They had planned this for months. And now the night of their dreams was upon them. He had left the spare key at the front desk for her when he left for his office in the morning. There were written instructions and the clothing he had selected for her on the table in the suite.

He slid the key card into the slot and slowly opened the door. The aroma of scented candles filled his nose as their flickering aided his eyes to see……….her. Kneeling. Head bowed. Hands resting on her nylon sheathed thighs. He closed the door of the suite softly behind him and stood three feet from Maria, his arms crossed across his chest gazing down at his supplicant. She had come to him for learning, for the knowledge of the dark skills of sensuality, and tonight he had promised her the full course of study.

His eyes drank her submissive beauty in. She was a magnificent woman, his Maria, even more so like this. She wore a black satin corset laced very tightly. Black thigh high lace topped stockings from Victoria’s Secret. Her feet were shorn in black patent leather 6″ stiletto heeled shoes. He chuckled to himself, remembering the time he had had the Frederick’s catalog sent to her office. “I’ll never be able to walk in those”, she giggled, and he recalled his reply, “They’re not for walking. They are to keep you hobbled and subservient. They are for fucking in, Maria”. The black leather collar was fastened about her neck, the silver “D” ring for a leash glinting in the candlelight. Her red hair seemed blood-like in the half light of the room, as the smoke from the many candles wafted about her.

“Look up at me, Maria”. She slowly raised her head to meet his eyes. What a mature beauty she was! As per his instructions she had put on very theatrical make-up….. deep rouge, heavy mascara and eyeliner and dark lipstick. Their eyes locked on one another. He walked closer to her and took some of her hair in his fist, tilting her head back further, exposing her collared neck. “Are you ready for your adult education”, he whispered. “Yes, Steven, I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life”. They had decided in the beginning of their time to do away with words like “Master” and “slave”, both feeling them too childish. Though on occasion, when feeling especially playful, they did slip into them, like kids trying out dirty words just to hear the sound.

Steven bent and kissed her cheek, lightly. Then the top of her head, savoring her fragrance, “Obsession”, his favorite, she wore it only for him. He released his grip on her and walked across the room to his satchel. She once again bowed her head and waited. He took out the leash and walked back to her and snapped it onto the ring on her collar. Click. Maria flinched at the sound. “Walk with me, Maria my darling”, he ordered, tugging on the leather lead. Maria followed on her hands and knees alongside as he walked slowly into the bedroom of the suite.

“Kneel”, he ordered, and Maria again resumed the position on her haunches, back upright, head bowed, palms resting on thighs. Steven placed a straight back chair two feet behind her kneeling form, and sat down, still holding the leash. He adjusted the pants of his black Armani suit and then just sat and stared at her back, admiring the tension the tight laces of the corset created on her back, how it forced her already womanly hips to flare out dramatically. He thanked the angels that had brought her to him, as if on the very wings of kismet, such a chance meeting it was, months ago. Their needs, two sides of the same gilded coin. Seconds ticked by, then minutes, the only movement in the room that of the flickering candles and Maria’s breathing, growing more labored as the silent time passed on. Steven watched her back flare with every breath, her milky shoulders rise and fall as the deafening quiet of the room heated the tension within her. Finally, he spoke, softly; “Darling, tonight we give each other gifts. I give you pleasure and in return you give me your submission, wrapped tightly in a box with shiny papers and bows. Tonight we go to an intimate place, where there is only room for two. We will walk through the fire tonight, but the flames will not dare scorch you. For you will be wrapped in my arms and I promise to protect you, for you are my charge, my student. You will give me your pain and I will exchange it for strength. Shall we begin the journey through this dark night towards our dawn?” She was allowed to speak if he asked a question; “Yes, Steven, I’ve waited months….no…..forever, for this night. Please, take me.”, her voice cracking with emotion. “And what do you say Maria?”, he questioned. “Thank you”, she whispered. “And what do I own?”, he asked. “You own my mouth, you own my cunt, and you own my ass”, very quietly. “And finally, what else Maria?”, in a dark whisper. “You own my soul, Steven”, and Maria started to whimper, her head still bowed, as those words left her darkly painted lips.

Steven stood and walked around her trembling form and stood in front of her, still grasping the leather lead. “Stand, Maria”, as he tugged on the leash, pulling her up. Maria tried to hurry to her feet and almost fell, the 6″ heels being so new to her. She was almost his height in them, and teetered for a moment as she faced him. He cupped her chin and lifted her bowed head to meet his eyes. “I love you”, he whispered, gazing into her tear filled eyes. He pulled down the front of the corset exposing her large breasts. Lifting each in a hand, he squeezed them together and kissed the cleavage they formed. Pushing them together even more, he admired them, noticing that she had even rouged the aureolas, as he had taught her, like the whore she was. “These are magnificent, darling, I could spend the whole night with them alone”, as he slowly let them down, now rubbing the nipples gently with his thumbs. He took one breast, the right one, the larger of the two, in both of his hands and forced it upward towards her face. “Stick out your tongue, darling, that’s it, touch the nipple with your tongue”. Maria eagerly complied, flicking her tongue across the hard bud. Steven pushed the breast up further and spoke gently, “Suck yourself, Maria, c’mon, lower your head, that’s it, good girl, take it in your mouth and suckle yourself”. Steven stretched the creamy flesh tightly as Maria’s mouth found it and she started to suck the large tit, making all manner of slurping sounds as she went. Steven allowed this to continue for a minute or two, relishing the sight of this forty year old wife, mother and teacher, sucking her own tit, dressed like a porno starlet, as a man she didn’t know four months ago held it to her painted mouth.

“That’s enough”, as Steven released the mound of titflesh, allowing it to fall back to join it’s twin in a pendulous display. “You’re a good girl, aren’t you?, he asked, smiling. “Yes, Steven, a very good girl”, she smiled back at him, happy that he was pleased. “Turn around, baby, and bend over, grab the seat of the chair, I need to inspect my property”, he said. Maria quickly complied, turning in her heels, planting her feet and bending at the waist, her breasts hanging in a lurid display, she was so eager to please him. Steven stood back and crossed his arms across his massive chest, admiring her. It was the most erotic sight he had ever seen, but not because of the obvious display of this luscious woman in her prime. No, for Steven the eroticism came from the trust this woman placed in him. Trust that he silently swore would be redeemed again and again for her this night, this night of perfect honesty. He breathed deeply as he felt his manhood strain his worsted slacks, not being able to tear his eyes from the sight before him. Those perfect legs sheathed in the thinnest black dennier nylon, the high heels stretching the calf muscles taut, and oh, that ass! His Maria had the most luscious ass he had ever gazed upon. And Steven smiled his wicked smile as he thought of the plans he had for that ass this dark night.

Steven walked next to the chair and reached to Maria’s collar, unsnapping the leash from it’s ring. Click. He doubled the leather strap in his hands and gave it a quick snap. Maria jumped at the sound, hands grasping the sides of the chair, head down, legs slightly apart but straight. He noticed those dark legs tremble slightly. He walked back behind her and took both globes of her behind in his hands, the leash still held, doubled up, in his right. Steven bent towards her and slowly started to kiss her ass with soft kisses. Maria sighed . He kissed and licked every inch of the smooth skin as Maria tried her best to support herself in her bent position, her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation. Steven then started to run his tongue slowly down the cleft of her ass, maddingly slow, as he started to spread her at the same time. Maria started to moan softly. He worked his way down to the beginning of her womanhood and stopped there, pausing. He lingered his wet tongue there, at the bottom of her vagina. He started to open her more with his hands as his tongue again worked its way upward, now deep within the cleft of her backside. He now spread her ass cheeks to their fullest and Maria caught her breath. She knew. Steven placed the tip of his tongue on the ring of muscle guarding her back entrance and licked her there. Maria started to shake slightly, moaning softly, as Steven continued to lick her forbidden place. Steven then pulled her apart almost to breaking as he curled his tongue into a cylinder and started to move the very tip inside her. “Oh, my God, oh my fuckin’ God!”, Maria moaned. Steven upon hearing her words immediately stopped his defilement of her, stood quickly and bringing his right hand far over his head, rapidly brought the doubled over leather leash hard against her ass flesh……THWACK!…….it again whistled through the air……THWACK!…….again, harder……..THWACK! Maria jerked forward as the unexpected blows stung her, but managed to still hold herself upright, still grasping the seat of the chair. She knew she needed to concentrate, to savor this moment, for the first time in her life feeling the pleasure of pain. “Don’t we have rules, Maria? You don’t speak until spoken too, correct?”, Steven spoke calmly. “Yes, Steven, I’m so sorry, please forgive me”, her voice quivering as the welts began to rise on her backside. “Of course I forgive you, darling, this is all so new to you”, as Steven bent once again and began to softly kiss and lick the bruised area of Maria’s extraordinary behind.

Soon Maria’s breathing returned to normal as Steven gently carressed her punished bottom with his tongue and lips. With one last lingering kiss, he stood up and grasping her hips, bid her, “Turn around darling, stand up, that’s a good girl”, as Maria released her grasp on the seat of the chair and now standing upright turned to face her lover. Steven stared deeply into her eyes and took her into his thickly muscled arms, surrounding her in his passion, pulling her close and up to him. Her stockinged feet momentarily left her new “fuck-me” shoes as he lifted her to meet his lips. Maria closed her eyes as Steven’s tongue found hers, intertwining the soft wetness he found there. He kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth as he went, crushing her to him, almost as if he was willing their lust-filled bodies to become one. He released her gently, slowly drawing his mouth back from hers, very slowly, enjoying the feeling of her tiny breaths on his mustache. His hands again went to her voluptous hips and as he pulled her gently against his hardness, whispered, “Maria, the night is so young and we have so far to journey yet”. As she savored the feeling of his arousal against her tummy, she leaned into him and whispered into his ear, “Yes, Master”

Steven took her in her arms and lifted her. Maria put her arms around his bull neck and kissed his face. He carried her in his arms to the bed, where he gently laid her down. Steven arranged the pillows behind her so that she was in a slightly upright position. Maria watched him through half closed, sultry eyes as he took the chair from the desk, and turning it backwards, placed it at the foot of the bed. He then went to his leather satchel and retrieved an item. It was a very large, life-like rubber phallus, easily twelve inches long, and four or five around. This he placed on the bed, next to the almost prone Maria. Steven then walked back to the foot of the bed and arranged himself in the chair. He hitched up his slacks and placed his thick arms across the chair back. He whispered; “Have you ever masturbated while a man watched you, darling? I’d like to watch you, and tell you what to do every step of the way. Would you like that Mariaslut?” She drew in a breath, deeply, closing her eyes. The thought, so erotic, so compelling to her. “Yes, I would like that very much, oh, Steven, I want to, for you….yes, yes”, the words catching in her throat. Steven surveyed her. The long, shapely legs in black nylon. The stilletto heeled shoes, the tight bodice, her breast hanging over the top where he had left them, the heavily made-up gorgeous face of a woman in her prime. She was magnificent, and he once again quietly thanked the angels that had sent her to him. “Shall we begin, darling?”, he asked. “Spread your legs as far as they’ll go. That’s it, good. Now take your hands and open your cunt for me. That’s it, c’mon, all the way, so I can look into you, so I can see what is so fully mine now”. Maria spread herself for him, never feeling so exposed before in her life, yet willing, enjoying the wanton feelings that washed over her. “Good girl. Look at you Maria, I can see your clit throbbing, I can see the wetness seep from you”. She blushed, imagining he could see these things, so aroused was she. “Now take both of your thumbs and while you hold yourself open, rub your clit with them”. Maria complied, her thumbs quickly finding the hard little button. She gasped at her own touch. “That’s it, baby, feels good, huh? You’re such a hot little slut, aren’t you Maria?, he asked. “Yes, Steven, I’m a slut……a whore…..”, she gasped again as she rubbed faster now, the feelings spreading down her legs. “Hold yourself open hon, that’s it, wider, wider……good girl!” He watched her, her closed eyes, mouth open, panting, as she rubbed her clit faster and faster. “STOP!”, he shouted…….”STOP!”, again. She groaned but stopped rubbing. “Put your hands at your sides, now…..move!”, more shouted orders. She did as she was told, for if nothing else, Maria was this man’s compliant whore.

“Now pick up the big cock in your right hand”. She did as he bid, surprised at the heft of the thing. “Now suck on it Maria, put it in your hungry mouth and suck on it, just as if it was real and all you cared about was making it shoot”. Maria slowly put the massive toy into her mouth, imagining it was real. She slowly worked most of it’s length down her throat knowing this would please him. “Good girl, Maria. You look so good with a nice big cock in your mouth. That’s your natural state, isn’t it slut, a cock in your mouth”. Maria nodded her head in agreement as she slowly worked the big thing in and out of her mouth, it’s length soon glistening with her spit. “You may take your other hand and rub your clit, if you’d like”, Steven smiled. The fingers of her left hand instantly found her throbbing bud and began to work on it, slowly at first, than faster. Steven just sat and watched her as she fucked her mouth with the massive rubber cock while at the same time rubbing her clit in a circular motion. He allowed this to go on for awhile, enjoying her grunts as she once again neared climax, her legs shaking, being drawn up to her chest involuntarily by the onrushing feelings. She was close now and once again he shouted, “STOP!”…….STOP, BITCH!!”. A gutteral moan escaped from deep within her as she stopped rubbing and withdrew the big toy from her mouth. “Please, Steven, I can’t….please…..I have to……..OH, God, Steven…….why……” He cut off her words with a hiss. “I own you, remember? Those are not your orgasms, they belong to me. I lend them to you to have when I feel you have earned them”. Maria just layed there and tried to catch her breath. “Do you understand me, cunt?” Maria’s head was spinning, but she knew the answer; “Yes, Master”, she whispered hoarsely. “Now take the big cock and place it at the entrance to your fuckhole”. She did as he said, placing the bulbous head at her engorged lips. “You want it in your cunt, don’t you slut?”, he asked. “Yes, Steven, I want it, I want it to fuck me, please”, she said in response, hoping this would please him. “Beg, bitch. Beg for your orgasm”, he hissed. Maria groaned again, saying, “Please, Steven, let me cum. I have to cum. I need it so badly. I’m such a whore and I need to cum, please Master let me cum, pleeeeze”. Steven grinned as he listened. “Okay, baby, you can cum. See how good I am to you? Take the cock in both hands and fuck yourself with it. Make your hot cunt cum, go ahead.” “Thank you, thank you”, as she grasped the rubber phallus and easily slid it’s length deep within her slimy, wet hole. She gasped as it’s length filled her, and she held it there, deep within her, savoring the full feeling. “Get going, slut, make yourself cum”, Steven ordered, as Maria began to work the long shaft in and out of her cunt. Soon her moans filled the rooms, the fake penis becoming a blur as Maria pistoned it in and out of herself, faster and faster. Steven stood and walked to the side of the bed, near her head. He unzipped his pants and took out his thick, throbbing shaft. He started to work his cockmeat inches from her face as he said, “Baby, when you’re about to cum, open your mouth wide”. Maria grunted a “yes” as her body started to shake, her head now turned toward Steven’s cock, as she watched him jerk it with his hand, through half-closed, lust filled eyes. She was lost now in her onrushing orgasm, slamming the huge fake cock into her hole, the feelings of climax onrushing now. Maria opened her mouth wide as the first spasm crackled through her, furiously fucking herself now, urging it on. Steven stroked his meat faster and faster until he too was cumming, trying to aim for Maria’s open mouth. They came together, the two forbidden lovers, Steven shooting hot jets of jism into her mouth as her orgasm tore through her, Maria almost screaming now as the man juice hit the back of her throat, shot into her hair, on her face, tons of it, gobs of cum covered her face and tits as she spasmed and rocked under the force of her own climax. Steven continued to pour his hot load onto her prone form as Maria slowed her hands, enjoying the warm end of her cumming. She looked up at him at him, her face splattered with his white, viscous fluid, and unable to talk, mouthed the words “Thank you, Master”. Steven looked down at what was truly now his and smiled, blowing her a kiss.

Maria gazed upward at her Master, her eyes glazed with both gratitude and lust. “Come here, darling”, Steven said, taking Maria’s hand and helping her to her knees on the bed. “Lick this clean”, Steven bid her, holding his cock in front of her face. Maria shook her head “no”, the shocked look on Steven’s face reflected his surprise at this insolence. But as he was about to admonish her, Maria smiled and opened her mouth, revealing the pearly white gift of his essence she still held there. Steven laughed aloud at his playful little girltoy and reached under her arms, pulling her upward, toward him. He placed his mouth over hers, dipping his tongue into his own juice. This was Maria’s first “cum kiss” he knew and wondered what she was feeling. Maria enjoyed the intimate sensation of this man sharing his essence with her in both their mouths, their tongues intertwined in the now congealing warm, white froth. After a minute, Steven released her and smiling at her said, “Swallow”. This she gladly did, with an exagerated gulp, for she wanted to please him and new such theatrics did just that. Maria even went, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, as the semen slid down her throat into her belly.

“Come with me”, Steven said, taking her by the hand and leading her into the bathroom, Maria teetering on her “fuck-me” shoes as he led her. “You need to be cleaned”, as he started to undress. First his jacket, then his black silk T-shirt. He kicked off his shoes, and stepped out of his socks. Maria enjoyed the sight of his large muscles moving with his effort. He peeled off his black Lord & Taylor briefs and stood before her, his semi-ridgid shaved cock and balls fully exposed, though she new she must avert her eyes from his equiptment lest she be punished.

“Now you”, as he bent to take her shoes off. He slowly rolled the stockings down her legs, kissing her legs as he went. Standing, he said, “Turn around, lover”, and she did. His quickly unlaced her corset and tossed it in the corner. She stood before him nude, her only decoration being the gobs of his cum that still clung to her breasts, arms, and well, anyplace one would look.

“Get in the tub and lay down”, he whispered. The realization of what he was about to do struck her like lightning, both filling her with trepidation and exciting anticipation. She made herself as comfortable as she could. Steven stepped over the edge of the tub and positioned himself astride her, at her feet. “You need a cleaning, don’t you Maria?” Quickly formulating what she hoped would be the correct answer, she said, “Yes, Steven. Clean me. Clean me off with your golden stream, once again fulfill one of my dreams” They both laughed at her unintentional poem as Steven took his cock in two fingers and aimed. Maria closed her eyes as her hands instinctively went to her breasts and squeezed. Steven started to urinate on her breasts, aiming for anyplace where his cum still remained. Maria, eyes closed, was in rapture at the feeling of the warm water cascading off her body, the eroticsm of the moment making her dizzy. “Open your cunt for me”, Steven ordered as he moved his powerful piss stream down her body. Maria did as she was told and Steven aimed once again, his warm piss now going directly on her clit, pulsing it with pleasure. She moaned, “I don’t fuckin’ believe this” as she started to spasm in orgasm once again, cumming quicker than she had ever before in her life. It was the situation that was bringing on the climax she realized, though the jet of hot liquid against the stalk of her clitoris certainly helped. She opened her eyes to watch him push the last of his urine out of his body onto hers as her climax slowed. She watched as the last of him dripped onto her, gazing lovingly at this man who had freed the wanton woman trapped within her. Steven bent and helped her to her feet, pulling her drenched form close to him, hugging her tightly, kissing the top of her head.”The night is still so young, darling and we still have so far to travel in it’s darkness”, he whispered as he reached behind her and turned the shower on, the hot water covering both of them in their embrace, the steam filling the small bathroom became the fog of their lust, a covering for their secret and forbidden passions.

The End