Airplane flights always seemed to raise his libido. Maybe it was the freedom of going a way alone, escaping humanity. Maybe it was the sound of the engines, or the buffeting of the air against the wings and fuselage, or the fact that attractive young women walked up and down the aisle, bumping his shoulders with their hips. he didn’t know, but he knew how aroused he became, thankful for the tray table which he could lower and hide the conspicuous bulging of his hardness. The flight to Denver was exactly that way. But now, on the flight back home, a delicious memory caused it to happen more intensely. His pleasurable engorgement brought with it a delicious soreness, telling of extended, loving use. He thought back to this morning, after having taken the red-eye from Los Angeles to Denver, to meet his friend.

His hand rested on her leg as he drove and his heart beat like a drum. He could feel the warmth and anticipation in her hand as it touched his, resting on her knee. The feeling of exhilaration and adventure permeated his body, feeing a bit boyish driving with a full erection. She began sliding her hand up and down his thigh. When it bumped into the end of his fullness she hesitated, moved her hand downward, then back up again, brushing the large bullet shape of his head. Curiously, she used her forefinger and thumb like calipers, testing what was there. He winced in pleasure, both the pleasure of her sensual touch, and the knowledge that she was feeling something very substantial. As he turned into the motel, her fingers, through the material of his trousers, were gently caressing up and down his full length.

he’d fantasized just such a meeting from the first time they talked online, when he realized that there was something very special about this woman, wanting to send pictures that he’d taken in secret, and let her know what an exhibitionist he was. But he withheld, giving in to his urges in the end. He was amazed that he made the trip, just for lunch. Such was the allure of this exciting woman. The time at the restaurant sped by; hours seemed like minutes. But they seemed to know each other so well so quickly. Of course, the time spent online had opened a kind of communication that made such a meeting easy.

She was seated next to him in the booth, flirting and laughing. He slapped at his leg in his laughter, and his hand touched her knee. He looked into her soft eyes and she blushed. At the same time he felt her leg loosen and move toward him. His hand slipped beneath her skirt, and moved deliberately up her inner thigh. The feel of smooth nylon on her firm legs was like catnip to him, and he eagerly walked his fingers to the warmth of her crotch. As he felt the humid warmth emanating from between her legs, he heard her breath quicken, and noticed her nostrils flaring. His middle finger felt for the verge of her two puffy lips, and moved toward the delicious swelling sandwiched between them.

The time in the restaurant was deliciously provocative. He couldn’t believe that he could ejaculate by just touching, and felt cheated that he’d so foolishly made the trip just to say hi. It was interruptus from the word go, and he hated the fact that his plane would be leaving so soon.

She walked him from the car to his gate at the airport. They kissed hungrily. Reluctantly she turned to leave when he grabbed her hand; the way she ended up in his arms was like a sensuous dance step. Their lips kneaded eagerly, and their hips ground together in a primitive fertility rite. Oblivious of the curious stares from passers-by, primal moans came from deep within them. He looked up at the screen of the departure schedule and saw another plane due to leave in 6 hours.

He unlocked the door to the motel, smiling at how the female clerk, while handing him the key, had given him a knowing wink, which caused him to think; would be nice if she could join us. As the door closed they locked in a passionate embrace, lips moving, tongues exploring, hungry fingers fumbling with buttons and zippers. Completely naked in a trice, their kiss having never broken, they, like starving children, smacked their lips. But like passionate adults their tongues explored wildly, saliva running down their chins.

Hunger demanded satisfaction. She began stroking his engorged cock, while he moved his finger in and out of her vagina. The words came from deep within as she moaned, “I want you inside me Terry. Fuck me, Fuck me!” She fell on the bed, her legs spread and raised. He positioned the shiny head of his swollen cock against the sponge of her cunt and slid deeply inside the soft pocket. There was no holding back as they began to undulate and pump, his hardness sliding in her lubrous pussy like a piston, their stomachs slapping together in sensual applause. Moaning and grunting, they moved together like wild animals in rut. He screamed “Oh baby!” as he plunged deep one more time, and spurted his warm semen inside her. Her legs wrapped around his body and she moaned, “Oh my god, this is good!”

Spent, they lay together, semi blacked out. Coming down to earth their pent up lust had been released, but implored satiation. Their heads rested close together, sharing one pillow. He stroked her hair, combing it with his fingers as she caressed his cheek with the backs of her long red fingernails, their feet moving up and down each other’s legs.

Just before their lips pressed softly together they gazed intently, looking beyond their eyes. They both smiled, suckled gently on each other’s lips, pulling sensually at the other’s soft lobes, which extended and parted with tiny clicks of vacuumed wetness. His fingers stroked her thigh ever so gently; neither he nor she could feel the touch, but sensed it. His sensual fingerprints glided over her skin, sending a chill down her spine, which raised goose bumps on her arms.

She smoothed her fingertips over his shoulders and down his biceps that caused a tiny tingle at the base of his scrotum causing his shaft to fill with blood again. As he fondled her petite, soft breasts, rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, he felt a tiny throb, her blood rushing too.

Pulling her on her side he scootched closer, feeling her warmth, as if her nipples were sending out rays of pent-up energy. She wiggled ever so slightly, touching her nipples against the eager flesh of his chest. He walked his fingers down her waist to her hip, then across her bottom and down to the crack and then to the confluence of her legs. Back and forth his fingers smoothed. “Sssssssss”, emanated from her lips, and he felt her nipples firming harder against his chest.

She threw her leg over his as a tiny click indicated the parting of her saturated labia. His fingers pressed on the base of her spine and followed it down the crevice of her bottom, opening it slightly. Gathering saliva in his mouth, he dripped it on his fingertips and then sent them back to continue their purposeful search, journeying through her crevice, until they felt the wrinkled surface of her anus. Then, in leisurely circles, he coated the puckered orifice with his spittle slicked fingers, which circled and pressed. Undulating forward and back she reached down, grasped his growing penis, still slick from the combination of his semen and her wetness from their previous coupling.

His legs pressed together, flinching from her sensual touch, while his continued their journey through her glossy lips, made more slippery by the silky semen left from his copious ejaculations. When they reached their destination he found it swollen, feeling huge to his sensitive fingertips, which skimmed so gently and easily over the slippery surface of her clitoris. The tip of his little finger tickled it ever so gently, and she winced. Then, when his forefinger and thumb closed gently around her hood, he moved it up and down on her clitoris, stroking it like a miniature cock. When he pushed his fingers to one side of her clitoris and circled faster and faster she undulated and moaned quietly, biting her lower lip until she could hold back no longer and shouted, “Ooooo, oooooo, oooooo, ooooo, OOH, OHHHHH!” Her body relaxed and air escaped in a long soft stream which flowed through her nose. “Mmmmmmmmm” she purred and squeezed her thighs together, holding his fingers firmly between them as he continued pressing and circling. “Thank you”, she sighed.

Amazed at how quickly he became fully erect again, he straddled her, then turned, reversing position, and looked down at her thatched mound. Averting his eyes backwards he viewed the nakedness of their bodies, her breasts like, pink grapefruits, with hard points, the vee between her tits centering on his erection sticking up from his patch of curly hair, stiff as a tent pole. He winced as he felt the tip of her tongue licking the clear balm of his precum around his head until it was coated, then felt her licking up and down the bottom of his shaft. His tongue tasted the amalgamated ooze of her juices and his cum, and glided through the semen coated groove. Just as she sucked his cock into her mouth his tongue reached her puckered anus, and, as he probed her tangy ring, he heard “mmmm mmmm”, her moans muffled by a mouthful of cock.

As he raised and lowered her legs letting his tongue traveling from her anus to her clitoris and back she sucked and moved her mouth quickly in matching movements to his. Slurping sounds came from his lips while muffled grunts and moans came from hers. Fearing that he was going to cum in her mouth he pulled his cock out making a sharp pop, bounced off of her, and pulled her legs, straitening her body across the bed. Then he turned her over and pulled up on her hips to bring her to her knees, positioning her face to lie on her arms on the bed. Climbing back on the bed on his knees, he parted her cheeks and probed her anus with his tongue, then placed his lips like a trumpet player against her labia. His compressed lips blew hard, filling the pouch of her vagina with his pressured breath, ballooning her until she could expand no more. He sucked out, causing her spongy insides to close tightly upon themselves, expelling into his mouth the load left by his first penetration.

Placing his lips against her anus he injected the warm mixture from his mouth inside her. Then, holding his rigid cock in his hand he placed it against the sphincter of her vagina, formed a socket, and slid deep inside. Holding her hips he pumped slowly, 10 strokes, pulled back and paused. He pulled back, paused, then, thrust deep inside. At the same time she bucked back and their bodies came together with a loud slap, and she yelled out, “Do it Terry, fuck me!” With a steady slap, slap, slap, he moved in earnest, as she continued to push back to meet his thrusts. She was up on all fours and her head was wagging wildly back and forth, her long hair flopping back and forth like a rag mop. Both he and she were wet with perspiration. Almost to the point of exhaustion they fucked one another, both rising to a point of no return. Holding, holding, he waited for signs of her release, until he felt a rumbling from deep inside, and then an outcry “ooooooooh”. His balls exploded, sending a warm white stream flowing through the length of his shaft, filling her with his squirting essence. As he collapsed on top of her, he whispered in a moaning breath, “I love you sweet lady.”

He awakened from his momentary siesta. Her body was pressed warmly against his, her breasts flattened against his back. Her breath was the shallow movement of light sleep. He looked at the clock. Wonderful he thought we still have two more hours

The cold Colorado winter wind gusted outside. What a luxury to be living in California, he thought. But the room was warm and their two naked bodies nestled together in heated ambience. Her body, pressed against his, stirred slightly and she sighed, then curled her knees a little and tightened her arm over his shoulder, still seeming to be asleep. He thought of the first time they met on-line and his thoughts caused a swelling between is legs. It was still wet from the combination of his semen and her natural juices that flowed so freely; the air was redolent with their combined scents. Soon the swelling became a full erection, which strained against the backs of her closed legs. Gently tracing lines up and down Katherine’s bare arms caused a sigh and she kissed his shoulder. They had used words so many times to express their loving on the screen. Now, they were just soaking up the closeness, enjoying the moment; there was no need for words.

She moved her hips and slid her left leg over Terry’s, massaging her calf up and down his hairy leg. The space created by the movement of her leg allowed his hard cock to spring free from its confinement and rise between them. He moved his hand over her smoothly contoured hip, down her leg, and then crossed to her inner thigh. She purred like a kitten as his fingers tiptoed up her soft thigh, feeling the heat and wetness that he both left and created between her legs just moments ago. Looking up demurely she chuckled and whispered, “I’m still pretty wet down there darling.” His fingers parted her warm lips with a tiny click, touching what felt like warm aloe. “Two fingers please” she said with a devilish giggle, as if ordering a glass of scotch, and bucked her hips, backing away when he probed his fingers deep inside, then slammed forward when he pulled back. His fingers worked inside her spongy wet pussy, making delicious slurpy “futching” sounds and he visualized the imagery of his fingers being surrounded by her slippery pink walls. Brought back to reality by the sensation of her fingers wrapping themselves around his cock he whispered, “Oh baby, stroke it.” She moved the loose skin over his rigid shaft, and his heart fluttered when she said “I want to taste you Terry.”

Feeling devilish he took his sopping fingers out of her pussy and began to gloss her lips. She puckered and pecked his fingertips, then opened her lips and sucked them deep inside her mouth, squeegeeing, the exotic white residue with her lips. He pulled his fingers out with a “pop” and slid them back inside her pussy, at the same time melting his lips into hers, sliding them back and forth through the glossy, redolent coating.

Their passion was fully aroused as they kissed, tongues playing wildly, now breathing as one. Saliva leaked from their mouths and down their chins, the delicious musky odor of their co-mixed fluids enhancing their excitement. He felt the rough area inside her vagina and began pressing to locate her g-spot. She lay still in anticipation, and then wiggled when he found it, bucking as his fingertip found the slight bulge which grew with his repeated pressings and releases. She worked her hand up and down his cock as her legs spread and came together, wanting to give him pleasure as her dripping pussy bucked against his hand.

When they came up for air she brushed her long hair back, holding it out of the way of her face, and covered his rigidity with her mouth, plunging until the head cock touched her soft palate. She gagged slightly and then pulled back, grasping the base of his cock, moving his skin down, stretching it as her lips pressed his shaft. He felt the skin on his bullet shaped helmet stretch tight as she pulled downward. The slit opened and her tongue probed and licked the precum clean. Her fingers milked him, filling the slit again, and cleaning it out. Finally, with gulps and moans, she worked her mouth up and down his shaft while her tongue spread the sweet balm of his precum and her saliva over the tight skin of his head.

He thought that he wouldn’t be so sensitive, having taken the edge off his excitement in their initial fuckings, but the urgency between his legs built for another release, and cramped the muscles around his anus to forestall a premature explosion. She appeared to love pleasuring a man in this way, tantalizing each erogenous spot of his electric maleness.

Katherine made use of all her oral assets: lips, tongue, teeth, ridged roof, and soft pallet; even tickling his head with her uvula. Her lips and mouth moved elegantly up and down his shaft, laving it with her copious saliva, while making satisfied, yet muffled sighs, breathing loudly through her flaring nostrils, while, at the same time, fondling his balls, and even giving them a devilish squeeze. Her head moved wildly up and down, her hair getting in the way, wrapping itself around his wet shaft. Moving faster and faster she pushed it back again with her hand. She was in control of this phase of their love making. Her hand moved off his balls, and her finger pressed in as it found the soft spot toward his anus.

Terry experienced the deepest orgasm he had ever achieved, yet didn’t spurt his semen. The dam held, and every nerve in his body shuddered in ecstasy. He couldn’t believe the spasms that started in his balls, moved to his asshole, contracted his toes, and caused him to gulp in air and release a, “holy shit! Oh baby, baby!” His usual high when he ejaculated was not the same. This time he stayed high, not experiencing lassitude, which would use up precious minutes. The sensation in the head of his cock increased, instead of diminishing, and his eyes widened like saucers as Katherine’s mouth continued to devour him, her own excitement being expressed in high pitched, but muffled screams. God, she really loves this, he thought.

She released the pressure on his spot, knowing that he would stay hard now, but allowed her to taste a modicum of his sperm that had oozed the length of his shaft. She raised her head and smiled at him, licking his white essence, appearing like a model in a milk ad. The look in her eyes told him that she was not yet finished with him, and she positioned herself between his legs, coaxing him to raise them. She lifted his balls out of the way, spread his cheeks and coated the balm of his manhood over his wrinkled anus, her tongue tip circling, which caused him to shout, “sssss, ooooh, Jesus!”

Having satisfying her oral fetish for the time being she thought, I want that throbbing cock inside me again, and lowered his legs to the bed, his veined cock standing upright. Straddling him she walked on her knees to his erection, taking it in her hand, then raised to position herself above it. Lowering slightly, she wiggled his cock along her slippery groove, found the entrance to her love tunnel, and wiggled again forming the socket, and then let her self sink slowly down, impaled on his rigid manhood. As she went down her spongy walls felt his bulk filling her, exciting the nerves of her tingling cunt. Her lids closed and her eyeballs rolled up as her lips formed a small oval, which whistled “oooooooh.”

Terry gasped, “Oh fuck!” as he felt his cock being covered and embraced inside her. He bucked up to meet her, watching her eyes close and her lips whisper ecstatic pleasure. Their bodies slapped together and then settled on the bed. He hooked his legs over her calves and opened his arms as she laid her body on his, her breasts flattening on his chest. Their eyes met and lips smiled.

“Do you know how many times I’ve dreamed of this Katy?” he said. She smiled and nodded, as if she knew. “I’ve looked at your picture” he said, “read and reread our chat’s, both those where we made love, and not.”

She kissed both of his eyelids.

“I’ve thought of you so many times, while stroking my hard cock, imagining my hand was you…” he said.

She kissed his lips, pushed up on her knees, her tight and luscious pocket gliding up his engorged shaft, until her vaginal sphincter held the knob of his head and then dropped. “Aaaah,” he moaned, and continued through clenched teeth, “I’ve spurted my cum, covering my hand, imagining my cum shooting inside you so many times…” Again Katherine recoiled, dropped hard, impaling herself on him “Aaaah…Oh baby to feel you on me like this, to know that I’m inside you…Jesus!”

“Ooooooooh” she said all the way down until her bottom slapped on Terry’s legs, just barely feeling his balls rising in the cleft of her cheeks; her breast’s sagging down with gravity and then rising up and settling at their usual level.

“You have very sexy breasts,” he said, holding up his hands, fondling them as she continued her slow bucking ride.

She continued moving up and down, “ssssing” with each retraction and “oooohing” with each penetration, loving the feel of his hands pressing on her breasts, circling them and increasing her excitement as she rode the delicious carousel. She felt his fingers testing the softness of her breasts, her mind full of his cock moving in and out of her like a piston, turning the engine of her libido. She hadn’t realized that he had begun rolling her nipples like a radio dial, searching for the right program. With eyes closed she felt his fullness massaging her vaginal tunnel, almost touching her cervix each time she returned to the saddle.

He couldn’t believe how long he stayed hard, realizing it was Katherine’s expertise that was shutting off his valve when she was sucking his cock, and was responsible for this long and lovely copulation. With his eyes closed he felt her soft, slickness embrace and stroke him. It was as if, when she covered him with her allness, his balls surged, his tongue, toes and finger tips were totally enervated. Looking up he couldn’t stop his words, “I love you Katherine,” and his fingers began squeezing her nipples, knowing it would hurt, but, at the same time, knowing that it would fill her with ecstasy. He squeezed harder still.

Katherine felt the fire of pain in her nipples. She breathed deeply as Terry’s fingers squeezed hard, raising on her knees, the head of his cock almost popping out of her pussy. The pain in her nipples intensified. Then she felt a numbness, which excited her. She sat down hard, closed her eyes and threw her head back, her nostrils flaring with her torrid breath. Raising up again she felt the head of his cock brushing her g-spot, and moved her hips back a little, working his distended glans against her bulging sac. As his hardness rubbed against the front of her Yoni she worked his head against her g-spot, feeling it become more sensitive and swollen. Her orgasm was building. She wanted him to cum with her, so she wrapped the fingers of her right hand around his lingam and, as she moved up and down in sharp jabs, she masturbated his exposed shaft, commanding, “Cum for me baby, Cum. Let’s do it together.”

She felt the rumbling begin deep inside her, knowing that she was going to squirt from her g-spot, and sat down hard, burying him deep inside her. His legs and butt tightened and he raised up trying to fuck her, grunting. In full slide, moving up and down, gritting her teeth, making “sss, sss,sss” sounds she anticipated her release, felt it coming, and fucked with wild abandon. “Oh God, Terry!” she screamed as her tantric spunge released and she gushed.

At Katherine’s invitation he came with intense pulsations: once, twice, three times. And then his balls, spasing one more time, leaked the last remains of his reservoir into her sloppy cunt. She kept fucking him up and down now running on the remains of her passion.

Both felt the surge of each other’s ejaculations; He the initial warmth of her essence, just before his seminal surges; She the release of her sac, and then the pulsation of his cock. The separate juices flowed and then mixed, her urine-like ejaculate mixing and thinning his thicker semen. The result was silky. Their repeated strokes forced liquid through her tight ring, sending a futching, bubbly flow down his shaft, seeping into his pubic hair and sagging down his scrotum.

Exhausted, she fell upon his body, at first kissing passionately, then drifting off into darkness. He luxuriated in the warm, soft weight of her body, smelling the copious musk, now leaking past his receding cock, her sopping soft walls lovingly embracing his limpness. As he drifted to join Katherine in satisfied slumber, he remembered her breathing slowing, becoming weightless, nonexistent, but for her satisfied sighs.

Flight Delay 3

He heard her screaming his name, “Terry! Yes, yes!” then awoke with a start, feeling a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at the beautiful flight attendant, with the dark hair and dimpled cheek, who was shaking him.

“We’ll be landing at LAX in just fifteen minutes sir.”

His dream was so real. it seemed that their loving would go on forever, and he hoped that he’d not been talking in his sleep. The aching hardness between his legs seemed to have a memory of its own. His skin was stretched tight, and there was a burning sensation, both inside his urethra and at the underside of his purplish helmet. He shook his head, lifted his tray table and brought his seat back to its upright position.

“Nice dream, huh?” she said, stole a lightning glance at his crotch, winked, and moved down the aisle.

As the plane began its descent his mind went back to the motel in Denver, and he remembered waking from his orgasm induced slumber. He was lying on his stomach, his balls beginning to ache with more activity than they’d known since his honeymoon. He seemed pinned to the bed, and could feel her legs straddling his back, the warm wetness of her soaking pussy vibrating in a small circle just above his butt. He could feel her hand moving, touching his back. He heard her labored breathing, and he began to move.

“Stay still Terry”, she said, as if talking through clenched teeth. “I’m almost there”, she gasped urgently, stifling muffled uh, uh, uhs, her hips shaking him from side to side. He felt her hand stop, realizing she had two fingers inside her, pressing against her swollen g-spot. He knew what she was doing, having discussed this fantasy of his on line so many times.

“Ohhhh Godddd Terry” she exploded. Her body froze, then quivered and raised.

He couldn’t remember whether he heard the muted sound of the rushing liquid first, or the feel of his back being sprayed with warm water, but knew that she had ejaculated on his back, gushing a flow which existed in but few women. Her soft ass settled on the small of his back and she began moving the liquid up and down. He could feel her flaccid, wet labia, on the back of his neck, on his left shoulder, then his right, spreading the exotic mixture of her female lubrication and the delicate urine-like aroma from her tantric sponge.

“I want to smell like you”, He had told her that night, three months before, “I want you to wash my entire body with your pussy.”

“Is this as good as you thought it would be?” She asked as she turned him over, lowered her pinkness to his forehead, then, cadging backward, washed down his nose, across his lips, chin, neck and chest. He could hear the soft sibilant noise of her delicate lips as they slathered their sensuous surfactant. As if floating in an ethereal amniotic sac he lay there, feeling a soft buzzing in his ears, with the sensation of tiny Lilliputian fingers tickling his body. It was more than titillation, it was a complete massage, the kind that few mortals would ever experience. She continued downward, sliding over his right thigh, the wetness making a squishy abrading sound on his plentiful leg hair. When she got to the arch of his foot she raised slightly, held his big toe and lowered herself on it, his toe feeling the warm sponge. Then she repeated on the left leg, fucked his toe with three slow plunges, and then moved backward on her elbows and knees.

He could see the redly chafed clam between her legs, seeping with the wetness of her passion. Still on her knees she straightened her back, then walked awkwardly backward, bent at the waist. Her hands took his partially swollen cock, and she began sucking the softish head between her lips. He hardened further, and she sucked him in an exquisite motion. At the same time she bent her legs spreading her cheeks and ass. He saw her lips part, hearing the liquid click, stretching a gossimer string between them and breaking it. Her pussy and anus were works of erotic art: reddened large lips with pink ginger-like petals in between, spreading to show the fuck opened hole, glistening pink insides showing it’s marvelous contents. Her wondrous gash was topped by the pinkish brown moue of her asshole, spoked by with delicate wrinkles. And, it seemed to be pulsing, bulging out, and gently sucking back in. The other end of the sensual slit was decorated with her fleshy node, covered partially by a soft protective sheath, her glistening pink head peaking out. He watched her soft bottom lower to his forehead, until the redolent clam pressed against his lips, and the spoked anus touching the tip of his nose. Together they licked and sucked, wiggled and bucked, until her bottom vibrated, and she tensed, as his body went ridged, and his semen flowed from aching balls into her covering mouth. Her body fell limp on his.

It was as if they were one organism. Their breathing matched, as did their heartbeats. They were melted together, she laying on top of him, weightless, almost buoyant. He could only see her legs, the contour of her ass, her reddened, puffy lips with the tiny bit of clitoris peeking out. He wanted to spoon with her, to caress her, to fondle her soft breasts and did.

As they lay together neither drifted off. they were alone in their thoughts but together in the rest of their allness. They were afraid to talk, knowing that talk might be futile. This liaison was never supposed to have taken place, but karma demanded it. And as they lay in silence, both dwelled on the karma that might allow it to happen again.

She dropped him off at the airport, with a smile on her lips, and tears in her eyes. He got out of the car and started to talk. “Shhh”, she said placing her index finger on her lips. With a lump in his throat he waited for her to say something. Her eyes welled as she whispered, “I know”, and the car started moving forward. He nodded and closed the door.

He opened the door to his house and heard, “Hi honey, did you get any new business?”

“Nothing immediate”, he said, “this is going to require a couple more trips I think.”

She walked to him with a smile, and hugged him tightly. “Welcome home sweetie.” Placing her head on his chest she paused.

– The End –