He had lived with his female partner, Beth, for more than a year, and they had established a good relationship. She was a submissive female, and loved to have him dominate her. She was obedient and very affectionate, and her training had involved little more than verbal direction and guidance as to how he wanted her to respond. She had only required a couple of spankings to learn her place and now she eagerly served her new master. Intellectually she was his equal. They had already collaborated on several short stories and were talking about doing a book together.

She liked light bondage as a prelude to sex, but was not turned on by any kind of ‘hard’ physical control. Sometimes they did role-playing and simulated rapes, but it was understood that anything that caused real pain was not permitted. That was usually all right, since she was always ready to experiment with new ways for them to please each other and increase their mutual pleasure.

Sometimes, though, he had the urge for rougher sex and domination ‘exercises’. He knew that Beth would be very unhappy if he were to really cause her pain or humiliation and, to tell the truth, he couldn’t see doing that to her. He really needed someone with a true ‘slave’ mentality – one who liked firmer discipline and who could maybe also serve as a mutual ‘plaything’ for some new games with Beth.

He asked her about it, and she admitted to being a little ‘bi-curious’ as well as a little turned on by the idea of another female for the household. They both agreed that the successful candidate would have to be a special kind of female, and together they drew up a list of qualifications and expectations.

They agreed that candidates would have to be truly willing to be a slave on a full-time basis within the household – no occasional visitors or part-timers. Drug use would automatically disqualify a candidate; as of course would the existence of any social diseases.

Candidates would have to undergo clinical testing at their expense to verify their qualifications. He would also run a credit check and background investigation on any of the candidates who made it through the preliminary screening. When they had the requirements done to their satisfaction, they posted them on several newsgroups and waited for responses.

He and Beth agreed that the first interview would be purely verbal, with each of the participants getting a chance to meet and interact socially. They had prepared a short set of background questions, but the real goal of the first interview was to see if the candidates were physically and socially acceptable.

So far, they had actually interviewed five candidates and had rejected the first four.

One talked constantly about her aura observed that she needed to meditate for several hours a day to stay in tune with her inner self. Rejected as too self- centered and weird.

Another talked only about how much she truly loved pain and eagerly showed off a really formidable set of scars that covered her breasts, hips and pubic area. She had the point of view that perfect slave master would provide 24 hours a day of pain and suffering, and said that she usually kept a gag in her mouth because she liked to scream when badly burned or cut. She was WAY too eager to get badly hurt.

The third had been totally burnt out by a succession of former masters to the extent that there was almost nothing of her personality left. She expressed no desires, needs or opinions and seemed content to do whatever was asked of her by anybody at any time. When she left the house, they both agreed that they had never met a more depressing person. At one point, she had actually said that she wouldn’t mind if she never woke up after a ‘hard’ S&M session. They rejected her, although for some reason he had kept her address and phone number.

A fourth was rejected because she had shown up half drunk and went to the bathroom several times during the interview, presumably to reinforce her buzz. She was attractive and personable, but was put on the ‘maybe’ list to be called for a retry if nobody else desirable applied.

A fifth candidate had done well. Physically, she was about 5’4″, with short blonde hair (bleached, according to his sub), a pleasant smile and a nice little body. Her legs and bottom were definitely her strong points, and she accented them with a nice short skirt that fitted closely across her ass. Several times he found himself looking at her legs, and once she caught him and gave him a little smile while she answered his question about her academic background. She had completed some college but was not really interested in academics, she said.

When questioned about her experience as a slave, she said that she had only served one master, but that he had been too cruel for her to stay with him. He had kept her shut up inside his apartment when she was not working, and forbid her to talk to her friends or family. He took all her money and she said that he had abused her sexually with “objects”. One weekend, he brought some male friends home and after they all got drunk told her to give them all blowjobs. When she refused, he beat her severely and threw her out. That had been a year ago, and she was just now recovering.

He pressed her about why she would still want to be a slave after that, and she replied that she loved pleasing a master and actually liked some of the physical pain, since it turned her on sexually. She said that she knew she was meant to be a slave, but that she had not yet found the right master.

She said that she didn’t want any kind of group scene, but rather the kind of permanent ‘family’ relationship that our ad had described. She admitted to having a couple of sexual experiences with other females while in college and remarked that she had enjoyed them. While she was saying this she looked directly at Beth and smiled, just the way she had when she had caught him looking at her legs.

After she left they both agreed that she was well worth a closer look, although that night in bed (after some really great sex) Bath’s final remark of the night had been “But I bet she’s not a real blonde”. He had forgotten about the candidate during their lovemaking, but apparently Beth had not.

The next day he called her and asked if she would like to come back for a weekend. He made it clear that, if they all agreed, they might commence with the first phase of her training and that she would have the right to leave at any time. He also would give her a ‘safe word’ to use if the physical demands got to be too much for her. She agreed to come the following Friday night.

They chatted for a few more minutes, and then he said, “You know, you really turn me on”. She said, “I know. I saw you looking at me. So did Beth. You both made me so wet I played with myself for hours last night, thinking of what we could do together. I think I really want to be your slave”. He assured her that she was very desirable and that he was eager to see her on Friday. When he hung up, he could see Beth looking at his crotch, noticing his hard-on. “Wow,” he said, “She is really eager”. “Apparently she’s not the only one”, she said as she came over and grabbed his cock. This woman was already turning them on.


Friday finally came, and she was at the door at 7pm promptly. She was wearing a blue knit skirt and a soft white cotton sweater that made her look even younger than her reported age of twenty-five. He took her overnight bag and coat to the spare bedroom and the three of them sat down on the couch with her in between them. Beth got some wine, and for a few minutes they made small talk about the weather and the amazing progress of the local football team in making the Super Bowl playoffs. She was a fan, and appeared to know quite a bit about the team and football in general. That was the product, she said, of growing up in a house with three brothers.

At last he said “We’re really glad you came, but I think that before we go any further we should have a serious discussion about our expectations and your role here. What do you think?” She agreed, and he said “Let me start with what I want in a slave, and then we’ll answer any questions you might have.”

Role of the Slave

“I want a full-time slave whose sole desire in life is to please me. I do not want blind obedience in avoidance of physical pain, or unquestioning servitude as self-punishment for low self-esteem. I want you to actively want to please me because that is what makes you the happiest – knowing that your master is pleased with you.”

“Sometimes I enjoy physical domination through bondage and the application of pain. I want you to clearly understand that. You will be expected to suffer for no reason other than I wish it to be so and that your pain and suffering will please me. I do not care if it pleases or displeases you. After the trial period, during which you will have a safe word to stop me, you will have no control over anything I wish to inflict on you. You will have to suffer it. I will not ever stop you if you wish to pack up and leave, but while in this house you will be subject to my total domination. If you leave, you will not be permitted to return”.

“You will at all times address me as Master, and my female as Mistress. Be clear that only I command you. Your mistress only commands by my leave, in the event I am not here. Do you understand so far?”

“Yes, master,” she said. “Do you have any questions so far?” “No, master,” she said. “You have a job?” he asked.

“Yes, master. I work at the Naval Base for one of the contractors as an electronics technician.”

“Do you understand that you will have to turn over your pay to me and that you will only have as much spending money as I give you? Also, I will choose your clothing and hair style so that they please me.”

“Yes, master. I would be pleased if you would dress me as you like, and I will turn over my pay to you gladly.”

“Good. Now I want to make your position in this house very clear. You will be a slave; obedient to my commands and the commands of your mistress at all times. You will be expected, if commanded, to fix and serve meals, clean and do any other chores that your mistress or I wish you to do. If I require you to crawl around the house for the first month, you will do so. If I wish you to sit in the bathtub while I urinate in your mouth, you will do so. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master”, she said softly.

“You are an attractive female and I am sure you will have a sexually active life here. You will do anything we ask of you, immediately and willingly, in the bedroom or anywhere else. Understand that I will never command you to have sexual relations with anyone other than your master or mistress. Do you understand?”

The Master

I could see Beth looking intently at our candidate and to her credit she turned and looked directly at my sub and said “Yes. I find you both very attractive.”

“Turn around “, I said to the candidate, and I slapped her hard in the face when she did so. She looked at me, shocked.

“I do not care whether you find us attractive or not. Your are to be a slave here and your opinion of anything has no importance to me. Also, never forget to call me master and never look either your mistress or me directly in the eyes unless told to do so. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master, please forgive me,” she responded. Tears were running down her cheeks.

“Stop crying,” I said. “I wanted to make it clear that you are not our equal. If you do well, you will be treated well. If you forget who you are, you will be reminded.”

“If you have any questions ask them. Otherwise we will commence your training for the weekend. You understand that I also have to punish you for your lack of proper respect just now?”

“Yes, master,” she said, “I have no questions and I would like to begin my training now. I do not wish to have a safe word. I trust you. Please punish me as you wish. I am truly sorry I acted disrespectfully.”

“Good. You have a proper attitude for a slave. Stand up, take off your shoes and walk forward to the coffee table, then turn around and face us”. She did so. When she got up off the couch her skirt slid up and exposed her legs all the way up to her lacey pink panties. I was aroused after I had slapped her, and now I could feel myself getting harder by the second.

She faced us, and I told her to take off her skirt and sweater. She blushed, then stripped down to bra (also frilly pink lace) and panties. Her skin was flawless and creamy smooth, her breasts full and tightly held within the bra. I have this thing for cutting off bras to let the breasts loose, and I could hardly restrain myself from getting right at them. However, I was really trying to act the part of the hard-ass Master of Discipline, so I decided to keep my hands to myself for as long as I could.

To give myself some recovery time, I ordered her to serve some more wine to her mistress and to refill my glass as well. As she bent over to serve her mistress, I could see her panties were soaked. I guess I wasn’t the only one enjoying this. As she bent over to serve me I looked at Beth and I could see she noticed the panties as well. She looked at me and winked, and it was all I could do to keep a straight face. I sensed that she was getting a little aroused too.

While she was refilling my glass, I looked at her body. To be perfect, she could stand to lose a few pounds across the middle. She clearly was not an exercise freak, but overall she was sexy as hell standing there in bra and panties. She returned to her position in front of us, eyes downcast as was proper for a good slave. She was almost catlike in the way she moved, and I said to her “I have decided that your slave name will be Kitten”. She nodded and said, “Thank you, master, I am honored”.

“Mistress, do you like my new slave?” I said. She said she did. “Would you help me train her?” I asked. Beth looked at me inquiringly but answered yes. I could see her take in her breath and look at the slave.


I knew that eventually the question of my relationship with the slave would come up, and apparently our master was going to resolve it now. He told me to stand up and then had the new slave come over and stand in front of me. I was about 3″ taller than Kitten, and have never really had any sexual contact with another female. But there she was, and I have to admit she looked damned attractive in bra and panties.

“Mistress,” our master said, “I would like Kitten to undress you and play with you as I direct. I sense that both of you are hesitant about each other and I wish to make sure we are all clear about how this works. I will never force you to accept Kitten sexually if you do not wish to, but I need to know how you feel about her. If you accept sex with her, I want her to know what you like and to be ready to please you, or me, or both of us whenever commanded. Do you wish to continue to be a part of her training?”

“Yes”, I said, hesitantly, “but please don’t be offended if I ask you to have her stop at some point. I’ve never done this before. I really find her attractive, and of course I want to please you, but I’m really nervous.”

“I understand”, our master said. “Just relax, and I’ll have her start by undressing you”.

“Kitten,” he said, “take off your mistress’ clothing”.

Kitten came over to me and slowly removed my sweater. I raised my arms to help, and as she raised her eyes to take the sweater from me I looked into her eyes. She looked at me briefly and then averted her gaze as our master had instructed, but I could sense that she was really turned on. She licked her lips and blushed some more as she slipped my skirt down my legs. I stepped out of it and she picked it up and placed it on the coffee table with my sweater.

I was still in bra and panties. I could see her hesitate, and our master said “All of her clothing, Kitten”. She stepped back to me and reached around to unfasten my bra, then took it off. She looked at my breasts, and I could almost feel her getting more aroused. She knelt down to pull my panties off. I stepped out of them and then she put the bra and panties on the table too.

“Sit on the edge of the sofa” our master instructed me, “and lean your head back.” I did so. I have never been so nervous, not even my first time with a man. Kitten stood in front of me, hands to her side, and I could see the dark patch of her pubic hair through her panties. I KNEW she wasn’t a real blonde, I felt like saying, but at the same time I knew that I was every bit as wet. Our master had shaved me so that I had no pubic hair, and I could see Kitten looking between my legs at my softest, most vulnerable spot.

Unconsciously, I moved my legs apart. Maybe my mind wasn’t sure, but apparently my body had no doubts what it wanted.

“Take off the rest of your clothes and kneel before your mistress” our master said, and Kitten stepped forward and unsnapped her bra, dropping it on the floor. She pulled down her panties, stepped out of them and kneeled. Our master said “Now, lean forward, place your hands on her thighs, and use your mouth to arouse your mistress. Do it well, little one. Please her.”

She leaned forward as instructed, and began by licking the inside of my thighs. Her hands wandered up and down my legs and her mouth got closer and closer to where I needed her to be. At this point there was no question in my mind about having her arouse me. I began to think what it would be like to do the same to her, starting at the top with those incredibly firm breasts and working my way down to her passion soaked cunt.

Finally she put her tongue into me, and I could feel something hard rubbing me as well as the softness of her tongue. I looked down, and she looked up at me. With a smile, she stuck her tongue way out while she was licking me. I could see she had her tongue pierced, and there was a metal object through it. The feeling of soft tongue and hard metal sliding across my cunt is impossible to describe, but it was definitely doing the job. I could feel myself getting intensely aroused, and I began to moan and thrust my cunt forward into her mouth as she licked harder and harder.

“Does she please you?” I could hear our master asking from what seemed far away.

“Oh yes”, I answered, “I’m getting close. God this is great!”

“Good” he answered. “Keep at it Kitten. I’m going to see how well you can concentrate on your job”.

I could see him take off his belt and come over to us. Kitten’s eyes got wide, and for a second her licking hesitated, but then she resumed even more furiously to lick and caress me. I could see she was afraid, and I reached down to stroke her head and reassure her. She looked up and I smiled, and that seemed to settle her down. Our master can be firm at times, but he would never really hurt her.

He began to slap her across her beautiful little bottom, lightly at first and then more firmly as he built up a rhythm. He struck her hard several times to see if she would be distracted, but to her credit she followed her instructions and continued to drive me to a climax. He finished by walking behind her and striking her directly between her legs, on her cunt, five times with his belt. Kitten whimpered a little but gamely kept on.

Out master took off his clothes and knelt down behind Kitten. He had a firm hard-on, and as he moved forward Kitten sensed his need and moved her legs apart to take him from behind. As he slid his cock into her she let out a little moan and began to move back and forth, fucking him while she was bringing me to climax with her mouth.


I could hear him when he took off his clothes. I was sore from the whipping but it turned me on more than it hurt me. I was surprised when he punished me, but I realized it was part of my training. I must be ready to take any punishment if it pleased him, and I resolved to do so eagerly in the future.

I was soaked from the sex with my new mistress (in my mind I had already joined the family). I knew she had never had sex with another female before, but I could sense she loved what I was doing to her. She looked so good and tasted so clean and warm that I could have continued to please her forever. If she never wanted to lick or play with me it would still be all right. I longed to touch myself and come with her.

As our master knelt behind me I prayed that he wouldn’t wait any longer. I moved my legs apart as a kind of gentle hint. I could feel him come up behind me and place his hands on my hips and slowly guide himself into and I felt like the world was wrapped up with us – a universe of three, with the heat and wetness and friction being the only real language of the universe.

By now we were all groaning with pleasure. I slid my hands under my mistress’ hips and lifted her cunt up toward my mouth as I continued to lick her. Whenever the metal part of my tongue rolled around her clit she moaned even louder. I was afraid of hurting her or I would have done it even harder, but I wanted to talk to her about the sensations first.

Talk, however, was impossible. I was sliding forward and back on my master’s cock, and I could feel him getting close. I tried hard to use my tongue and my cunt to bring them both to climax at the same time. All I remember is feeling him grab my ass hard while I clamped my hips together tightly around his cock and at the same time slamming my mouth forward into my mistress’ soft smooth cunt as she came to a final, shuddering, screaming climax. She gripped me tightly between her thighs and pushed her pussy at me as hard as she could, and I could hear her moaning. I swear I could feel her juices flowing into my mouth as she came.

At the same time (or close to it – it was REALLY hard to think at this stage) my master shoved his cock forward one last time and I could feel him as he ejaculated again and again into my cunt. I could hear him grunting like some primitive, lusting male animal as he took me. I felt totally one with both of them. All I remember of the next few minutes is a crescendo of passion and lust; the softness of her cunt, the hard thrusting of his cock, the way his hands gripped me so hard, and the sweaty, juicy female taste of my mistress.

Finally, it was over. I remember still kneeling on the floor with my head in my mistress’ lap while she stroked my hair. My master had gotten up and sat on the couch next to my mistress. My body felt totally relaxed, and I could feel the sweat falling from my breasts and the juices of my master dripping from my cunt and flowing slowly down my leg. It was a moment frozen in time. To this day I can still recall all of those feelings as clearly as they were then. I was totally theirs to do with as they wished.

The Master

Wow. Being with both of them at the same time had really turned me on. I hadn’t lasted very long after I slid into her, but we all seemed to have gotten off at about the same time so I guess everything went all right. Frankly, I was too exhausted to really care at that point. I hadn’t felt so primitive a feeling toward a female in a long time, and I was anxious to get Kitten into a bondage situation as soon as I was able to do anything but sit on the couch and breathe heavily.

We sent her to get some more wine and some towels while we discussed her performance.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“I loved it”, she said, “and I could see she turned you on. When she comes back, though, you should really ask her to suck you clean.”

I hadn’t thought of that, and for a second I was curious why she mentioned it, but Kitten came back then and we turned our attention to her. She positively glowed as she came back and sat in front of us on the floor.

She handed us our towels and poured some wine for the three of us. We sat and sipped wordlessly for a few minutes, cooling off and (in my case at least) regaining a little strength. She was even more attractive now that I had been intimate with her, but I was aware at that point of the differences between Kitten and her mistress.

Kitten was a toy, pretty and compliant – eager to please her master and well equipped to do so. On reflection, though, I had not felt any real closeness to her, even while passionately making love to her. I began to really appreciate what I had in Beth. We had grown close not just from sex but also from a mutual appreciation of each other’s strengths and failings. Our relationship had a depth I knew I would never get with Kitten.

I reached over and brought Beth over to kiss me, while Kitten pretended to become very interested in her wine. I think Beth sensed what I was feeling because she turned around on the couch and put her legs up on it, lying across my lap facing me. I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest as we kissed deeply.

“Don’t forget Kitten’s next assignment” she whispered in my ear. I couldn’t understand why she felt it so important, but I told Kitten that I had decided that she had done well and could continue to please us. I told her to begin by licking my cock clean.

As soon as she put my cock in her mouth, I understood clearly what Beth had meant. The metal piece in her tongue was shaped like a miniature barbell, with the shaft through her tongue about 2/3 of the way back. I hadn’t noticed it before, but I sure as hell noticed it now. She sucked and stroked my cock with that thing until I could once again feel myself getting hard. At the same time Beth was giving me deep kisses and pressing herself against me, squirming around on the couch and getting hotter and hotter.

I stroked her breasts, softly at first then harder. My hand moved down her body to her cunt where I found that little Kitten had gotten there before me, which explained the squirming. She already had at least two fingers inside Beth’s cunt and was stroking her hand back and forth rapidly. She stopped for a second as my hand touched hers, and I could feel Beth go still too, waiting to see what I would do. Since Beth obviously had no objections, I just patted Kitten’s hand and moved mine back to playing with Beth’s breasts. I did, however, make a mental note to remind Kitten in the first bondage training session that she was not to do that kind of thing without checking with me first. Somehow, though, this didn’t seem like the time to bring that up.

Beth moved swiftly toward climax. I could feel her body tensing more and more, and I wondered how many fingers were at work inside her little cunt. She breathed harder and harder, gave a convulsive thrust against the couch and came. I could feel her relax in my arms, letting out her breath slowly and grinning up at me before she gave me a final kiss. She rested her head on my shoulder, and I could feel her trying to breathe more slowly as she came back to earth.

All this time Kitten was still working on my cock, and I was back to rock hard from the combination of her ministrations and holding Beth while she climaxed. I slowly disentangled myself from Beth and told Kitten to stand up and go to the bedroom, look in the nightstand, and bring back the KY jelly. She obeyed quickly, and left the room.

Beth knew what the KY was for. I loved anal sex, and I had been thinking about Kitten’s little ass since I first saw it. Beth smiled at me and said, “You’re going to break her in all the way, aren’t you?”

“She might as well get the full treatment.” I said. “You like her too, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Beth said. “I never knew how I’d feel about this, but I can see where she could add a lot to our sexual activities. I guess I’m not scared anymore. Would you mind if I played with her a little while you fuck her?”

Since I was obviously on a roll here, I said I would absolutely welcome her active participation, as long as she remembered that keeping me happy was her primary goal. Beth replied that she only wanted to see what it would be like to play with Kitten sexually the way Kitten had played with her, and that she would never put anything ahead of making me happy.

Kitten came back with the lubricant, and I got her to turn around in front of me and spread her legs so that I could get her ass ready for me. Her ass was beautiful. If ever I saw one that should be described as ‘pert’, she’s got one. I quickly lubed her up, using first one finger then a second to get her little hole primed for me.

I was still sitting on the edge of the couch, and I guided her slowly back onto my cock. She was nervous and tight, but the combination of her weight and the liberal application of jelly, I finally slid part of the way in. Her hands were on my thighs as she knelt down to mount me, as if she were afraid to take me all the way in. I reached around and put my hands on top of her thighs, pushing her legs apart and pulling her down until my cock slid solidly up into her ass. She moaned slowly as I leaned back on the couch. I slid my hands up to grasp her breasts, while Beth slid off the couch and went around to kneel in front of us.

Beth licked her cunt while I fucked her in the ass, and little Kitten went wild. I finally had to reach around and pin her arms back against me. She moved up and down on my cock and I could see Beth’s hands on kitten’s knees, forcing her to open her pussy to Beth’s eager licking.

Kitten began groaning and moving her head back and forth while she built up to her climax. I could feel her ass tightening as she came, and I thought briefly about seeing how long I could prolong her passion. My cock had ideas of its own, though, and I started pushing into her hard. I remember burying my teeth in her soft, white shoulder and pushing down while my cock jammed up into her incredibly tight ass and my hands held her arms immobile. She was caught in the middle of all this, a victim of my passions and helpless to move or stop my assault on her body.

She brought out feelings in me I that I thought I had forgotten. At last I climaxed, spurting forth into her softness and pulling her back to my chest, groaning through my clenched teeth. She came too, yelling and moaning. I could feel her continuing for a couple of more climaxes and I could see Beth licking her as she came.

At last we broke apart. Kitten and I slid down from the couch and all three of us sat on the floor and finished off the wine. Kitten went to get another bottle, and we drank it down too. Nobody said much.

I began to plan the activities for that night, beginning with some bondage and discipline for Kitten. She had to know that she had displeased me by touching Beth without permission. Unbidden, the memory of the candidate who wasn’t sure she wanted to survive an S&M session came back to me. I knew where her phone number was. I hadn’t thrown it out, even though she was clearly unsuitable for us. Why did I still think of her?

Fortunately, Kitten and Beth came to get me at this point and we went into the bedroom for some discipline, training, and good old-fashioned sex. I thought that weekend was a high point in my life, but that was before we went out camping together the next weekend.

But that’s another story.

– The End –