She was soaking in the bathtub when Marcus poked his head in the door, “I’m going to be cleaning your bedroom. I wanted to tell you so you didn’t walk out and get a fright.” He did want to warn her but he also wanted to get a long, good look at her naked. His eyes raked up and down her naked, wet flesh.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, yawning, “OK Marcus thanks.” She shifted around a little bit and shut her eyes again. He ogled her another minute then said, “You need anything just yell.” She muttered another thanks and started to doze off again, submerging herself deeper in the warm scented water.

He watched her for a couple more minutes, his erection poking out the front of his loincloth. He then sighed and withdrew to the bedroom and started to clean it, taking his time and doing it slowly.

She dozed off and on for the next half an hour until the water cooled down. She then got out and drained the tub. She dried off then wrapped a towel around herself and walked into the bedroom. Marcus was dusting and straightening things up. She ignored him like she normally did and got some clean clothes. She then dropped her towel and started to get dressed.

He stopped what he was doing and watched her. When she bent over to pull her socks on his eyes glued to her bald pussy and ass, licking his lips. He reached down and rubbed his straining hard-on through the fabric. His eyes followed her as she leaned over and picked up her shirt and put it on. When she bent over to pull her tong on he said, “You have a beautiful cunt.”

She turned and looked at him, frowning, “Excuse me?”

He grinned wickedly at her, leaning against the bedpost, “I was just admiring that pretty pussy of yours. Mmm, let it tastes yummy. I know it likes to get fucked, that much I’ve seen. It can take everything Darious and Arkady can give it. And boy does it smell nice.” He cocked his head to one side and grinned.

She looked at him, eyes narrowing. She didn’t like him at all and trusted him even less but put up with him because Darious said he had to be here. She growled, “Don’t you dare talk to me that way. Keep it up and I will tell Darious.”

He chuckled and shook his head, “Big fucking deal. It’s your word against mine. Besides, everyone knows by now you are nuts so no one is going to believe anything you have to say.” He took a step closer to her, eyes glued to her chest. “You’re no better than I am, your just Darious’ favorite because you have a cunt instead of a cock. So, tell me, is your twat still nice and tight? It shouldn’t be because of all the fucking it gets.”

She glowered at him then yelled, “Darious, could you come here please?”

Marcus glared at her but said nothing.

Darious was down in the kitchen when he heard her yell. He hurried up to their bedroom, finding her glaring at Marcus, fangs bared. “Yes? What do you need toy?”

Her eyes never left Marcus’ face, “You need to do something about this foul mouthed puppy of yours.”

Darious’ brow furrowed, “Huh?”

Dani looked at him, eyes flashing, arms folded across her chest, I’m tired of his lewd comments and being leered at by him.”

Darious looked at her and saw she was genuinely pissed then turned to Marcus, “Is this true?”

Marcus glared at her, “She’s walking around naked in front of me and bending over so what do you expect from me?”

Darious’ eyes grew cold, “She’s not yours, she’s mine. There for it’s not your place to neither look nor comment. She is my sub, you are a slave, lesser than she is, therefore you need to keep a civil tongue in your head and your eyes off of her.”

Marcus’ jaw tightened, “I am still a man and look when it is flaunted in my face.”

Darious got up in his face, “You are not a man, you are a possession that is all.”

Marcus looked into his eyes, gaze steady, “It is just natural instinct for a man to look at a beautiful naked woman.”

Darious was getting very angry. He shoved Marcus against the wall and held him there, eyes boring into him. He then looked at Dani, “What exactly did he say to you toy?”

She leaned against the bedpost and looked at Darious then told him.

He nodded to her, “OK toy.” He then turned back to Marcus, glaring at him, more infuriated. “It is not your place to look at her nor to comment. Furthermore, you do not make such comments around a lady, especially one who belongs to me!”

Marcus sighed, “Ok, ok, now I know better, I won’t do it again.”

Darious growled loudly, “You should have known better the day you got here!”

Marcus tried to look contrite, “I have learned my lesson Master and will never do it again.”

Darious looked hard at him, reading him then glared, “You were given the laws the day you moved in and you have broken two of them today. And for that you will be punished.”

Marcus’ eyes grew wide then he tried to bluff his way out. “Master I don’t remember those rules, I’m sorry.”

Darious leveled his gaze with Marcus’. “If you can’t remember then I shall reiterate them for you.” He then quickly went back over the rules through clenched teeth, glaring. “As you just heard you have broken two of the biggest ones.”

Marcus lowered his eyes and tried to look ashamed of himself. “I will do better, I swear it.”

Darious stared hard at him, eyes cold, “I fail to believe you.”

Marcus sighed, “I will do better from now on, you have my word on it.”

Darious stared into his eyes, searching his mind to see if he was truly repentant and found him not to be. He growled loudly, “I still don’t believe you. You seem to forget just who and what I am. You also forget that I can read your soul so you can hide nothing from me.”

Marcus sighed deeply, “Believe me; I remember exactly what you are. How could I forget?”

Darious took a couple steps back and glared at him, eyes cold and hard, “Know what slave? I believe in object lessons.” He grabbed ahold of Marcus’ hair. “You are about to see my dungeon for the first time.” He looked at Dani, “Toy get Arkady and follow.”

She nodded, “Yes M’Lord.”

Darious looked at her and smiled, “Very good toy.” He then started to drag Marcus out the door.

Marcus followed quickly so his hair didn’t get yanked out, muttering, “This is bullshit. She stands there in front of me naked I’m going to look. I ain’t blind after all.”

Darious stopped and slammed him into the closest wall with bone jarring force then got into his face. “You need discipline. Your former Master was weak and lacked discipline. You’re my property now and you need to learn that. My bitch, my property. I own you and all that you have. The only reason you have anything including your life is because I allow it. Got me bitch?” His eyes were glowing brightly.

Marcus gulped loudly, “Yes Master.”

Darious squinted at him, “I still fail to believe you. If I want anymore lip from you I’ll rattle my zipper.” He grabbed a handful of his hair and drug him the rest of the way to the dungeon.

This was Marcus’ first trip to the dungeon. He looked around at the implements of pain and suffering wide-eyed, obviously scared, and trembling all over.

Darious had him strip then gagged and shackled him spread eagle, facing his chair. He then spread out a big fluffy mat out directly in front of his chair.

Dani and Arkady showed up and stood, waiting, for Darious to see them.

Darious looked at them and nodded towards the mat, “You may sit there and I want you both to watch.”

Dani and Arkady both nodded and went to the mat. Arkady sat down cross-legged. Dani lay down with her head in his lap. She could feel him trembling. Arkady was scared to death of this room and it showed. She stroked his leg softly, trying to comfort him.

Darious nodded at them then grabbed a short whip off a nearby rack and stepped behind Marcus. He looked over at Dani and Arkady, “What we have here is a possession that thinks it’s equal to me. We have here a piece of property that thinks it can leer, look upon and make suggestive comments to my property. We have here a thing that had lied to me. We have here a bitch dog that doesn’t know discipline.” He looked at Arkady, “What do I do to bitches who don’t know discipline? Speak Wolfie.”

Arkady gulped then said softly, “You punish them Sir.”

He nodded then directed his gaze at Dani, “What do I do with pieces of property that lie and think they are better than their Master? Speak toy.”

She looked at him, licking her lips, “M’Lord you punish them severely.”

He grabbed Marcus’ hair and yanked his head back and growled loudly, then said in a cold, hard voice, “What do I do to slaves who thinks he can get over on me pup? He chuckled and grinned evilly.

Arkady was pale and shaking, scared shitless. Dani took his hand and held it, trying to comfort him the best she could while watching intently, eyes bright, obviously turned on.

Darious shifted fully, still holding tightly to Marcus’ hair, looking at him. He grinned evilly then said softly, “I break them.” He released his hair and took a couple steps back and started to whip him as hard as he could, leaving welts and bruises in his wake.

Arkady was rocking back and forth, moaning and whimpering softly, eyes wide and terror filled. He was having flashbacks of what Jade did to him in the 150 years they were together. He clutched onto Danis’ hand so tight her fingers turned white. She stroked his leg softly, trying to convey that he was fine and that Darious would never, ever do that to him.

Marcus was a powerful man that had been beaten on before so he held out for a long time. He had bitten down so hard on the ball gag that his teeth had sunk into it to keep from screaming. But after a half an hour he sagged against the chains, head drooped forward, exhausted. He was covered from head to toe in welts and bruises, some of them oozing blood.

Darious took several steps back, panting. He lay the whip down on the nearby table and caught his breath, eyes glowing, glaring at Marcus. He pulled his clothes off then stepped back behind him and unshackled him and shoved him down onto the floor on all fours. He straddled his back and grabbed his hair to hold him upright. He looked at Arkady and growled, “Bring me the lube now Wolfie.”

Arkady looked at him, shuddering but said, “Yes Sir.” He was on his feet quickly and retrieved it, handing it to Darious, shaking and quivering all over.

Darious looked at Arkady, eyes softening. He stroked his ass softly and said so softly Marcus couldn’t hear, “You have nothing to fear from me Wolfie. We’ll discuss it further when I am done.”

Arkady relaxed and took a couple steps back, nodding.

Darious looked at Arkady then to Dani. “Both of you come here and prep my cocks.” He yanked harder on Marcus’ hair, “I want them nice and slicks so my cocks slide easily into this slaves tight ass.”

Marcus’ eyes flew wide open and were terror filled. He had never been fucked in the ass before and he sure didn’t want to do it now under these circumstances. He whimpered loud enough it could be heard by the people in the room loud and clear.

Dani was off the mat and over to Darious so fast it was almost a blur, just about knocking Arkady over in the process. She knelt down and looked up at Darious, licking her lips.

He grinned wickedly at her. He squeezed some lube out on both his cocks then nodded to both of them. Arkady wrapped his hand around one and rubbed it in. Dani also wrapped her hand around the other but while she rubbed it around she sucked on the head, getting it wet and slippery.

He let her have fun for a couple minutes, watching her, eyes bright, then said, “That’s enough.”

Both backed off and awaited his next order. Dani watched him closely, licking her lips.

Darious looked at both of them then down to the shaking Marcus and chuckled deeply, “I want you both to hold him still.” He then knelt down behind him.

Arkady knelt in front of Marcus and put him in a semi-half nelson, holding onto him tightly. Dani sat on the small of his back, wrapping her legs around his so he couldn’t close or move them. Then wrapped her tail around his waist, holding on tightly to him. She reached down and spread his ass cheeks apart, looking up at Darious.

He grinned at Dani then rubbed one of his cocks against Marcus’ asshole. He heard him whimpering and moaning then chuckled. He then placed it on his asshole and slammed it in, hard, all the way into him.

Marcus arched up and screamed against the gag. It hurt, badly, feeling as though his ass had been ripped apart.

Darious didn’t give him time to relax and get used to it, just started to pound into his ass as hard as he could, grinding hard. He dug his claws into his hips. Then leaved forward and kissed Dani roughly, growling into her mouth.

She let go of Marcus’ cheeks and reached down to wrap her hand around Darious’ other cock, playing with it.

Darious pounded into him hard then looked at Arkady. “Go get the adjustable cock ring and put it on him. I don’t want him to be able to release.”

Arkady nodded, “Yes Sir.” He released Marcus and quickly got up to retrieve it.

Marcus was whimpering and moaning loudly. His cock was rock hard and throbbing despite hating what was being done to him.

Arkady retrieved it then knelt down beside Marcus and quickly affixed it around his throbbing cock.

Darious continued to pound into him until Marcus was sobbing into the gag and his ass was sore. Darious then started to cum deep into his bowels. Dani and Arkady were both used to the icy coldness of his cum but Marcus wasn’t and it was a rude surprise for him, causing him to scream in agony.

Darious let his cock slide out and stood up, glaring down at Marcus. He then looked at Arkady, “Get undressed Wolfie. I want you to fuck him and cum in his ass. Don’t be gentle with him; I want him to feel it.” He looked at Marcus and chuckled evilly, “Besides, it’s just property, so you don’t need to worry about hurting it.”

Marcus moaned at that statement. When Arkady got undressed, knelt behind him and tried to enter him Marcus wiggled all over and tried to pull away.

Darious stepped in front of him and held him still, “You aren’t going anywhere slave. You are going to hold still and take it.”

Dani lay back across his back and looked up at Darious, her legs still wrapped around Marcus’.

Arkady quickly entered him and started to hammer into him.

Darious looked down at Dani and licked his fangs, grinning at her, then grabbed Marcus’ hair and yanked his head back. He looked deep into his eyes. He could see the pain and a deep humiliation in them. Darious chuckled deeply then spoke, “I’m not done with you yet slave, not by a long shot. Before I’m done tonight you will learn the meaning of the word slave and just how it applies to your station. You will learn you are a slave, less than nothing, a possession for me to do with what I want.”

Marcus’ eyes widened. He was scared and it was very much evident on his face.

The more frightened Marcus got the more his asshole tightened down on Arkadys’ cock. Arkady continued to fuck him, moaning loudly, body bathed in sweat. Finally, he let out a strangled cry and started to cum deep in Marcus’ ass. When he was done his cock slid out and he sat down, panting, trying to catch his breath.

Darious let Arkady rest for a couple minutes then said, “Hold him still Wolfie.”

Arkady stood up and grabbed ahold of Marcus, “Yes Sir.”

He walked over to one of the racks and grabbed a couple things off it. “Come here toy.”

She was off Marcus and over to Darious quickly. He had her get undressed then put a strap-on on her and buckled it around her waist. He then led her back to Marcus and had her kneel behind him. “I want you to fuck it good and hard.”

She looked down at the huge dildo jutting from her pelvis and chuckled evilly. It was a good 12 inches long and about three inches around, much bigger than either of the men. She looked up at him and grinned evilly, ‘Yes M’Lord.”

When Marcus heard her chuckled and felt it touch his tightly clenched asshole he started to try and pull away from her and Arkady. He knew how much she hated him and that she was as at least as sadistic as Darious. That what she was going to do was going to hurt and be infinitely more humiliating that had happened previously. He knew it was going to eventually happen but he wasn’t going to make it easy on them.

Darious growled when he started fighting. “Hold him Wolfie.” Arkady held him down the best he could while Darious quickly retrieved some shackles and chains. While Arkady held onto him Darious shackled him on all fours to where he was spread out and couldn’t move. He then stood up and glared at Marcus. He then looked at Dani and nodded, “Have at it toy.”

She chuckled evilly then slammed every inch of it deep into his ass in one hard stroke. She heard Marcus’ muffled screams as it entered him. She ground it around hard before she started fucking him as hard as she could, a lot harder than Arkady had.

Marcus looked up at Darious, eyes pleasing him to stop it, obviously humiliated.

Darious looked down at him and chuckled, “What’s the matter slave? Not liking getting your ass broken in? Too fucking bad. Maybe after this you’ll learn to remember the rules.” He looked at Arkady, “Ungag the slave.” He then walked over and grabbed a large pair of pliers then stepped back in front of him.

Arkady quickly ungagged him and stepped back, watching Darious.

When the gag came off Marcus looked at Darious, eyes pleading. “Please Master, no more. I will do as I’m told. Please. I’ve learned my lesson I swear. Please stop it Master, please.” He was almost babbling trying to get it across that he would indeed now behave and obey the rules.

Darious stood in front of him, grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head back. He looked down at him, eyes cold and hard. “You are a slave, what you want and what you say is wholly immaterial. You are here to be used any way I see fit. Since you have gotten here somehow you seemed to have forgotten that fact.” He grabbed ahold of one of his cocks and put it to Marcus’ lips, holding the pliers where he could see them. “You are going to suck my cock and make me cum then you will swallow it. If you bite me I will yank every one of your teeth out.” He grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth closer to his cock. IF you scream I will fuck your mouth and cum then you will swallow it anyway.”

Dani ground the dildo deep into his ass as hard as she could, making sure it rubbed roughly against his prostate, ensuring that she was hurting him as much as she could.

Arkady had flattened himself against the nearest wall, cringing.

Marcus looked up at Darious’ cock, petrified at the though of having to suck on it.

Darious rubbed the head of his cock against his lips, glaring down at him, growling loudly, fangs bared.

Marcus reluctantly opened his mouth and let Darious push it into his mouth. But he didn’t like it one little bit. He was careful not let bite down on it.

Darious held his head firmly, sliding his cock in and out, growling until he came. Then he slid his other one in its place, repeating what he had just done.

Dani continued fucking him hard and fast, eyes glued to them. The sight of Marcus sucking Darious’ cock was turning him on more than she was before. She looked up into Darious’ eyes, giving him that ‘I want fucked’ look, biting her bottom lip.

Marcus continued sucking him the best he could, not liking it at all but trying to do the best he could so he didn’t piss Darious off anymore than he already was.

Darious threw his head back and groaned then flooded Marcus’ mouth. He pulled it out and glared down at him, growling softly.

Marcus’ head hung forward, thoroughly dejected and humiliated, trying to catch his breath. Cum was running out of the corners of his mouth and running down his chin. All he could taste was Darious. But that wasn’t the worst f it, the worst was being reamed with a strap-on by the woman he desired and wanted to fuck. Plus she was making sure he felt it and that it hurt, badly.

Darious stared coldly at Marcus for a couple more minutes then turned to Arkady, “Do you want your cock sucked Wolfie?”

Arkady looked at Darious and licked his lips nervously, “Yes Sir, I most certainly would like that.”

Darious chuckled at him, he was used to his formality by now but it still struck him as funny at times. He beckoned him over and had him stand in front of Marcus, his cock to his lips. He stroked his back softly, “I want you to fuck his mouth good Wolfie. Use his mouth for your own pleasure. “He patted Arkadys ass softly then glared down at Marcus again, “The same rules apply to Arkady as they do to me. You bite him I will yank your teeth out.”

Arkady eased his cock into Marcus’ mouth and started to fuck it slowly.

Marcus did what he could to please Arkady, keeping a close eye on Darious, petrified of what he would do to him next. Dani was making sure she was dragging the dildo across his prostate so by now he desperately wanted to cum, his cock and balls throbbing madly.

Darious watched Marcus closely. When he was sure he wasn’t going to try anything stupid he walked behind him and stood behind Dani and ran his claws through her hair.

She looked up at him, purring loudly, obviously very turned on.

He chuckled deeply and grinned at her, “Hmm, doing a good job there toy.” He knelt down behind her and started to pinch and pull on her nipples. He nipped her ear softly and growled then whispered, “Is there something my toy wants? Hmm?”

She leaned her head back on his shoulder and looked up at him, growling softly. She licked her lips and whispered, “I want your cocks M’Lord. I need your cocks please.”

He nipped her ear again and pressed his cocks against her ass. He pulled her closer against him. “My toy wants to feel my cocks in her hot holes hmm? Well, then my cocks she shall get.” He reached down and pulled the strap on aside then slid them deep into both her holes.

She moaned loudly and arched up, driving the dildo deeper into Marcus’ ass causing him to squeal around Arkadys’ cock. He held her hips still and started to pound into her as hard as he could. He knew every time he slammed into her the dildo slammed into Marcus equally as hard.

She ground down onto him hard, trying to get him deeper into her. She leaned back against him her head resting back on his shoulder, moaning loudly.

He held her tightly to him, giving her just what she wanted. He looked at Arkady. He was holding onto Marcus’ head, sliding his cock in and out of his mouth. His head was thrown back and his eyes were shut, groaning and moaning loudly. Darious grinned, fangs glistening, “Wolfie?”

Arkady opened his eyes and looked at Darious. “Yes Sir?” He asked, voice deep and husky.

Darious grinned at him, “I want you to cum in his mouth as many times as you can. I want it to learn to like the taste of cum since it will be swallowing a lot of it from this day forward.” He raked his claws across the welts on Marcus’ ass, breaking some of them open. “I want it to learn that it is no better than a piece of furniture, that we can do whatever we feel like to it.”

Marcus whimpered on Arkadys’ cock when he felt Darious’ claws on his ass.

Arkady tightened his grip on Marcus’ head and thrust his cock harder and faster in his mouth. His whole body tightened up and he threw his head back, moaning loudly then thrust his cock all the way into his mouth, almost gagging him on it then started to cum, howling loudly. He held tightly until his balls emptied then he slipped his cock out of his mouth and collapsed on the floor, panting.

Darious watched Arkady, nodding. “Very good Wolfie.”

Arkady looked at Darious, panting, eyes slightly unfocused, “Thank you Sir.”

Darious reached between Danis’ legs and started to rub her clit. He growled in her ear, “Cum for me toy. Cum for your Lord.” She ground her pussy down onto his hand, whimpering loudly, shaking all over. She reached down and put her hand over his, pressing it harder onto her clit. She ground her pussy harder onto his hand, getting it all wet. She bit her bottom lip and started to cum, whimpering and moaning, grinding onto his cock.

He let her finish then pulled out. She looked up at him, purring loudly, “More please M’Lord.” He grinned at her, stroking her hair. “Mmm, my horny little toy. I’ll give you all you want but a little later. After I finish teaching the slave the error of his ways.” He grabbed her waist and pulled her back, pulling the dildo out of his ass. He unbuckled it and took it off her then tossed it aside. He patted her on the ass, “Go sit by Wolfie and rest a bit.” She kissed him on the cheek, “Yes M’Lord.” Then moved and sat back down on the mat by Arkady. He sat behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and holding her tightly to him. Darious nodded to Arkady then knelt behind Marcus and slammed his cock back into his ass roughly, eliciting a strangled cry from Marcus. He then started to pound hard and fast into his ass.

Marcus was biting his bottom lip, quivering and shaking all over. His balls were throbbing badly, demanding release. As a matter of fact they were stating to hurt badly from the lack of it. Darious quickly came again, flooding his ass. He then stood back in front of him, glaring, fangs bared. Marcus kept his head lowered, whimpering. He winced at the throbbing pain in his groin from his blue balls. Darious growled loudly then grabbed his hair and yanked his head up, “You want to cum don’t you slave?” Marcus looked at him, eyes wide, “Yes Master. I want to cum so bad it hurts.” Darious glared at him, “I am not going to remove the cock ring and you will not cum. You deliberately broke and disobeyed my laws and are being punished for it. As a matter of fact from now until I say differently to remind you at all times just how much you have displeased me you will not be wearing your loin cloth but a French maid’s uniform.” Dani put her hand to her mouth and giggled madly. Even the sedate Arkady lowered his head and grinned at the thought of the big, macho, manly Marcus dressed the frilly black skirt.

Darious gave Marcus a hard, cold look, “Anytime Arkady wants to fuck you he can. You are my property, my slave, he has rights and privileges, and you don’t. He can fuck you all he likes and you will learn to like it. Dani can put a strap-on on and use and abuse your ass whether you like it or not but you will grow to like it. If they want to whip you they can and you will learn to like it.” Darious squinted and growled at him, “Anytime they want to whip, fuck, beat, tease, claw, cut, spank or anything else they feel like doing to you they can do it, anytime, anywhere, any place. Whether you were good or bad is immaterial. You are a slave, a possession, your only goal and meaning is to please them. But above all else you will please me. I own you.” He gripped his hair tighter, “I own your hair.” He gripped his bicep hard, “I own your arms.” He raked his claws down his back, “I own your back.” He stepped behind him and swatted him against the back of the thighs, “I own your legs.” Hi did it across his ass, marking him, breaking the skin. “I own your ass.” He reached between his legs and spanked his balls hard, causing Marcus to cry out in pain, “I own your balls.” He spanked his cock hard, “I own your cock.” He stepped back in front of him and yanked his head back, looking deep into his eyes, “I own you. I own every inch of your body. It’s mine. You’re my slave, my property.” He grinned evilly at him, “Your name from now on is slave and will be referred to by no other.” He looked over at Dani and Arkady, “From this moment forward this things name is slave. You will refer to him by no other name. Do you understand?”

Arkady shivered and looked down, “I understand you and will comply Sir.”

Dani looked at Darious, eyes bright, “Yes M’Lord.”

Marcus looked at Darious, petrified; shaking all over, wondering what he was going to do to him next. Darious nodded at them then looked back down at Marcus, fangs bared, “Since I own you and you’re mine I could end your miserable life now and no one would care. Since you are property I could end you measly existence now and no body would care because you’re nothing but property.” He gradually lowered his voice until he was speaking in a barely audible whisper, eyes flashing and fangs bared.

Marcus’ eyes widened until they looked like saucers and he gulped loudly. What Darious just said scared him shitless.

Arkady looked down, whimpering softly, thinking this was worse than what Jade used to do. Dani rubbed his hands softly trying to put him more at ease.

Darious glared down at Marcus, “Do you get me slave?”

Marcus nodded vigorously, “Yes I do Master.”

Darious nodded, “Good.” He walked around him and gave him a swift kick in the ribs, hearing him yelp. He chuckled deeply then looked at Dani and Arkady. He pointed to Marcus, “This thing stays down here just how it is until I deem it is fit enough to move. Do you both understand me?”

Dani looked at Darious and smiled, “Yes M’Lord.”

Arkady lowered his eyes, shivering, “I understand you Sir.”

Darious cocked his head and looked at the obviously terrified Arkady. He walked over and stroked his hair softly, then caressed down his cheek, smiling at him. “It’s OK Wolfie.” He said, smiling down at him.

Arkady looked up at hi, starting to relax a little bit.

Darious took his chin gently between his thumb and forefinger. “Go upstairs to my bedroom and get the French maids’ uniform out of my closet. But don’t bring the panties, it won’t be needing those. Then go in the bathroom and get the wax kit. Bring it all back down.”

Dani leaned against Arkady, laughing her ass off. “Don’t forget the feather duster.”

Darious’ eyes twinkled and he grinned, “Good idea toy. Bring the feather dusters too Wolfie.”

Even Arkady started to chuckle, “Yes Sir.” He got up and left the room.

Marcus was whimpering loudly, looking down at the floor, shaking so badly the chains were rattling.

Darious looked at Marcus coldly then growled, “You lose any bodily functions on the floor and you will lick it up.”

Marcus’ asshole tightened and puckered up, moaning softly to himself.

Dani looked up at Darious, eyes bright, obviously very turned on. She spread her legs apart so he could see how wet she was.

Darious looked down at her, grinning, “My toy is being so naughty as usual. Is there something you want hmmm toy?”

She licked her lips and purred loudly. “I want you to do to me what you just did to your slave, only harder and rougher M’Lord.”

He chuckled deeply, eyes twinkling, “Do you now?” He chuckled again then addressed Marcus without looking at him. “Did you hear that slave? She wants what I did you but more of it.”

Marcus shook his head thinking she was totally insane to want what just happened to him.

Darious looked at Dani and grinned then walked over to the shackles hanging from the ceiling. He folded his arms across his chest and stared, hard, at her. “Come here now toy.” He said voice hard and commanding.

She got up and started towards him. As she walked by Marcus she gave him a swift kick in the ass then stood in front of him, glaring down at him. “You are such a wuss.” She sneered. I’m about to get beat worse than you were and I’ll like it too.”

Darious chuckled deeply then said, “Now toy!”

Dari turned away from him and walked over to Darious but not before she let lose a cloud of scent in Marcus’ face, causing his cock and balls to throb and hurt worse than they were before.

Darious shackled her spread eagle then proceeded for the next two hours to beat and fuck her harder and a whole lot rougher than he had to Marcus. She hung there begging him for more and to do it harder.

Marcus watched Darious, shuddering and turning pale at just how rough Darious could get. Every so often he would start to beg to be able to cum.

Arkady came back in soon after Darious started with Dani. He laid the stuff on Darious chair then sat to watch. Watching him beat Dani didn’t bother him since he learned shortly after he moved in how much Dani loved being hurt and begged to have it done, that she actually got off on pain.

When he was done with her he let her down and carried her over to the mat and laid her down with her head in Arkadys’ lap.

Arkady stroked her hair softly, hearing her purr happily. He looked up at Darious and smiled.

Darious looked at her and chuckled, “One very satisfied putty tat.” He looked at Arkady and stroked his hair softly. He then turned back to Marcus. He walked behind him and reached down between his legs, checking his balls. They were swollen, throbbing and heavy in his hand. He gave an evil chuckle then squeezed them a little.

Marcus let out a high pitched squeal and started to stroke up and down his cock, feeling it throb madly. “You’re not begging good enough slave. Beg better and I may allow you release.”

Marcus begged the best eh could, an almost rambling dissertation of how badly he wanted and needed to cum. Whimpering and moaning the whole time.

Darious grabbed a small cup off the nearby table then knelt behind him. He put a finger on the underside of his cock right where the urethra was and pressed hard thus pinching it shut. He then released the cockring. He grabbed the cup and held it in front of his cock.

Marcus screamed as he started to cum. He was cumming so hard it actually hurt.

While he was still cumming Darious stuck his finger deep into his ass and rubbed his claw over his prostate, milking him.

When Marcus was milked dry and quit cumming he slumped forward and passed out.

Darious chuckled deeply. He pulled his finger out then pinched his prostate between two claws, waking him with a start, emitting a loud yelp.

Dani giggled loudly, even Arkady grinned.

Darious stood and walked in front of him. He held the cup to Marcus’ lips. “Drink and swallow it. Then lick the cup out like a good slave.”

Marcus did as instructed but hated every minute of it. The distaste was evident on his face.

Darious stepped back and stared at him coldly for a few minutes. Then, quietly, he said, “From this moment forward you will ask for everything everywhere we are at. You will not walk upright, you will go everywhere in this house on all fours. You will keep your eyes on the floor like a good obedient slave. You look anywhere else I will bring you back down here and gibe you more of this and keep you down here for a month. Every day you will get more of this. Do you understand me slave?”

Marcus turned white as a sheet. His eyes remained on the floor and he said quietly, “I understand Master.”

Darious nodded then walked back over to Dani and Arkady. He put a hand on Arkadys’ head, “I want you to wax him Wolfie and don’t be gently about it.”

Arkady looked up at him, wide-eyed.

Darious ran his claws through his hair. “He’s being punished and this is part of it.

Arkady lowered his head and shivered.

Darious put a finger under his chin and tilted his head up. He smiled at him, eyes soft, “If you don’t want to you don’t have to. I’ll let Dani do it.”

Arkady sighed; he knew how much she hated Marcus and would do it as slow and painful as she could. “I’ll do it Sir.”

Darious stroked his chin and smiled. “Very good Wolfie. Remember the bitch is nothing more than property. I want it to look pretty when you’re done. That means no facial or body hair what so ever. Just leave the hair on his head. If he tries to fight you beat him. That is a direct order.”

Arkady nodded, “Yes Sir.”

Darious nodded, “Very good Wolfie.” He ruffled his hair playfully. He then bent down and picked Dani up, cuddling her close to him. “Let’s go get your medicine toy.”

She snuggled close to him, purring softly.

Before he walked out of the room he ejected a tape from a hidden VCR. He chuckled deeply, “By the way slave, I video taped all of this. I think I’ll call it slaves’ punishment.” He laughed then walked out of the room.

– The End –