So I’m kind of having my midlife crisis. I’m hornier than I can remember any time in my life and my husband is away at war. I am so hot and horny after 7 months without getting fucked. I am an attractive women 5’7″ tall with blonde hair, and stay in good shape 38-28-36. I love my husband but what’s a girl to do?

I can’t deny the ache that creeps into my clit. The ache to have my hole filled with his dick, thrusting away. I love it when he fucks me and it is delicious. He pounds me the way I like it, my head thrown back just taking it over and over, steady, with my juice and his pre cum dripping down my pussy. He pulls out and slips his dick into my mouth and I suck him greedily, cupping his balls and rubbing them. He groans but stops before he cums. “Not yet” he says. He rolls me on my belly, kissing my back. He finally reaches my ass. His hands push my legs apart and he eats my ass with his hot tongue. It is such a tease – hot and wet. He reaches his hand around to rub my clit. His saliva runs down to meet the fingers that have a steady rhythm. Now and again he thrusts two fingers into my pussy to finger fuck me. I am in ecstasy. I feel the orgasm building, and I begin to pant. I clutch the sheets as my body begins to strain.

But wait. He has lubed my ass to the point where his cock can penetrate. He pulls my hips to the edge of the bed and parts my cheeks. I feel the head of his cock pressing into my ass. He doesn’t want to hurt me and he hesitates. “Don’t stop!” I gasp. We’ve done it before and I know the worst is getting the head in. I feel the pressure again. I feel pain and my nails dig into the mattress. He pushes relentlessly into my ass and the head penetrates up as far as possible. He begins pumping rhythmically. My husband has tremendous staying power but even he can’t resist my tight ass.

The rhythm is faster: in and out, in and out, fucking my ass. I am loving getting him off. “I’m ready to cum” he pants after just a couple of minutes of stroking. “Squirt my ass!” I beg so I can feel the hot semen shooting over my skin. He does it just as I have begged and I feel it landing five times in my crack and on my backside.

I feel exquisitely ravaged, as he falls beside me, relaxing after his explosion. I feel his fingers on my clit again. He rolls me to my back. How perfectly sweet that he still wants to pleasure me! His tongue is on my clit, his fingers in my cunt, stroking the pretty pussy, licking and sucking. I like it when he makes little circles on my clit with his tongue, then sucks my clit for a great sensation. I love being finger fucked at the same time. He is adroit and gets a finger in both holes at the same time – a 6 pack I think they call it.

All this activity! I can’t stand it and I cum. My hips come off the bed and my head rises to create a crunch position. Jeez, I am in fucking orbit by now! Later he tells me I ejaculated when I came. Whew, all I know is, finally!

Wait, this is a dream, right? He is away until July in the Middle East. I can only dream about being fucked within an inch of my life. I am so horned up! What I do is put on a nighty he gave me. My favorite is the red mesh, with tufts of feathers over the nipple and the clit. It is a string – I love strings, they are so sexy. By now my clit is swollen and I’m wearing my favorite fuck outfit. I kneel on the bed as if he were with me and pull the panties to one side. I lick my fingers and start a circular motion on my clit. I rub for a minute then stick my fingers into my pussy. Oh, it is wet and hot! I bring the wet out to rub on my clit but the best part is tasting it. It drives me crazy! I swear that if right now I had a woman I would lick and suck her until she begged me to stop. I love the taste so I suck my own fingers to taste the salty sweetness. I rub a little faster and close my eyes to pretend I am getting off in front of my husband. He would love that if I did it but somehow that is one thing I haven’t done yet with him. So I’m practicing by visualizing him watching me. A few minutes later my hips start to buck as I cry out in ecstasy. Yes! I came in spades!

There is nothing, though, like the feel of a hard dick in my pussy fucking away. Nothing. I know I have to get a sex toy. And, my husband wants me to! But it has to be a big black dick, rather dildo. Stay tuned, I’ll write another adventure when I get my new toy and master masturbating and fucking myself at the same time.

– The End –