My life has been so boring for over a decade. I love my wife dearly, but we married too young. Less than a year later we had our little girl. Since then, Linda just hasn’t seemed interested in sex, only performing about once a month, if I begged. Now, I have never been unfaithful to Linda, but more and more often I have become a master in the art of masturbation.

I became a professor at the local community college three years ago. And, being in the choir department, have noticed that I am always surrounded by beautiful young women. Recently I had taken a liking to jacking-off to porn movies about barely legal teens, wishing that it were me and one of the students that I ogle every day. I would walk the halls whenever possible to watch those shapely legs move under skirts so short they should be criminal. I quickly learned that this was a bad idea, as my fertile imagination and desperate need for sex would make my cock stand at attention three or four times a day. I would have to make my way back to my office or an empty classroom and jack-off before the students entered. In a way I liked the idea of being caught, my mind hoping that one of the girls would take pity on me and suck me dry.

So, that’s the way my sex life has been for the last three years. To make matters worse, for the last three months, Linda hasn’t given me anything at all; not even a peek. We had fought about the need to get Mary braces, an expense which we can barely afford at the moment. She was so upset at my insistence that Mary’s mouth would have to wait that she didn’t tell me goodbye as I left for a business trip. A couple of my best students were in the Junior College All-State choir, and I was going along as a chaperone. I snapped and thought to myself to hell with Linda. If I can get any kind of action this weekend I am going to jump on her! I went to the airport and got onto the plane without incident, and got to my seat towards the back of the plane. I decided to take a nap as soon as the two students, Clyde and Rebecca, were in their seats beside me. Before long I was sound asleep. Or so they thought. Within minutes after the plane took off, I heard the strangest noises coming from beside me. I opened my eyes a little and saw Rebecca, who was sitting beside me, hunched over Clyde’s lap. Clyde’s eyes were closed and he was biting his lips. I realized that the sound I was hearing was the lively sucking Rebecca was giving his rod. I dumped all pretext of sleeping and stared wide-eyed as Rebecca’s tawny blonde head bobbed up and down. Clyde looked over at me and smiled, then closed his eyes and started to tense. Rebecca’s head stopped and I could tell she was taking in his cum.

A few moments later she had milked him dry and sat back up, wiping her lips and smiling. She looked over and saw me staring at her and said with a grin, “He said he hated planes. It was the best way I could think of to calm his nerves.” She glanced down and saw that I had a raging boner and gave a little giggle. “I see planes make you a little nervous, too. Would you like me to ‘release your nerves’ too?”

I was so unprepared to be propositioned within an hour of leaving home that I said nothing. Rebecca slid her hand over my bulge and smiled again. “You are bigger than I thought you would be. I think you need this release. Just sit back and try not to make too much noise. I am not about to suck every guy on this plane.” I looked over to Clyde, who had zipped his pants and put on headphones, ignoring us completely.

Before I had the chance to say a word, Rebecca was leaning over and pulling my cock through the unzipped opening in my pants. Without a sound she opened her mouth and inhaled the whole tip of my cock, which is about an inch around. God it felt so good. She slowly began bobbing her head on my cock and I closed my eyes, trying desperately not to make a noise. With five bobs she had my whole 7 inch cock in her throat! She started to speed up, swirling her mouth around my shaft and then licking just under the head before swirling back down. The only sound I heard were the soft slurping noises she made, while her other hand was rubbing my balls through my pants.

It had been so long since I had had a blowjob that I came within three minutes, shooting a huge load into her warm, wet mouth. She kept sucking on my cock until it was completely dry, then sat back up. She was still smiling as she looked at me. “That was nice, don’t you agree?”

I was stunned that she was so blasé about it. “Nice,” I muttered. She looked down at my cock, which was still semi-hard and poking out of my pants. “You don’t get much at home, do you? That didn’t take long at all, but by the looks of it I don’t think you were done.”

She looked around and saw that the stewardess was about to come to them with the drink cart. She whispered fervently in my ear. “If you want to finish that,” she pointed at my cock that was getting harder by the second, “then meet me in the bathroom as soon as she passes.” Then she got up and went to the bathroom behind out row.

I barely had time to stuff my rod into my pants and cover it with a Sky Mall magazine before she came with the drink cart. She looked at me, then the magazine on my pants, and I could tell she was trying not to laugh. “Drink, sir?”

I shook my head, praying she would leave quickly. She asked Clyde, who wanted a Coke, and then moved back towards the front of the cabin. I stood up and walked as straight as I could into the bathroom. Rebecca was in there, fingering her clit while sitting on the commode. I closed and locked the door, watching her make herself cum. “I need a little stress release too, sir,” she said through bated breath as she was getting closer to orgasm. “How do we do this in here? There is barely enough room ” But I should have known she would know how to do this. I think she is a charter member of the mile-high club. She pulled me in front of her and pulled my pants down. My member bobbed in front of her, looking for a port to land in. She put her hands on my shoulders and jumped a little to straddle my thighs, putting one foot on either side of the wall behind me and thrust her pussy close to meet my dick. It was just too good to be true. Rebecca has always been one of the sexiest walking pussies I had ever seen, always strutting around in short denim skirts and wiggling for all the guys in the choir. This was one of my fantasies come true! I plunged in without a second thought, not even bothering to ask if she was on the pill. God, it felt so good to be fucking a willing participant, with Rebecca’s hands moved to my ass, forcing me deeper and deeper into her. “Oh God, fuck me,” she softly repeated over and over as I pounded into her tight little pussy for what seemed like an eternity. I wanted it never to end. Unfortunately, it felt so good that again I came before I wanted to. Rebecca could feel that I couldn’t last much longer, and started to rub her clit. She came as I unloaded another wad into this young beauty. She bit down on my neck to keep from yelling and wouldn’t let my rapidly softening dick out of her pussy until she was done.

When she did finish, she got up and dressed as if this was a daily occurrence. She side-stepped me to arrange her lipstick in the mirror while I just stared at her in amazement. She caught my expression in the mirror and laughed. “Didn’t you like it? I sure did.”

I stammered like a school boy after his first time. “Y-y-yes. It was great. But, uh, I am married.”

“You remembered that a little too late, didn’t you?” She turned and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “Don’t worry. I don’t care, and I won’t tell. Besides, I have enjoyed watching you watch me this whole year, and fair is fair.” “You know I watch you?”

She laughed loudly then. “Are you kidding? You are terrible at hiding things. I noticed the first week of choir that all I had to do was bend over in a little dress and your soldier stood at attention. I bet you jacked-off a lot after seeing me, didn’t you?” “God, yes,” I said, deciding honesty was the best policy. “I wish I could have seen that. You have a very nice dick there, sir. If you had just given me a little warning, I would have taken care of it for you every time. You are so cute when you’re horny.” And she left the bathroom.

I came out a short while later and resumed my seat beside her. She leaned her head on my shoulder and started to fall asleep, obviously tired. Before she succumbed, I heard her mumble “I cancelled my reservation at the hotel, so I can spend the whole weekend with either you or Clyde. The choice is up to you.” And she was out.

What a wonderful break from reality this trip was turning into.

– The End –