My best girl friend and neighbor laid a bombshell on me yesterday after we got our kids off for school and I went over to her house for a coffee. We meet every morning for the coffee as our way to start the day and it happened to be her turn to make the pot. We got our coffees and went into their family room to talk and turned on the TV to see about the election news.

When the TV came on there was my best friend, (I’ll call her Mary), sucking on two of the biggest, thickest, longest, blackest cocks I had ever seen! When she saw what was on she jumped to the controller and turned the TV and her VCR off. For a minute I didn’t know what to say and I could see that she was so embarrassed she didn’t know what to do, either. I finally blurted out that she should tell me what was going on. This is her story.

Mary and her husband, George, have been married for ten years and have three children. They are 8, 5, and 3. Mary is 33 years old and is beautiful. She is just about fifteen pounds heavier than she would like to be but any man would not think so because her extra weight is in her boobs and ass. As my husband says to me when we have seen them, she is built for fucking. She has a model’s face and hair and is very fair and blond.

She told me that since she was first aware of her sexual self, she has fantasized about making love with a black man. She had no traumas or events as a child with a black man but as far as she could remember, she wondered what it would be like to make love to a black. When she and her husband make love, they often tell each other their sexual fantasies (my husband and I do, also). She finally dared to tell George about her black fantasy about a year ago and it got him very aroused to talk about it. She said that when he got on top of her and was in her, he would ask her if she would like to suck on a big black prick. She would start to get excited and answer that she would love a big black cock in her mouth that she would suck until he shot his load down her throat. George would get so hot hearing Mary say this that with a few hard strokes, he would come in her. She said that their love life had slowed down until she made her confession, and since then, George wants to fuck every night.

About six months ago, George began to ask Mary what she would think if he brought home a black guy from his business for fun and games. At first she was against doing that but when she was alone, she got so hot thinking about it, she finally admitted to George that she would love it!

George is an attorney in a large law firm that has over twenty young black lawyers. To stay in shape, he works out at noon with many of these men and has had a chance to see that a few of them are hung like horses. He was working on a case with one of the “long ones” and he told the man about his and Mary’s fantasies. When he asked the man if he would like to fulfill Mary’s dreams, the man jumped at the chance. He had met Mary at social functions and thought she was a knockout. He was also married but didn’t want to pass up a chance with this foxy lady.

A day was arranged for them to meet and Mary insisted that it be at a hotel and not in her house. She was afraid the children might see or hear something. When they were in the hotel room together, she was so nervous and excited she almost couldn’t talk. George helped things to get going by asking his friend if he liked what he saw as he slowly pushed Mary’s dress up her legs. George told his friend (I’ll call him Tom) that he made sure that Mary had no panties or bra on so he should come over and get a good look. Mary was sitting on the bed and George lifted her dress until Tom could see her pussy hair. George told Mary that they both wanted to see more but she would have to help by spreading her legs. He put his hands under her knees and spread them out until Mary said she could feel the cool air on her very wet gash. She fell back on her elbows with her legs spread, and George unbuttoned her blouse so that both of her full tits were exposed. Tom was on his knees on the floor looking at Mary’s cunt and big titties, he slowly started to rub her clit and put several fingers into her sopping hole. She lay back on the bed completely and started to moan as a start to her first climax. George got up, stripped, and got his VCR out to film what came next. After she came, George helped her get completely naked and then had her sit on the bed and help Tom get naked. When she unzipped his pants and reached in to pull out his prick, she said that it was so big, fat and black, like in her fantasies, that she almost had an orgasm by looking at it. She bent down and took the head in her mouth, then rolled her tongue around the ridge and into his piss hole. Then he started to moan and said that he was about to cum. As she felt his first spasm she opened wide, put his head near the tip of her tongue and let him squirt his first orgasm into her willing mouth. By doing it that way, George was able to record every spurt of white juice going into her mouth and filmed her swallowing the full load.

After that, the two men did anything they wanted to her and she said that having two cocks to service was so exciting, that she lost count of the number of orgasms she had. George placed his camera on a tripod and aimed at the right part of the bed to get all the action. Mary had a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time for the first time, and loved it. When she told me this, I put my hand on my clit from the outside of my dress and rubbed myself to a huge orgasm. When Tom first put his eleven inch cock in her pussy, she was a little worried that he would hurt her. He was very gentle and slow and she took him “up to his balls” and got one of the best fucks she had ever had.

In between the mens’ orgasms, the three of them would have a drink and both men had her get in a lot of provocative poses. With all the smutty talk and poses, they got hard again for four orgasm each.

At the end of the evening, when they were home in bed, she was so happy with her husband that she gave him a final orgasm with her mouth and when he finally came, he shot into her mouth and was asleep before she could sit up.

He started to arrange regular monthly parties with his harem of hung blacks. They went from one at a time to two at a time. With two, George mostly films the action until he can’t stand it anymore, and then he puts his cock in her mouth and squirts his load. He finally had a gang bang with six or of these black men and Mary can’t wait for more. What I saw was one of the two man evenings that George had left in the VCR by mistake.

The telling of the story and watching the movie at the same time, took about three hours. I ended up with my dress and panties off while I had about six huge orgasms. When I went home I was overcome with desire to do what Mary was doing. The thought of being in a gang bang with a lot of young hung blacks gets me more excited than I have ever been. Since then, we meet at Mary’s house every morning and I watch another of their collection while Mary gives a running commentary of how she felt during the action we were watching. We both strip down and we recently licked one another since we were so hot and we both loved it. It is now a regular part of our morning. I told her over and over how I would love to do what she was doing. She said she would bring up my comments with George and see what he thought.

She told George about my inadvertently seeing a movie he forgot to remove from the VCR and my reaction to it. He got very excited about my reaction and asked Mary if it would bother her if he fucked me while she watched. She told him she would love it and admitted that we had licked each other a time or two while watching their collection. She told George that although I am forty, my big tits stick out like a teenager and my nipples are very big and sensitive. I work out regularly to keep my tummy flat and my body tight.

My husband, Frank, was on a business trip for a few days and so Mary suggested that she invite me over for dinner the next evening so we could see what happens. Of course, Mary and I had planned this whole thing so when I showed up that next evening, I had nothing on but a dress and high heels. The heels made me jiggle my boobs as I walked and I could see George licking his chops. Mary said why bother with formalities, she told George to put on one of the tapes. This tape starts with Mary on her knees while six big-dicked blacks got in line to fuck her mouth until each came and the next one started. George had pulled out his not so little prick and was slowly masturbating himself while Mary did the same, only she was naked. I pulled off my dress and started to suck George. Cocksucking is a specialty of mine and so I gave George my best and in just a few minutes he rewarded me with a large load of semen that I swallowed down. Mary had meanwhile put her pussy up to George’s mouth and she started to cum as George came. The two of us had a good time doing whatever we could to get George hard as soon as we could. He really got off on our licking each other and he would fuck us both as we slurped the others clit. He would go from hole to hole until he came in the mouth of whomever was licking as he came.

When that evening was over, I begged George to have one of his friends call me at home during the day because I was going crazy to get a big black dick in all of my holes. George said he would and the next day about ten o’clock in the morning, I got a call from Paul who, after a few minutes, said he could be over at one that same day. To say I was excited wouldn’t come close to how I felt. I had to put kleenex into my cunt to stop the juices from giving me a wet spot when I sat down. I stood for a while and my juices were running down my legs. God I was hot! When he showed up, I greeted him with a tiny nighty which was completely see-thru and didn’t cover my ass cheeks. I asked him to please take his clothes off so I could suck him. He had me unzip and pull out his prick. His prick was over a foot long and very thick. I told him I wanted to suck him for a long blow job. He had me kneel over him so that he could fondle my tits while I sucked his black pole. I sucked him for about twenty minutes, slowing down each time I felt he was about to shoot. He was fingering my cunt while I did this and he got four of his huge fingers up my hole when I decided to suck him until he came. I expected a large load out of him but he gave me twice what I expected. But I didn’t lose a drop of his juice and swallowed it all. It was wonderful!

He sat me on the couch so that my ass was hanging over and he pushed my legs back until my heels were near my ears. He licked me to four or five huge orgasms and then quickly knelt and rammed his pole up my cunt. I had the fullest, most wonderful fuck I have ever had. Since he had cum once, it took him about fifteen minutes to cum in my pussy and he slammed me so that I almost was passing out with pleasure. He put me in a number of positions but never stopped his slamming. When he came, it felt like buckets dumped into my hole and he laid on top of me as he slowly got soft. He pulled out and laid next to me and started to suck my nipples. He had a large mouth so he got as much of my tit as he could in his mouth and sucked a long time on each nipple. When he went from the first nipple to the next I saw that the nipple he sucked were about two inches long. He pulled me on top of him and my breasts were hanging down into his face as he continued to suck and fondle my titties.

He laid me on the rug on my back and spread my legs very wide and pushed his cock into my ass. He had put oil on his cock and around my ass so he slipped into me with no trouble. He had been almost silent all the time we were fucking except for moaning as he came. But when he went into my asshole, he started to tell me what a hot fuck I was and asked if I would like to get with he and his brother. I told him I would fuck a horse if he would keep giving me his big hard dick. I told him that the thought of taking on two hung studs at once got me so hot that I would do anything to make it happen. That story is for another day.

– The End –