It all started out in a bar, this older man came in and sat next to me at the bar and ordered a beer and said hello, youngster, I smiled and said hi. 

We started to talk and he told me had lost his wife a few years back and wanted to have fun, even at his age. While married he had sex certain days of the month or had to wear a rubber, as he put it. and that wasn’t to much fun. I asked if he had a certain thing he wanted

he told me yes and sarted to drink his beer and was quite for a while, I didn’t want to distrube him and wanted him to relax and get a feeling of need or willing to talk.

After the few beers he told me about when he was a kid he often looked at boys dicks and wondered what it would be like to touch or even suck one. He did indicate at an early age he did get his dick sucked and he mastubated the other boy , which wanted to fuck him or wanted him to suck it but he just couldn’t get enough courage to do it. And another time when he was with another boy, they talked aboout sex and girls and boys. They were friends and spent a lot of time together going fishing hunting and playing around, one day the other boy asked him if could spend the weekend at his house because his parents were going out ot town and wanted him to go spend the time with an aunt and uncle that he didn’t care much about , and he asked his parents and they all agreed he could. As thing would have it the boy only had one room and one bed, no other place available in the house, so that was apreed on that was ok.

the boys took showers and put on night clothes. Went to bed and than it happened, he slept with his back to the boy and started to go to sleep when he felt the boy press against his back and he had a hard on, it f elt good and pressed back and the boy took off his clothes and he did also. He knew something was going to happen.

The boy r eached over and pulled him tight against him and put his had on my dick and that felt so good. he wanted to put his dick in my ass and it wouldn’t go in, he was so hot he came doing that, and I felt the hot juice on my cheeks and he told me I am sorry I wanted to do you. So h e ended up m mastrubating me and I cam and we slept naked and with our bodies so close and I wanted to do more but didn’t have the nerve to do it. so that brings us up to this time.

He said now you see I am old and still wanting to try something with another man. Can you help me.
I asked him, ok, what do you want, I am sure I can help you.
He told me three things, I wanted a man to suck me, until I cum, and than I want him to fuck me until he cums, and I wanted to suck a man until he cums. fair enough?????
I asked him if he wanted on man to do that with him. and said yes one man and we can take a day or two or want ever time it takes. By that time I was hard as a rock.
I asked him where he was staying and he told me the motel on so and so and he had a king size bed with frig and micro wave if needed. Beer in the frig. We were at the end of the bar and no one could see us , his had was on his leg and I took it and he look surprise and I place it on my cock, he didn’t move it just tighten his grip.
I told him I think I can take care of you.

We left the bar and went to his room and I asked him what would you like to do first, fuck me and than suck me. I told him we need something like vasaline or such, he told my he h ad some KY Jelly if that was ok, I said ok. Also told him it may hurt , I will take my time with you ok. 

We undress and he told me I like your dick it is nice and fat and sort of long, We got in bed and I started to make love to him, kiss his nipples and he was wiggling and mourning and telling me not to stop and I didn’t, got down to his cock and turned him over and started to kiss his neck and went down his b ack and he was wiggling and mourning and when I got down to his ass and spreed h is cheeks he was telling don’t stop and I got the ky and told him I was going to get h im ready lick both sides of his cheek when I licked his ass , he went wild. put ky in and around h is ass and on my dick as we will call it, and put the head against his ass he raised up to take it and when I pushed he yelled, ohhhhh, man it hurts but don’t stop, the head of my dick went in and than about 4 inches went in and I stopped asked if he was ok, all he said was give me all of it, and I did, I fucked h im and felt his cock and he was cuming, and that gave me to clue to cum, which I did, and he told me that was the b est cum he has ever had. 

We ashed up and drank a couple beers and he was getting hard and I told him ready to suck a dick and have yours sucked he got hard, and I was hard, we got into a 69 and I was amazed he came in minutes and I followed and we drank each others cum and he told me, that I could spend the week end he was here for the week end, and well, we ordered meals out and beer out and spend the week end mostly naked and haveing sex. what a wonderful week end for him and me.