I was newly divorced and had taken a few weeks off work to try and adjust to my new life as a bachelor. It felt strange to be single again at the age of 45 and I couldn’t stop thinking about how it would feel to have sex with a different woman after fifteen years of marriage. I decided to drive down to the coast and visit an old friend of mine, Richard, who lived down there with his wife whom I had never met. I called him a few times on my mobile but only got his answering service. I left a message and said that I would be in the vicinity for a week or so and that it would be great if we could get together for a drink after such a long time. An hour later I checked into a picturesque seaside hotel and then took a walk along the beach breathing in the invigorating air. It was early March and still quite cold.

Later that evening I was sitting in the lounge bar reading the paper and sipping a drink when I glanced up as I heard the tapping of high heels coming into the room. A tall slim woman of about 38 walked in and I reacted to the fact that she was wearing extremely high stiletto heels, something that had always turned me on and which my wife hated. The woman was wearing a rather strict dress suit with a tight dark skirt that came to just above the knees. She had jet black hair cut in a page style and her lips were a dark crimson colour. She was slim with firm breasts and a narrow waist – she was simply stunning. Her sheer black stockings and 5-inch black patent leather pumps accentuated her shapely legs and buttocks and I felt a stirring in my groin as she walked by with just a slight glance at me. I couldn’t help thinking that she must be wearing a suspender belt, as the stockings were the fully-fashioned type.

I watched her walk through the lounge and out on to the veranda and then decided to have something to eat, but before I could get up my phone rang and I saw that it was Richard returning my call.

He apologised for not getting back and asked where I was staying. I told him the name of the hotel and he said that he would join me for a drink. Half an hour later we were chatting about the old times as if the last 7 years hadn’t existed. He told me that he was happily married to a “very sexy lady” but they had no children. I didn’t get into the whole divorce thing with him, as I knew he never really liked my wife and probably thought that the divorce was the best thing that had happened to me.

He couldn’t stay for long but invited me for dinner the following evening to meet the wife and as a second thought said, “Jimmy, why don’t you stay with us? We’ve got a bloody great house with tons of room and you can do your own thing. We live by the beach and the guest bungalow is self sufficient.” I hesitated thinking that I really needed some time to myself but he just said, “It’s settled then, call me tomorrow and I’ll give you directions, great – really great.”

As he turned to leave the woman I had seen earlier came into the bar and Richard, to my surprise, jumped up and said, “Hi Lorraine, what are you doing here? How are you?” She stopped and smiled, walked over and kissed him on the cheek. “Richard darling, you look wonderful. It’s been a while.” Her voice was low and sexy and I couldn’t stop staring at her. She glanced at me as Richard introduced us then she shook my hand and said, “Yes, I noticed you before in the lounge.” You were wearing a very nice suit. I’ve always liked men that dress well.” I felt embarrassed and Richard laughed, “Well must be off,” he said, “but I’ll see you tomorrow eh? He looked at Lorraine and said with a large grin on his face, “Richard is coming to stay with Sandy and I for a few days. Why don’t you join the three of us for dinner tomorrow evening?” Lorraine looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I would love to Darling, what time?”

They both left and went up to my room. As I approached the room I walked past what appeared to be a storeroom that was open with the lights on. I supposed that someone had left them on by mistake and went in to turn them off. The room had bits and pieces lying around – towels, boxes of shower soap and all the usual things a hotel storeroom would contain. As I was turning around to walk out I noticed what appeared to be some left luggage, two suitcases and a couple of boxes. Because of my secret passion for high-heeled shoes I saw that one of them was a shoebox in silver with a black and white drawing of a single high-heeled sling-back ladies pump. The name boasted “Piazza of Italy”. I lent down to open the box when I heard some voices in the corridor. I then gently shut the door, wondering what the hell I was doing, but I just couldn’t help myself. As the voices faded I picked up the shoebox and went out of the door closing it behind me. My room was only 2 doors away and I found myself sweating slightly as I went locking the door behind me.

I sat down on the bed and opened the box, lifting the pink tissue away. I saw the stiletto heels first and then the black leather heel strap. There was also a packet of Aristocrat sheer dark-tan nylon stockings on top of the shoes. The shoes were a dark grey on the inside and the heel was at least 5 inches long. I pulled out one shoe lifting it to my face smelling the leather and running my fingers up and down the stiletto heels. I had never been this close to something so powerfully sexy in my life and dropped my trousers grabbing my swollen cock. My hard-on felt larger than ever before as I slipped it into the shoe. Seeing it disappear into the pointed toe I felt my balls bump into the heel. I then tied the ankle strap around my balls and began wanking slowly into the shoe. I was in heaven. Never had I felt so turned on. After a while I took the shoe off and thinking that it was quite large for a women’s shoe I turned it over and read the size. Size 42 it said, and with my heart pounding stripped off all of my clothes. I opened the stocking package and rolled one of them up so I could slip it on to my foot. The nylon felt amazing and my heart beat faster as I pulled it up over my knees and thigh. It came halfway up on my thigh and I bent down to slip in the shoe. My shoe size was 44 but with the adjustable heel strap the shoe fit snugly. I then put on the other stocking and shoe and slowly tried to stand up. My calves felt strained in the heels and I took my first steps towards the full-length mirror on the wall. I saw my legs encased in the stockings and shoes; my foot arched because of the heels and I almost came in my hand. The image of my legs, which looked beautiful encased in the dark sheer nylon and the high stilettos, will never leave me. I pirouetted around looking over my shoulders at the mirror and realised that this was something that I had unknowingly lusted for all my life. I lay down on the carpet took off one shoe and inserted my cock and balls into it again an lying on my back and admiring my legs in the mirror, fucked the shoe until a had an enormous orgasm. My cum filled up the bottom of the shoe and I lay there panting knowing I was totally addicted to this fetish.

When I had cleaned and dried the shoes I put them back into the box but kept the stockings, as I couldn’t return them neatly into their package. I went to the storeroom and found to my dismay that it was locked. I would have to wait until the morning.

When I awoke the next day I realised that I was not going to put the shoes back. Just the thought of putting them on again aroused me. I knew that I wanted to get hold of a suspender belt or even a corset with four or six suspender straps. This I could order over the Internet so would not be a problem. I wondered vaguely what was happening to me as I was completely heterosexual and had never in my life thought of having sex with a man, but the thought of dressing like this to make love with a woman excited me beyond belief. I realised that this would most likely never lead to anything more than a masturbation fantasy as I couldn’t imagine there were any women that would be turned on by this.

I packed my bag and added the shoes and stockings wondering vaguely who the poor girl was that had lost her sexy shoes forever. Checking out from the hotel I drove into the town, parked the car and wondered down the streets looking at the shops. I approached a shopping mall, went inside and looked around the up-market boutiques and shops. I found myself drawn to an exclusive shop selling women’s lingerie and stood looking into the window displaying under-ware and hose. I didn’t notice the shop assistant standing by the door smoking a cigarette until she said, “Looking for something for the wife?” I looked up and heard myself reply, “Well yes, it’s our wedding anniversary, and I thought I would get her a present.”

The girl put out her cigarette and said, “Why don’t you come inside and have a look. Get something sexy for her and it’ll be a present for both of you.” She grinned mischievously.

“What would you suggest?” I asked and after thinking a few seconds she said, “Does she like to wear nice under-things or is she the boring type that likes pantyhose and sensible shoes?”

I hesitated and then said, “No she’s not really boring and occasionally dresses up for dinners etcetera. I think she would really go for something more sensual, especially if she gets it as a present.”

The girl smiled knowingly at me and said, “Let me show you some of our more popular items.”

She led me through an archway into a larger room filled with corsets, high-heeled shoes and other flimsy under-ware. She went up to a shelf and picked up a black satin corset with suspender straps and said, “One of our biggest sellers. Stretch satin to fit most normal sizes, four strap suspenders and adjustable back all in shiny satin. Most men find this very sexy and women love wearing them.”

My mouth was dry and I heard myself say, “Well if you say so – I suppose that’ll be just fine. My wife is quite tall and of medium build.”

The girl said, “Then a medium would be fine and you can change it within a week if she would prefer something else.” She started walking back but stopped at another counter and said, “Shall I choose some nice stockings for your wife as well? We’ve got some lovely sheer thin nylons and of course our fully-fashioned collection – become very popular again – If she’s as tall as I am a size 10 should fit her perfectly. I looked at her slender body and said, ” Yes, she’s about your build, just slightly taller and not quite as slim as you.”

“Well maybe a size 10 1/2 would be better then, but don’t forget she can come in and change them if she thinks the size is wrong. I’ll give you a couple of tan stockings and some for evening ware … black is the most popular colour… is that ok?” I nodded and mumbled something about not being sure which colour she liked so anything would be ok. Within a couple of minutes she had a bag filled with the suspender belt and stockings and when I had paid she handed the bag over to me with a secretive smile, ” Hope you both enjoy the present sir, bye!”

I hurried back to the car with my blood racing. I opened the boot and the suitcase and put the clothes inside. I felt excited and couldn’t wait to be alone and try everything on. A few hours later I drove out of town and along the road running by the sea until I saw the signpost that said “Pirates point”, I turned onto this and drove down 2 miles before turning left by a large oak tree. The instructions Richard had given me were easy to follow and I looked at my watch so make sure that I wasn’t too early. As I pulled in to the drive I saw Richard by his Range Rover loading some bags into the back and when I pulled up he waved, walked over and said, “Find it alright Jim?”

“Yes, no problem, but wow, this is some gaff eh? And the sea-view is fantastic. Richard me old son, you must be doing very well indeed.” The house was a large villa with a courtyard, two guest houses, a four-car garage and a beach bungalow.

Richard pointed at the bungalow and said, “That’s all yours for as long as you like mate. I’ll just get the key and get you settled in. He was back in a minute and we walked the 50 meters to the bungalow that consisted of a large bedroom, sitting/dining room with an American style kitchen, a bathroom and veranda.

“Shove your stuff in and come up to the house for a drink,” he ordered.

I knew that Richard was an astute businessman and that he had built up quite a big retail company that specialised in interior decoration and furniture. He was obviously doing very well and I felt a twinge of envy at the lifestyle he could afford.

I put my suitcase by the bed and took out the newly bought items and shoes and put them in the drawer of the dresser. I then took a shower and at the spur of the moment decided to shave my legs. I luckily am not very hairy and this went quickly. I looked at my smooth legs and decided to shave my balls and around my cock and arsehole as well. It’s something I had seen men do in porno movies and the idea quite turned me on.

When I was done I dressed in slacks and a polo shirt and wondered over to the main house. As I walked in I heard Richard’s raised voice saying, “Well it doesn’t bloody suit me at all – but alright if it’s the only time we can do it I’ll have to come over this evening and spend the night in the city. See you at 8 tomorrow morning.” He out the phone down mumbling, “Bloody yanks, so fucking disorganised, jeesus!”

He looked at me raised his hands and said, “Listen mate I’ve got to get off into the city later this evening as I’ve got an important meeting at eight tomorrow morning. But we’ll have dinner first and I’ll buzz off at about tenish. Be back tomorrow evening – ok matey?” I replied, “That’s a shame Rich, but – business first eh? No problems we can catch up tomorrow.”

Richard put his arm around my shoulder and led me into the large lounge saying. “Come and meet Sandy, lovely wife,” As we walked in two women turned around and I recognised Lorraine from the night before. The other women was much younger, not more than 25 or so, and very beautiful. I was introduced to Sandy and said hello to Lorraine while Richard mixed us all a cocktail.

As I sat down on the sofa I looked at the women and saw that they were both dressed up in very high heels and tight dresses. Lorraine was wearing a two-piece blouse and short dress, dark tan stockings and dark blue high-heeled strapped sandals. The strap went around her ankles about 5 times and her toenails were also painted dark blue shining through the sheer stockings.

Sandy was blonde and stunning in a medium knee-length black silk dress with no back; just a few straps holding it together. She had large breasts that seemed to be fighting to get out of her bra and her legs were clothed in off-black ff-stockings with seams and Cuban heels. She wore shiny black leather pumps with 5-inch heels. The whole effect was extremely sexy. Richard was obviously proud of his wife and I realised that she must have been 20 years younger than him.

After a drink we sat down to dinner served by a maid and I sat there wondering and looking at these two gorgeous women. We talked about this and that and drank a couple of bottles of wonderful Burgundy. I felt myself relaxing and really enjoying myself in the company of an old friend and these two stunning women.

After Dinner the maid came in and asked to speak to Sandy and the three girls went of to the kitchen.

Richard gave me a cognac and a good cigar and we strolled onto the veranda overlooking the sea.

“Quite a looker, our Lorraine, eh Jim? He asked grinning widely.

“Yeah,” I replied, “but what about sandy Rich? You must be twice her age – don’t get me wrong – but isn’t it dangerous having such a beautiful young woman as a wife? Christ, every Tom Dick and Harry would have a go at her, given half a chance.” Rich chuckled, “well yes I suppose there some truth in what you say but I’m not really worried because she’s,” he hesitated, “Well… different… to most chicks. Normal guys don’t have a chance with her. Anyway it seems that our Lorraine is a bit infatuated by you.” He changed the subject looked at me smiling. ” If I were you I’d go for it while you can.” ” Yeah she’s stunning isn’t she – does she always dress like that – the high heels etc?” I asked. “Richard grinned” “Yes, both the girls have this fetish for heels etc – works for me so I don’t mind. Come lets go inside. I’ve got to be off soon.

Richard said goodbye to the girls who had returned from the kitchen, kissing his wife passionately on the mouth. He shook my hand saying, “Enjoy mate, mi casa es tu casa. See you tomorrow evening.”

When he had left the girls insisted on having a drink and took me into the lounge where a log fire was burning. Sandy said, “What shall we do now then – I want to have some fun. Do you like having fun Jimmy?” The girls giggled coyly at me and I felt a bit uncomfortable having Richard’s wife flirting with me. “Yeah sure, I like having fun – depends on what you mean by fun though.” I replied trying to sound relaxed. Lorraine came over to me and sat on the sofa next to me. “I like dressing-up-fun… don’t you Jimmy?” I tried to look disconcerted. “What do you mean – Dressing up? Well I suppose most girls like dressing up and trying each other’s clothes, if that’s what you mean.” I felt both aroused and uncomfortable.

Lorraine looked at me and smiling lightly asked, “Do you like the way I dress Jimmy?” I tried to bluff it out, “Well I think you have a great taste in clothes.” Sandy was sitting opposite me in an armchair her legs dangling over the armrest so I could see her stocking tops peeping out from under her dress. “Jeesus, what am I getting into here?” I asked myself. “Do high heels and stockings turn you on Jimmy?” she asked suddenly. “What?” I replied, “I think most men find that attractive at the right time and place,” I blustered suddenly feeling very hot. Lorraine leaned over and said in her low voice, “I know what turns you on Jimmy.” She paused, “And what turns you on, turns us on.” I looked at her getting up from the sofa, “I really don’t know what you’re talking about, and I’m going to bed – goodnight!” I started walking towards the door feeling the panic coming over me. No one in the world knew about my fetish – how did know, and what did they know?

As I was walking towards the door Sandy said, “Jimmy, don’t you want your girly stuff with you? Look what the maid found in your room.” I turned around my heart pounding and saw her holding my newly purchased corset and stockings. I had never in my life felt so humiliated. “They’re for my girlfriend,” I said, “And what do you mean by going through my bags. I’ll be sure to tell Richard about this when he gets back. Now if you don’t mind I’m off to bed. Give me my things.

As I turned towards the girls I saw Lorraine shrug off her top and slip her dress off on to the floor. I could hardly breathe at this amazing creature standing there in her high heels with only a bra and a corset holding up her stockings. “Don’t I turn you on Jimmy?”

I could hardly answer as I watched Sandy walked over to her and say, “Open your mouth Darling.” Lorraine did as she asked and I saw Sandy’s tongue enter Lorraine’s mouth just before their lips met. She pushed hard down on Lorraine’s mouth and I could see her jaw muscles working her tongue deep into her throat. She withdrew and looked at me. “It turns me on Jimmy,” she said her lips glistening with their saliva. Sandy came over and took my hand leading me back to the couch. I let her take off my shirt and trousers, socks and shoes. I had my boxer shorts on but my hard-on was obvious. They pushed me down on the sofa and Sandy said, “Oh darling Jimmy, you’ve shaved for us – your legs are so smooth. She lifted up my right foot and peeled on a black sheer nylon stocking all the way up to my thigh. Then she did the other foot and said, “Stand up Jimmy.” I obeyed and Lorraine tugged down my boxers. She then got the satin corset I had purchased slipped it up over my hips and tightened the straps on the small of my back. It felt restricting but not uncomfortable. Sandy fastened the eight straps pulling up the stockings and she tucked my semi-hard dick under the satin. “Is this your first time Jimmy?” she asked. I just nodded not knowing what to say and not wanting them to stop. I was glad that I had kept in shape and was not overweight. Lorraine sat down next to me and slipped on my stilettos and adjusted the straps, she then leaned back and looked at me. My legs were like hers, encased in shiny black nylon and high heels. She moved her leg and rubbed it against my thigh. I felt as if I would explode. Sandy came over and said, “You’re beautiful and very sexy Jimmy.” You don’t have to be gay to enjoy these things.” I still could hardly talk and held my breath as sandy began to lick and suck on my left nipple. Lorraine stood behind her and opened the back of her dress and let it slide onto the floor. I glanced at the mirror and saw the three of us all dressed in these wonderful clothes and shoes. Sandy tweaked one nipple as she sucked on the other and I felt as if my shaven balls would explode. Sandy had on a maroon garter belt and panties and was kneeling with one knee on the sofa as she continued working on my sensitive nipples, which were beginning to hurt. But even the pain was delicious and she arched her back and spread her legs slightly so Lorraine, who had began to lick her arse hole could get her tongue in deeper. Lorraine was on her knees on the floor groping with her tongue in Sandy’s arse as she massaged her own clit with her right hand. We all began to moan and then not being able to wait anymore I pulled out my dick and began to wank myself. My cock had never felt bigger and Lorraine came over and began to suck on my other nipple. I was in heaven. Dressed as I had always dreamed to do – and with two awesome women who turned on to it.

I stood up tottering in my heels and Sandy greedily gulped my swollen cock into her mouth. I looked down and saw my nylon clad legs in high heels with my cock going in and out of Sandy’s mouth. She then lifted up my dick and put my shaven balls in her mouth sucking them one at the time. I knew I would come soon when I felt Lorraine creeping under me licking my arsehole as Sandy sucked my balls.

I told them to stop and sit down on the sofa. Lorraine spread her legs and I licked her dripping pussy while finger-fucking her anus. She looked at sandy and said, “Please honey, let me suck you,” and I heard her groan with pleasure. I looked up and nearly died. Sandy had taken of her panties and had a 6-inch dick instead of a pussy She was pushing it in and out of Lorraine’s mouth, her black stockings rubbing against Lorraine nipples. I just watched and heard Lorraine say, “Jimmy darling don’t stop. I’m going to come soon. She continued to suck on Sandy’s dick as I licked her pussy and finger-fucked her arse. She orgasmd groaning loudly and I felt her gushing against my face. I sat up and saw Sandy looking at me. She saw the question in my eyes and said, “I’m a woman Jimmy. I’ve lived as a woman since puberty and Richard loves me for who I am. I had never met a she-male before but had come across them on the Internet. I still felt the conflict of having had my dick and balls sucked by a creature that had been born a male. I was still panting as Lorraine asked me to stand up, and teetering on my heels I obeyed. She said, “Jimmy trust us, we only want what’s good for you and you look absolutely divine in your stockings and heels. I want you to feel what its like to be an attractive sexy woman. I know you’re not gay but you love to wear women’s underwear and shoes. This makes you a cross-dresser – not a transvestite or anything like that. Believe me when I tell you that there are thousands of us that love fucking men in women’s clothing.”

She reached down and began to fondle Sandy’s now limp dick and suck on her nipples. I followed suit, sucking the other one and letting my hands run up and down their nylon clad thighs. Lorraine put on a strap-on dildo and adjusted the straps as Sandy began to moan as she jerked off. I sat down on the sofa and sandy greedily began to suck my hard cock again, kneeling on the carpet. I saw Lorraine kneel down behind her and push in the ten-inch plastic dick slowly into Sandy’s butt. Sandy moaned and pushed back against her to get even more in as she sucked on my balls. She took my hand and led it to her now throbbing dick sticking up between her stockinged thighs. I had never touched anyone else’s dick in my life but it felt familiar and I was so turned on by these amazing women that I began to wank her hard. She groaned as the large dildo fucked her arse, sucking harder and harder at my dick as I jerked her off.

Lorraine suddenly pulled out and said, “Sandy change positions with Jimmy,” and she got up off the carpet and sat in the sofa. Lorraine said, “Relax Jimmy, just relax and feel what its like to be fucked like a sexy woman. I hesitated but they pushed me down on to my knees. I started licking Sandy’s high heels and legs as Lorraine licked my arsehole and then slowly inserted a finger. I tried to relax as Sandy leaned down and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and pinched my swollen nipples. I felt my arse expanding and hurting as the dildo went in a few inches. Sandy was jerking me off sucking on my mouth and Lorraine pushed the Dildo all the way in. I felt as if I needed a shit but as she pulled in and out slowly I felt my dick hardening and heard myself moaning, “Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me harder.” Lorraine pushed harder and deeper into my arse and I began jerking off, licking Sandy’s shoes. My mind was in turmoil but I knew that I had never come close to such a wonderful sexual experience before.

Sandy put her fingers under my chin and the tops of her stockings came into view as Lorraine continued to pound my arse. Her dick was only a few inches away and she pushed it towards me rubbing the head against my lips. I hesitantly let my tongue lick her head feeling the nylon rubbing against my chin. He cock got bigger as my arse was fucked harder and harder. She began to moan and I jerked harder on my own dick as I succumbed and slid as much of the large cock into my mouth as I could. Her balls were against my chin and I pulled out the dick and sucked in her balls rolling them in my mouth. Sandy pulled my head up forced her cock into my mouth and I sucked greedily on it, breathing through my mouth. There I was, dressed in stocking, suspenders and high heels, being butt-fucked by a woman dressed like me while I jerked off and sucked the dick of a second sexily clad woman.

I was in heaven!

As I felt myself coming and spurting all over the carpet, Sandy pulled her dick out of my mouth and screamed, “Lorraine darling, I’m coming … quickly!” Lorraine pulled the dildo out of my butt and knelt next to me grabbing Sandy’s cock and shoving it into her mouth she inserted 2 fingers into Sandy’s arsehole and finger-fucked her. I was only inches away from her face as Sandy came and Lorraine swallowed as fast as she could, gobbling down the cum. It was fascinating to see this beautiful woman sucking greedily on a large cock sticking out of another woman. Sandy arched her back and I lifted up her stocking clad legs and thighs as Lorraine licked her balls, dick and arsehole.

We all lay back on the floored carpet spent after the orgasms. Lorraine lay on my lap stroking my sore dick as Sandy began to kiss her breasts and swollen nipples. I got up and still in my heels went over and poured us all a drink. As I turned around I saw the girls lying down looking at me.

Sandy said, “God Jimmy, if you only knew how sexy you are dressed like that.” Lorraine nodded, “And I think you both owe me another orgasm.” We sipped at our drinks for a couple of minutes, talking about shoes and things and then Sandy began to kiss me while Lorraine sucked and bit at my throbbing nipples. Both Sandy and I had a hard-on within minutes and Lorraine began to suck our dicks one at the time as she wanked the other. Sandy got up and told Lorraine to get on to the sofa and kneel there. Standing there in her heels She slowly inserted her dick into Lorraine’s pussy, holding her by the hips. Sandy looked at me and smiled as Lorraine moaned, her head hanging down over the back of the sofa. I tottered over on my heels to her and pushed my now hard dick into her mouth. Lorraine grabbed my balls in one hang pulling my dick deeper into her as her middle finger pushed into my sore butt. I stood there in amazement as Sandy fucked her from behind harder and harder while she sucked on my dick and balls. When Lorraine began to peak, Sandy withdrew from her and told me to come around and fuck her as she fucked Lorraine. I stood there with my dick up her arse feeling our stockinged legs rubbing against each other as we pumped in rhythm. She then withdrew and sat down on the sofa telling Lorraine to sit on her dick. Lorraine Straddled her and slowly let Sandy’s cock disappear into her arse hole. Her High-heeled feet just reached the floor and she pushed up and down with her toes moaning and pinching her own breasts. I knelt down and licked her dripping pussy alternating with massaging and sucking Sandy’s balls bouncing just below. I then lay down on the floor and Lorraine sat on my dick with her back to me and her stockinged legs and shoes on either side of my face. I looked up and saw my dick going in and out of her pussy as she sucked Sandy’s dick. After a few minutes I felt more and more aroused and Sandy came over and with her butt in my face pushed her throbbing dick all the way into Lorraine’s arse. Her balls slapped against my face as I licked and sucked at them and her arse hole. Lorraine groaned, arching her back and putting her head down on the floor between my knees. She stroked my legs and stiletto shoes, moaning, “Fuck me – don’t stop… please, faster harder. I felt myself coming and heard Lorraine scream as sandy ejaculated deep into her arse, panting heavily. We all came at the same time and lay on the carpeted floor panting.

I had just began to take off the heels from my aching feet when I heard the door open and panicking, looked around. Richard stood there in a dressing gown with a tray of Champagne and four glasses. “It’s alright Jimmy, I have the same desires as you and the girls. I’ve suspected for a long time that you were into this. Even years ago you used to almost come if you saw a girl in high heels. Lorraine put the shoebox in the storeroom when I knew where you were staying. The idea was to sneak it into your room for you find as if the last guest had left it there by mistake, but you beat us to it. Once we knew you had taken the shoes and stockings I knew you were hooked. I pretended to leave and told the maid to search your room. She found all the stuff and the rest was easy. I dress in stockings and high heels quite often and Lorraine Sandy and I have been doing this for quite a while. I’m afraid I have to admit to being a bit of a voyeur and have enjoyed the evening immensely. I came three time fucking Sandy’s Six inch red pumps while watching you all fucking. He came over to sandy and kissed her lovingly. Sandy said, “Thank you darling for a wonderful evening.” She undid his floor length robe and I saw for the first time that he was also dressed in thigh high sheer thin fully-fashioned stockings, black corset and maroon pumps with a small plateau and six inch stiletto heels. Richard and the two girls stood there grinning at me. They raised their glasses and said, “Welcome to our world Jimmy.” I smiled raised my glass and walked over to them.

– The End –