“Yussef, you leave me no choice!” Then after thinking about it for a few moments Fazzi said, “Well, no, that is not entirely true. There are always choices. I could just throw you out. Or I could always drug you and perhaps arrange lots of interesting things to do to you. Some of them I am sure you might find rather unpleasant.”

Oh boy! Have I gone too far? Joseph thought. Perhaps overplayed my hand? His mind and body moving into the alert stage, he awaited Fazzi’s next statements with cold fear gripping his heart.

“However for some strange reason, one which until now I have not fully understood, I have always wanted you to come to me of your own free will. I say this is strange because–you are the first man or woman to whom that choice has ever been offered. You were right about my first love. It was just about the way you said before. When he was killed-my life ended also. Never again would I allow my heart to care for anyone. My heart hardened and I fought tooth and nail to get into a position of authority and power. It did not take me long to claw my way to the top. When I got there I found I was in a position to convince, and yes even coerced many lovers, both men and women to do my bidding. Kassie’s mother was one of the first and for some stupid reason in order to cover my other activities I married her. After that, those who resisted my advances soon found that I took special pleasure in bending them to my will. There were some who I knew would never surrender. I did not waist any time on them, after all there were plenty of ‘fish in the sea’. However if I still wanted them, I just drugged and raped them.

“Habibi, you really do not have to tell me all this.” Joseph said. His body relaxing a bit now that he felt that the danger had passed.

“I know I do not have to, my love,” Fazzi answered. “I just want you to know the truth. By the time you and I met, I guess I had just become tired and worn-out. Mary and I had not been intimate almost from the beginning. When we moved to America I found myself in this strange society, one where man/man relationships were not the norm. I was no longer the good-looking young cock parading around. There was no more fire left in me. Then, one Friday afternoon, you came to the Mosque and I spotted you. You-for some reason, you were different. Perhaps it was that when I looked at you, I saw myself 22 years before. Perhaps it was the uniform, I do not know. All I know is that you stirred something in me. I had to have you, but only as a willing partner. The days and especially the nights when we are apart, my mind pictured you taking me into your strong arms and injecting me with the elixir of youth again. All of a sudden the fire returned. It was like I was reborn. I thought of you all the time and I just had to have you. But I wanted you to come to me. Now you tell me that I must be your slave. My foolish, darling Yussef, are you a blind fool–can you not see that from the very first, I already was that? I became your slave, if not in practice-then in fact. YES! I agree and welcome you to my bed and on your terms. I am your willing sex slave, as I have been from the start. I beg you–Please make love to me, NOW!”

“No!” Joseph said, “no, not as a sex slave but as a partner. Let us try to be full partners in everything. The two of us together will be as equals, both inside your bedroom and outside it. I want us to be lovers and confidants as much as possible. Is that understood?” He knew he was really pushing it now, again perhaps too far.

Tears formed in Fazzi’s eyes as he said, “I have never had anyone like that in my life. Not even my first lover. Do you really mean that you and I would be lovers, partners and share our hopes and lives together? Become one, together?”

“Yes.” Joseph nodded.

“That is something I never thought possible, let alone would ever have, at least not in this life. It would be like paradise on earth. It will take time to get used to, but I think I would love that. I agree, but there may be some things that for now we will not be able to share–just yet.”

“Yes, I realize that there may be some, but we will just have to work on resolving those things together, as they come up.” Joseph said as he gathered Fazzi into his arms hugging him, relieved at last that the danger had passed, for now. He felt a new sense of power flow over himself as the once strong, mature body of the man disintegrated before his eyes. He placed his lips on Fazzi’s broad, muscular shoulders and moved them back and forth planting little kisses along the way. His fingertips lightly passed over the skin of the sobbing man, leaving goose bumps in their wake. Joseph placed his open mouth on the man’s neck and at first blew his hot breath over the olive colored skin. Then his lips sucked in some loose flesh. While sucking the soft neck skin into his mouth, the tip of Joseph’s tongue could feel the blood pumping through a neck artery. Fighting a desire to sink his teeth into that flesh, he forced himself to be content with just tasting the saltiness of the skin. God have I sunk so low as to become a Vampire, thought Joseph as he laughed to himself.

Deftly rearranging their bodies so that they were spooning, Joseph’s arms encircled the Arab, pulling the middle-aged body against his. His lips sucked on Fazzi’s ear as his fingers moved over his hairy chest playing with his nipples. Then the fingers of one hand moved down to the Arab’s circumcised cock. They circled the penis and lightly squeezed it. Fazzi placed his hand on top of Joseph’s hand, guiding and directing his fingers up and down the shaft. They lay there, the Arab’s soft ass pressing against the strong, young, hard manhood of the soldier. Fazzi moaned and whimpered as he felt the fingers of Joseph’s other hand reach down to cup and fondle his balls. At this point, unable to control himself, the Arab’s piss slot started to leak copious amounts of pre-cum. Joseph’s big cock was now pressing along the valley formed by the twin ass globes of the now completely subservient Arab. The American could feel his foreskin rubbing over the puckered rosebud of the ‘old desert rat’, who now spread his legs and reached down directing Joseph’s cock so that it nested between his thighs. Fazzi ran his fingertips along Joseph’s foreskin, moving it back and forth while encasing Joseph’s cock in the area between his balls and ass slot.

“Oh yes Yussef, I love feeling your manhood on my ass. I want to feel it enter me, to possess me and conquer me. Yes, you were so right about my wanting to be dominated. I can see that now. I am so tired of giving the orders-I want to be the one who is loved and taken care of again. I have missed that so much. I know now, that from the first time my fingers groped that big cock of yours under the table, I wanted you to fuck me. Then when I saw it, I knew I needed your long cock deep in me. I wanted to feel that foreskin rubbing my ‘hot spot’. I want you and I do not want to share you, not even with my daughter. Yes! Yes! Yes! Everything you said is true.” Fazzi turned his head so that he could see the look on Joseph’s face. He kissed him deeply, and said. “Fuck me, Yussef, please, I am begging you now! I need you in me.”

Joseph turned the Arab onto his stomach and then reached into the night table drawer. Fumbling around he found the condoms and KY Jelly he had stored there. Applying a large dab of the KY to his finger he rubbed it over Fazzi’s rosebud and then pushed his finger into his ass. Plunging it past the ring he worked the finger around inside the tight hot chamber. Working the ring and inserting two fingers and then three, he continued to loosen up the love hole. Leaning over Fazzi, he whispered in his ear, “Habibi am I doing this right? I am not hurting you, am I?”

“You lied to me lover! Where did you learn all this?” Fazzi moaned as Joseph continued to finger fuck his rectum. “And here I thought you were an innocent virgin that I would have to train and teach.”

Joseph snickered as he continued to ream out the Arab’s ass. He leaned over and lightly bit the ear of the moaning man and said to him, “Habibi, I never told you I was a virgin, much less innocent. I have had lots of women, some of whose cunts and asses I have plowed. A hole is a hole. A man’s hole may be a bit tighter and need a bit more preparation. I have always used lubed condoms and to make it a bit easier, some KY jelly. Besides, since that first time together here in this bed, I somehow knew we would wind up like this. I stored the lube and condoms in the night table drawer just in case. I also did a lot of reading. I had to learn all I could because I wanted our first time together to be ‘special’. Reading also convinced me that I wanted to be the ‘top’.” He removed his fingers and quickly rolled a condom over his shaft. He then took his cock in his hand and ran it along the slippery ass valley and over the twitching rosebud. Pressing the tip of his condom clad dick against the hot, soft yielding flesh he heard what sounded like a ripping sound…At first he had thought it was the rubber ripping, then he realized that it was not a ripping sound, but rather a buzzing sound and it was coming, not from the Arab’s ass, but from the kitchen….

“Shit, what the fuck is that?” Joseph screamed in exasperation.

“Damn! It sounds like my cell phone. I must have left it in the kitchen, along with my pants.” Fazzi said, “I should have shut it off. I bet it is my driver telling me he has dropped off Richard.”

“Damn, forget the fucking thing. Not now when I’m about to blow your lovely ass open with my cannon. Don’t answer it,” Joseph said disgustedly, “every time I get a real hard on … a phone goes off!”

“I am sorry, but I have to answer it, Habibi. At this hour it could be important. Besides if he can not get me on the cell phone, he will call the house and I do not want Mary to know we are home just yet.” He said, smiling as he got off the bed and went into the kitchen. “Keep that field gun of yours loaded and ready, just do not start without me. I will be right back. I will make this as fast as possible. It should not take too long.”

Joseph heard him fumbling around and then opening the cell he heard him say, “hello, yes–there is a Private Benson here, please hold one minute.” A naked grinning Arab returned with Joseph’s cell phone in his hand. “It is your phone, not mine.”

Taking the phone he said rather sharply, “Benson here.”

“I take it you are not alone. Just answer me, using yes or no. Do you know who this is?”


“Listen carefully, and don’t ask questions. Are you at the apartment? Is that Fazzi with you?” Barns asked.


“Are the two of you alone?” The FBI Agent asked.

Joseph sheepishly answered, “Yes.”

“O.K. You are to do exactly as I say. Pack up and get the hell out of there. Now! Make the excuse you are being called back to base on alert. You have less than half an hour to get out. As soon as you are off the estate call me. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir. At once!”

“Move it! Now! And call me later. That’s an order.” Barns said and rang off.

“Yes captain,” he said into the now dead phone as he swung his legs off the bed and ripped the condom off his softened cock. “I’m on my way now.” And then he shut the phone.

“I’m sorry, it’s the fucking army again.” He said. Getting up and running into the bathroom while he tried to explain to the bewildered Fazzi that he had to rush back to the base. Telling him that something was up and he did not know what. Throwing the rubber into the toilet and flushing it down. He washed his hands and started to gather his stuff together. He dressed in fatigues and with Fazzi helping him; they packed the rest of his gear into his bag.

“I apologize habibi. I just don’t know how long I will be gone, but we will take up where we left off as soon as possible.” He said and kissed the poor befuddled man. “I know the mood is broken and it may never be the same but you are just going to have to get used to this sort of thing if we are going to continue.”

“I am very disappointed, Yussef. I can see you are as upset as me-if not more then I am. Is there any way I can perhaps give you some quick relief?”

“Thank you dear, but no, damn it, I have to get going. Again I want to apologize.” Joseph said kissing him again.

“No need to apologize, if anyone should know how the military works, it is I. This alert is probably nothing important. Most likely just some idiotic general who gets his kicks out of seeing how fast he can get the troops to react. Hey, I should know. I used to do it all the time with my own men. It is one of those tools we all used to keep the troops on their toes. Now I guess Allah is paying me back,” he laughed. “Just drive carefully. I need you in one piece the next time we meet.”

Joseph opened the door, threw Fazzi another kiss and ran down the stairs to his car.

Fazzi hurriedly dressed himself and then returned to the main house both laughing and cursing at the same time.

Joseph drove the BMW off the estate and about a mile from the entrance he pulled over to the side of the road and put in a call to Barns. “I’m clear. What’s the scoop,’ he asked Barns.

“A combination of real stupid foul-ups.” Bill told him. “You were with Fazzi and Worthington tonight?”

“Yes, tonight was their first face to face meeting, and it went very well.” Joseph said. “What has that got to do with my having to leave so quickly?”

“Well just as I was leaving my office, Richard called me to report on the meeting. He told me it went very well and what a great time all of you had. He even gave me a “Bump and Grind” review of your stage performance. However on the way back to his office he noticed that the Fazzi’s driver was, and these are Richard’s words, ‘packing iron’. I had to keep from laughing as I tried to explain to him that drivers sometimes serve as bodyguards and that he was not to worry about it. Anyway since he was now safe at home and out of danger there was no need to worry and I would look into it in the morning. After I hung up I get a flash on the inter-agency radio that an ‘Arab looking man’ driving a limo over the George Washington Bridge was stopped, questioned and searched. They found the gun. The driver tried to tell them he had a license, but that his ‘permit to carry’ was left at home. On top of this they discovered some suspicious looking literature in Arabic, including what looked like maps of lower Manhattan with the street locations and some handwritten notes in Arabic. The next thing you know we have a terrorist plot to blow up the bridge as well as certain areas of lower Manhattan. After they questioned the driver and found out whom he was working for, the locals radioed us for permission to raid Fazzi’s place. Knowing you must be there; I had to stall them at least until I could get your ass out of there. I have no idea how this is going to ‘go down’ but the one thing I knew is that I did not want you caught in any possible raid. They have just been issued a warrant and they should be there any minute now.”

“Holy shit, what do we do now?”

“As they say in football, ‘Fall back and punt’!” Barns joked. “I’m going in with them and will try to diminish the damage as much as I can. I’ll try to make Fazzi think that the army has been called out on alert. That should take care of your ass. One thing thought, how come Fazzi answered your phone?”

“Bill-you don’t really want to know that, do you? I was gathering information. One thing is for sure, I don’t think I would have liked you and the police to have pounded down the door on us.”

“Oh a new method of interrogation, I see,” he said. “Man you are good. I want a full report on what you might have learned. For now, you get your ass back to base and I’ll try to fix things up, one way or the other. I’ll call you and let you know what happened. I just hope there are no other weapons or explosives on the estate. That is all we need to find there!”

On the drive back to base the soldier thought about how things were turning out. Joseph hoped that they would not find anything incriminating at the estate. He was beginning to believe and hope that the Muhammad family was really just a family of immigrants trying to grab the American Dream and make it their own. Perhaps it was because he wanted to believe that no man was capable of being the type of beast both Barns and Kassie painted him as being. Was he beginning to fall for the man? Who knew? He could hear Barns telling him over and over, be careful, Joseph, remember he was a Syrian intelligence officer and for all we know he might still be one. Damn, he was getting too emotionally involved. This was the second time that he had been forced to go home with blue balls. Poor Rich was going to get his ass raped this weekend, for sure! I better call and warn him. No, I think maybe I’ll just pop in and crawl into his bed while he is asleep. Oh! Damn it, his body yearned to be spooned with Rich’s. As he thought about is prospect his cock began to harden again. For now, he forced his mind to abandon these thoughts and concentrate on all the studying he had to do the rest of this week. He had tests all next week but by next Friday he should know if he had passed his exams and if he was going to graduate. He was sure he would graduate. The only question would be his standing in the class. Right now, what he needed was a good nights sleep and after parking in the school parking lot he headed to his quarters and his bed, where he blacked out as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The next morning, not waiting for the call, he placed one to Barns and was told that everything worked out OK. The driver did have a gun permit, although he had left it at home. The papers in the car proved to be directions to Worthington’s office and the map was computer generated with street names in Arabic so he could read them. The Police insisted on doing a fast search anyway and questioned Fazzi about the meeting that evening and who was involved so that they could verify his story. Fazzi had been told that the incident had caused the Army to go into a standby mode. They did apologize and while they were sorry for the inconvenience, that in the future, he should see to it that the driver carried the gun permit at all times.

He then called Fazzi, who told him about the same story he had heard from Barns. “Can you imagine them thinking I was a terrorist and about to blow up the George Washington Bridge.” Fazzi said. “What idiots! They came charging in here like a bunch of movie cowboys!”

“They were just doing their job.” Joseph told him, trying to calm the still excited Arab down. “We are just lucky that they didn’t shoot up the place first and ask questions later. Anyway, by the time I got back, we were told to forget about the alert. I guess they were embarrassed and want to keep the whole incident a secret or something.”

“Yes I can see why they would want that. I guess we are lucky that someone was not shot, the way they charged into the place. If I had not been right there when they started to pound on the door they might have broke the door down. I keep thinking that if you had not left and they had burst into the room…we would both be red faced.

“After our dialogue last night and the decisions we came to, for my part I no longer care if they find out about you and me,” Joseph said, “I worry about you though.”

“That is so sweet, darling. What are you planes for the rest of the week? I need to see you as soon as you can break away. We have lots to talk about. I have decided to do as you suggested. I have decided that Mary can have her freedom. She and I will separate. I am sure something; even a quite divorce can be arranged without too much fuss. As far as Kassie and you are concerned-that is for the two of you to decide. You can use her to cover our ‘arrangement’ or she can leave also. One way or the other, it will be just the two of us together. We have much unfinished business to take care of, my lov.”

“Yes, but all this will have wait a while,” he said, “as I told you this coming week is going to be real busy and next week is graduation. I will let you know all the details as soon as I can get permission for you and the family to attend. After graduation, I will make the time to finish our business. The next few days and over the weekend I’m going to study for the exams. I will telephone or see Worthington and check to see how he is doing with organizing the investment club. I suggest you use the time to start the ball rolling on your end. You start organizing that meeting. If you want me there however, it will have to take place after graduation. I will try to make it as soon as I can, but for now, it appears as if it will not be until after graduation.

“Yussef, you must be there, I want you there, even if you only act as a translator. You see our partnership is progressing. Have I told you how happy you have made me? I can not wait until we are together again.” He said and added, “please try to see me sooner. I was so frustrated that you had to leave when and how you did last night that I wanted to kill your army and stomp on the cell phone. I was furious until I realized that it was because of my driver that you had to rush back to base. I could have killed that idiot for forgetting his gun permit.”

“Well I may never speak to him again,” the soldier said smiling into the phone, “my balls were hurting all the way back to the base and I had to take a long cold shower. Habibi, don’t think about it too much. I love you and I will make it up to you. That’s a promise!”

“Just hearing you say that, lover, makes me feel better. Kisses and hugs to you. And until next time, remember that I love you too.”

Joseph placed a call to Kassie and had to listen to her complain about not being able to see him and all about the midnight raid from the FBI and the police, again. He explained that he would be busy studying and would not be able to see her until graduation. He also said that he thought that Fazzi would agree to just about anything he would now suggest. He might even let Kassie and Mary go.

“I know that I can arrange a legal separation within a few weeks. I will even get Fazzi to pay for everything, including very generous support payments,” Joseph said. Then he asked, “Do you think your relatives in Michigan would be willing to give you a place to stay until you can find a place of your own?”

“Yes most likely they can and will. But what is to become of you? You are not coming with us, are you? I will never see you again. You are staying with him! Is that the price of our freedom Yussef?” she asked him. “Did you sell your soul to him?”

“For now the important thing is for you to be free. That is all you ever wanted. Take your chance now. You may never get another. As for my soul, if I did sell it to him as you suggest, I think it is worth it. Don’t worry about it. I will be happy just seeing you and Mary free of him.”

“I can not ask you to do that, habibi. I never wanted you to become his…”

“You didn’t ask! What I’m doing is because I want to do it, not because you asked me to.” He said. Then he told her they would talk about it later as he had to make a few more calls before class began.

The next call was to Rich. It was good to talk to him again and Joseph explained that he did not think he could get into see him this weekend, but that he would try. If he did make it, it would have to be an ‘on the spot thing’. He asked him to give his regards to his father and mother, and then he hung up.

The rest of the week was spent in class and study. He and Ibrahim really burned the candle down from both ends. Ibrahim wanted to know why Joseph was so worried about passing. “Look you have been speaking Arabic almost 24/7 for weeks now. Unlike the rest of us, you also are speaking it off base when you are with your girlfriend and her family. You are the best in the class, that is, after me,” he said smiling, “you should have no problems passing.”

“Just passing is not going to impress my future family.” Joseph said, “I guess I have become an Arab at heart. You know how they always want to be on the top. If they fight a battle and lose they consider it a ‘Nakba’ a catastrophe. If I can’t prove that I am the best, I will loose face. Fazzi expects it and Kassie is not willing to admit that I’m anything less than a superman. You know, one who can leap tall buildings with a single jump.”

They really hit the books. Joseph wanted to keep going even through the weekend. Ibrahim finally put his foot down and said, “Enough is enough! If we don’t know it now, we never will. It is Saturday evening and I say we take the rest of the weekend off and get in some serious relaxation. You can stay here and study if you want, but, I am going into town and I hope to get laid. I’m leaving. You are welcome to come with me or you can do what the fuck you want. I need some relaxation and I need it tonight!”

Joseph decided that he would take a break also. He decided that he was going to go into the city and spend some time with Rich. He was about to dial his number when he remembered that Rich might be at the theater or on stage. By the time he got to the city Rich should be home and in bed and…those thoughts about crawling into his bed and snuggling up to him came floating into his mind and his cock started to get hard. Slamming the books shut and packing a few essentials into the canvas overnight bag, he picked up his pass and drove into New York City. Finding an overnight parking garage not far from Rick’s place, he walked over the few blocks to the apartment. He took the elevator up to Rich’s floor and inserted his key into the lock, opened the door slowly and entering the apartment. It was dark and the light from the hallway showed only an empty apartment. Calling out, he got no response. He put on the light and called out again, but no one answered. His mind filled with possibilities: Bet he went to his dad’s place. I might as well make myself at home. No use trying to contact him tonight. He would just be pissed off at me for not calling and letting him know that I was coming. It’s close to mid-night so I might as well shower and get some sleep. I’ll call Long Island in the morning he decided. An hour later he was sleeping like a log.

“I want to thank you for the lift home,” Rich was saying to the older man, who was seated behind the wheel, beside him in the car. “It was real nice of you to drive me home at this hour.”

“It’s my pleasure. I would do a lot more for you, Rich, if you would only let me,” he said, as he reached over and patted his crotch.

“Frank, you know I’m seeing Joseph and that we have this ‘arrangement’.” He said as he gently removed Frank’s hand from his crotch. “Besides it is Joseph’s pants you really want to get into, not mine.”

“That might have been true before I met you, but, not now that I have got to know you.” The insurance man said. “Besides my offer to take the both of you to bed is still on the table. Believe me it would really be fun trying to satisfy the both of you young studs, to say nothing of the two of you satisfying me. One of you fucking my ass as I suck the love juice out of the other.”

“Frank Gordan! You dirty old man! You are old enough to be our father.” Rich said, “Now let me get to bed. I have lots to do tomorrow and I need a good nights sleep. What I don’t need, is those thoughts floating through my mind now.”

“How about a nightcap then? Just one for the road and then I’ll leave.”

“Now you know that I wouldn’t let you drive home if you had a few drinks.” Leaning over and kissing his cheek he said, “Be a good boy now, go home and thanks again for the lift. Good night and I’ll give Joseph your regards when I get to see him.”

“Give his ass a big kiss for me. Damn it, another night that I’ll have to play with myself before I fall asleep.” Frank sadly said.

“You are not the only one!” Rich said as he got out of the car, turned and blew one more kiss to Frank as he entered his apartment house lobby. He hated coming home from the theater so late alone and he really was happy when Frank had met him by the stage door after the play. He was such a nice old guy and in spite of the airs he put on at times, he was a real gentleman. They had become friends since he had started coming into Reinzi’s looking for Joseph (Chapters #4 & #6). Rich was no longer working at Reinzi’s. When Frank had heard about Rich getting a small part in the play, he just showed up one night at the ‘Off-Broadway’ theater to see the play. He now came around on a regular basis. He even had brought a lot of people in to see Rich’s performance. The play had been a success and Rich, even though his part was small, was well on his way to a career in the theater. That, along with the underwear commercials, had enabled him to give up his waiter’s job and to take full time acting classes. Things were looking up. He soon hoped to be able to rent a bigger apartment for Joseph and himself. He would hate to leave the old place; it held dear memories for him. Every time he opened the door he thought about the first time he brought Joseph home that first rainy night. These thoughts were running through his mind as he road up the elevator to his apartment. Walking down the hall to his door he noticed light coming from under the door—-Did I leave the damn lights on again??? I thought I had turned everything off. Fearing a break-in, he quietly inserted his key in the lock and carefully opened the door and peeked in. There, lying on the sofa bed stretched out, dead to the world was Joseph.

His first thought was-why didn’t the stinker call and tell me he was coming tonight. His second thought was-Man, I’m glad I didn’t invite Frank up for a nightcap. His third thought was, damn it, soldier boy you look good enough to eat, and that’s just what I’m going to do…

He tip toed into the room and locked the door behind him. Going into the bathroom where he quickly undressed. After shutting off the room light and putting on the baseboard multi colored lights, he crawled into the bed next to Joseph’s sleeping body. He whispered into the soldier’s ear, “This reminds me of the first night we met. You were out like a light that night also.” Rich’s fingers ran up and down Joseph’s arm and he leaned over and kissed the back of his neck. “I missed you lov. Are you asleep?” Reaching around him his fingers ran over his chest and touched the gold chain hanging there as well as the set of dog tags. Moving his fingers to the nipples he rubbed one of them between his thumb and forefinger making Joseph moan in his sleep. Within a short time Joseph was just about fully awake and pressing his backside into Rich’s large hard cock. “Glad you showed up tonight, baby, I almost had an old friend of yours for a bed partner tonight.

Joseph’s body became taut as he pushed away from Rich and then turned to face him, “OH Yeah! And just who might that be?” He demanded to know.

“Later, babe, I’ll tell you later. Right now I have something else on my mind.”

“And what might that be sweetheart?” Joseph said with a sneer on his lips that Rich was just able to make out in the soft light.

Reaching into the nightstand he fished out the condoms and lube. “Right now I just want to feel my love tool in your warm welcoming ass. It seems like a decade since we made love.” With that Rich forcefully twisted Joseph around until he was flat on his back. He then pushed Joseph further up onto the bed and climbed up on top of him, worming himself in between Joseph’s now outstretched legs. He placed the condom on his hard cock. Rich’s strong hands wrapped around Joseph’s legs, forced them up onto his shoulders giving him easy access to the soldier’s rear door. Placing a dab of lube on his finger, he rubbed it on and into the rosebud. Grabbing his hard cock in his hand he inserted the head into the love hole. It entered the ring and pushed past the welcoming doorway.

“Soldier-boy, I’m going to take all of your fucking ass now,” Rich said as he sank his entire cock deep into his lover’s asshole. Not paying attention to the screams coming from Joseph, he plunged into the warm confines of the man cunt until his balls prevented him from plowing any deeper. Resting for only a second or two to savor the hot flesh enveloping his cock, Rich placed his hands on either side of Joseph’s impaled body. Using his arms to raise and lower his body, he pulled back almost allowing his cock tip to fall out and then rocked forward. Joseph’s backside arched upward to meet his thrusts. After several deep, slow plunges, Rich maneuvered himself into a squatting position above Joseph, whose head now hung back over the edge of the bed. Rich’s strong hands grabbed and held firmly onto Joseph’s thighs, pinning him down firmly preventing him from sliding off the bed. He was soon drilling his cock hard and deep down into Joseph’s hot fuck hole. The soldier’s head was swinging back and forth, dangling over the edge of the bed. His fingers were grasping and pulling at the bed sheets trying to keep from being pushed off the bed.

“You’re my P.O.W. now, and your body, your ass, your cock; all of you are mine. I’m going to plow that ass deep. It’s mine and I’m going to rip it to shreds. Fuck me lov! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he shouted over and over. “Mine! Mine! Mine, you are mine,” he kept saying over and over as he kept up a steady tattoo in and out Joseph’s man cunt.

The two lovers lost tract of the time. Only their mutual moaning and grunting along with the sounds of Rich’s balls slapping against Joseph’s ass flesh could be heard. Joseph’s cock was trapped and rubbing against the belly of his lover. This pounding, plus the movement of Joseph’s foreskin back and forth over his cock head soon lubricated both their bellies with globs of pre-cum. Their bellies sliding and contorting were performing an erotic love dance. The twisting, the spiral motions, the heaving and the rubbing were all reminiscent of the movements of the Belly Dancer in the cafe Wednesday evening. Finally the trapped cock vibrated and exploded filling the space between them with Joseph’s warm, hot love juice.

“Yes! Cummmm my lov, Cummmm!” Rich gasped over and over, as with each of Joseph’s ejaculations, he felt the soldier’s ass grip his own cock tighter and tighter and begin to milk his cock even more. “Yeahhhhhh! Ohhhhhh yesssss! Here it cummmmmmmmms.” He screamed, as Rich felt his own toes curl up, his legs tighten and his balls explode into the deep pulsating hole of his lover. His condom covered cock expanding, twitching and jerking deep in Joseph’s ass filling the condom with juice.

Rich’s body exhausted fell on the willing victim of his sexual release. Their lips locked together in a hot torrid kiss that soon faded as the both succumbed to the exhaustion and satisfaction of sexual gratification long denied. And they fell asleep in each other’s arms….

-To be continued…-