I am a 50 year old woman who, two years ago, lost my husband to a massive heart attack. He was much older than I was, and so it was not so big a surprise. He was very wealthy and had no previous marriages or children. I became the sole heir to his fortune of tens of millions of dollars. We led a low key life and he seemed to want sex infrequently, like once every two weeks. I had so little experience sexually, that I had no idea if this was normal. I married him when I was twenty-five and had only been with two other men before him, and both of them had little sex with me. The problem was I had no idea if my sex life was normal or not because I had no close girl friend with whom I could confide my life. The three men in my life each had about a four to five inch penis and wanted to have sex about weekly or less.

After my husband died, I moved to our Florida house which was on the water with a large estate which gave us a lot of privacy. I really wanted to be alone and sort out what I might do, especially with all the money I now had. The first day I arrived, a large black man rang the doorbell and politely said that he was the caretaker of the property and wondered if, with my husband gone, he would still have that responsibility. I never handled those problems before, my husband did all of that. But with twenty acres of land, mostly covered by grass, it clearly needed to be handled. I told Hank, the caretaker, that I would like him to stay on and do what ever he had been doing. Judging from the appearance of the property, Hank kept very good care of the grounds. At the entrance to the property, there was a gate which was electronically controlled, and a small house behind the gate. Hank lived there with his two brothers and ran a lawn-cutting service. When my husband and I came here in the past, I had never met the men, although I knew they were there. My husband had told the men that when we were there, to stay out of sight because we both enjoyed our privacy.

Over the next two weeks, I saw Hank often as he kept beautiful care of the property. I was working on my tan and I began to wear bikinis which I had never done before. There was so much privacy that I wasn’t up-tight about it. When Hank saw me at the pool for the first time, he whistled and said I had some beautiful body. It was like a shock ran down my spine as he commented, and I was aroused and scared at the same time. He went away but came back later and told me that he could tell from my reaction that I liked being sexy and looked at. By now my panties were wet and since they were a light blue, you could see the wet spot and it covered my whole crotch. He came up to my lounge chair and slowly pulled my left breast out of its cup and rolled his fingers on the nipple. He said that my crotch gave me away and I clearly needed a good fuck. When he said that I had an intense orgasm. Since I rarely came, and never very hard, I almost didn’t know what it was, but I sure liked it. He slid his long fingers into my pussy as he took off my panties and bra. When I was naked, he stood up and slid off his shorts, which was all he was wearing, and this huge penis flopped out and it looked to be about ten inches long, and not even hard yet. He laid me on the lounge chair and spread my legs and placed himself so that his cock was ready to enter me. I was sure I could never get it in, but he slowly put it in until he was buried in me. Then he started to slowly rock in and out with his glorious cock and I began to experience the greatest pleasure I had ever had. I had an intense orgasm and Hank continued to plow into me, going slow at times and then very hard and fast. I came again in about five minutes and then in two minutes and then I was cumming continuously. In my wildest dreams I never expected sex to be so good. When Hank was ready, he pulled out of me and put his cock head in my mouth. I wasn’t sure what he wanted but when he came, I tried to swallow all of his cum. A little dripped on my chest and he told me that from then on, I am never to waste his cum but swallow it all. At that point, as pleasured as I was, I would have swallowed his piss with pleasure.

He went out and finished cutting the grass with no clothes on and watching his huge cock waving around got me hot again. I asked him to come over to me and I spread my legs and asked him to fuck me. I have never talked like that and even saying the words got me hotter than I had ever been. He put his huge head in my pussy and started to pump. It was better than the first time. I was cumming again and again. He said he was getting tired and for me to get on top. I straddled him and he started to fondle and suck my nipples as I pumped his cock in and out of me. The picture of his big black mouth almost swallowing my titties while his huge cock rammed into me put me in even a higher state of pleasure as he bit my nipples until they were almost bleeding. Oh God, what pleasure he gave me! When he was ready to cum he told me to take him in my mouth and not miss a drop. He shot a large salty load of cum into my mouth and I got every drop and swallowed it. He told me that I was a good bitch and he wanted me to meet his brothers. He was going home and said that he would be back with his brothers in about an hour.

I was so na├»ve that I assumed he meant for me to just say hello to them. When they came over later, I had put on a nice dress over my bra and panties, and Hank took me in his arms and kissed me as he slowly pulled my dress up in the back and put his huge hands under my panties and cupped my ass as he ground his big cock in my crotch. I started to get hot and said he should stop until they leave. He pulled off my dress, panties and bra and I was standing naked while the three men looked me over and started to take off their clothes. They were hung about like Hank and just as horny. I lost it and told them to get out of my house. I was not a common whore that they were going to screw any time they wanted. Hank said “lets go” and they gathered their clothes to leave. I didn’t want Hank to leave and told him to please stay. He called me a bitch and said that I had embarrassed him in front of his brothers and they were going to leave and never come back. I started to cry and said that I wanted to see him again. He told me the only way he would see me is if he and his brothers could fuck me anytime they wanted in any way they wanted. I was beginning to like the idea and nodded yes to his demands and they smiled and came back in the big room. That day I took it in my ass for the first time, and had two and three of the brothers at a time, another first. I experienced such pleasure that day that when I m horny, I always think of that day. They each came in my three holes and I must have swallowed ten loads of their cum.

After about four hours of constant fucking, the three men went home and they said they would be back in the morning for some more of that fine ass. They showed up at about 8 the next morning and proceeded to take me anyway they wanted for about three hours. They buggered me, fucked me and came in my mouth until they couldn’t get hard anymore and then went to work. My mouth, pussy and ass were sore and swollen but when they came back in the late afternoon, I was crazy with lust for their three cocks. I asked if one of them could stay with me each night so that I could get fucked during the night. I love waking up and fondling my man s cock until it is hard and then climbing on top of him and guiding his big prick into my pussy and letting him suck my growing nipples. I had big nipples to start and now they are always swollen and about one to one and a half inches long. Usually they want to cum in my mouth, which I love, but I also like it when they squirt into my hole.

They insisted that I learn how to deep throat them. I couldn’t imagine getting eleven to twelve inches of meat down my throat but with practice I can now suck all three cocks down my throat until my lips are in their pubic hair and my tongue can lick the top of their balls. They also love it when I take their two balls into my mouth and gently suck on them. But always, they want their meat in my mouth as they cum.

They have slowly introduced four other men into our fuck group. They did it so that I could have a different man sleep with me on each day of the week. They are all hung like horses and can cum three to ten times a day and so I am a very well fucked lady. On week-ends, they are often all at my home fucking me and they now have started to make movies and I have to admit I love to see myself servicing these studs. They have one spectacular shot of the seven of them around me with me on my knees and circling the group and sucking them all. They managed to work themselves so that one man cums in my mouth, and then the next, and the next, etc. until all seven have dumped seven loads down my throat. And as each man came, I opened wide so that you could see the white juice spurt down my throat as I swallowed. Then they got in line and all fucked me and as each came, he pulled out and the camera got his cum slowly oozing out as the next man enters me. They then did the same thing with my asshole and by the time I took my twenty-first load, six hours had gone by.

I’m now their cunt to fuck any time they want. They have introduced me to doggy sex and movie making. They have a movie set-up which is quite fancy and they now take movies about twice a week and sell them to a man who pays them good money and then copies them and sells them all over the country. They make plots up for the movies where the theme is always the same. I’m a poor rich lady with a husband who has a three inch cock and never fucks me. I need more loving and I adore large black cock. I usually tell this story while I remove my clothes and spread my legs for the camera. While I am rubbing my clit or taking a large black dildo up my pussy, a black man will enter (or maybe two or three or six) and we proceed to fuck all over the bed.

The man who buys our movies wants a lot more animal sex and they have gotten a donkey, a horse and three more dogs and I spend at least three days a week filming with these animals. I love the feel of the animals fucking me. They all pump very hard until they cum in buckets and then they rest a little and then go to it again.

I have only a few friends and they are all women whom I met at a bridge club in town. One of the women saw me in one of the movies with a large black lab and two black men who fuck me and I suck and they bugger me. She said that when the dog dick went into my pussy, she had the largest orgasm she has ever had. She asked me if she could join me but she couldn’t make movies because her husband would see her and not like it at all. This woman is a few years younger than me and has a voluptuous figure like I do. When I told my black men what she wanted they had her come over with all seven men there and they fucked, buggered and came in her mouth for about eight hours. In the meantime, they had me fucking all the animals to the delight of my woman friend. Finally, when the men were all fucked out they asked her if she would like to try a dog and she said” yes”. They got the biggest dog, who has an eleven inch cock, and had him mount her. He banged her like crazy and she went nuts with pleasure. It was so hot that the men got the two of us so that she was on her back and I was on my knees straddling her so that I could kiss her and suck her nipples and she could do the same to me. The men took turns fucking both of us until they were completely fucked out.

After they left, we fondled each other until we were licking the cum out of each other s cunt. She asked me if she could come over regularly and help with my animals and men friends and I said “I was sure the men (and I) would love it”. After a few weeks of watching me have all the fun making movies, she agreed to make them with me and asked if her husband threw her out, could she live with me? I said of course, let’s fuck!

About a month later, her husband brought home a DVD where she and I were fucking black men and big dogs. She said he almost passed out when he saw her in the middle of the fuck fest. To her surprise, he got very excited and came in her four times while they watched the movie. He had never cum that much at one time in their married life. She told him all the details of what we were doing and my circumstances and he wanted to meet me. He particularly wanted to watch us make a movie!

Since this experience started, with the death of my husband, it has grown and grown sexually until my whole life is dedicated to fucking. I get fucked two to three times during the night and the man of the moment always wants a blow job to start the new day. Then we go to the kitchen naked and I usually get pushed over a chair and doggy fucked while we wait for the toast to pop up. Usually, a few men will show up for breakfast and all will fuck me and most will want a suck and hang around for the morning doing anything they want to me. Being treated like a pet animal and getting poked in any hole they want is a real turn-on to me. The black men are particularly good at giving that feeling of complete subjugation and I am always surprised that I like the feeling so much. They have started to tie me up and blindfold me and then do whatever they want and the helpless feeling and not being able to see what they have planned for me has me cumming before anything even starts. Each day they degrade me a little more and I seem to look forward to their latest trick. They have started to put large objects up my pussy. It started with their fists and now they come over and some will put their feet up my pussy or a baseball bat or a liter bottle of coke, or anything else they can think of. As long as it doesn’t hurt, I’m for it!

– The End –