I live in a college town in a large home that my husband and I lovingly built and furnished as our last place to live. We have ten acres on the edge of town with a lot of privacy. We used to kid one another that we could screw each other outside anytime we wanted because it was so private. Not that we ever did. I am forty-seven and my husband would have been forty-nine until he got a bad, fast-acting cancer that killed him four months after we found out about it.

I have a sister with whom I am very close who lives about one hundred miles away and we don’t see each other as much as we would like but we do get together four or five times a year. She is one year younger than me and has four lovely children whom I love dearly. I have two children who are the same age as her two oldest and they are close to each other also. Both Sheila and I, (Nan), are tall for women, five feet ten inches, and we married tall and big men and so all our children are tall. None of us are fat, exercise being a way of life for all of us, but big.

My sister’s youngest, Pat, is an eighteen year old who wanted to go to the very good University here in town but my sister, Sheila, and her husband couldn’t afford to send him here. I volunteered to have him stay with me and if he would do odd jobs for me, I would pay him enough to take care of his tuition and have a little left over for himself.

Last September, which was eight months ago, and seems longer, he moved here and began his education. I put him in the biggest room upstairs where the children stayed while they were home and he settled into the college life. One day his mom called and after we talked a while, she wanted to talk to him. I wasn’t sure if he was even home and so I hiked upstairs to his room and told him to pick up the phone up there and talk to his mother. I remembered that we had installed small cameras in each bedroom years ago to look in on the kids when they were little. As they grew up they asked us to stop “snooping on them” and we did because we wanted to respect their privacy. Just in case, they both taped over the lens on the camera that was installed in the ceiling of their rooms. The next time Jeff left for school, I went into his room and looked at the cameras. I easily removed the tape and told myself I would use this only when I needed to see if he was in his room. Inside, I knew I wanted to see what he did when he was alone. I turned on the controller in my bedroom and the camera worked fine. It was adjusted to focus on the bed but if someone was somewhere in the room you could tell.

When he returned he went up to his room to study and after about fifteen minutes I went to my bedroom on the ground floor and turned the camera on. It worked very well even if it was only black and white. He was lying on his bed, nude and masturbating while looking at a girlie magazine. I started to get wet watching him but I couldn’t see his cock because the magazine was in the way. Soon he put the book down to do some serious stroking and I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen. Not that I’ve seen that many, but I have seen a few. It looked to be about a foot long and very fat. I pushed my hand inside my panties and rubbed my clit while I watched this magnificent cock until he erupted and more cum squirted out all over his chest and belly than I had ever seen in a single cum. I had as big an orgasm as I have ever had watching that huge dick spraying his cum over his chest. As each squirt shot out, and there were about ten, I had an orgasm! I had to have that cock for myself. After he came, he got up and I could tell he went into his bathroom and took a shower. I stayed in my room just thinking about what I had seen and had four more big orgasms as I thought of what we could do to each other.

He came down stairs because it was meal time and I looked at him in a completely different way because to me he had always been Sheila’s little boy. He sure wasn’t any more! I had to figure a way to get him to stick that cock in me. Since the day was Friday, he had no school the next day and so I asked if he would like some wine. I thought I would get him loosened up and make my move. Since it was a hot September day, I told him I was going to change into something cooler. I took off all of my clothes and put on a tee-shirt and very short shorts. My nipples were sticking out like signs saying “suck me” and by moving just a little bit I could flash my pussy and I figured if he passed me up in this outfit, I’d never get him in bed.

After we ate, and he could not take his eyes off of my chest, we went to the family room and sat on the couch with our wine. As he had his third glass I moved so that he could see my gash from his view and as I put the wine glass to my lips, I stuck out my tits for effect. He told me he had never seen a sexier woman and he had to go to his room because he couldn’t take it. He started to get up and I grabbed him and pulled him down next to me and kissed him and put my hand between his legs. He was all over me and we were both naked in about one minute and I had his big pole in my mouth. He was so big that I could only get the head in but I licked it and put my tongue in his piss hole and as I did that he erupted. I tried to get it all but as I swallowed a few shots were on my face and hair.

I kept his cock in my mouth and gently ran my tongue around his cock head. He said he had talked about and seen pictures of cock sucking but had no idea of how good it felt in person. He admitted that he had fucked three girls but they had never sucked him and he was afraid to ask. After a few minutes I noticed that his semi-softness turned into full-hardness. He asked if he could suck my nipples and I said sure he could and I could have what I wanted at the same time. He lay on his back with his huge pole aimed at his chin. I straddled him and put his baseball bat up my very wet cunt. It took a few seconds but when I got it all the way in, I hung my boobs in his face and told him to slam me in and out while he sucked my nipples very hard. He was almost chewing on my nipples and I found that the pain went straight to my cunt and I loved it. He only lasted about three minutes but in that time he threw his meat at me so fast that I had about ten orgasms. When he shot his load he almost bit the nipple off but I didn’t mind the pain at all. In fact, I enjoyed it, which surprised me.

After we sat up and talked about what we had just done, we agreed that we would tell no one and that he would have to do very well in school so that he could continue to live with me. I made it clear that anytime he wanted me, he could do anything he wanted. We were next to one-another on the couch and I reached to him for a kiss. He gave me a passionate kiss and started to fondle and then suck my nipples again. I got on my knees on the sofa and told him to stand in back of me and drive his cock into my willing hole. I told him to lean forward slightly and cup my tits and fondle them. This time he banged me for at least ten minutes before he erupted and I rubbed my clit to so many orgasms that I lost count.

It was getting late but I told him there were many things a man and woman could do to one another for pleasure. I told him that I wanted him to lick me like I licked him. I told him that I wanted his monster up my ass but we would have to practice that one.

I took him to my bed and during the night he got on top of me and fucked me fast and hard for a few minutes. He came and fell over fast asleep. So did I and when I woke up, I sucked him to a big orgasm and then I had him eat me for the first time. While I had him hard as I sucked him, I got a ruler and measured his length. It was between twelve and thirteen inches and five and a half inches around. What a cock! I told him that a woman likes to be licked as much as a man likes a blow job. He was a fast learner and soon had me cumming over and over. An interesting aside is that in the past I was pretty much a one orgasm woman but with his big prick, I came all the time.

As Pat settled into college life, we fucked between three and four times a day except for week-ends when we fucked seven or eight times a day. We rarely got dressed and Pat loved to suck my nipples so much that they are now permanently about one inch long and getting longer.

Pat didn’t want to go home on any school breaks because he liked the fucking he was getting. My sister and I had always been close and she came to see me and her son and after a few glasses of wine the first evening, she asked if Pat was fucking me. I admitted that we were and I told her about his size. She said his father has a foot long cock and she is hooked on his big prick and so she knew what I was going through. I told her about the camera and how I first saw his cock. She asked me if she could watch us as we fucked in his bedroom. The thought of my sister watching me fuck the shit out of her son got me very excited and I quickly told her yes. I intended to put on a show for my sister that she would never forget.

I wanted to do it during the day when the light is best for the camera and so when Pat came home from school about 3pm, I told him that his mother was out shopping and I had to fuck him and his room would be the safest place. We entered his room and I kissed him next to the bed and ran my hand down his pants and caressed his cock until it was fully hard. I pulled his cock out and knelt down and started to suck him. I was at right angles to the camera and so my silhouette was to the camera and she could see his pole going in and out of my mouth. As he came he leaned back and moaned as his cum shot into my mouth. I opened as wide as I could so that every shot went on my tongue and I swallowed his cum about three times to get it all. When he was done I lie on the bed facing the camera and spread my legs and asked Pat to please help me cum. He put his talented tongue on my gash and gave me about ten huge orgasms over a fifteen minute period until he was good and hard again and ready to fuck. He pulled his wet mouth off of my clit and shoved his pole up my pussy as I kissed away my cunt juices from his mouth. He rammed me for about ten minutes and I had him pull out of my cunt and I rolled over onto my hands and knees and told him to finish off in my ass. He greased me up and ran his huge pecker into my ass until his balls were touching my ass cheeks. He likes to ass-fuck me really hard and as I rub my clit, I have about ten orgasms until he bellows that he is cumming as he spurts his cum into my asshole. When he pulled out, I stayed on my hands and knees with my head on the bed as the camera showed the cum slowly seeping out of my ass and onto the towel. To really put the icing on the cake, I pulled Pat over to me and sucked his cock clean as he moaned with pleasure. He wanted to fuck again, but I said that you might be coming home any minute and we should stop for now.

I went to my bedroom where my sister was still at the screen rerunning the session she had just seen and she was rubbing her clit and told me she had cum about twenty times as we fucked. She told me that she now knew why Pat wanted to stay with his aunt and study. Ha, Ha!

As he progressed in school he did very well but never wanted to date any of the young, beautiful girls on campus. He said why should he when he had the best piece of ass on campus. That gave me a glow but I knew he should be dating young women. I pushed him to date but they all ended up the same way. He would go out with them and when he wanted to fuck, they either would not at all or their fucking was not of the quality he was used to. He would come home and be so horny for a suck and fuck that we barely got our clothes off. I finally ended up nude waiting for him to come in from a date so that we could take care of his problem immediately. It was usually on the rug in the entry of my house. I stopped pushing him to date figuring that when he was gone he could face up to the problem of wooing a woman and in the meantime, I would fuck his balls off. I was fifty-one when he graduated and left me. We cried and he promised to come and visit me regularly. He did for about a year but gradually stopped and found a girl whom he married and seems very happy. At his wedding, he did sneak into my room two nights for some old-time fucking and sucking but I knew he had his own life to lead. I was very sad but knew it was the right thing to do.

I did not die. I placed an ad in the college paper asking for a student to room with a very attractive price for the room. I got many calls for the room but the third man to apply was a 6 11 black man who had just come over from Africa and who spoke good English with a British accent. He was very polite and naïve about America and things American. I told him he could have the room and he moved in immediately.

That evening, after I had served him a nice dinner, we sat on the sofa in the living room and I gave him a glass of white wine. After his second glass, he was obviously feeling the wine. He admitted that he had never had any alcohol before this night. I asked him if he had a girl friend back home and he said no, that his parents watched him carefully because they wanted him to go to America on a basketball scholarship. He told me that he looked at the magazines and got very excited. I asked him if he would like to see a woman in the flesh and when he nodded yes I pulled his hand to my breast and reached down to his crotch. He quickly became hard and his cock was even bigger than my nephew’s.

I had carefully picked him hoping a man of his size would have a cock to match his height. He was about thirteen inches long but not as thick as Pat. But with a thirteen inch cock in my pussy or ass, who cares! His name is Thomas and when he cums, he shoots about a half a pint of delicious fuck juice. Even when he has fucked me seven times during the day, the next load is still a half pint of sweet cum.

I am not a small woman but he is so strong that he holds me by my ass cheeks and buries his monster in me and carries me around until he cums. As he slowly steps, his cock goes in and out of me and I cum over and over. We discovered that when he licks my ass it sends me to the ceiling and so that is a regular part of our fucking and I also do him, which is something I never thought I would do. I have told my sister about Thomas and she wants to visit and see for herself. She never fucked her son even though I fucked his brains out so now she can share my man and give us both pleasure. That sounds like another story.

– The End –