t as nice as I am!” She watched them for their reaction, then her face darkened and her voice turned more menacing. “And you won’t be going alone, Michelle. You two are in this together.” She stood up. “I’ll give you one hour to think it over. If you’re not ready when I return, I’ll take that as a ‘no’ and you can start your new careers as street whores tonight. It’s entirely up to you.” With that, she walked out without looking back.

“Shit!,” Debbie exclaimed under her breath after Donna had left. She turned to Michelle. “We can’t let that happen, Michelle! Do you think you can do it?”

Michelle closed her eyes and a pained expression crossed her pretty face. “Yes,” she whispered. “I have to. I can’t let her take you away, too!” A look of anger clouded Debbie’s features.

“That fucking bitch! I’d like to . . .”

“Sshhhhh!,” Michelle said, raising a finger to her lips. “They’re probably listening!”

“I don’t care!,” Debbie exclaimed, standing up and raising her voice. “We’re only fourteen! What they’re doing is illegal! Even if we were willing to do it, we’re still too young!”

“Please!,” Michelle pleaded. “You’ll only make things worse! I can do it! Just please stop talking like that!”

Donna watched and listened from behind the mirror, shaking her head in disappointment. “She’s too fucked up. She’ll never be able to fuck on film. And Debbie’s so attached to her, she’ll be no good either. Shit! I should never have put them together!” She picked up a phone and dialed a number.

“We’re going to have to reshoot without Debbie and Michelle. Set it up.” She hung up the phone and dialed another number.

“It’s me. . . yes, two . . . fourteen . . . yes, very . . . the usual deal . . . is an hour ok? . . .good.” She hung up the phone and looked again at the two girls, shaking her head. “Such a waste.” She watched them embrace, then left the room, still shaking her head.

Debbie pulled away. “Come on. We’d better get ready. Are you sure you can do this?” Michelle wiped her tears and nodded.

“I’ll do what I have to . . . don’t worry,” she said, trying to smile.

Debbie took her hands. “Just try to relax. It won’t be fun, but it won’t be nearly as bad as what they did to you.”

“I know,” Michelle whispered, looking deep into Debbie’s eyes. Debbie found herself moving closer to Michelle. Their lips met and parted in a warm, loving kiss. Michelle started probing with her tongue until Debbie opened her mouth and allowed her in. They held their tight, passionate embrace for several minutes, neither wanting the tender kiss to end. Finally, Debbie pulled away and looked into Michelle’s emerald green eyes. She smiled and Michelle smiled back.

“Don’t leave me alone,” Michelle said softly.

“I won’t. I promise.”

They walked toward the bathroom, hand in hand, to shower and get ready.

An hour later, the door opened and Donna stepped in, followed by the same two men who had helped her kidnap Debbie, Carrie, and Katie that night that now seemed so long ago.

“Time’s up!,” Donna exclaimed. “What’s it going to be?” Michelle and Debbie were sitting side by side on the couch and both stood up.

“We’re ready,” Debbie said, squeezing Michelle’s hand. Donna smiled her cold smile and stepped to one side, waving them out the door. Donna followed them out and the two men led them down the hall. They stopped by the elevator and Donna pushed the button to summon it. Michelle and Debbie exchanged a puzzled look. They hadn’t been on the elevator since the day they’d been brought here.

“Where . . . where are you taking us?,” Debbie asked, gripping Michelle’s hand firmly. The doors slid open and they were hustled inside. Donna didn’t answer Debbie’s question. The two men stepped in and the doors slid closed. Donna inserted a key from a chain around her neck and the elevator began moving upward. Debbie opened her mouth to ask again where they were going, but a stern look from Donna silenced her. The elevator stopped a few seconds later and the doors slid open. They walked down a short hall and through a door into the same warehouse they’d been brought here through. A black Cadillac Escalade was parked at the bottom of the stairs. Donna started down the steps and the two men pushed the girls along after her.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, the door of the black SUV opened and a mean looking man in a leather jacket and a shaved head stepped out. Donna walked over and shook his hand as they exchanged pleasantries.

The man spoke with Donna in hushed tones that the girls couldn’t hear, then looked over at them, his eyes taking in every inch of their scantily clad young bodies. He nodded to Donna and tapped on the tinted window of the big truck. As he passed a thick envelope to Donna, the back door of the truck opened and a very large black man emerged from it. Debbie’s eyes went wide as she remembered Donna’s warning about selling them to work on the street and realized that was what was happening. She tried to make a run for it, but one of the men grabbed her by the collar while the other held Michelle’s arms behind her back.

“Nooo!,” Debbie screamed as she fought to free herself. “You said you’d give us a chance!!” Donna walked over to her and stared into her eyes.

“Such a waste,” was all she said before going back up the stairs. The two guards, with the help of the black man, forced them into the truck and closed the door. The black man climbed in back with them while the other man got in the drivers’ seat and started the engine. The warehouse doors opened, and the Escalade disappeared into the night.

– To Be Continued… –