“Warm-up?” I panted.

“You don’t think we’ll let you go that easily, do you?” Trish purred with seductive menace as she drew closer. “Who knows how long it might be before we see you again?”

“We want you to remember us,” chimed in Melissa, in the most sincere voice of which she was probably capable.

Trish grasped the base of my not-entirely-limp dick. “We want to treat you as well as we know you’ll treat us,” she said, (whether to me or my organ was uncertain) before licking a drop of residual cum from the tip with a sigh of anticipation.

Her face and neck were still moist from Melissa’s tongue bath, but the only cum remaining was a few drops clotted in her hair. I looked over at the gloriously disheveled Melissa, now struggling to reach her neglected pussy with her restrained fingers, before returning my gaze to Trish and grasping her ponytail roughly. “Then suck me like the whore you are,” I sneered, and she took me into her mouth with a gleeful growl.

Trish’s attentions rapidly revived my cock, and soon she pulled back a bit and trapped it between her gorgeous breasts. She egged me on with a stream of profane encouragement and wicked laughter as I fucked her tits, and flicked her tongue over the head whenever it drove near enough. After a minute or two of such teasing, I felt the need to use her harder. I cradled her chin in my hand and clutched the back of her head, pressing my cock against her lips. Apparently excited by the sensation of being forced, Trish sucked down my cock again, and this time took me down her throat, gagging just a bit on my deepest thrusts. “Ohhh, Trish, you sexy bitch,” I murmured over and over, feeling her moans of pleasure and watching her hands run over my whole body and clutch at my chest hair as I fucked her face deeply.

Melissa had by now drawn closer, looking on with a jealous pout as I used her mistress. “Feeling neglected, Missy?” I gasped.

Melissa nodded.

“You want me to fuck your pussy like this?” I grunted, thrusting harder and faster for emphasis as Trish’s groans made my cock tingle.

Melissa bit her lip and nodded slowly.

“Then show it to me, cunt! Open wide for your master,” I commanded.

Melissa’s face shone with anticipation through strings of matted hair as she lay back on the floor. Her frustrated fingers pulled at her neatly trimmed, but sticky, pussy hair as she positioned herself for display. She spread her legs wide, revealing labia spotted with froth, and exquisitely smooth thighs slick with her juice. “Oh master, please,” she moaned, “Use me!”

I withdrew from Trish’s mouth and turned her head to face Melissa. “Mmmm. Do you want a taste of that, slut?” I teased her. I held her ponytail and guided her forward between Melissa’s legs, letting her just close enough to lap at the dripping pussy with the end of her tongue. “Is it sweet?” I asked.

“Yessss” whispered Trish.

“Then just wait ’til I finish stirring it up,” I said, pulling Trish back abruptly, and taking her place.

Melissa’s eyes grew wide as I grasped her ankles, and she giggled excitedly as I teased her cunt with the head of my cock. “I’m your fuck doll. Use me hard,” she pleaded. With a loud grunt I drove my cock deep into her box, savoring its heat and texture as she shrieked her approval.

Melissa’s cunt was hot, slick and very tight, though I was sure that wasn’t for lack of use. I fucked her ferociously, first pulling her legs together, to lick and rub my body along their silky curves, then spreading them for an unobstructed view of her luscious body. Her full tits, though confined between her restrained arms, bounced with every merciless thrust, and she ecstatically threw her head from side to side screaming and gasping “Yes! Screw me! Make me cum! Please!”

I figured Trish, quite “warmed up” by now, wouldn’t remain a spectator for long, and soon I felt her warm tits pressed against my back. She wrapped her arms around me and rested her chin on my shoulder, no doubt vicariously screwing Melissa along with me. “Harder,” she hissed, “Fuck her like an animal! Use that dirty slut!”

Much too soon, I saw Melissa’s eyes begin to drift, her hands clench in their shackles, and her toes begin to curl as her orgasm began to build. Trish released me, and I compounded both the speed and force of my thrusts, growling with delight, to propel Melissa over the edge. Trish kneeled astride Melissa’s face as I began to feel the tremors build. Melissa’s breath came in rapid gasps, finally giving way to a exultant wail as her legs clenched around me. Trish seemed to wait for Melissa’s scream to reach its peak before lowering herself and grinding her dripping pussy onto our slave’s face. Melissa’s muffled moans soon ebbed, and her legs relaxed in contentment as she resumed lapping at her mistress’s cunt.

It had been an act of uncharacteristic discipline for me to refrain from cumming in Melissa’s sweet, appreciative little twat, but the desire to use Trish had been smoldering in me all night. She leaned forward to lap at Melissa’s moist thighs, and studied me as I withdrew. A broad smile crossed her wet lips when she saw I was still erect. She tongued some cunt sauce from the head of my cock before I took her chin in my hand and looked into her erotically sinister eyes.

“How should I use you?” I asked firmly.

“Hard,” she replied, her gaze intense, as if challenging me, “Hard and deep and dirty.”

I knew at once what she meant.

She lowered her head between Melissa’s thighs as I moved to the other end of the 69. All of us were bathed in sweat, and my dick was still dripping with Melissa’s juices, so I doubted that any further lubrication would be necessary. I smiled at the sight of Melissa diligently licking her mistress’s pussy before I moved close, grasped Trish’s perfect round ass, and slid my prick fluidly the length of her crack.

Trish lifted her head with a faint gasp.

“Do it, you bastard,” she said breathlessly, straining to look at me over her shoulder, “Drill me up the ass like a cheap whore!”

I heard the pace of Melissa’s licking quicken, and I pushed teasingly at Trish’s anus with my thumbs. I spread it a bit, before pressing in the head of my rigid cock.

Trish let out a gasping squeal, and arched her back with delight, as I forced myself deep into her ass.

“Just… like… a… cheap… whore!” I growled, punctuating each word with a vicious thrust. Each thrust elicited groans, shrieks, gasps, and a stream of profanity from Trish, whose fists clenched and toes curled as she demanded more.

I fucked Trish’s tight ass ever harder, and suddenly shivered at the delightful sensation of Melissa’s tongue on my balls and the shaft of my cock. I intermittently slowed my pace a bit to let her suck my balls and stretch to tease my ass with her tongue until Trish pleaded with me not to stop and I renewed my furious screwing of her tight ass.

After a few such pauses, Trish appeared to become impatient with our slave’s divided attentions. “All right,” she snapped over her shoulder, “give the little slut what she wants.”

“W-What?” I stammered, foggy with sensory overload.

“Fuck her mouth with your dirty cock!” she gasped.

Who was I to argue? I pulled my slick tool from Trish’s ass and slapped Melissa’s lips with it before she sucked me in, more noisily and ravenously than ever. I slipped two fingers into Trish’s ass to “hold my place, ” twisting and pumping them even more violently than I had my cock. “Oh, yesssss! That’s it! Do us both!” she groaned into Melissa’s pussy as she dug her fingers into the carpet.

After a few thrusts down Melissa’s throat I plunged my cock back into Trish’s waiting ass and resumed thrusting and slapping it sharply. For some time I alternated, savoring the searing tightness of Trish’s ass, the soft insistence of Melissa’s mouth, and the crude, kinky decadence of both. I quickly reached the limits of my self-restraint, and my pounding of Trish’s ass wavered in its rhythm as I felt my balls tighten.

“Do it!” Trish snarled over her shoulder, her own explosion imminent. “Pump your hot cum up my assss.”

I pulled hard on her ponytail and threw myself, grunting, into my thrusts. Soon I saw the tremors course through Trish’s body, and felt her rectum tighten around me. I followed her over the edge as she let go a rapturous scream and beat at the floor with her feet and clenched fists. Her cries jumped up in pitch and she seemed to lose her breath as my steaming seed jetted deep into her ass. After the first few long shots I released her ponytail and pulled sharply out of her ass, simultaneously pulling Melissa’s head back by the hair so that I could squirt the rest of my load in her face. She opened her mouth as my orgasm ebbed, and gently sucked the waning trickle from the head of my cock.

I sat back on my heels and watched through my post-coital haze as Trish, still gasping and shaking from her own climax, sat herself upright, and reached back to direct Melissa’s gooey face into her ass. “Clean me up, slut,” she whispered, her voice drained, but still with a commanding edge. Melissa mewed contentedly as she worked her tongue into her mistress’s ass, lapping and sucking up my dripping cream. I embraced Trish from behind, cupping her breasts in my hands and she leaned over her shoulder to let me taste Melissa’s juice on her pouty lips. “Yessss, lick it up, Missy,” she murmured between our deep, long kisses.

Exhausted, we all soon fell asleep, entangled and sweaty, on the floor together. I awoke after a few hours, and hurriedly dressed, since I had to rush back to my guest suite and pack for my morning flight. I lingered just long enough for one last look at my disheveled playmates, and to leave a quickly sketched note on the coffee table beside them. “Both highly qualified… exceptionally talented… excellent people skills… recommend for rapid advancement.”

– The End –