I have an online slave named niki who enjoys public exhibition
at her Master’s command. She would never think of doing it on
her own without being ordered. She has a real-life accomplice
named Rosie who acts as my assistant, since I am not there in
real life. I have previously posted stories about niki’s
trip to the mall, the morning jog, the ride to the airport,
and now–the trip to the library.

Subj: Niki’s trip to the library
Date: 96-07-14 17:52:58 EDT
From: RosieRose
To: LineMstr


Niki had evidently spoken to you and wanted Judy and me to pick
her up and take her to the library downtown. She said you had
ok’d it since she did not know downtown well and as long as we
were not identified as being with her. I said, “Sure! No problem.
When did she want us to pick her up?” We agreed on 1:30pm.
Before I could hang up, she quietly mentioned you had wanted her
to give me her crop, since it would be more effective than
the belts we had used in the past. I asked her what other small
surprises she had at home and she gave me her list. She is
amazing!! Again, I had no idea. I told her to have it all out
for inventory so I could inspect the toys and she still needed
to get some leg shackles as you had told her. She said yes she had
spoken to you about that today and knew what she needed to get. I
told her we would be there at 1:15 pm, and she was to be ready (on
time for a change) and have everything out for an inventory.

Judy and I arrived right at 1:15 and rang her bell. She came to
the door and looked incredible!–a vision in black and white.
Starting at the top, her hair was down around her shoulders and
across her breasts. She had on a white blouse with a high open
collar that revealed the wide 1 and half inch wide silver studded
black leather collar. Right in front of the collar hung a large
silver ring. The blouse nicely conformed to her breasts, and you
could see the outlines of the nipple rings through the material.
She had on a short black leather skirt that nicely melted to her
ass, and black high heels. She had the blouse completly open and
tucked into the waist of the skirt. It was in there so tight I
asked her if she had on any panties and she blushed (adding a
nice touch of red to the outfit) and said, “No!” I said, “Show me!”
I can verify she had no panties on. She also smelled great,
too! Then I asked her if she had her toys out and she said
they were out on her kitchen table. Well, she has quite a
selection! An assortment of butt plugs, nipple clamps, leather
gloves, a crop, blindfold, 3 different gags, cuffs, collar and
leash, and perhaps most interesting, a full hood with a removable
blindfold and gag. I smiled and showed it to Judy, and the same
idea crossed her face as mine. Niki picked up on the looks and
started a bit of a protest, when I told her not for today, but
for sure another day. So I told her we better get going now.
Enough of toys, but she handed the crop, because you wanted
me to have it.

We got in the car, she and I in the front, and Judy in the back,
when I figure out why her hair is down. It almost completely
covered her entire chest. I looked at her saying, “Nice try!”
when she started to giggle and tell me how I told her it looked
so much better down and she was trying to look the best she could.
Well, I was smiling at her ingenuity when I told her we’ll go to
PROCUTS now and get it all cut off, and then go to the library.
That way we could get two things done today that she had to do.
Well, she gathered it up in a pony tail and pinned it behind her
head, so not only the intent but the spirit of your instructions
were met (now I also know why she is so reluctant to
cut her hair). It has been raining here and there is nothing
going on downtown, so the trip was uneventful.

We got to the library and I told her Judy would get out first and
go in, and then after about a minute she will. I’d park the car and
be in shortly, or go get lunch, or do something. She was just to
concentrate on her tasks. I have used this library a lot over the
years, so I suggested she go to the reference book section on Texas
history. There are alot of old big heavy books she can reach
up and get, and climb up the step stool to reach, and tables to
sit next to and read. The best part is that there are always some
male scholars in there that will be very pleased to see all she
has, but she will have to get their attention somehow. Niki
just rolled her eyes. I laughed and told her she can pick any
floor she wants, but she has to go to two different floors. Judy
got out, and soon after, Niki. I parked the car and followed. Now,
an aside here. Judy does not know the meaning of casual–flamboyant
is more her style, but I did get her to tone it down to just
mildly outrageous. Her job was to sit in the reading area and
make sure Niki went up the elevator. She pouted a bit about this,
but if I needed her I knew where she was. Also the weather was
really stormy today, and the library had quite a good crowd for a
change. I got in the library and asked Judy what floor Niki went
to, and Judy, very seriously, told me, “The reference room, and
I don’t think Niki noticed me at all as she went by.” I smiled at
Judy, thinking to myself, “Only if Niki is blind, and all the lights
were out!” and I set off for the reference room. I got in there,
and there was Niki in the middle of the room, asking the reference
librarian for information. Well, he was sitting behind a counter
and did not even look up, directing her to another area. I think
she became determined to get his attention, when she reached over
the counter to get something. The guy looked up and overreacted, and
almost lost his chair! He came around the counter to actually help
her, and I was thinking, “The mall all over again!”

She didn’t have to lift, reach or climb. He did it all for her,
and he would not leave her alone! We had been there over 20
minutes, and he was even more attentive then before. I got Judy
to help me get her out of there, reminding her it is a library,
and not to cause a major scene–just a small one to distract the
librarian. Judy sashayed right up to him as he was bending over
Niki to get a better look, and asks him if he worked here, the service
was terrible, she needed help, where was everyone, she had a library
card, she paid her fines on time, she needed this book on gardening,
her lawn is a mess, where should she go, who was in charge…
With each statement the volume was increasing, and the librarian
came over to her to quiet her down, and, hopefully, send her on her
way. That was just enough of a distraction, and provided time for Niki
and me to exit the room, leaving Judy with the guy who will soon
wish he never saw her. Niki and I went over to the elevators,
laughing at the librarian and Judy’s performance. I know Niki was ok
with all this now, but I asked, and she informed me she got credit
for that as one of the floors–that it’s not her fault that the
librarian was too helpful. I told her ok, but at the next floor
she is to spend more time actually looking, not asking for any more
help. She was to do all her own climbing, lifting, reaching and
in two different areas of the floor. She starts to protest when
I told her that I have to write this all up and send to you, and I
would hate to enclose a protest. She sighed and picked the technical
and engineering area. I look back at the reference area for Judy,
but don’t see her. I know she will be just fine, as I follow Niki.

We were much more successful here. Niki started climbing up step
stools looking for books, reaching for books, reading with her
legs open. Generally getting looks from all the males who suddenly
had to find a reason to go by the same section as she was in. I’d
say at least once as she was reaching, her breast actually came out
of the blouse, and at least twice the skirt did not adequately
cover her ass as she bent over to retrieve a book on the lower
shelf. She was starting to draw a crowd, when Judy appeared and
announced she needed a library card because she had found a book
to take out. Neither one of us had a card, so I told Niki she
needed to apply for it, since this was her library day, and check
the book out for Judy. We went down to the main level to the
desk and watched Niki get her card. There was a woman at the
desk who gave Niki the up and down and told her how borrowing
books is a sacred trust. Niki sweetly smiled, telling her that
books are her life, and how she really needs that book. She got
an application, which she completed, and she was allowed to
check out the book, as she got the lecture on the severe fines
imposed for late books. Now I was amazed Judy wanted a book, so
I asked to see it. It was on Cat Care.

We goet outside and it was pouring down rain. None of us thought to
bring an umbrella. Niki said she had one in the car, so I volunteered
to go get the car. I got it, got back, and the two of them were
waiting patiently. Well, I was thinking that I didn’t want to get
any wetter, so I opened the window and yell out, “I can’t find it,
and you better just run.” Judy got in the back before Niki
got in the front, leaving Niki to get that much wetter. She got
in, and that blouse was plastered to her skin. You could see her
pink breasts, the outline of the darker area around her nipples,
the rings, and, of course, her hard nipples. Well, we all started
laughing about how this was probably more to your liking, because
you had mentioned to her she might look better in a wet blouse rather
than a white one. Then we started reliving the adventure in the
library–the guy’s face when Niki reached for a pencil, his face
when Judy asked for help, all the guys upstairs, and the check-out
librarian. Since Niki was not paying attention, I decided to take
the freeway home, just so more people would get an opportunity to
see her. However, it was raining so hard, we did not see any good
reactions. Oh, well. there are more sunny days than rainy ones here,
and, therefore, more opportunities another day.


Subj: the library
Date: 96-07-14 18:14:52 EDT
From: nikigirl
To: LineMstr


Again you and Rosie, and now Judy, have planned another outing
where i can now show myself to the local folks. I asked Rosie
to please drive because then she would not be standing around
waiting as tried to find the downtown library. She said, “No
problem,” and we set the time to meet. i then told her you had
wanted her to have the crop, because it was more effective than a
belt the next time i required correction. Evidently she was
unaware i had some “toys,” and she wanted them all out when she
got here so she could inspect them and inform you. We reset
the time for 15 minutes earlier and i was to be completely
ready with the toys out.

Rosie and Judy arrived exactly on time, and Rosie seemed pleased
at my appearence. She, however, insisted on verification i have
no panties on, which i blushing demonstrated for her. i have
been wet with anticipation of all this, because this is the first
time i have ever worn my collar so everyone could see it, but she
made no comment to indicate she had noticed. i show Rosie my toys,
and both she and Judy exchange those all-knowing glances when they
saw the black leather hood. Now i was thinking that you wanted
me hooded for the trip downtown, and i started to protest, when
Rosie reasurred me not today, but another day. Why did i ever
volunteer this information.

We get in the car, Rosie and i are in front, with Judy in back,
and i arrange my blouse as you instructed me–all the way open
to my waist. Since you gave my no percise directions on my hair,
and Rosie thought it looked better down, i arranged it down and
in front so, to my thinking, it looked its best. Rosie took
one look at me and smiled, saying something like, “Nice try,” or,
“I don’t think so,” and asked me if i wanted to go to one of
those quick cut places to get my hair all cut off before we went
to the library. i didn’t want to get it cut like that, so i
arranged it in a pony tail and off my chest to her satisfaction.
Judy was giggling in the back seat the whole time.

We started out, and, since the weather was rainy and gloomy, there
were few people out. The trip went without incident. We get
to the library and Rosie told me Judy was going to go in first,
and then she and I will park the car. Rosie would come along or
not, depending on what she felt like doing. She also gave me
your instructions again, and a suggestion on where to start. i
rearranged my blouse and, after waiting a few minutes after Judy
went in to start my library tour. Now i know Rosie knew this
library. She was born and raised here, and went to schools here,
so she has used this library innumerable times, but her suggestion
was the pits. I was to go to the Texas history reference room
and ask for assistance with the reference books. Well, i got in
there ask for some book on some little known fact of Texas history.
The guy behind the reference desk counter did not even look up.
Now, i was thinking, “How many women come in here in a semi-bondage
outfit, and ask for a book on Texas history?” i must have been
one of several that day, because he said, “Southeast corner!”
Well, my pride was wounded, so i would not let this go! i reached
over as to take a pencil off his desk, and he damn near fell off
his chair. i guess he’s not an interactive human or a regular
basis, but now i had his undivided attention. He got me anything
i could think of, and i don’t know much Texas history, being raised
in Ohio! Then he started suggesting other references i might want.
For at least twenty or thirty minutes, this went on with no relief
in sight, when Judy came in, and, in her own way, created quite a
scene. Now Judy was dressed in some of her vintage clothes, and she
started in with statements about the lack of service and attention,
getting louder all the time. Thankfully, the librarian decides she
needs his attention and, telling me he will be right back, goes to
Judy’s aid. Well, i saw Rosie, and we were out of there in a flash,
laughing hard. Now i was thinking, “It’s not my fault the librarian
was such a geek and would not let me lift a finger, so i wanted credit
for one floor done. Rosie said, “OK, but you need to spend twice as
much time on the next floor.” Well, that is not what i had in mind.
You have trained Rosie well. She asked me if is that was a protest,
since she was to write you about all that happened, and she wanted to
get it straight. i told her, “No, it was not a protest, and, of course,
i would do as i was instructed by you.” i went to the technical and
engineering floor, not because i think there was anything there i wanted
to read, but i was hoping no one was there. i guess since it was
raining outside there were more people there than i expected. i did
everything you instructed me to do–bending, stretching, reaching,
sitting with my legs open in full view of at least 3 guys, all of
who got an eyeful. Once, i was reaching for a book and my breast
popped out of the blouse in full view…i was mortified…but i just
put it back in like it happened evey day. i just could not look
around and see if any one noticed. And when i bent over and squatted
to get a book on the lower shelves, i could feel a (welcome) breeze
in my crotch, so i am sure anyone looking got another eyeful. i must
have been there for at least an hour when Judy reappeared, announcing
she had a book she wanted to take out and she needed a card. Rosie
thought i had drawn enough of a crowd, so she decided, since this was
my library day, i needed to go and apply for the card. i had to go
down to the main desk and fill out an application. Well, the female
librarian took one look at me and started a lecture on taking care of
books and how important they are and the trust the city has in its
books and on and on. Now, i don’t know what she thought i was going
to do with a book on cat care, but i smiled sweetly, and informed her
that books were my life and i would take good care of it. She gave me
an application, which i filled out and returned to her as she checked
out the book, informing me about the fine policy on overdue books
and my card would come in the mail in 4-5 weeks. i can hardly wait.
Rosie was laughing at my expression, “books are my life,” since i was
dressed in a manner which indicated that i have another life…oh,
well. So much for honesty.

We got outside and it was really raining hard. The umbrella is in the
car. Rosie was not patient enough to wait for the rain to quit, so
she went to get the car while Judy and i waited. Rosie came back and
yelled out that she couldn’tt find the umbrella, and we needed to run
to the car. Judy and get there about the same time. Judy opened
the back door and got in, but i couldn’t get the front door open.
Needless to say, i got drenched. My blouse was stuck to my chest
like a second skin, and you could see everything clearly…just as you
might like. Well i was not looking, and Rosie was taking the
expressway home, but the weather was too bad for any of her kamikaze
driving, so we just end up laughing about the whole afternoon. i
asked Judy how she left the reference librarian, and her anwer was,
“In one piece!” Well, i just started to really laugh. All in all,
it was a good day. The reference librarian is in one piece, the geeks
in the technological and engineering section got a peek, i got a new library
card, and Judy got a book.

your obedient slave


The End