My husband and I are avid golfers and for the last three years we have belonged to a private club, where on the weekends he plays with three other guys and I play with three women. We are the only group at the course in our age bracket, twenty six to thirty, so the only time we play with other club members are in club tournaments and we like it that way. Now four times a year the men go on a three or four day golfing weekend somewhere and we ladies do likewise, kind of a mini vacation four times a year. Since we all teamed up, I have always had Shirley for my roommate on our golf outings but we just found out Shirley’s husband was getting transferred out of state, leaving both male and female groups in a limbo without a forth for both groups. The men solved their problem without a problem; there was a single male golfer our age for the last year that played with whoever he could, so the men drafted him into their foursome but his wife didn’t golf, so we were stuck. We went to the club pro with our problem and he told us he had a single twenty four year old lady who was looking to become a member and he called her to talk to us to see if we would be compatible.

She was an average looking brunette, but with a fairly big chest, thirty four D I later found out, very personable and had a golf handicap comparable with our group, so we had the pro sign her up. She fit right in with us ladies and the only problem was the men couldn’t take their eyes off her chest and she always wore loose fitting tops to try and hide the size of her tits. We told her about our annual outings and she was really looking forward to her first one which was due to come around in about three weeks and the rest of us ladies were quite relieved we had asked her to join us. This outing was a three dayer at a golf resort about a hundred miles away and since check in time was at eleven thirty, we met for breakfast and then took a leisurely drive to the resort. We checked in, got settled and went right out to play a round and we were really impressed with the rooms, the bath tub was big enough to accommodate two adults, the bathroom also had a stall shower and two sinks that were perfectly lit for a woman. The only drawback and it really wasn’t a drawback, was there only a king size bed and we have had that happen before but since it was Gwen’s and my first time sharing a room, I hoped she wasn’t uncomfortable with the sleeping arrangements. When I asked her, she said she was perfectly happy with the sleeping arrangements, it was a big bed and she told me she always felt more comfortable with sharing a room when she was away and I sure could understand that, safety and all that.

We played our round and the course was a bit backed up, so we finished playing just at twilight and decided to go right to dinner instead of bathing and changing first. We had a few drinks in the bar before dinner, got hit on by quite a few men, very gratifying to know we still had it and then had a late dinner, which afterwards we retired to our rooms as we had an eight thirty tee time in the morning. Now I’m more of a shower person then a bath person and Gwen was a bath person, so we wound up taking our bath and shower at the same time and I have to tell you, when I saw her tits the first time I was really impressed. They stood straight out with nipples almost an inch long, perfect for sucking on I thought, a beautiful camel toe shaved pussy, backed up by a really hot ass. I couldn’t help staring, but Gwen didn’t seem to notice as she filled the tub. I told her that I always sleep naked and it wasn’t a problem for my former roommate, but if it was for her, I would put a nighty on. She turned, looked me up and down very openly, so much so I blushed and told me that she always slept nude to, so it sure wasn’t a problem and as I got into the shower I was embarrassed that she had made my pussy get wet just looking at me. We finished our individual bathing rites and got in bed where Gwen said to me,”Don’t I get a good night kiss’ and I thought she was kidding at first, but then she asked again. I really didn’t want to offend her, so I agreed to a good night kiss and Gwen moved next to me and when our bodies touched, it was like an electric shock going through me.

She leaned into me, her tits rubbing against mine; put her hot lips to mine and woman or no woman kissing me, it was electrifying and my pussy got wet again. I pulled back, telling her that this couldn’t’ be, we were two women and I was a married lady, but she pulled me back and whispered into my ear, “Baby, I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day we met and I’ll give you the best fuck of your life” and then kissed me again, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I tried to pull away again, but she had her arms wrapped around me and I could feel her hot body pressing into mine and all of a sudden my resistance was gone. I just melted into her body as she gave me the kiss of a lifetime while stroking my body with one hand. I just couldn’t help myself, I was so fucking hot it was unbelievable and I just gave myself to her manipulations, spreading my legs for her when she put her hand between my legs. When she touched my pussy, my whole body shook as I went to a place I had never been before, I was now hers to do with as she pleased and I now wanted her to fuck me so bad I was shaking as she slid her finger into my blazing hot cunt. She took her tongue out of my mouth to say to me, “Oh baby, you’re so fucking hot and I’m going to make my little cunt so fucking happy baby, you do want me to fuck you don’t you baby” and I think I screamed out a yes. She then laid me down, put her tit in my mouth and as I sucked on her big nipple, I wrapped both hand around her awesome tit and sucked like I was nursing, while she was now playing with my tits while finger fucking me.

My pussy was on fire as she manipulated my hot cunt, stroking it up and down, sliding her finger into my cunt hole for a few seconds, playing with my clit and then starting the process all over again My husband never took the time to work my cunt like Gwen was doing and having Gwen’s big tit to suck on while she also was pulling on my nipples, put me right into fuck heaven. This little lady had me so fucking hot at that point; I would have done anything she wanted and then she put two or three fingers in my pussy, reached down with the other hand and stroked my clit, my body stiffened, my ass came off the bed and I had the most amazing cum of my life. She kept right at it with my pussy, finger fucking it and stroking it and it didn’t take long before I cumming like fountain again. Then she took her fingers out of my pussy and looking me in the eyes, put her cum covered fingers in her mouth and sucked all my juice off of them. You can’t believe what that did to my mind and body, it was the sexiest thing I ever saw and when she told me to spread my legs so she could taste my hot cunt, I lifted my legs into the air and spread them as far as I could. I couldn’t believe she was actually going to eat my pussy as I loved having my pussy eaten but my husband was not very good at it. She got down between my legs and when her mouth touched my blazing hot cunt, I thought I was going to die, it was an awesome feeling.

She kissed my cunt all over, then nibbled on my pussy lips and then started licking me from asshole to clit and I went out of my mind with lust and desire. She stopped for a quick second to tell me to talk to her, tell her what was happening and I couldn’t believe my ears as I loved to talk during sex but my husband didn’t like it, so I got very verbal. I told her how fucking good her mouth felt on my cunt, that I loved having her eat my pussy and as I got hotter and hotter as her tongue explored my hot pussy, I got more vocal and when she put a finger in my asshole, I let it all out. I begged her to make me her whore, telling her how much I wanted to be her whore and have her use me how ever she wanted; she asked if I was her cunt now and I responded with, “Oh yes, I’m your whore cunt, I’m your fucking whore cunt and need you to fuck me and make me your fucking pussy, God, eat my pussy and I’ll do anything for you, anything”. With that, she put some fingers in my pussy and while finger fucking both my asshole and pussy, she sucked my clit into her mouth and I went fucking crazy. I had never felt anything that good before and my body went stiff as I had the biggest orgasm of my life and she made me cum three straight times in a row. My body went limp after the third orgasm as she had virtually wore me out but when she got up beside me, took me into her arms and with a mouthful of my cum, kissed me, letting my own cum leak into my mouth, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back with all the passion I had in me.

The surprising part beside the fact that I let her have my body was that I really liked the taste of my own cum and I made sure I got every drop of my cum out of her mouth. When I was finished licking the inside of her mouth clean, Gwen while still holding me told me that I had the sweetest pussy she ever tasted and she was going to be spending a lot of time between my legs, feasting on my delicious cunt. She also told me how beautiful me and my pussy are, how sexy I am and how hot I made her just looking at me, all the while kissing my lips and face and I never felt so sexy in my life as I did then. She was rubbing her pussy against my leg while doing all this and it dawned on me that she must need relief but just when I was about to ask her what I could do, she moaned real loud and I felt this hot feeling on my thigh as she came on me. I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her as she was still fucking my leg and again I got that hot wet feeling on my leg as she came again. I started thinking about her needs and what was she going to want me to do for her as I wasn’t sure I could lick a hot cunt but right in the middle of my revelations, she told me I could suck on her tit if I would like to help me go to sleep and that fast I snuggled up to her big tits, sucked her nipple into my mouth and went off to sleep nursing on her tit. I had a great night’s sleep and when I awoke in the morning, I was still plaster to her hot body with her magnificent tit still in my mouth.

When Gwen saw I was now awake, she told me we had about forty five minutes before we met the girls for breakfast, so get on my back and spread my leg so she could have an early dessert and being my pussy was already wet, I did as told. She pushed my legs back to my shoulders, kissed and licked my thighs and ass and then quite unexpectedly, put her tongue in my asshole and I loved the feeling it gave me. She then put her finger in my ass and started licking my cunt lips, putting me in orbit as I told her how much I loved her tongue and what it did to me when she tongue fucked my asshole. She told me if I was a good girl she would do it again and I immediately told her in a little girl voice that I was good girl and would always be a good girl for her, which prompted her to ask if I was till her little whore. She now had her tongue inside my cunt and I went off on a tangent telling her that I was still her little whore and would always be her whore cunt and that she could use her whore whenever she wanted and would do anything for her. She replaced her tongue with a few fingers, sucked my clit into her mouth and was now finger fucking my ass and cunt while sucking me off and I was now almost shouting, “Oh yes baby, fuck me baby, fuck my cunt, fuck my asshole baby, make your fucking whore cum for you baby” and the cum just rocketed out of my pussy” as I was pinned to the bed and almost delirious with lust as she worked my cunt over.

She made me cum four times for her and the last time she was playing with her pussy and came as I did, pushing her whole hand into my pussy up to her wrist, making my pussy feel so full it was incredible. She moved so I could close my legs around her hand, another awesome feeling and told me that if I was a very good girl today, she would fuck me like that tonight and of course I told her I was going to her very good girl today. She let her hand slide out of my pussy, half turned me, slapped me on the ass and told me to get dressed, but just in a skirt and top, absolutely nothing else and for the very first time in my life, I went out without panties and in a short skirt no less. As we were leaving the room, Gwen took me into her arms, took hold of my ass and asked me whose whore I am, to which I replied that I was her whore and it made my pussy wet as I love being called a whore for some reason. She also asked if I was going to be a good little cunt and do what she asked and I told her that for sure I was going to be her good little cunt. We met the girls in the dining room, had breakfast with both girls commenting on how healthy I looked, but of course they didn’t know it was because of Gwen and the fact that I was naked beneath my clothes. We got our golf carts and while I was driving to the first hole down a fairly secluded cart path, Gwen pulled my skirt up and put her finger in my pussy and it was all I could do to keep the cart moving in a straight line.

By the time we got to the first hole, my pussy was so fucking hot, all I wanted to do was have Gwen strip me naked and fuck my brains out and she had her finger in my cunt every chance she had. When we were going to the fifteenth hole we were driving on a totally secluded cart path and Gwen told the girls we had to make a pit stop as she had to pee. The girls kept on going, Gwen took my skirt off me and ate my pussy, making me cum twice for her, and it was the best day I ever had on a golf course. After the round of golf we went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner and Gwen made me take a bath with her, the best bath ever. She washed me from head to toe, using her hands as a wash cloth and it was the most sensuous bath imaginable, especially when she had me bend over and washed my ass and asshole, then she put her tongue in my asshole while fingering my pussy. She kept me right on the edge the whole bath without letting me cum, then when she dried me off, she kissed every part of my body, and eating my pussy last. Just as she had me about to cum and I was begging her to make me cum, she stood up and said I had to kiss her pussy if I wanted her to make me cum. I kind of knew it was coming and after tasting my pussy, I was a little curious as to what her pussy tasted like.