I have an online slave named niki who is into public exhibitionism, but
only at her Master’s command. She has recently confided her submissive
tendencies to a female business associate named Rosie who has a full-
time female lover. They are away from home on business, and are taking
full advantage of being in a town where no one knows them. Rosie and I
have been conspiring in ways to exhibit niki publicly. Our first idea
was the malll shopping trip posted earlier. This one is the latest.
They go jogging every morning. niki usually wears a jogging bra, a
short t-shirt, and black biking shorts.

I instructed niki to buy some black, water-soluble body paint and a
2″ paintbrush. I instructed Rosie what to do with it. Here are
their respective accounts of the morning jog at the school
jogging track. It was early Sunday morning, and, fortunately
for niki, no one else was around.

Here are the respective accounts of the morning jog, first from
Rosie, then niki’s own words. Rosie’s account starts from the
evening before, when niki was handcuffed nude on the bed as
Rosie and I chatted online about the next morning. nike was
explaining to Rosie about her submissive role, philosophy, etc.
Rosie it still new to all this, but learning eagerly and rapidly!

Subj: Sunday jogging
Date: 96-07-07 12:24:55 EDT
From: RosieRose
To: LineMstr

After we got off line, Niki was very interested in what we were
discussing. I told her that, as she assumed, we were discussing
her. She just rolled her eyes and smiled. I released her so
she could get ready for bed reminding her she was not to sleep in
her shirt. When she came back I had to ask her what she was
thinking while she was blindfolded and cuffed on the bed. She
got this kinda far away look, and patiently explained to me
what bondage did for her. It took away her control and gave it
to another, it this case me and you. She didn’t have the key to
the handcuffs. I did, and I determined if she went to the bathroom
successfully, if she even drank some water. Her role, according
to her, was to use all her powers of persuasion to get me to
let her do it. She told me as she lay on the bed there was
nothing she could do to stop me, or to stop anyone, from touching
her or hurting her. What made the big difference is she trusted
the people around her so she could be so open, so vulnerable.
And she got very aroused as well, lying on the bed wondering
what we were planning. I have worked with this person for almost
a year, and I am thinking what an enigma she is! She then
put out her wrists for me cuff. When I told her you wanted to her to
sleep with her hands cuffed behind, I got the “bambi” look. I
cuffed her and asked her if she needed a hug. She thought she did.
I didn’t get her safe word so I knew she was ok.

This morning I had set the alarm so we could get up early to jog.
I knew she wanted to go because she missed it yesterday and I wanted
us to be alone for the other obvious reasons. I got up first and
got ready. Niki can be very bad about getting out of bed, so if
I can, I let her get a bit more sleep time. I got out the paint
and brush, uncuffed her, and got her out of bed. She was so asleep,
I really don’t think she noticed. She put on her bra and shirt and
prepared to put on her shorts when I told her to put on her socks and
shoes. The great thing about Niki (one of many) is that, in the
morning, she does not question when you ask her to do something.
In the past I have had great fun with this, like telling her to
go outside and get something and she does not realize we are in
a motel room, it’s raining outside, and she only has a tee shirt on.
She came back in that time so mad and so wet, but she was so
alseep she didn’t question it first. Anyway she put her socks and
shoes on and then started to put on her shorts. Then I tell her
there has been a change in plans and I want her to stand very
still while I paint on her shorts. She gave me a look of utter
horror as it hit her what was going on. Well she didn’t think that
was a good idea, but I told her we have a back up plan. She started
backing away and shaking her head as I told her I didn’t want to
have to chase her around the room. Well she was wide awake then,
wanting to know if this is what we had planned last night. I answer,
“Bingo.” Now we were maneuvering around the room, me with the paint.,
and her with her “Bambi” look, when I asked to just let me get
the paint on. I told her that if it didn’t look right we wouldn’t
go. So she gave in, and let me begin. The paint was cold and she was
really not cooperating at all, so I told her to quit wiggling or
I’d have to cuff her. She pouted, but she behaved after that.
I got it all on, and then I sprayed it with hair spray to give it
a shiney look like her bike shorts (that was cold too and she started
wiggling again). I have to say from far enough away no one would
be able to say they wern’t shorts. I got a big towel and told her
to tie it around her waist to get out of the room. No one was up
in the hotel, including the kitchen help, which meant at least we
would get out of the house without being noticed.

I drove to the school so we could jog on their field, parked the
car, got out and looked around. We were the only two out there.
Now, the field is behind the school, and to the right of the main
building. About a 1/4 to 1/2 mile away are homes. A main highway
runs in front of the school, and I imagine there is a lot of traffic
on a school day because this is a large high school. But on
Sunday it’s pretty quiet. There were a few lights on in the homes,
but most were dark. I went back to the car and told Niki it was
time to jog and we better get on it before there was a crowd. She
was mortified. She tentively looked out, and I can see she was
not sure at all. I told her one more time she could pull off
somthing she has never done, and in a place where no one knows her.
She got out of the car with the towel around her and I looked at the
paint job. It held up pretty well, probably because of the the hair
spray. I closed and locked the car door and started to jog off,
telling her, “Don’t yell! You’d wake the neighborhood!” Now, I
had the only set of keys, so if she wanted to get back in the car,
she’d have to get them from me. She also realized she couldn’t run
with the towel around her waist. I have never worked so hard in my
life. Niki can run, and she is much faster than I. Well, I heard
her come up behind me, so I quickly turned to out-maneuver her, as she
grabed nothing but air! We ran with the two of us ziging and zagging
around the high school field. She was oblivious to the traffic and
the fact her shorts were so tight—“skin” tight! Well I started to
giggle and then to laugh, and she couldn’t run anymore either, because
she was laughing so hard. The whole thing was now hysterical! Two
grown women out in a field, one with painted on shorts, the other
with the keys to car, and full daylight was fast-approaching. Our
sides hurt so much we just had to sit to catch our breath.
Well, I recovered before Niki, and started off as fast as I could to
the car. Niki, thinking my purpose is to lock her out of the car,
took off after me, but lost the towel. In stopping to get it, she
actually let me get to the car first (a first for me). She was right
behind me, so I just turned and waited with a smirk on my face. I made
the comment that it seemed her new shorts really slowed her down.
Then I asked her if she wanted to go through the drive-through at
McDonald’s. She could drive. Well, if looks could kill….


Subj: Jogging????
Date: 96-07-07 14:02:46 EDT
From: nikigirl
To: LineMstr


i am begining to question my thinking as to why i let you and Rosie
ever talk to each other. As i lay there on the bed last night,
i knew you two were up to something. i never guessed this….

Rosie seems to really worry about my being handcuffed so much,
so i told her how i felt about bondage and, as annoying as it was
to type, i trusted you both to make sure i really was safe. Besides,
I had an out–my safeword. But trust was the foundation of the
whole experience. She seemed relieved, and then told me i was
to be handcuffed with my hands behind tonight. Now, i am hoping
that is the punishment for the tee shirt (it wasn’t the whole
punishment, more came later–LineMstr), because i had just gotten off
to sleep when Rosie was getting me up to jog. The only time
Rosie has ever been able to pull off any form of practical joke
is in the morning. i am still asleep, even though i may be up
and talking to her. So i was trying to get dressed when she told
me to change the usual sequence and put on my shoes before my shorts.
i didn’t even think about it as i put on my socks and running shoes…
never thinking how about i was going to get the shoes through the
althetic spandex shorts. Well i started contemplating putting on
the shorts, when i finally heard Rosie tell me she was going to
paint on the shorts. Now i was awake! I said, “i don’t think
so!–Whose idea was this?!” Rosie was going to have to catch me
first! Now the second thing wrong with this room (the first being
it is not sound proof) is it is so small there is no place to run.
Rosie was saying something about an alternate plan, and all i could
think about is i don’t have any shorts on, and how am i going to
get them on?!! She finally says, “Let’s just try it and if
they don’t look ok, then we won’t go.” So, i gave in. Well, the
paint was so cold and, up until 5 minutes before, i was warm and
in bed! i really could not help it! i just could not stand still.
Rosie seemed to be taking extra pleasure with painting my crack
and my slit! She told me to either stand still or she will re-cuff
me. i can hardly stand it!! The brush is going over my very
sensitive mound, between my pussy lips, and lightly touching my clit
(i was really going to jam myself against it there, but i didn’t
want Rosie to know how turned on i was getting), flicking between my
legs, and then up my crack. i was so wet that i was surprised that
the paint didn’t begin to run. To my way of thinking, i looked like a
girl with paint on her. Rosie sprayed my ass and thighs with hair
spray, telling me that now “they” had the shiney look of bike shorts.
Now Rosie was convinced they looked like shorts…i was convinced
Rosie was delusional. Rosie smiled at me, and hands me a towel that
i can wrap around my waist, and hussles me out the door.

i am ever so thankful no one was up and around as we left and got
in the car. Now i was thinking, “OK, ok! i’ll go to the school, but
i am not getting out of the car!” The high school serves the whole
city and county. It is huge. It’s on the main highway in town. The
main building is just in front of the althetic fields and there are
homes behind it and across from the school. i never realized how
close the homes were until today, but Rosie said it didn’t look like
anyone was up, anyway. Rosie parked the car, got out, and looked
around. She cames back and told me, “Let’s get started before there
is a crowd.” Now i knew she had lost her mind!” i was not getting
out! She told me i need to take a risk, that no one knew us here,
and my Master had planned this and desired me to try it. i got out
of the car, never intending to remove the towel, when Rosie quickly
locked the door, took the keys and ran off. i can normally outrun
her, but not with a towel around my waist. i looked around, saw no one,
rolled the towel up and put it around my shoulders, and took off after
her. Now, Rosie plays a lot of softball, so quick starts and stops
are second nature to her. She turned just as i tried to grab her, and
i missed her completely. We were running all over the field! Just as i
got to her, she would turn on a dime and take off another way. Well,
now i was laughing so hard, i couldn’t catch her if she were standing
still! i looked to find she had disolved in laughter as well. i walked
over to her thinking she was as exhausted as i, and maybe now i could get
her to listen to reason and give me the keys. She took off toward
the car! i couldn’t believe it! i am going to start playing softball!
i took off after her and the towel went flying off my neck to the ground!
i couldn’t leave it because it was the only thing between me and and
an indecent exposure charge. So i stopped to grab it, and then really
turned it on to get to the car quickly. i saw Rosie turn, smirking, and
saying something about my “new shorts.” We got in the car and she asked
me if i wanted to drive over to McD’s and get breakfast at the drive-thru.
i could have killed her.

Now the paint is not what it was earlier, but getting it all off was still a
challenge…i also believe i made up for not getting up Saturday morning
to jog.

your obedient slave as always