She stood there, legs spread pushing me down to my knees, which didn’t take much pushing and when I was on my knees, mouth at her cunt, this strange feeling came over me. Not a bad feeling, but a feeling that made me feel that I was really her little whore now and my body and brain were a raging inferno as I did her bidding. Her pussy was so wet there were drops of cum running down her legs and I licked up the cum before I licked her pussy. When I licked the cum off Gwen’s legs she moaned real loud and when I grabbed her ass and put my mouth on her hot cunt she got very vocal. She was telling me to show her what a good whore I am and eat her cunt and make her cum, which hearing her say it, made me want to devour her sweet cunt. As I was licking her cunt I realized that I really liked how it tasted and that I was also on my knees to her pussy, being her cunt lapping whore and was so fucking hot I was about to cum myself. I out my tongue in her cunt hole and she moaned real loud as she filled my mouth with her red hot cum and I swallowed every bit of her cunt juice, savoring the taste as I did. She was kind of riding my face now and saying, “That’s it my cunt lapping lesbian whore, eat my fucking cunt you fucking whore, show me what a hot fucking cunt lapper you are whore and make my fucking cunt happy my little lesbian whore.” I realized then how much I like to be talked dirty too during sex as she had me so hot from talking to me; I came without ever touching my pussy.

My husband never talked or wanted me to and Gwen was saying everything I ever wanted to hear while having hot sex and when Gwen called me her little fucking lesbian cunt lapping slut and told me to get on the bed so she could lay down while I ate her cunt out, I think I ran to the bed. She laid down with her legs spread wide open, I dived between them to get to her hot pussy and when I started licking that sweet, sweet cunt again, I thought about what she did to me and put my finger up her ass while tongue fucking her beautiful hot cunt. Gwen moaned even louder and said, “God baby, you are a natural born cunt lapper, born to eat my pussy you fucking lesbian pussy licking cunt lapping slut and you are the best fucking whore ever you little cock sucking cunt lapping whore slut” and I was out of my mind with lust for her and was eating her pussy with every ounce of passion I had in my pulsating, hot cunted body. Then when she said, “Put your fingers in my pussy and suck my clit you fucking whore bitch and eat my cunt out like the good little fucking girl you are,” I squeezed my legs together and came again without touching my boiling hot pussy for the second time. The Gwen’s ass came off the bed and she flooded my mouth with her sweet cum again, making me want even more of her hot cunt’s sweet nectar and I attacked her pussy, making her cum four or five more times before my jaw started getting tired out. Gwen pulled me on top of her then, wrapped her arms and legs around me, while sticking her tongue down my throat and then told me I was the hottest piece of ass she ever had, which made me very proud.

Then she said to me, “You really like being talked to don’t you baby, while fucking” and I told her I loved it and what she said to me, I also told her that when she called me her little lesbian whore, I came without touching my pussy. She told me I was one hot fucking cunt, the hottest fucking cunt she ever fucked and I hugged her real tight and made her promise she would always talk to me like that. From that day on, whenever we are alone, she always tells me what a fucking lesbian whore slut I am and when she addresses me, it’s always by cunt lapper or pussy licking cunt and I love it. She then put her hand on my pussy and started stroking and playing with my pussy and told me to tell her what I was feeling. I proceeded to tell her how good her fingers felt on my pussy, how happy I was that she made me her whore and I just loved eating her hot sweet cunt and then she made me tell her I was nothing but a cunt lapping little slut, born to be her cunt lapping whore and her fucking lesbian sex slave. She had me so hot from saying all that, I came like a dam had broken, covering both our pussies in my hot cum and making Gwen wrap her legs back around me, while telling me to be a good whore and cum again for her. In the state I was in, it didn’t take much for Gwen to make me cum again, only this time she buried her tongue in my mouth, giving me it to suck on while I came and at that moment, I would have eaten Gwen’s cunt on TV if she wanted me too.

Gwen held me tight as I shook from the excitement of cumming so hard, telling me how beautiful I am and I excited her so much, she didn’t want to ever let me go, which of course was exactly what I needed to hear just then. We both wanted to get room service for dinner but knew we couldn’t, so I got a wash cloth and towel and washed Gwen’s pussy for her, of course kissing that sweet piece of meat while doing so. We had both bought dresses for dinner that night and again for the very first time ever in a dress, I got dressed without a bra or panties, thigh high stockings Gwen had with her, heels and when I was dressed, I really felt like a whore, very stimulating, keeping my pussy quite wet throughout the night. We ate in one of the resort restaurants of course, the one with the dimly lit tables and high prices but for me, it was worth every penny. Gwen had her hand up my dress every chance that presented itself, which was most of the time we were in the place and she kept putting her fingers in my pussy and then licking my cunt juice of them, surprising the hell out of me the other two girls never even noticed her doing it. By the time we were finished our salad, I was so hot I was ready to explode and Gwen took me into the ladies, pulled me into a booth, pulled my dress up and finger fucked me with all four of her fingers and made me cum so much, there was a pool of my cum on the floor. She pulled my dress back down and I told her I was so happy she came into my life and made me her little whore, which made her kiss me and tell me she was really, really happy about it too.

After dinner we went to this club the resort ran, that had a band, had a few drinks and danced with each other, fending off the single guys who asked us to dance. Now I don’t know why the other two girls didn’t want to dance with the guys, but as for me, I just wanted to get back to our room and get naked for Gwen and have her use me like the little whore I have become for her. Gwen and I stayed for about an hour and a half then made excuses and left the other two ladies by themselves. There was nobody on the tree lined path that led us back to our room, so Gwen had her hand up my dress, rubbing my ass as we walked and we came across another path that crossed the one we were on and Gwen led me down it. It was really dark on that path as it wasn’t lit at all, the only light coming from the distance and after a few minutes we came across a statue fountain that was not lit either. Gwen took me in her arms, kissed me with so much passion I thought my cunt was going to explode and then undid the button on my dress and pulled it down to my waist, leaving me standing there naked from the waist up. My pussy got wetter; my nipples were rock hard as this was the first time I was ever outside almost naked and then Gwen had me take the dress the rest of the way off. My pussy was now so fucking hot you could have fried eggs on it and then Gwen made me pose for her showing off my pussy of course, making me spread my cunt lips and bending over to show off my ass for her.

After showing my body off to her, Gwen told me it was time for me to undress her and like a good little sex slave, I did just that, kissing every part of her body while I undressed her. I was so hot, I think flames were coming out of my pussy. After I undressed her, she went down to her knees and began kissing my boiling hot cunt, which was now even hotter as I stood there totally naked except for the heels and stockings, kind of scared we would be caught but even more turned on being naked and having my pussy being eaten in a public place. It didn’t take long for Gwen to make me cum and I came so hard I almost lost my balance, then it was my turn to eat Gwen’s sweet cunt and as I got on my knees, you can’t imagine how turned on I was thinking somebody could catch me naked, eating out Gwen and my pussy was so hot that when Gwen came for me, so did I. Gwen filled my mouth with her tasty cunt juice and I wanted more, but Gwen made me stop and told me to gather up my dress as we were walking to our room naked. I just knew somebody was going to catch us being naked but my pussy was so hot, I think it leaked cum the whole walk to our room. We did get seen by a few people but luckily for us, not our friends and all getting seen did was make my pussy even hotter for Gwen and by the time we got to our room, my cunt was ready to explode. Gwen knew this because as soon as she shut the door behind us, she put me against the doo, shoved her fingers into my raging cunt and said, “Cum for me you fucking cunt lapping little whore” and my knees buckled as I came so hard I couldn’t stand.

Gwen let me go to the floor, then stood over me and I think that was the sexiest sight I ever saw, her standing there in heels, black thigh high stockings and a pussy so wet it was dripping cum onto my face. She lowered her pussy onto my waiting mouth and I had at her hot cunt with every ounce of passion in me and it only took a minute before Gwen covered my face and filled my mouth with her totally delicious cunt cream. I was so fucking hot for her pussy; I kept licking and sucking her beautiful cunt, actually sucking her cum right out of her pussy and down my throat until Gwen couldn’t take anymore and made me stop. Gwen had moved so much that she had not only cum on my face and in my mouth, but she also came on my throat and tits, covering the top part of me in her hot cum. If I thought I felt like a whore before, it was nothing compared to what I was feeling now laying naked on the floor in heels and thigh highs, covered in Gwen’s cum with her wet cunt resting on my tit as she straddled me and I knew I was a whore, a cunt lapping little whore. Now Gwen must be a bit of a mind reader because as I lay there looking into her eyes she told me what a hot little cunt lapping whore I am and I was the best piece of ass she ever had and she made me tell her my pussy belonged to her and that I loved having my mouth on her cunt, eating her pussy.

Then she got to her feet, pulled me up, took my hand and pulled me to the bed saying, “Come on cunt lapper, you’re going to do your first sixty nine” and we took off the heels but left the stockings on, she put me on my back and got on top of me with her pussy right at my mouth. I could feel her big tits pressing into my belly which added to the whole feeling and I took hold of her ass, sinking my tongue into her pussy as far as it could go. It was just to fucking beautiful for words and I made Gwen cum for me so many times my hair was cum soaked and the only reason we stopped out marathon cunt eating session was because both our jaws were aching a lot. For not having a cock in me, it was the most incredible night of sex I could possibly imagine and when we couldn’t fuck anymore, Gwen took me in her arms, put her big nipple in my mouth and told me we would bathe in the morning, so suck myself to sleep, but all I could do was hold her nipple in my mouth as my jaw ached too much to suck anymore. I lay there covered in Gwen’s now sticky cum, never feeling more alive or satisfied in my entire life and I drifted off to sleep thinking how happy I was that Gwen had come into my life. The next morning I had my second female to female sixty nine that I initiated this time, we then took a bath where Gwen managed to get her whole hand in my cunt and fist fucked me into an amazing orgasm. I was disappointed it wasn’t raining as I really wanted to spend the day in bed with Gwen being her little sex slave whore.

But it was not to be, so we played a round of golf where Gwen managed to finger fuck me twice, making me cum both times and then on the drive home she managed to finger my pussy every now and then, making me so hot I would have gladly let her strip and fuck me with the girls in the front seat, but Gwen didn’t want to upset the apple cart so to speak. When we got back to the our club and after unloading our clubs, Gwen saw the cart barn was empty, took me to the only room in the cart barn, stripped me, ate my pussy and fist fucked me again into fucking bliss. We agreed that we had to be careful now as we sure didn’t want anyone figuring out we were lovers and it’s been a little over two weeks since our trip and I have stopped wearing panties when I play, but all we have managed until today was a few kisses and Gwen giving me a few finger fucking quickies. But now it is Wednesday and both Gwen and I have called into work sick and I’m sitting here in heels and stockings, with a dripping pussy, patiently waiting for my lover to come claim her little cunt lapping whore.