Marcus was in the kitchen mopping the floor when Arkady appeared in the doorway holding the phone. “Just a minute if you will Lady Zsuzanna.” He covered the receiver and looked at Marcus. “I need you to do me a favor if you will please Marcus.”

Marcus put the mop back in the bucket. “Sure, what do you need?”

“Thank you Marcus, I do appreciate it greatly. Take a couple bottles of water to Lord Darious. He and Lady Danyealla are down in the dungeon. Also, send him my deepest apologizes for not doing it myself. Tell him I am on the phone with Lady Zsuzanna and it is a business call so my absence is unavoidable, he will understand I am sure.”

Marcus nodded to him, “Sure, no problemo, will do.”

Arkady looked much relieved. “Thank you so very much. I greatly appreciate it. Just do it quickly of you would please, they will be expecting it by now I am sure.”

Marcus nodded, “Right away.”

Arkady patted his shoulder then walked out and resumed his phone conversation. Marcus gathered a couple bottles of cold water and walked down to the dungeon. He stood in the doorway, quiet, and watched for several minutes.

Darious had Dani shackled up, spread eagle and was using a whip on her back, ass and legs, leaving large, angry welts and bruises in its wake. He quit whipping her then stepped up close behind her, grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back. Looking down into her eyes, he said, “Do you like that toy? Do you want more of it?”

She looked up at him panting, “Yes M’Lord.”

He stared into her eyes, “If you want more then you will beg for it.”

She moaned loudly, “Please M’Lord, more. Please. Please don’t stop.”

He stepped back and let the tail of the whip drag lightly over her body, teasing her with it. “Keep begging toy and perhaps I’ll continue.”

She wailed loudly, “Please M’Lord, Please!”

Marcus watched, shivering, knowing what that whip felt like. Then he stepped into the room, “Master?”

Darious turned and looked at him. He saw the water bottles and smiled, “Ahh, you brought us some water, good pup. I’m pleased. Where’ Arkady? He usually brings it down.”

“He asked me to, he’s on the phone with Lady Zsuzanna talking business and sends his apologizes for not doing it himself.”

Darious nodded, “Ahh, OK. Putt he bottles on the table over there,” he pointed to the small table my Dani, “but be mindful of the implements.”

Marcus nodded, “Yes Master.” He walked over and sat them down,, nodding and smiling at Dani then turned back to Darious, “Will there be anything else Master?”

Darious nodded again, “Yes but right now just stay out of the way.”

“Yes Master.” He stepped back out of Darious’ way.

Darious stepped back behind her and whipped her a couple more times. “Are you thirsty toy? Would you like a drink?”

She looked back at him, purring softly then licked her lips, “Yes please M’Lord.”

He unshackled her then held her to him, stroking her hair. “You did very good toy. You have pleased me greatly.” He kissed the top of her head then handed her a bottle of water. Then he looked at Marcus. “Get a warm, damp towel and gently wipe her down while she drinks.”

Marcus nodded, “Yes Master.” He hurried off and got the towels then returned and started to gently wipe down her back, eyes wide at just how badly she was beaten. She was in worse shape that he was after his last trip to the dungeon. When he finished with her backside he walked around and started on her front. His eyes widened even more, the only part of her that wasn’t welted or bruised was her face and neck. As he wiped her tits off he licked his lips. He was tempted to squeeze and play with them but knew better. He sighed deeply and gently wiped down her stomach.

She stood there drinking her water, purring softly, looking down at him.

Darious watched long enough to make sure Marcus was going to behave himself then he kissed her on one of her exposed shoulders and patted her ass then walked off to clean up and re-organize things.

Marcus gently toweled off her legs.

She looked down at him and grinned evilly then spread her legs apart, “My crotch needs done too.”

Marcus froze in place instantly. Right in front of his nose was her dripping slit. He could smell her heady musk clearly, giving him an instant, throbbing erection. He started shaking then looked up at her, “Are you sure Miss Dani?”

She nodded, “Yes.”

He sighed deeply, “Yes Miss Dani.” He then started to gently wipe off her pussy with a shaking hand, noticing she was bruised and welted there as well, just as bad as everywhere else. The flesh was a deep shade of red and inflamed.

Darious stopped what he was doing and turned to watch Marcus more closely.

She moaned loudly and shivered as the towel drug over her already sensitive flesh. She looked over her shoulder at Darious and grinned evilly, wiggling her eyebrows. “Arkady uses his tongue to clean my pussy off.”

Marcus froze instantly and looked up at her, his eyes having that deer in the headlights look. He looked over to Darious then back up at Dani. He lowered his eyes and stared at her spread open, wet pussy then licked his lips. He was sorely tempted to do it but had no desire to be whipped like she was. He looked back at Darious and waited for his decision.

Darious walked over and stood by her, stroking her back softly. He looked down at Marcus then said, “Do you want him to do that toy?”

She looked up at him and giggled, “Wouldn’t you prefer a nice soft warm wet tongue to a rough towel?”

He grinned and stroked her hair, “Point taken toy.” He stepped behind her and softly rubbed her sore ass. He then looked down at the shivering, wide-eyed Marcus. “Use your tongue to clean her pussy pup. Make sure you do a good job.”

Marcus stared up at him, mouth hanging open, not believing what he was just told to do. He then nodded, “As you wish Master.” He took a deep breath then put his face between her legs and started to roughly tongue the outside of her pussy, feeling her flesh throb. He was nervous and shaking but loving every minute of it. His cock was rock hard and throbbing in his jeans. As he licked her pussy he inhaled deeply, getting a good, long smell of her, causing his cock to throb more.

Her head dropped back and eyes shut. She moaned loudly and started to shiver and shake. She leaned back against Darious and braced her hands on the table to keep herself upright. “Fuck! That feels good!” She moaned.

Marcus rubbed his tongue rougher on the outside of her pussy, making sure she was clean then stiffened it and pushed it deep into her and wiggled it around. His cock felt as though it was made of steel and was throbbing in time with his heart.

Darious watched Marcus closely, to make sure he did only as he was told, not anything else. He could feel Dani quaking against him and could tell she was enjoying herself immensely and was tremendously turned on. He chuckled deeply and rubbed her ass. She reached down and put her hands on his head and pushed his face deeper into her pussy. Her legs were shaking and she was moaning loudly, “Oh shit yes Marcus! More! Fuck me with your tongue please, Marcus please!”

He started to move his tongue in and out of her pussy, twisting it around. He buried his face deeper into her pussy, trying to get his tongue deeper into her, loving the taste. It had been so long since he had tasted pussy that it was pure heaven. He leaned forward and braced his hands on the table so his own shaking combined with hers wouldn’t cause him to fall over.

She gripped his head harder, her fingers curling in his hair and squealed loudly. Then she started to grind her pussy down onto his face, panting and moaning loudly, quivering and shaking. Her juices were running out of her in a steady stream, coating his face.

He pulled his tongue out and started to bite and nibble on her inner and outer pussy lips. He would catch one in his teeth and pull on them then let go and lick them.

Darious felt Dani shaking so badly she could barely stand so he wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her up. She was coating his with her sweat. He watched Marcus closely. He could see his cock throbbing in his jeans, the fabric stretched so tight it looked as through it was about to split an a huge wet spot turning the denim a blue so dark it was almost black. He started to kiss and nibble on her ear, listening to her pant and moan.

She clutched his head tighter, squirming all over the place, moaning and squealing, “Oh shit Marcus, don’t stop!” He licked her lips a couple more times then started to nibble and bite her clit, flicking his tongue across the tip of it. Then he took her clit between his teeth and twisted his head side to side. Her reaction was instantaneous, she dug her nails into his scalp and let out a wall shaking scream then came, flooding his face. She threw her head back and yelled, “Oh fuck yes!”

His hands gripped the table so hard his knuckles were white. He continued to bite and nibble her clit while trying to lap up the juice that was flooding out of her. She held onto his head but loosened her grip, moaning and whimpering, “Shit Marcus, don’t stop, I love it.” Her legs felt like jelly and her whole body was throbbing.

Darious let Marcus continue until he had cleaned up all her juices then said, “That’s enough pup.”

Dani looked up at him and whimpered loudly. He smiled down at her and ran his fingers through her sweaty hair. “That’s enough for now toy. Do you still want to be spanked?” She licked her lips and nodded, “Oh yeah!” Marcus looked up at them then gave her one last, long lick from her asshole to her clit, dragging his tongue hard across her flesh. She whimpered and moaned loudly, shaking. Darious gave him a hard look then said in a deep, commanding voice, “Back up pup, now!” Marcus looked up then knelt down, his head hung low, panting. He licked his lips, still tasting her. His cock was twitching and throbbing madly, the wet spot on the front of his jeans was the size of a grapefruit and still growling. He looked at Darious, “I’m sorry Master but it’s been a while. Wow! Damn!”

Darious looked at him, trying not to grin, “You need to learn better self control pup.” Marcus nodded, “Yes Master, I do. Please forgive me.” Darious chucked and grinned, “Since my toy enjoyed it so much you wont’ be punished too severely.” Marcus looked at him, “Yes Master, thank you?” Darious nodded, “Stand up, turn around, drop your pants and bend over pup.” He kissed Dani on the top of the head and patted her on the ass. He then grabbed a paddle off the table and stepped behind him. He gave him five swats on each cheek, not really hard but hard enough to sting a bit. He then laid the paddle back on the table and put an arm around Danis’ waist and drew her closer to him. He looked back at Marcus, “OK pup, stand up and face me.”

Marcus quickly complied, turning to face them. His erection hadn’t dissipated at all. All ten inches was standing straight out in front of him.

Dani took one look at it and drew a quick intake of breath. She was unable to tear her eyes away from his massive hard-on. Darious looked down at her and chuckled. He swatted her on the ass to get her attention. When she looked up at him, eyes still wide he asked her telepathically, “Do you want him toy? Do you want to play with that big cock of his?” She nodded vigorously and answered the same way, “Oh yeah! Please, please, please!” He chuckled deeply at her then a devious grin crossed his face. He had just gotten a wonderful idea. He looked back at Marcus, “Pup?” He looked at Darious, “Yes Master?” Darious looked at Marcus’ cock and chuckled, “Do you crave release?”

Marcus nodded vigorously, “Yes Master I do, very much so. At this point any ole’ knothole would suffice to do the job.” Darious grinned bigger, “Well pup, I think I can do better than that for you. You have behaved well for quite some time now. And since my toy is feeling quite rambunctious I have devised a plan to make both of you happy. If by 8:00 PM tonight you behave well and do your duties to the best of your abilities and beyond AND my toy behaves exceptionally well I will allow you release and my toys huger for sweets,” he chuckled deeply, “will be sated.” Dani looked up at him, eyes as wide as dinner plates. Marcus stared at him jaw hitting his chest. Darious chuckled at their reaction. He then looked back and forth at them. “If one of you doesn’t match the conditions I have set then pup won’t get his release and my toy will remain hungry. Do you both understand?” Dani nodded, looking down, pretending she knew how to be a proper sub and that she could behave. Marcus looked at him, still stunned by what he had just heard. “Yes Master.” Darious nodded again, “Very good.” He looked at Marcus, “Get to it pup.” Marcus nodded vigorously, “Yes Master.” He quickly yanked his pants up and did the buttons then did a perfect military about face and was out of the room so fast you could almost see the dust in his wake. Darious looked at the empty doorway and chuckled. Dani looked up at him, one eyebrow slightly arched, “Umm, I have one question M’Lord.” He looked down at her and smiled then stroked her hair, “What is that toy?” She grinned at him, “Is this going to be your version of behaving or mine?”

He grinned at her and chuckled, “My version toy.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head then looked down and sighed deeply, “Oh shit, I’m in trouble.” He chuckled deeply and patter her ass, “I know your nature toy and will take that into account. I know you’ll do your best, I have faith in you. Now, would you like a spanking with your favorite paddle?” She looked up at him, “Umm… is that a rhetorical question?”

He grinned at her, “Well, let’s get to it.” Two hours later he led her upstairs. She had a very sore ass and the glazed look of a woman who had just been royally fucked. He sent her up tot heir bedroom to take a bath and get cleaned up. Arkadys passed her in the hallway. He saw the dreamy look on her face and heard her purring loudly. He shook his head and grinned then walked over to Darious, “May I have a word with you Sir?”

He looked at Arkady and smiled, “Of course Wolfie. What do you need?”

Arkady smiled at him, “It appears I have some council business to attend to so I will have to be away for a couple days. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.” Darious nodded, “OK Wolfie. And put your mind at ease, it isn’t an inconvenience.” Arkady looked relieved, “That you Sir.” He then gave Darious a grin, “If I may ask Sir, what has gotten into Marcus?” Darious looked at him, “What do you mean?” Arkady chuckled, “Well, the kitchen and living room have been cleaned within an inch of their lives. The floors are so clean you could eat off them. Right now he’s going through the second floor like a tornado. I didn’t know someone of his size could move that fast!” Darious chuckled, “Oh?” Arkady grinned, “Just look around, it is so clean it looks new.” Darious looked around, “It does, doesn’t it? He’s done well hasn’t he? I guess I have just properly motivated him.” He looked at Arkady and grinned, “What to know how I managed that?” Arkady laughed, “I’m not sure I really want to know but go ahead and tell me anyway.”

Darious laughed, “OK, how long has it been since he got his rocks off?” Arkady though for a minute then shook his head, “I’m not sure but it’s been a while, I know that much Sir.” Darious nodded, “Yes, it has been. He has behaved especially well lately so he is going to have a chance. If he does as he should and his counterpart behaves herself they will get what they want. It’s a bit of a test you might say.” Arkady laughed, “Ahh, OK. I was wondering what was going on because I have never seen him this enthusiastic about housework before.” He looked down at his watched and frowned, “I’m sorry Sir but I must depart, I have a plane yet to catch.” Darious nodded, “OK Wolfie.” He grabbed the waistband of Arkadys’ jeans and pulled him close then kissed him. “Mare sure you’re careful Wolfie.”

Arkady smiled and nodded, “I always am Sir, never fear.”

Darious rubbed his ass and smiled, “OK, now get.” At 8:00 PM the house was hospital clean and sparkling. Darious was sitting in his chair, watching TV. Marcus was sitting on the floor between his legs. Dani was in her usual place, curled up in his lap, purring softly. At precisely 8:00 PM he shut the TV off. He reached out and stroked Marcus’ head, “Pup, I am impressed. The house looks great. You have done exceptionally well.” Marcus smiled up at him, “Thanks Master.” Darious smiled and nodded, “You’re welcome pup.” He looked down at Dani and smiled, stroking her back, “Toy, you have pleased me greatly, your behavior was impeccable.” She gave Marcus a mock hard look and a playful swat to the back of the head, “You had better appreciate this Marcus! I hate behaving.”

He smiled at her and stroked her hair, “You have no idea just how much I appreciate it Dani.”

Darious chuckled, OK pup, listen up, these are the ground rules.”

Marcus looked up at him, giving him his full and undivided attention.

Darious nodded at him, “OK, if Dani says no, stop, quit or something similar you will stop immediately. If you don’t I will grab you by the hair and drag you to the dungeon. Believe me; you will get it worse than last time. Do I make myself clear pup?”

Marcus nodded and whimpered, “Yes Master.”

Darious nodded and stroked his head, “Very good pup. I’ll let you two have some fun for a time before I come up and join you. If Dani doesn’t like something don’t do it.” He looked down at Dani, “The same goes for you toy.”

She looked up at him and nodded, “OK Darious.”

He nodded, “Very good toy. I’ll give you enough time to have your fun, let’s say until tomorrow morning or until someone passes out, which ever happens first.”

Dani giggled, “Like THAT’S going to happen!”

Darious chuckled and stroked her back. He then looked at Marcus then down at her again and grinned, “What are you two waiting for? An invitation?” He swatted Dani on the butt.

She looked up at him and giggled then crawled off his lap and stood up. She held out her hand to Marcus, “Come on Marcy-poo, let’s go have some fun.”

He scrambled up and took her hand then let her lead him upstairs, trembling and shaking.

When they got to the bedroom she quickly stripped then turned and looked at him, smiling. He looked at her and licked his lips nervously. He was shaking and trembling all over as much from being nervous as being turned on.

She walked over to him, wrapped her arms around his waist and smiled up at him, “Are you nervous Marcus?”

He looked down at her then hugged her close to him. “Yes I am Dani.”

She smiled at him, “There’s no reason to be. It’s just me, the munchkin.”

He held her for a minute, “Thanks Dani.” He untangled himself from her and quickly shucked his clothes.

She flopped down on the center of the bed with her legs spread, licking her lips.

When he was naked he jumped into bed and crawled between her legs and propped her tights on his then leaned over her. He grinned down at her then kissed her roughly and passionately. When he broke off the kiss he reached down and grabbed her tits roughly, pinching and pulling on them. He looked down into her eyes, his cock throbbing two beats faster than his heart and the head was wet and shimmering from the pre-cum. It was twitching back and forth involuntarily. He grinned down at her, “Do you like this slut? Huh? How about if I bury every inch of my cock deep in that hungry twat of your? Would you like that?”

She looked up at him wide-eyed, not believing what he said to her but loving it. Her pussy got instantly soaked. She looked into his eyes and licked her lips then said, “Fuck yes! Do it Marcus!”

He drug his nails down her belly then over her pussy. Then he cupped her pussy and gripped it hard, squeezing it. He looked down at her, licking his hips. “You like playing rough don’t you bitch?”

She whimpered loudly and looked up at him. She started to tremble all over, “Yeah I do.”

He leaned down and kissed her roughly, nipping her bottom lip. He rubbed his cock up and down over her pussy, feeling his wetness coat it, mingling with his own pre-cum. He looked down into her eyes, “Do you want me to stuff my hard, throbbing cock deep into that hot cunt of yours bitch? Have me fuck you hard and rough with my big cock? Is that what you want slut? Tell me or I won’t give it to you.”

She looked up at him, panting and squirming around underneath him. Her skin was flushed, she was sweating, her nipples were hard and juice was practically running out of her pussy. She licked her lips and said in a deep, husky voice, “Shit yes! Now!”

He grinned at her and rubbed his cock up and down between her pussy lips. “You want it now bitch? Do you really?” “Yes! Now! Please!” She screamed.

He pulled back slightly, spread her pussy lips apart then slammed his cock all the way into her in one hard stroke.

She arched up off the bed and moaned loudly, “Oh fuck yes Marcus, yes!”

He started to pound into her but it been so long since he had cum and per pussy felt so good wrapped around his cock that on the third stroke he started to explode in her. He grabbed her tits so hard his fingers dug into her flesh. He looked down into her eyes as he came, growling, his teeth clenched and bared.

She was squirming around underneath him, moaning and whimpering. He was cumming so hard that she could feel every spurt in her clearly. He thrust herself up onto him, “More Marcus! Don’t you dare stop!”

His whole body was jerking, slamming into her so hard the bed was moving, growling and snarling loudly.

She clutched tightly to his arms, her nails digging deeply into his biceps, “Oh yeah! So good!”

He leaned forward and bit her roughly on the neck, growling. He then grabbed tow handfuls of her hair and held her head down, looking down into her eyes, snarling, “Come on bitch fuck my cock, fuck it hard!” Darious had walked in silently so as not to disturb them. When he heard Marcus call her a bitch his eyes narrowed and he could feel his anger rising. He took several steps towards the bed, planning to yank him off of her but stopped when she moaned loudly and said yes then started to thrust up on him. He could see her nails were dug deeply into his arms and was obviously enjoying herself. He moved quietly over to the chair and sat down to watch. He had never thought to talk to her like that, assuming that she wouldn’t like it but he was obviously wrong. He decided he would have to remember that for future use with her.

Marcus winced as her sharp nails dug into his arms. He let go of her hair and grabbed her hands. He pinned them above her head and held them there with one hand. He continued to slam into her as hard as he could. As he fucked her he looked down into her eyes. “Come on whore, let the slut we both know you are come out and work that hot cunt of yours on my cock!”

She moaned and wiggled around under him, eyes half lidded, obviously enjoying herself. “Yes Marcus, more!”

He pulled out of her quickly; his cock rock hard and throbbing then flipped her over onto her stomach. He pulled her up onto her knees and shoved her shoulders down onto the bed. He then slammed his cock all the way back into her pussy and started to hammer into her. He swatted her on the inner thighs hard enough to leave marks, getting her to spread them further apart. He straightened up on his knees and swatted her hard on the ass. Reaching underneath her he rubbed her clit roughly then pinched and twisted it, causing her to howl and squeal loudly. He chuckled deeply, “You like my cock in that twat huh slut? Like my cock in that cunt of yours, filling you, hitting bottom.”

She nodded vigorously and moaned, “Yes Marcus I love it!”

He ground deep into her then started fucking her hard and fast again, panting and growling. “Yes, you love me fucking your hot cunt huh slut. Just like a good little whore should.”

Darious watched quietly, eyes glued to Marcus’ cock sliding in and out of Danis’ pussy, hearing the soft, wet noise it made. His cock was hard as a diamond and staining his zipper. He reached down and adjusted it a bit, his eyes never leaving the action.

Dani was thrusting back on him, moaning, “Yes Marcus, yes! Don’t stop, please! Give me more!”

He grabbed her arms and pinned them down and wrapped an arm around her waist and held her still while he jack hammered into her, fucking her vigorously.

She was howling and wailing loudly, grinding back onto him, trying to get him into her deeper. He growled loudly, slamming into her, “Come on my cock bitch. Make that hot cunt squirm on my cock. Prove to me you love it. Cum for me you whore!”

She slammed back onto him as hard as she could and ground it in a circle. Then she threw her head back and screamed loudly as she came, drenching his cock with he juice. When she finished she looked back over her shoulder at him, panting and whimpering.

He grinned at her, Liked that did you slut? Well, I’m about to give you something you’re going to love. Guess where you’re going to get my cock next? Right up that tight ass of yours.” He pulled out of her pussy then rubbed the head against her asshole before slamming it deep into her.

She howled loudly at the abrupt intrusion and arched up, shivering and panting.

He started to fuck her ass just as hard as he had her pussy. He then drug is nails down her belly to her open and dripping slit. He flicked her clit a couple times before he shoved two fingers deep into her and started to move them in and out of her quickly.

She moaned loudly and wiggled all over the place, loving it. She looked back at him panting and licking her lips eyes clouded over.

He ground his cock hard into her and swatter her hard on the ass, leaving a hand print behind. He growled deeply, “Let the whore in you come out and work that tight ass on my cock!”

She slammed back onto him, howling loudly, shaking and quivering.

He leaned over her back again, continuing to fuck her ass hard and fast then whispered in her ear, “Do you like this Dani?”

She nodded vigorously and moaned a soft yes.

He kissed the side of her face, “Good, it’s turning you on?”

She ground herself back on him and nodded again.

He wrapped his arm back around her waist and pulled her back onto his cock, “Mmm, good. Will you please call me Mark sweetie?”

She turned her head and kissed him, OK Mark.” She was slippery with sweat and her hair was completely soaked.

He kissed her back tenderly then got back up on his knees, grabbed her by they hips firmly then started to fuck her and fast again.

Darious leaned forward and frowned, trying to hear what Marcus was saying to her but couldn’t. He stood up and quickly undressed, having decided it was time to join them. He walked over to the bed and knelt in front of her.

Dani propped herself up on her elbows and looked up at him. Then she leaned forward and softly licked the tip of his cock.

Darious looked down at her and grinned. Then he grabbed her hair and thrust his cock deep into her mouth and started to fuck her mouth deep and fast.

Marcus continued to fuck her ass hard but kept quiet, watching her suck Darious’ cock.

Darious pushed her hair aside so he could see his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. He then looked at Marcus, “Why are you being so quiet pup?”

Marcus looked at him then lowered his eyes.

Darious chuckled, “She didn’t say stop did she? Apparently she likes it, a lot from her reaction, so go ahead.”

Marcus looked back up at him, totally surprised, then nodded, “OK Master.”

Dani pulled her mouth off Darious’ cock and looked back over her shoulder at him, “Please more Mar, I really, really like it so please don’t stop.”

Darious looked down at her and arched an eyebrow at the name but said nothing.

She looked up at him and lowered her mouth back down on his cock and started sucking it again then winked.

Marcus grinned from ear to ear then ground his cock deep into her ass, “As you want slut.”

Darious kept thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. He raked his fingers through her hair and grinned down at her, “My naughty little slut likes to suck cock huh?”

Marcus swatted her hard on the ass, “You love feeling my big cock reaming your ass don’t you bitch? Feels good doesn’t it?”

She moaned loudly, shivering and shaking.

His nails dug into her hips as he fucked her harder and faster. He was getting close to cumming again. He was sweating profusely and the blood was pounding in his ears. He growled deeply and bared his teeth, “I’m going to fuck that ass of yours so hard you’re going to walk bow-legged when I’m done. Plus, you won’t be able to sit for a week without being reminded of my cock in your ass.”

Her asshole clenched down hard on his cock as she started to push back on him.

He stiffened up and howled then started to shoot deep into her ass.

She wiggled around on his cock and started to purr loudly, continuing to suck hard on Darious’ cock.

Darious groaned loudly then grabbed her head tighter and shoved his cock all the way into her mouth then started to cum.

She continued to thrust back onto Marcus while she swallowed all of what Darious was shooting into her mouth. When he finished she pulled her mouth off and licked his cock clean. Then she looked over her shoulder at Marcus, “Shift please Mark. Please.”

He stopped thrusting and looked at her, “Are you sure Dani? I’m in your ass and I might rip you.”

She nodded vigorously, “Please Mark! I want to feel your cock grow in me. Please!”

He smacked her hard on the ass, leaving a hand print behind, “OK slut, I’ll give you what you want.” He threw his head back and howled loudly then slowly shifted. He grew to 11’6″ and 850 lbs grew a dense black pelt that covered his entire body, a large muzzle filled with sharp teeth and fangs sprouted from his face. His nails elongated into sharp claws. Finally, his cook grew to 20 inches in length and 5 inches in girth. It grew deep in her ass stretching her out completely. He held still for a couple minutes, letting her get used to him then started to fuck her hard and deep, growling and snarling, and his claws digging into her hips.

She screamed loudly as he grew into his full length and width in her, stretching her walls, loving it, “Oh shit yes!” When he started fucking her again she looked up at Darious, whimpering and moaning, “Please shift Darious. ”

He looked down at her and grinned then sifted to full demon. He rubbed both his cocks over her lips, letting her lick them then pulled back.

She looked up at him and whimpered softly, licking her lips.

Darious looked down at Marcus, “Pull out and clean your cock off. This little slut,” he ran his claws through her long hair, “is going to suck your cock.”

Marcus nodded, “Yes Master.” He then eased all 20 inches slowly out of her ass and wiped it off.

Even Darious had never seen Marcus’ crynos form. His eyes widened as Marcus wiped his cock off, even he was impressed. “Damn pup! That is one hell of a piece of meat you have there.”

Marcus grinned, “That you Master. I must say this though, I’ve never, ever had any creature in human form take all of it like Dani did.”

Darious stoked a claw down her cheek, “Yes, my toy is a special brand of slut.” He looked down at her upturned face and grinned, his sharp fangs glistening. “Turn around and suck his cock slut.”

She nodded, “Yes Darious.” She spun around and started to lick Marcus’ cock, presenting her ass and soaking, wet pussy to Darious.

Marcus moaned as she licked his turgid flesh and sighed deeply as she wrapped her lips around it then deep throated him.

Darious rubbed his cocks over her pussy and asshole then slammed them both all the way into her holes. He pulled her back onto him as he did, causing her to squeal around Marcus’ cock. He then held still and made his cocks grow to the size of Marcus’. He then started to fuck her hard and fast. “My naughty little slut wants a big cock so I’m going to give her two of them. You want that hot cunt and ass to be stretched out and that is what I’m going to give you.” He raked his claws down her back and over her thighs, leaving long red welts.

Marcus grabbed a fist full of her hair and started to fuck her mouth. He then reached under her and started to pinch and twist her nipples between his claws.

Darious continued to fuck her hard, reaching between her legs and clawed her clit roughly.

She loved every minute of the rough treatment. When Darious started to claw her clit she stiffened up and came. With that she started to shift.

Darious saw the fur start to sprout all over her body and shouted at Marcus, “Get your cock out of her mouth, now!” Then shoved him backwards.

Marcus’ eyes widened, “What?” then lost his balance and fell off the bed with a resounding thud. “Master, what…” he then saw Dani fully shifted, her fangs showing and wings fully outstretched then said, “Oh shit!”

She looked down at him and licked her lips, purring, “Give me your cock please.”

Marcus stood up and looked at Darious, feeling Danis’ tongue start to lick the tip of his cock, “Is it safe?”

Darious nodded and ground his cocks deep into her. “Yes, my little slut will keep her fangs sheathed so she doesn’t hurt you. Isn’t that right slut?” He swatted her hard on the ass causing her to moan.

Marcus moved to the foot of the bed and thrust his cock back into her mouth. He put his hands on her head and started to fuck her mouth, moaning and growling.

Darious continued slamming into her and roughly playing with her clit. With his other hand he started to stroke the base of her tail.

She squealed loudly around Marcus’ cock and started to wiggle and squirm all over the place.

Marcus let go of her head and reached under her and started to play with her tits again. He looked down at her and growled, “You like this cunt? Three big cocks in you, filling all your holes up. Huh bitch?”

She looked up at him and moaned. S he continued to watch his face while he fucked her mouth.

Marcus continued to piston in and out of her mouth, his cock was starting to twitch and throb signaling he was once again going to cum. He looked down at her and growled, Baring his fangs, “Work that hot mouth of yours on my cock slut! Make me cum again. Suck every drop of cum out of me bitch!”

She sucked on his cock harder. She, herself, was getting close to cumming again, squirming and wiggling around, slamming back onto Darious so hard his hips were leaving bruises on her ass.

Darious leaned over her back and bit her on the neck then growled, “Hold onto it slut. Don’t cum yet!”

She moaned loudly, shaking all over. She was trying to concentrate on not cumming.

Marcus started slamming his cock in her mouth. His head rolled back, his eyes shut then he howled loudly. His shoved his cock all the way into her mouth and started to cum.

She quickly pulled her mouth off and sunk her fangs deep into his thigh then started to feed.

Darious gripped her shoulders, his claws digging into her flesh. He growled, “Cum now toy!” Then he started to shoot deep into both her holes.

She pulled her fangs out, slammed back onto Darious and came, howling at the top of her lungs.

Darious continued even after he finished cumming, causing her to have a huge multiple.

Marcus pulled out of her mouth, panting and sweating. He backed away on shaking legs that felt like jelly. He saw he had blown in her hair. He continued backing up until he bumped into the chair then dropped into it. He leaned back and shut his eyes, exhausted and promptly fell asleep.

Dani looked over her shoulder at Darious, licking her fangs. “Fuck me Darious, please! Fuck me so hard it hurts!”

He looked down at her then pulled his cocks out. He flipped her over onto her back, roughly, then slammed both of them back into her. He propped her legs on his shoulders then grabbed her arms, pinned them to the bed then started to fuck her animalistically and roughly. He looked down into her eyes and growled, fangs bared. “I like the feeling of that ass and pussy on my cocks, it feels great. Tonight proved I need to fuck my toy regularly since she is such a slut and wet all the time. My slut wants fucked and spanked all the time.” He let go of her arms and sat up straight, looked down at her, “I have a special treat for you toy.”

She looked up at him, panting, “Oh? What treat is that?”

He grinned down at her and chuckled deeply, “You’ve been a very bad, naughty toy tonight and deserve a tongue lashing.

She moaned and looked up at him, “Oh yeah!”

He pulled out then kissed and nibbled his way down her body until he was lying on his belly between her legs. He looked up at her and grinned evilly then stuck out his eight inch prehensile, forked tongue at her.

She moaned loudly and her eyes rolled back in her head, quivering from head to toe.

Darious chuckled deeply then bit both of her thighs before sticking his tongue out and licking the outside of her lips and clit before thrusting it deep inside of her, spinning it around, running it all around her wet walls. He then rubbed the fork rough and hard over her g-spot.

His tongue continued on her g-spot while he reached down and stroked the base of her tail. With his other hand he stroked two fingers across her asshole before thrusting them into her ass and moved them in and out.

She yowled loudly and started to cum, her juice spraying out of her pussy onto his face. She came multiple times before falling limp on the bed, panting.

He withdrew his tongue then licked his face clean. He moved up and lay down next to her, drawing her into his arms.

She snuggled up close to him, purring happily. She stroked her sweaty hair and kissed the top of her head. He looked down at her and smiled, “I didn’t know you liked to be talked to like that.”

She looked up at him and giggled, “Neither did I until he started.”

He chuckled, “Something I’m going to have to remember.” He stroked her hair, “Another question, when he was whispering to you, what did he ask?”

She shook her head, “Nothing big, just if I liked it and if it was turning me on. Also to call him Mark. Nothing bad.”

Darious nodded, “OK toy.”

They lay there, snuggling and cuddling for about an hour. She then shifted back to human and got up to clean up. Darious woke Marcus up enough to get him into bed where he promptly fell back to sleep. Then he shifted back to human and cleaned himself up. He and Dani then crawled into bed. She lay with her back to him curled up to Marcus and he slid his cock into ass and held her close. Soon, they fell asleep.

The next morning Marcus woke up early to answer the call of nature. He looked down and saw the naked, sleeping Dani curled up to his chest, arm around his waist and grinned, remembering the night before.

She felt him stir and woke up then looked up at him, smiling, “Morning.”

He grinned from ear tot ear then leaned down and kissed her, “Good morning sweetheart. Thank your for last night.”

She shook her head, “No need to thank me, I liked it as much as you did.”

He stroked her hair softly, “I am to please.”

She giggled, “I have a question for you. Do you still want me to call you Mark?”

He nodded, “If you would please Dani. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go see a man about a horse.”

She giggled and tickled his furry tummy, “Well, get moving then.”

– The End –