We had the habit of getting up early and running about two miles down the Gulf side of the beach and back just before dawn. The reason for running so early was that we both were usually completely nude, and the area was dotted with high-rise condominiums. Occasionally we would see someone on a balcony of a high-rise, but never saw anyone on the beach at that hour of the morning. I doubted whether anyone on a balcony could tell we were nude in the dim light of breaking dawn. About a week after our previous beach bondage scene, I had a new idea. Saturday morning, we got up as usual for our morning run.

“Want to try something new again?” I asked.

“What did you have in mind THIS time?” she asked, again in that playful tone of voice. “Put your hands behind your back,” I said. I handcuffed her hands behind her, temporarily. After she was helpless, I placed a blindfold on her. “How am I supposed to see to run?” she asked. “I’m not finished yet.”

I placed a leather harness on her which formed a figure-8 around her shoulders and across her breasts. The harness forced her nipples up and out even more than their usual excited position. Then, I removed the handcuffs and reattached her wrists to the harness high behind her back. The combination of the harness and the position of her arms made her tits stand out magnificently. Then I attached a leash to the front of the collar.

“Now I can guide you while we run, just like a pet.”

I led her out the door onto the beach. She was very nervous because she couldn’t tell for sure whether or not someone was watching. I pulled gently on the leash, and we began to run our usual two miles down the beach and back. On the way down, I noticed a young man, probably in his mid- twenties as best I could tell in the light, standing on the fifth floor of one of the condominiums. I waved. He waved back, enthusiastically. Although it was usually difficult to tell what was what in the dim light of early dawn, I felt it was obvious that my wife was bound and being led. On the way back, he had moved to the pool area of his condominium, and was overlooking the beach. From this viewpoint, it was very obvious that we were nude and that my wife was bound and blindfolded. I waved again, and he waved back. I decided not to tell my wife about being seen.

Later in the day, I was strolling the beach, in a suit this time, while my wife was shopping. As I walked in front of the same condominium, I was approached by a young man. “Wasn’t that you running with the lady this morning?” he asked. “Yes. Did you enjoy the show?” I replied. “Naturally! You are very lucky to have such an attractive lady who enjoys showing off like that–VERY LUCKY, INDEED!” “I appreciate your compliment. I know she would, if she were here, and if she could overcome her embarrassment at having been seen! I haven’t told her about you–at least not yet. But, I have an idea. She really enjoys surprises, especially surprises when bound and helpless. Would you be interested in surprising my wife?”

“Just tell me what you want me to do.”

“Well, let’s establish some ground rules. First, she must never see your face or know your identity. Second, you must never point us out to others or divulge our secret if you ever want to play again. Third, any future play must be initiated by me, not by you. Fourth, if the play goes far enough, condoms are a requirement. ”

“No problem on any count.”

“Good. Now, here’s the plan…”

The next day, my wife found herself again bound for the morning run. This time, however, I added a ball gag to her accoutrements. She protested, but I made sure that she could breathe well around the gag. It was more symbolic than functional. I gave her a red marble to drop as a “safe word” since the gag made verbal protests useless, whether real or pretended.

We left the condominium and began the run. As we passed the young man’s condominium, he joined us in our run, but was behind us far enough that his footsteps were inaudible in the soft sand. He was nude except for a pouch tied around his waist which contained a condom just in case he had a need for it. We stopped just beyond the condominium. My wife mumbled something into her gag. I was sure she wanted to know why we were stopping. She was obviously very uncomfortable being bound nude and unable to see what was causing this unexpected turn of events. “I feel you need additional training. Your running has been a bit slack recently, and I have added a little stimulation to the run this morning to see if you can’t pick things up a bit,” I said, watching her apprehension increase.

I gently tugged on the leash, and we again began to run. The young man ran closer this time, and my wife heard his footsteps behind her. She looked around fretfully, as if she could see through the blindfold. Then she felt the first sting of the crop on her ass!

“Pick your feet up! Kick your heels!” she heard the strange voice from behind command. She realized at that moment that it was MALE!! She turned again, uselessly. The crop stung her ass again, and again, and again. We reached the turn around point, and started back. The entire way back her ass was stung repeatedly by the crop. He added her tits as targets as well. Occassionally, the tips of the crop snaked around her abdomen, and up into her pussy from behind. She yelped silently into her gag, but did not drop the marble.

“Arch your back as you run! Stick out your tits! Kick up your heels! Faster!” he commanded, as he emphasized the commands with repeated alternating blows to each tit and her ass. She ran faster, kicking her heels up and sticking out her tits as ordered. As we reached the young man’s condominium, we stopped in the dim light of dawn. Our bodies were now slightly visible to anyone who might be watching out a window or from a balcony. We didn’t see anyone obvious, but that meant little.

“You have trained well. You need a rubdown now,” I said.

By this time, the young man had developed a massive erection. He removed a condom from his pouch and placed it on his erect cock. We sandwiched her between us with the young man in front and me in back. She felt the dual cocks at full attention, but she couldn’t really tell who was who. We began to gently stroke her stinging tits, abdomen, and ass, as well as her pussy and clit. I gave the young man the privilege of having the front so he could finally have his reward. My wife had been with a rare other man before, but never in a bondage situation. She suspected she was about to be semi-publically fucked by a stranger while helplessly bound, gagged, and blindfolded. She was right. As we continued to stroke her most intimate parts, she soon was moaning, wet, and struggling for release. I nodded, and the young man entered her in one swift stroke and began pumping in and out as my wife had her first shattering climax. As she went nearly limp, he continued pumping, as I quickly entered her from behind. With both holes filled to capacity, she renewed her sexual ectasy, and found the strength to have two more shattering climaxes before it was all over. The young man disappeared into his condominium, and I led my wife back to our condo in the full light of dawn. Fortunately, no one ever appeared on the beach.

My wife has asked several times who the second lover was, and I have refused to tell her. However, as we pass the young man’s condo on the morning run, I occasionally see him looking at us. Sometimes my wife is bound, and sometimes not. He and I have met on the beach on occasion, and I have assurred him that it will be only a matter of time before he has another chance to surprise my wife.

The End