Lucy and I love to fuck in the countryside – we both get turned on by the idea that we might be caught in flagrante delicto, and I get especially turned on by the idea that some passing stranger might join in our outdoor fun. On this day I was also a little extra horny because we had rowed the night before, and I had a quite a bit of residual anger to blow off. I’ve heard people talk about makeup sex , but what s so great about sex after the air is cleared and all is forgiven.
On our shipping trip that day we had passed a gorgeous beauty spot a bridge over a river next to a red sandstone cliff, with a path along the riverbank and a trail leading uphill into the trees. It would have been a wonderful place to let our desires come to fruition on the way home, but we couldn’t guarantee that we wouldn’t be sprung upon by the owners of the car already parked there. Instead, we kissed passionately, winding our close together in a tight embrace. I find that really sexy, even (perhaps especially) when I m fully clothed, and the lump in my crotch made no secret of the fact.

We continued driving and looking for a place to stop, but I already had an idea of where I wanted to lead us and directed Lucy to a ruined castle that we had seen from a distance many times. When we got there and parked. We hurriedly made our way across the grass toward a corner staircase in the ramparts. I tried to make myself comfortable near the top of the hard stone steps. Lucy was knelt a few steps down and had already unbuttoned my jeans. Of course I d had an erection for ages, and the head of my cock was already glistening with shiny wetness. Lucy rubbed some of the precum onto her finger and ran it over my tongue for me to taste before she went down on me. Knowing precisely what I like, she ran a hand over my balls with a feather touch – teasing me; touching me but not touching me. I held her head, pushing her mouth down onto my shaft, and pulling her up by her hair as she worked on the end of my cock with her lips and tongue in the way I love so much. I went to move my hand, but Lucy knew what I wanted, and used her spare hand to press hard on the pleasure button between my balls and bum. What she was doing to me was wonderful, and I wanted to fuck her with my mouth in return.

“I want to lick your clit”, I said. “You want to lick my clit?” said Lucy, rapidly unbuttoning and pulling down her jeans. The wetness in her underwear proved that she had been as horny as me. I quickly buried by face in her groin. Making my tongue as hard as possible, and gently using my teeth as a guide, I licked, sucked and nibbled slowly round and round her clit, occasionally darting inside her pussy with my tongue. I was lost in the thrill of the clash of fantasy and reality, and the raw pleasure of rubbing my nose in her pussy to inhale her sex smell was also keeping the speed of my tongue in check. I m pretty sure this had an effect on my cunnilingus technique – eating Lucy out like this seemed to provoke a response in her that I d never noticed before. I planned to make her cum in my mouth, and put a couple of fingers inside her, but just as I did so she pulled me up and said that she just wanted me inside her. I didn’t need to be asked twice. Normally I love to enter her excruciatingly slowly, so that I can fully relish the tight warm feeling of her around me, of being part of her. Next I like to just rub the head of my cock up and down her clit, and enter her with very short teasing strokes, interspersed with deep, hard, unexpected strokes. This time, however, I had an overwhelming urge to simply push Lucy’s legs apart and fuck her. I felt unusually dominant, thrusting deep inside her over and over again. In fact, she didn’t realize that I got a real kick out of the fact that her bare knees were being pushed against the stone walls of the narrow staircase with each thrust.

We climbed the last few steps onto the ramparts and Lucy leaned over the wall so that I could grab tightly onto her bum and hips and fuck her from behind. I was fucking her faster and harder, so that my balls slapped off her with each stroke, when I noticed a lorry rounding the bend at the foot of the hill and hoped beyond all hope that the driver might catch sight of us. The only thing that could beat the thrill of fucking way up there on the highest and most visible point around was the idea that we were really so exposed that anybody might find us and join in. I pulled Lucy up, gently cupping her breasts from behind and toying with her stiffened nipples.

“Yeah you can see us, you can see us!” I said out loud, while wishing silently to myself You can join us! Watch me spanking Lucy on the inside of her thighs, then fuck her yourself. Or play with your hard cock while Lucy sits on my face and squeezes my balls in her fist; bring yourself almost to the point of orgasm, then cum in my mouth but only on Lucy’s command. These are the kind of fantasies I was playing out as we fucked in the turret of the castle, but I began to think about nothing but my cock as I looked down at it gliding in and out of her, and came in buckets…

– The End –