Working as a business consultant has its good and bad points. The work’s not exactly thrilling, but I happen to enjoy the travel most of the time. I’ve met a variety of people, good and bad, interesting and not. I’ve had some interesting flings on the road, but not as many as you might think. There’s one experience I’ve had, though, that brings me a warm, wicked smile even on the coldest and loneliest nights.

I was looking into the management and administrative processes of an apparel company that had recently been bought by investment bankers. I do a lot of these “efficiency expert” gigs, and still haven’t gotten used to the suspicious, and sometimes downright fearful, reception I get from the employees. It’s rare, under those circumstances, that I get particularly friendly with anyone, and I generally don’t even bother to try. At this place, though, there were two employees I couldn’t help but notice. All I knew about Trish and Melissa was that they were sales reps, seemed to be close friends of each other, and were stone cold bitches to everyone else.

Trish was in her late 30s or early 40s, with the high cheekbones and slightly weathered, classy but decadent look of a washed-up model. She normally wore her dark auburn red hair pulled back in a ponytail to better show off her features: striking gray eyes, very full (probably collagen-injected) lips, those cheekbones, and a long, taut-skinned neck. The lines of her neck, along with long-fingered hands just beginning to gnarl, were the only clues that she was past her late 20s, and for some reason those very features seemed to particularly turn me on as I watched her around the office. She was about 5’7″, but always seemed taller due to the spike heels she wore to accentuate her long, perfectly-toned legs. Perhaps her only un-model-like characteristic was a chest somewhat large for that profession. I’d guess her to have been around a 36C-23-34, and she tended to wear clingy sweater tops or low necklines to show off those assets. I suppose I’d have to say that the altitudinous smirk with which she returned my casual greetings in the halls seemed perfectly suited to her, though that didn’t make it any easier to take.

Melissa was probably in her middle-20s and stood about 5’2″, though she too favored high heels. She wasn’t as lean as Trish, but not at all heavy. She tended to wear tops that were cut to show just a teasing hint of bare midriff and framed a lusciously curvy body I’d estimate as 36D- 26-36. Her skin was a warm olive, and she had thick, dark, flowing hair, framing large dark eyes, with a face whose small features could best be described as “cute”, and whose habitual expression could best be described as “vacant”.

The little office gossip that I did manage to pick up tagged both women as self-absorbed and lazy, but natural manipulators and back stabbers, I tended to see a bit more of Melissa around the office, and what of casual conversations I overheard amply proved her to be at least as much of a shallow bitch as her friend, if perhaps somewhat less worldly.

So naturally I, during the long, boring spells that punctuated my working days, lusted feverishly after both of them.

As my assignment wound down my clients asked me for my opinion of the performance of a senior executive named Lou. I told them, honestly, that I thought he had been doing a good job in spite of a lack of support from other executives. A few days later Lou showed up at my cubicle after hours to say that he had heard about my comments through back channels, and that he was sincerely thankful for my support. Because of it, he felt he would survive a pretty intense period of political infighting at the company.

“Just doin’ my job, sir”, I chuckled.

“I know,” replied Lou, dead serious, “But that’s all too rare these days, and I really want to thank you somehow.”

I’ve been offered bribes before, but usually before making a report, and I’m not in the habit of accepting them. My professional reputation is essentially my livelihood, and I don’t like to risk it over a few bucks or a vacation somewhere. I’ve got plenty of frequent flyer miles. I looked at Lou skeptically, and joked, “But I hardly know you, and you’re not really my type.”

“Damn it, that’s not it!” he replied, “I really feel I owe you my job, and I want to repay you somehow.”

Still trying to joke my way out of the awkward situation, I offered, “Well, you could always arrange me a threesome with Trish and Melissa…”

That broke the tension for a moment. Lou laughed out loud, as did I, until he suddenly stopped. His brow furrowed, and there was an awkward silence until a nasty smile spread across his face.

“You know, those cunts threatened me with a harassment suit a while back when I confronted them about their expense account padding. Looking the way they do, if they didn’t consider themselves above doing a little work, and shook it a little more for the buyers, they’d probably be good sales reps. As it is, they’re the least productive reps we have, but they stay on with fat bonuses because they’re choice pieces of ass and first- class manipulators. But if you’re really hot for those twats, and in spite of everything I’ve said I can’t say as I blame you, then maybe we can work a little scam.”

The very thought made my heart race, no matter how absurd it seemed once I thought about it. “But… how?” I managed, puzzled.

He thought a moment, the gears I could see turning in his head reassuring me that this guy was as good as I’d represented him as being. “I’ll make sure they “accidentally” see a “confidential” memo from the board, asking you for your final recommendations on the sales force: Who to make the Directors of our two new Regional Sales Divisions, and who to shitcan.”

“But I’m not consulting on the sales force…” I offered, cluelessly.

“We know that, but those bitches don’t!” he snapped, now grinning more evilly than the Grinch himself. “This is ideal. I’ve heard rumors that they’ve “entertained” some of the management here before when they thought it could benefit them. Problem is, once they’ve got their hooks in a guy, they usually turn it into blackmail as soon as they can. But you’ll be gone in less than a week. If they ever figure out they’ve been had, it won’t even matter.”

I was firmly in the clutches of wishful thinking now, and I could practically taste both of the sluts. “You really think they’ll buy this?” I asked.

“Trust me, all I do is dangle the memo, and they’re more than mercenary enough to take over from there.”

The next few days passed uneventfully. I didn’t see Lou or Trish or Melissa around the office, and figured that my “reward” would amount to nothing. I wasn’t really surprised, I guess, my disappointment was real enough that I was glad to be distracted from it by the late nights I was working to get the notes and pieces I’d need to get my report into shape.

By lunchtime of my last day I had pretty well focused on my work. At least until I heard a soft-voiced “ahem” at the entrance to my cubicle.

There stood Melissa, leaning against the wall section, a hint of navel showing between her blouse and skirt. She licked her lips and said, “So, I hear you’re leaving?”

“My flight’s tomorrow morning. I’ll be filing my report about a week later.” I hoped at first that the growing bulge in my pants wasn’t too obvious, then I hoped that maybe it was.

She brushed her hair back in the obvious seductive affectation of a high school girl. “Well, if you don’t have any other plans, we were kind of planning a party for tomorrow night. Maybe we could make it a farewell party?”

“Well, I had kind of planned on turning in early,” God! What made me so cocky all of a sudden? But the look of concern on Melissa’s face was priceless. She took a step forward, standing over me in my seat with her exquisite breasts oh-so-close. There was something particularly erotic about the transparentness of all her sophomorically seductive moves.

“We were really hoping to see you. We… my friend Trish and me… we had kind of wanted to get to know you for weeks, but you always seemed so busy. Can’t you at least come by for a drink?”

I had never heard whining sound so sexy before, but I couldn’t bear to push my luck any further, “Well, I guess so… Where’s the party?”

She smiled and passed me a slip of paper, taking care that her silky fingers touched mine as I took it. “Nine o’clock. You don’t need to bring anything,” she purred, and walked bouncily out of the cubicle.

I arrived at the apartment about 10 minutes late, owing to some communication problems with the cab driver. I swallowed the Life-Saver I’d been sucking to ward off dry mouth, and rang the buzzer.

“C’mon in!” I heard in what I supposed was Trish’s voice, having not heard her say more than three words during my whole stay at the office. I entered the mood-lit and unusually warm apartment, closing the door behind me.

“Have a seat” came the same voice from the kitchen, slightly huskier and less girlish than Melissa’s, but equally soft and sensuous. “Do you prefer red or white wine?”

“Red, thanks.” I sat on the plush sectional, taking in the obviously pricey, modern furnished apartment, and even slipped off my shoes to sink my toes into the plush carpet. I actually got so distracted as to be appalled at what I figured it cost, but what I saw next refocused my thoughts in an instant.

The two women glided in from the kitchen. Melissa, holding two glasses of red wine, was dressed in a sheer black silk teddy with fuzzy trim. The studded leather collar around her neck was connected to a long chain leash. Trish, holding the leash, followed just a step behind, looking even more imperious than usual in her spike heels. She was dressed solely in a tight black satin and leather merry widow over the top of which her nipples peaked.

Melissa bent waaay over to place my wine in front of me, her cleavage practically tumbling out of her teddy. She sat on the edge of the couch and finished her glass, her dark eyes meeting mine as she licked the rim.

“We couldn’t bear the thought of you leaving before we got to know you,” purred Trish. “We weren’t sure you had gotten the right impression of us.”

“Well,” I began, being careful to steady my voice, “I’m sure we can remedy that.”

“And you’ll be as good to us,” Melissa cooed, “as we are to you?”

“I don’t know if that’s possible, but I’ll surely try,” I chuckled, my briefs tightening rapidly and my eyes overwhelmed wherever they rested.

Trish tugged on the leash, and Melissa squeaked faintly as she slipped to her knees on the floor beside me. “Melissa will be your personal fuck slave tonight,” she explained, her voice honeyed by her obvious pleasure in pronouncing the words. Melissa repeatedly averted her eyes in feigned shyness, but they kept returning to mine.

She licked and bit her lips and played with the bow at the top of her teddy as Trish continued. “She must fulfill your every wickedest and filthiest desire, and I strongly encourage you to use her in the hardest and dirtiest ways you can imagine, as a sleazy little whore like her should be.”

I reached over and took Melissa’s chin in my hand, running my thumb over her moist lips (full, but likely more natural than Trish’s) and drew her closer. I looked up to see Trish sit on the arm of the sofa, watching us intently and casually fingering her crotch as I felt Melissa kiss and suck on my thumb.

I drew Melissa closer, and took her face in my hands. Leaning down to reach her, I ran my tongue over those silky lips until she returned my kiss hungrily. She seemed almost sweet as our tongues played and she moaned contentedly. I knew that to get away with being such bitches most of the time, both these chicks had to know how to turn on the honey when they wanted something, but I hadn’t begun to suspect how good they were at it. Of course, it wasn’t quite all insincere. Both of them obviously got off on being utter sluts, and while I’m no movie star, I don’t imagine I was the worst chore they’d ever undertaken.

Melissa unbuttoned, more like tore open, my shirt as we kissed, and I forced her face down to my hairy chest. As she pulled at the hair and tongued my nipples I watched Trish watching us, grinning slyly, her breathing growing deeper as her fingers slipped under the crotch of her merry widow.

Guiding Melissa to her feet, I ordered her to strip and show me the body I’d been imagining for weeks now. She looked into my eyes and breathed deeply as she untied the bow and shook off the teddy, revealing that it hadn’t quite been all she was wearing. My eyes grew even wider than they already were at the sight of the chrome-studded black leather harness that wrapped tightly around her, crossing between her gorgeous, full, and apparently natural breasts, binding her round, silky ass, and uniting at a steel ring just above her navel.

“Do you like it, master?” she teased in her girlish voice, “Can I be your slut? Will you fuck me like a dirty whore? I’ve wanted that sooo long. Every day I saw you…”

I looped a finger through the ring, pulling Melissa towards me, slowly. Extending one leg between hers, I reached up with both hands, grasped those heavenly tits, and buried my face between them as she sat down on my knee. I caressed and kneaded her exquisite jugs roughly, just as I’d fantasized for so long. I sucked at her wide, dark aureola, pinched at her large, rigid nipples with my teeth and fingers, and seemingly rubbed my face over every warm, silky inch of them. All the while she moaned her approval, gasped what a filthy cunt she was, and ground her by-now- sopping pussy against my thigh, soaking my slacks through to the skin.

I looked over to Trish as Melissa continued to ride my leg. “I like having an audience,” I said, looking cockily back into Trish’s arrogant eyes and tugging at the leash she still held, “especially with a piece of ass this fine, but you’re not planning on staying on the sidelines all night are you?”

“I like Melissa to warm up my men for me” she replied, flashing her trademark smirk, “and I like them to warm her up for me, too”. She pulled a bag from behind the couch, and drew a pair of fur-lined leather cuffs from it, handing them to me as Melissa looked on. I placed the cuffs around Melissa’s wrists, watching the mixture of discomfort and excitement on her face as I buckled them tight and fastened them together. She brushed my cheeks with her fingers and kissed me deeply before I pushed her back and hooked her shackled wrists to the harness ring at her waist. Her restrained arms pressed the sides of her tits, exaggerating her already impressive cleavage nicely.

“I’ll show you warmed up,” I grunted, pushing Melissa off my leg and forcing her to her knees on the floor. I’m not sure how to describe the hot feeling that began to fill my chest and head except as pure, animal lust. Winding my fingers through Melissa’s dark, curly tresses, I pushed her face to my crotch, grinding myself against her. I fumblingly unfastened my belt as she gasped and mouthed hungrily at the bulge in my pants. Pulling my pants and briefs down in a single motion, I released my rigid cock at last, and rubbed head, shaft, and balls roughly over Melissa’s helpless face as she moaned hornily and tried to catch them with her mouth or tongue.

Melissa’s cuffed hands clutched at my pants, and I stepped out of them as Trish slipped out of her merry widow, the appearance of her round, perfect, and almost certainly artificial breasts distracting me briefly from my slave’s attentions. My eyes hungrily took in every inch of the other body I’d been fantasizing about for so long, and it was apparent that my near awestruck lust only amplified Trish’s arousal. She took a large and apparently heavy white dildo from her bag, drawing it lingeringly up her thighs, between her breasts, and over her whole body.

“It’s marble,” she sighed, “Always cool to the touch, until we work on it awhile”. She might have added that it was anatomically correct, carved with every vein and contour in the very shape that a 12″ cock would be.

I tried not to think of who must have modeled for it, and abruptly shuddered as Melissa’s yearning tongue tickled my asshole. Reminded of the wicked little slut already at my mercy, I pulled her head back by the hair and waved my cock inches from her pouting lips. “Beg for it, Missy, my slut!” I snarled. Word around the office had been that she hated being called “Missy” because it sounded too immature, or like a bimbo’s name. Under the circumstances, it seemed perfect.

“Please, master,” she panted, “Fuck my dirty mouth!” Her dark eyes sparkling, she puckered her lips and silently repeated her plea.

I drew her closer, savoring the sensation of those soft, moist lips on the head of my cock, sucking gently but hungrily. Then with a deep growl I thrust forward into her mouth. I felt, more than heard, her moan around my rigid organ as she took it in greedily. My thrusts quickened and deepened, and her throat relaxed with what could only be a well-practiced ease to draw me in all the way to the hilt.

“Ohhhh, Missy!” I sighed in exaltation, “My pretty little whore!” I tingled at the sensation of her tongue under my cock each time I drew back to thrust again. I felt the warm curves of her tits and the nails of her struggling fingers brushing against my legs, but my eyes remained locked on her face, her half-closed eyes, and especially those velvet lips, as I began to drive rhythmically into her oh-so-willing mouth.

I clutched Melissa’s hair and fucked her face deeply and passionately, grunting with each stroke and savoring her every ecstatic moan. Trish watched for a while, her cruel smile widening, and rubbed her pussy against the fearsome dildo she clutched. Finally she kneeled down behind Melissa, and looked up at me, rubbing the dildo over her lips to gloss them with her own juice.

“Isn’t she just the cutest little bitch?” asked Trish, now brushing the head of the obelisk in her hand lightly, teasingly, against Melissa’s pussy. “Don’t you just want to fuck the hell out of her?” She emphasized “fuck” with a fluid-sounding thrust of the marble phallus deep into Melissa’s dripping cunt. Melissa gasped in surprise, and gagged a bit on my next few thrusts before regaining her composure, but Trish’s assault obviously excited her all the more. Her moans and squeals of pleasure grew more intense as we drove mercilessly into both ends of her at once.

Trish snarled and muttered a stream of filthy encouragement that I could barely make out, so caught up was I in the tide of my own lust. She spanked Melissa’s ass sharply, and occasionally bit at it as she worked the dildo in our slave’s dripping cunt. Occasionally she shifted it from one hand to the other, licking and sucking Melissa’s juice off her fingers with thirsty delight. After a while she withdrew her tool, and began to slide it between the cheeks of Melissa’s ass, making her shiver with anticipation. Then Trish drove the slick marble cock in with a twisting thrust. Her vicious drilling produced a cacophony of sounds from Melissa, from shrieks to sobs to cries of “Yes!” and “More!”, all muffled by the cock with which I passionately screwed her mouth.

Even if it hadn’t been over a week since I had so much as whacked off, a few minutes of these sights and sensations would have pushed me to the limit. As my sweat fell like rain on Melissa’s sweet face, I could feel myself nearing the brink. But, Trish apparently sensed my limits, and suddenly gave an abrupt jerk to Melissa’s leash, pulling her off my cock. She fell to the floor coughing, the marble dong falling from her ass with a thud. I was left standing, sweaty, gasping and weak-kneed.

“Not so fast, Missy, you greedy little cunt,” chuckled Trish, obviously also enjoying calling her by her “slave name”. “What makes you think you get to taste his load?”

Melissa looked up with a schoolgirl pout and pleading eyes. “There’s plenty to go around, no need to fight,” I interjected, regaining my composure.

Trish smiled at my assurance, and drew closer on her knees, helping the still shackled Melissa back upright. “There’d better be,” she purred, “We’re working up quite an appetite.”

Trish reached over to take my balls in one hand, caressing them with her long, moist fingers as she directed me with her free hand to turn. As I did, she took Melissa by the hair, and forced her forward, burying her face between the sweaty cheeks of my ass. “Rim him good, slut, or you won’t get a drop!” she hissed.

“I want it bad,” I heard, in Melissa’s muffled voice, before her enthusiastic moans resumed and I felt her tongue begin to lap the sweat from my crack and probe my anus urgently. I can’t say I had ever even been curious about anal stimulation before, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it then. I spread my cheeks and pushed back against Melissa, expressing my pleasure with guttural sounds and commands to “Do me, Missy you dirty whore! Tongue my ass clean!” Trish watched her for a while, chuckling and forcing her deeper while toying with my balls, before shifting around in front of me.

She looked up with her crystal gray eyes, and grasped the still steely shaft of my cock. I cradled her face in my hands and gazed upon its somewhat drawn but classically beautiful features as she stroked me. “Every drop,” she whispered, and began to run the head over her improbably full lips. I gasped as her sucking deepened and Melissa’s tongue flicked faster. I had backed up a bit from the brink during our brief pause, but now I was careening back towards it at high speed.

I clutched Trish’s ponytail and began to fuck her mouth hard, as I had Melissa’s. She didn’t deep throat me, but kept her hand stroking my shaft as she sucked. I watched my cock poke at the insides of her cheeks, listened to her long, low, undulating moan, and felt the nails of her free hand dig into one cheek of my ass as Melissa slurped loudly between them.

Before I lost all control, I resolved that it was poor, long-suffering Melissa who deserved my sure-to-be-considerable-after-over-a-week load. Pulling my cock slowly and carefully from Trish’s ravenous lips, I looked her in the eyes. “I want to switch back and forth between you sluts,” I panted, and turned around, grabbing a handful of Melissa’s hair with one hand while keeping ahold of Trish’s ponytail with the other. “Oh, yes master,” gasped Melissa, her dusky skin shining with our mingled sweat, as she gave one long lick along the bottom of my spit-coated cock. Our eyes met through the tangle of hair matted across her face, and she silently mouthed “Please-cum-in-my-mouth,” before beginning to suck me with renewed abandon. At the same time, I pulled Trish slowly forward into my ass. I felt her tongue move in several long strokes up and down my crack from my back to my balls before beginning to dart into my anus, and I pushed demandingly back against her gorgeous face.

Just then I felt myself reach the point of no return. I gasped heavily as my balls tightened and the waves of ecstasy built at the base of my spine, and pulled both women tight against me by their hair. I saw Melissa’s eyes grow wide, and heard her squeal with her own anticipation just before the first gush of cum erupted from my cock. That first shot seemed to surprise her with its force, and she pulled back a bit as the subsequent pulses flooded her mouth with hot cream. She struggled in her harness and cuffs while her moans of pleasure built to a muffled shriek. As cum trickled from the corners of her mouth, and I figured she had about all she could hold, I pulled from her lips and squirted strings of cum across her face and into her flowing hair. My orgasm lasted longer than even I had expected, until Trish finally made her way around and grabbed my now sensitive cock just in time to startle one last gush out of me, painting a milky stripe from her hair down to her neck. She puckered her lips around the head, and sucked the waning trickles of my seed from my cock, coaxing them with her tongue. “More, give me more” she murmured.

It had surprised me a bit that Melissa had not swallowed my load outright, but I saw now to my delight that she wanted to play with it. She opened her mouth to let me see how much it held, and let a flood of it roll over her lips, down her chin, and onto her tits in the process. “Give me some!” Trish commanded, stretching out on the floor and opening her mouth. Melissa obliged, leaning over her mistress to let long strings of my jizz and her own spit trickle down all over Trish’s face and hair. Trish smeared the mess around and licked her fingers before reaching up in frustration and pulling Melissa down by the hair for a long and gooey cum-swapping kiss.

I sat slumped on the couch watching the two in fascination as the two licked and slurped my cum from each other’s faces. Melissa mouthed me a silent “Thank you, master” with sticky, glossy lips as Trish lapped cum from her cleavage. I’ve never been known to do many “encores”, but so erotic was the spectacle before me that I wasn’t all that surprised to feel myself starting to become physically aroused again already.

Trish eyed me intently, her hair still tied back but a bit wild and matted with sweat and cum. She smiled as Melissa licked sperm from the hollows of her mistress’ collarbone. “That was a wonderful warm-up,” she chuckled.

-To be continued…-