My college room mate introduced me to your story collection. I’m not sure how many of the stories are fictional and how many are about real events. I guess its not important as long as its entertaining, but my story is real.

It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college. I had just turned 18 and I was at that age where sex was still a novelty. It had been about 6 months since I lost my virginity but I had only been laid 4 times. Although I knew from the first time I let a guy penetrate me that I loved sex, I just didn’t have that many chances to have sex. I went to a very exclusive all girl’s school. My hours after school were taken up by school sports; playing soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, then running track in the spring. My parents picked me up after practices and games so I just didn’t have many chances to be alone with prospective sex partners.

My grandparents lived on the old family farm just outside of a small town a couple hours away from my home town of Seattle. I spent several weeks every summer with them from the time I was about 5. I always loved (and still do)spending parts of my summers with them.

There is a family that lives about 1/4 mile down the road from my grandparents. They have a daughter, Jill, who is my age and a son, Donny, who is two years older. Jill is a beautiful brunette who I think looks like Jennfier Anniston, except with an even cuter nose. She is about my height – 5-4 – with beautiful legs, a sexy figure, spectacular 35C breasts, and the sweetest personality.

She developed early and by the time she was 13 she could have passed for 18. I on the other hand remained flat chested and not very curvaceous. I admit, I was a bit jealous because her development was so much more advanced than mine. But she and I had been summer playmates from way back when. I really couldn’t hold the fact that she was so pretty and sexy against her. At 14, I was starting to fill out and look better, but I still lagged far behind my friend. As for Donny, he is a hunk; handsome, tall, built and just as sweet as Jill. I admit I had a crush on him since I was 12 but I never tried to act on it.

I guess you could say by the time I was 15, I filled out a lot more. I had called Jill to tell them I was going to be arriving the next day for my usual 3 week visit. They gave me a couple of hours to get settled in and spend time with my grandparents then they came over to invite me to the lake for a swim. I hadn’t seen Donny and Jill for about a year and like I said, I had started to blossom physically. As I said, I’m 5-4, and I’m slim but not skinny. I’m blond with pretty hazel eyes and a nice smile. My legs are long and graceful and I have a nice 34B-23-32 inch figure. My breasts aren’t big like Jill’s but they are pretty…round, firm and tipped by perky light brown nipples.

When they saw me in my bikini they were both said they were impressed with how I was “growing” up and out.

We were joined at the lake by other kids I had known from previous summers and I got some admiring looks and some verbal compliments from the guys.

On the way back home, as the three of us were sitting in Donny’s pick up, Jill casually asked me if I had lost my virginity yet. I looked at her like I was shocked. Not that I wanted her to think I was a virgin, in fact I was dying to tell her about my sex life. I just didn’t think I wanted to do it in front of Donny. I admitted that I had been laid 4 times. She grinned and said to Donny “Pull over, we’ve got to hear about this!”.

I found myself discussing my limited sex life in great detail. Jill said that from the way the guys were admiring me, I could pretty much have my pick of sexual partners while I was in town. She said “We might even get Donny to show you a good time.” She winked at me and Donny just gave a heavy sigh. She said to Donny “Its ok, as long as you take care to be extra gentle”. I wasn’t sure how to read that.

I told them I wanted to spend the first couple evenings in town with my grandparents. The fourth night a bunch of kids were going to the season opener for the local minor league baseball team. I went along and I was wearing a pair of denim cut offs that showed off my legs. Donny and the other two guys in our group seemed to be stealing a lot of glances at my smooth thighs.

The game was great, the home team won. Afterwards, we went up to the lake. There were 3 guys and three girls. We decided to go skinny dipping. I was nervous but excited about getting naked in front of my friends. The third girl, Andrea was a beautiful brunette with a great body. She reminds me of that actress Catherine Bell. Anyway, we stripped off our clothes and the bright moon let us all get a good look at each other. I asked Jill if it wasn’t just a little strange skinny dipping with her brother, but she just shrugged and said they had been doing it for years and she didn’t think about it.

Then I saw Donny and realized what Jill had meant about Donny being gentle. His penis was enormous. I guess you could say it was about half erect, and it must have already been 9 inches. Andrea saw the look on my face and she said “Its not as scary as it looks, it only hurts if he goes deeper than 9 inches, and then only if he bangs hard. As long as he takes it easy its a lot of fun.” Obviously he had made love with her.

My eyes were riveted to his big penis. He saw me staring and it must have turned him on even more. His penis grew longer and harder in front of my eyes.

“How…How long is it?” I uttered. “A big 11” answered Jill. It was like she was proud of her big brother’s big penis. “So, do you wanna give it a try?” she asked.

I just sort of stood there dumbly and nodded. I had never had more than 6 inches.

Andrea and Jill had brought a big blanket and they spread it out. There was enough room for three couples. Jill paired off with a guy named Larry, who happened to be Andrea’s brother, and Andrea paired off with Tommy who was related to nobody.

There we were, three couples getting ready to make love under the stars, side by side.

We made out and performed oral sex on our partners, then Donny got in position to try to penetrate me. Jill told us to wait a second while she got a small bottle of sex lubricant. She squeezed a few drops onto Donny’s penis and told him to spread it around. Then she told me to open my lips and she put a few drops into my vagina.

Andrea held my hand and told me to squeeze if the penetration got painful or intense. Jill gently spread my lips and used her other hand to help guide Donny into me.

I took a deep involuntary gasp when I felt the big glans push into my vagina. He gently used short strokes to go deeper and deeper into me. I squeezed Andrea’s hand and Jill took my other hand for me to squeeze. All of our friends were watching the huge penis slowly burrow into me.

Finally, I had all 11 inches of him buried inside of me. He didn’t start thrusting and Andrea said “That’s it, give this sweet little girl a chance to get used to it”.

Then Andrea and Jill both laid out on either side of me while their partners took their positions between their legs and penetrated them.

Donny used slow long strokes and he was so deep into me. He knew that it would be painful for me if he plunged all the way in each time so he only used about 8 or 9 inches to actually fuck me. All three girls were moaning softly with pleasure.

I had a really spectacular orgasm. Then I sensed Jill arching her back and pushing her hips up to meet Larry’s deep thrusts. She gasped and I was sure she had an orgasm. I had another, then I felt Donny’s big dick start to convulse. He plunged in to the very root of his shaft and I felt a flood of warm cum squirting into me.

He just kept throbbing for a couple of minutes having what he called “after shocks”. Within a few more minutes, Jill and Andrea had milked Larry and Tommy to orgasm. It was getting late so we got dressed and headed for home. If it had been earlier, we might have stayed and had an orgy. I wouldn’t have minded letting Larry and Tommy do me.

On the way home I asked Donny and Jill if they felt strange about having sex side by side. They confessed that it wasn’t the first time. They said the first time was a little weird the first time. But Larry and Andrea, the other brother/sister pair were their respective partners. They kind of gave each other support. I also asked if they had done anything to each other. The answer was no. They had considered it but ruled it out. The only times Jill had touched Donny’s penis was to help guide it into me that night, and into Andrea on several occasions.

I made love with Donny 8 times during that visit, and I took advantage of opportunity to have sex with both Tommy and Larry, as well as with a couple other guys before I returned to Seattle.

I’ve never had another penis as big as Donny’s. But since I continue to visit my grandparents every summer, I get to be with Donny every year.

– The End –