The afternoon was hot as Amy walked along the concrete sidewalk toward the school. It was mid July and the oppressive heat had begun a week ago, with each day since in the high nineties. As she walked past a low bungalow with a neatly trimmed front lawn, she heard shrieks and splashing as kids played in an unseen backyard pool. The thought of the cool water on her skin only made the day seem hotter.

She was eighteen, slender and pretty with straight light brown hair that fell to the small of her back. Today it was tied up in a ponytail against the heat, revealing the delicate curve of her neck and accentuating her high cheekbones. Her green eyes were slightly almond shaped and her skin had an olive tone, made even darker by the tan that she seemed to acquire every summer without really trying. She wore a light cotton blouse and denim cut-off shorts that showed off her long, slender legs. The two top buttons of the loose-fitting blouse were undone to show just a hint of cleavage and the edges of the white bra underneath, her tits straining at the thin fabric. They were a full C-cup but looked bigger on her lithe one hundred and ten pound body. She stood about five foot eight and was proud of her figure. Until she was fourteen, she had always been taller than her friends, and most boys, with that gangly and awkward pubescent look. Once her chest began to develop and her curves became more pronounced, her height, once a curse, suddenly helped her blossom into the beautiful young woman she now was. She was always catching boys, and men, staring lustily at her. At first it had been discomforting having them drooling over her body, but she soon realized the power she held over the opposite sex and began to dress in outfits that showed off her considerable assets. Not that she started dressing like a hooker, but she began wearing tighter jeans and more revealing tops. And she had started dating during her junior year. Never anything serious and she hadn’t allowed any of them to go further than necking and some heavy petting, although when Jason put his hand on her tits one night, she didn’t try to stop him. She allowed him to fondle them (rather awkwardly) over her shirt, but put a stop to his advances when he tried to move his hand under it.

She crossed the street and could see the waves of heat rising from the pavement, creating shimmering mirages of water puddles here and there. She made her way across the front lawn of the school and started around back where the playground was. Her best friend Sheri was sitting on one of the swings. She had her head down, gripping the chains and was slowly spinning in a circle over the dry, dusty ground with the toes of her dusty white sneakers, twisting the chains together over her head. Her shoulder-length blonde hair fell forward, hiding her face.

“Hey, Sheri!” Amy called, waving to her.

Sheri looked up and waved, then lifted her feet and let the chains unwind, spinning her several times, then jumped free as they unwound, jangling as the seat of the swing twisted and jumped. She staggered uncertainly, a goofy smile on her face, as Amy approached. She grinned at Amy, her smile lighting up her pretty, pixie-like features. She was also eighteen, with a small, thin body. She was wearing khaki cargo shorts and a white sleeveless cotton blouse. She wore an orange bikini top under the blouse, which could be plainly seen through the thin fabric. She stood about five foot three and weighed about ninety-five pounds, and looked much younger than her age. Her breasts were a B-cup, not big, but perfectly sized for her small body.

“Hi, Amy. Warm, huh?”

Amy nodded and gazed around the playground. “Where’s Tanya?” Tanya was the third member of their little cadre and the three were rarely seen apart.

Sheri frowned and sighed. “She had to go to her grandmother’s. She won’t be back until tonight.”

Amy sighed and sat down on the swing next to the one Sheri had just vacated. Sheri sat back down, pushing the swing gently with her feet. They sat there in silence for a few moments, the sun beating down on them. Sheri squinted her eyes and glanced up at it.

“Too fucking hot to do anything!” She kicked at the dry dirt under her feet, creating a small dust cloud. Amy nodded

“Yeah,” was all she said. A few more seconds passed in silence.

Sheri looked over at her. “Wanna go to the lake?”

Amy thought for a second and nodded. “Sure. Maybe we can catch some cute guys skinny-dipping!” They both giggled and started off across the ballfield behind the playground toward the woods, knowing that wasn’t likely.

The lake was a favorite spot for the local teenagers. You could drive up to it on one side and park in an old picnic area. The picnic tables were long gone but it had become a popular place for parking. If you believed the rumors, many a young girl lost her virginity while parked there. But that wasn’t were Amy and Sheri were headed. Across the lake from the picnic area there was a small grassy clearing that was the hangout for those teenagers not lucky enough, or old enough, to be equipped with wheels. A footpath led almost half a mile through the woods behind the ballfield to the lake, then followed the lakeshore for a couple of hundred yards to the clearing. It was about a quarter of a mile across the lake from the picnic area and kids often sat there watching the cars pull up and park, making bets on whose windows would fog over first, whose car would start rocking first – stuff like that. Part of the clearing was fronted along the shoreline by thick brush and pine trees so you couldn’t be seen from the picnic area if you didn’t want to be seen. The rest of it was a pebbly beach and was a popular swimming hole.

They emerged from the woods and followed the path along the shoreline to the clearing. They didn’t see anyone in the water and as they got closer, they could see no one was in the clearing either. When they got there, they both dropped to the soft grass in the shade of the trees.

“Whew!” Amy gasped, wiping a hand across her damp forehead. “It’s really hot!” They sat in silence for a moment, looking out over the cool, inviting water while they caught their breath after the hike through the woods.

“Wanna go for a swim?” Sheri asked “I wore my suit. Did you?”

Amy looked out over the dark inviting water and shook her head. “Nope,” she said, then grinned at Sheri. “I guess I’ll have to go skinny-dipping!”

“I dare you to!” Sheri said, her eyes wild. Amy looked around. It was obvious they were alone.

“Ok,” she said, grinning impishly at her friend.

Sheri seemed surprised. “You wouldn’t!”

“Sure, why not?” She gestured across the lake, then toward the path. “No one’s at the picnic area and we’ll be able to see anyone coming down the path long before they get here.” Her eyes sparkled. “Let’s both do it!”

Sheri looked around nervously. She and Amy had been friends for years, but she was keeping a secret from her. She wanted to be more than just friends with the pretty and popular brunette. But she was terrified at the thought of telling Amy how she felt. It would no doubt mean the end of their friendship and when word got around town, . . . well . . . her life would be pretty much over. And it wasn’t like she wasn’t attracted to guys, too. She’d been out on a few dates, sometimes doubling with Amy. It was just that she found girls attractive as well – Amy in particular. The idea of her and Amy swimming naked together both excited and terrified her. She could feel her nipples hardening at the thought.

Amy stood up, looking around cautiously. Sheri lay back on the grass with her hands clasped behind her head, watching her. Amy pulled the scrunchie from her hair and shook her head, releasing her pony tail. Her long, silky hair fell across her shoulders and down her back. She began to unbutton her blouse, looking down the path. Sheri squinted up at her, shading her eyes with her hand.

“You’re really going to do it!?”

Amy grinned and nodded. “Uh-huh! Come on! Don’t chicken out on me!” She undid the last button, took her top off, and hung it on a tree branch. Sheri could see her nipples poking against her bra as she leaned over to hang up her blouse. She turned back to her and began to unfasten her shorts. “Hurry up!” she said as she lowered the fly and began to wriggle the tight shorts over her hips. She kicked off her sneakers, then pulled the shorts off and hung them on the branch next to her top.

Sheri stood up, her eyes taking in Amy’s body as she stood there in just her bra and panties, grinning, with her arms folded over her chest and waited for Sheri to start undressing. Taking a deep breath and looking nervously down the path, Sheri began unbuttoning her top. She removed it and hung it on a branch next to Amy’s clothes. Then she unfastened and removed her shorts, placing them with their other clothes. She stood up and looked over at Amy. Her nipples were now fully erect, leaving large bumps in her top. She hoped Amy didn’t notice. Amy grinned and reached her hands behind her back.

“On three?” Sheri took another breath and reached around to the clasp of her bikini top. She nodded. “One . . . two . . . three!” Amy released her bra and pulled it free, her firm tits bouncing slightly as they were freed from their restraint. Sheri hesitated a second, then removed her top. Her smaller tits barely moved as she pulled her bikini from them. She hung it next to her top, trying hard not to stare at Amy’s beautiful tits.

Amy grinned at her and put her hands on the waistband of her panties. “Ready?” She didn’t bother to wait for Sheri. She bent over and slipped the white bikini style panties down and off, stepping gracefully from them. She hung them on the branch and stood grinning anxiously at Sheri, completely naked. Sheri paused for a second, her eyes on Amy’s perfect body, then she pulled her bikini bottoms down and off. She stood up anxiously, unsure of what Amy’s reaction to her own naked body would be. But Amy was already running toward the water. “Come on!” She ran into the water, splashing it high all around her. Small rainbows formed in the spray, then quickly disappeared. Sheri watched Amy’s firm round ass as she ran into the water, then disappeared under the surface. Amy turned to her, only her head visible above the waves, and beckoned her into the water. “Come on in! It feels great!”

Sheri took one last glance down the path, then ran into the water, diving headfirst when it came up over her knees. The water felt so cool and refreshing that for a moment she forgot that she was swimming naked in public with a girl she had a crush on. She surfaced a second later and brushed her wet hair from her face, gulping in air. She looked over at Amy, who was floating on her back about ten feet away, her long hair fanning straight out around her head. Her tits just broke the surface and Sheri could easily see her nipples were just as hard as her own. Of course, they were skinny-dipping in a public place and it didn’t necessarily mean that Amy felt anything sexual toward her.

“Ahhhh,” Amy sighed, paddling gently with her hands to stay afloat. “This feels great!” Sheri swam closer to her, trying to get nearer without giving away her desire for her beautiful friend. Amy splashed her and they began a water fight, laughing and shrieking as they flailed around in the cool water. Sheri was becoming very aroused being this close to Amy’s naked body. Realizing that they were making a lot of noise, they stopped splashing and swam around for a bit, chatting and watching the path to make sure no one snuck up on them. After about fifteen minutes, they got out of the water and went over to where their clothes were. The water beaded on their bare skin and dripped to the grass.

“Shit! We don’t have anything to dry off with!” Sheri exclaimed. It was becoming more and more difficult not to stare openly at Amy’s voluptuous body.

Amy was nonplused. “No big deal.” She sat down cross-legged on the grass and picked at some weeds. Sheri could clearly see her neatly trimmed pussy and quickly averted her eyes. “We’ll be dry in a few minutes in this heat.” Sheri looked anxiously down the path. “Relax!” Amy said as she picked one of the weeds and stuck it into her mouth. She patted the grass next to her. “We’ll be able to see if anyone comes along. Have a seat!” Sheri went over next to her and sat down. She was more nervous about being here alone and naked with Amy than if anyone else came along, but she decided it was a good excuse for her anxiety and played along. As they both sat drying in the hot sun, Amy leaned back on her arms and stretched her long, tanned legs out in front of her. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, her wet hair hanging loosely about her shoulders and her tits flattening slightly. Sheri let her eyes move over Amy’s body, from her perfect tits down across her flat stomach to the neatly trimmed little rectangle of pubic hair, then to just the very top of her slit, and down her long slender legs, then back up to her tits. Her nipples still protruded prominently and water beaded on her tanned skin and ran across the milky whiteness of her breasts. Sheri suddenly realized she was staring and quickly glanced up to make sure Amy’s eyes were still closed. To her horror, Amy was looking back at her and smiling. Sheri quickly averted her eyes, looking down the path, then out over the lake.

Neither spoke for a long moment until Amy said, “I’ve been thinking about completely shaving my pussy. What do you think?” Sheri was still staring out across the water and jerked her head around, surprised by Amy’s question.

“Huh? What?”

Amy smiled at her and nodded toward her pubic area. “I noticed you looking at my little patch and was wondering if you thought I should shave it all off.” Sheri swallowed hard and shrugged. “Do you shave?” Amy moved her head to try and see Sheri’s pussy, but she was sitting cross-legged with her arms resting on her thighs.

Sheri shook her head, looking down. “No. I . . . I don’t have much and it’s blonde . . . so it’s hard to see anyway.”

“Oh,” Amy said, then stared off across the lake. She was starting to enjoy laying here naked. The sun felt good on her skin and it was nice being here alone with Sheri. For a few minutes, neither spoke. The silence was becoming uncomfortable. Finally Amy said, “This is kinda fun, you know. We should do this more often.” Sheri turned to her and Amy broke out into a devilish grin. “It feels so . . . bad!” That broke the tension a little and they both began to giggle, each stealing awkward glances at the other. The laughter eventually died off and they sat in silence for a few more minutes. Sheri was about to get up and put her clothes on when Amy spoke again, this time softly.

“Have you ever thought about . . . you know, . .” Sheri turned to her. Now it was Amy who seemed nervous. Their eyes met. “Uh . . .,” she continued, looking down, then looked back up to meet Sheri’s eyes. ” . . . what it would be like . . . with another girl?”

Sheri stared at her, her jaw dropping. She couldn’t believe her ears! When she didn’t respond, Amy tried to act like it was just a casual question. “Because, uh . . . Carl had this video and . . .” Carl was Amy’s older brother.

Sheri finally found her voice. “You mean . . . like, making out and stuff?” Her voice trembled slightly and she hoped Amy didn’t pick up on it. Amy studied her face intently. She nodded, her brilliant green eyes locked on Sheri’s blue ones. Sheri looked down, not knowing how to answer. “Well, I . . .”

Amy kept her eyes locked on Sheri’s. “I do,” she said quietly. “With you.” Sheri swallowed hard. She felt her heart leap and wanted to answer Amy, throw herself into her arms, but she found she couldn’t speak, or move. She was still shocked by Amy’s revelation. Amy sighed and reached for her clothes. “I’m sorry, Sheri. I shouldn’t have said anything. Now you think I’m some kind of love-sick dyke . . .”

“No,” Sheri cried, finally finding her voice. She reached out and touched Amy’s arm. In a soft voice, she said, “I . . . I feel . . .the same way . . . about you.” Her voice trailed off, the last few words barely a whisper.

Amy let her hand fall from her clothes and slowly turned to face the petite blonde. “You . . . you do?”

Sheri smiled nervously and nodded. “I was afraid to tell you because . . .” Amy cut her off with a wave of her hand.

“Because you didn’t want me to laugh and spread the word around school. Trust me, I know exactly what you mean!” They both giggled nervously, their eyes roaming over each other’s naked body with renewed interest. Amy leaned closer, her eyes once more locking on Sheri’s. “For real?”

Sheri nodded and moved closer. “For real.”

“Kiss me, then,” Amy whispered, moving still closer. Sheri licked her lips. This was the moment she had been dreaming of. She moved closer and closed her eyes. The sweet scent of Amy’s hair filled her senses and the world seemed to stop as their lips met, soft and warm. They held the kiss for a few seconds, then pulled apart, watching each other closely. Amy smiled slightly, reached out and placed her hands on Sheri’s cheeks, and pulled her face back to hers. Their lips touched again and this time Sheri felt Amy’s tongue probing at her closed lips. She opened her mouth, inviting Amy’s tongue in. She met it with hers and they kissed hungrily for several minutes, their tongues moving together in a sensual dance. They began to caress each other, their hands gently stroking the other’s soft skin for the first time. They were so engrossed in each other and the excitement of newfound love that they didn’t notice the two guys emerge from the woods and start down the path toward the clearing.

Chapter 2

Amy was lost in the feelings of desire for Sheri. Like Sheri, she too had felt the strong sexual attraction between the two of them but didn’t know how to approach her friend about it. She wasn’t sure she understood it herself. The skinny-dipping idea was a spur of the moment thing and she was curious to see how Sheri would react, hoping for an opportunity to tell her how she felt.

She sensed their presence before she broke off the passionate embrace with Sheri and rolled over to see them grinning down at them. One was a tall dark-haired guy she knew only as Bill. He was older than them – he’d graduated the previous year. He was dressed in a white t-shirt and boxer style swim shorts. The other, who she’d seen around town but didn’t know, was busy snapping pictures of them with his camera phone. He was wearing cutoffs and a red t-shirt. They both had beach towels draped over their shoulders.

“Oh, shit!” Amy moaned. Sheri rolled over and saw them, her eyes widening in horror and utter embarrassment.

“Now, now, girls. Don’t let us interrupt,” Bill said in a mocking tone as he grinned at them. “Just keep doing what you were doing and pay us no mind!” Amy’s eyes went to where their clothes were hanging just a few feet away. Bill caught her look and quickly moved between them and their clothes. “Aw, now you don’t need these!” He picked up Sheri’s bikini bottoms and pressed them to his face, inhaling deeply. “Ahh . . .” he sighed, leering at them.

“Give me that!” Sheri cried. She started to get up, then hesitated, her hands covering her breasts and pussy.

“No, . . . no, I don’t think so,” Bill said, twirling the garment on his finger. “I think maybe we’re gonna have a little party first. Just the four of us!”

Sheri looked at Amy, shock in her eyes, then up to Bill. “Wh . . . what!?” Her eyes darted from Bill to the other guy, who paused between pictures to grin and wink at them.

“What do ya think, John? Should we put these pictures on the net?” John stopped taking pictures and began to scan through them, grinning widely. He came over next to Bill and they both looked at the images on the phone, whistling and pointing. “Not bad. I don’t know if we could get any money from a porn site, but they sure would cause a stir around here!” They both laughed.

“What do you want!?” Amy asked. Her and Sheri were huddled together on the grass, trying to hide behind each other. Their dreamy afternoon delight had turned into a horrific nightmare.

Bill looked back down at them and shrugged, glancing over at John. “Well, I thought we could start with blow-jobs and go from there!” He nudged John, who nodded and slipped his phone into his pocket.

Amy felt Sheri’s grip tighten on her arm. “No! I , we, won’t do it, you assholes!”

John shrugged and Bill said, “Suit yourselves.” They began to walk away, Bill still carrying Sheri’s bikini bottom.

Amy looked at Sheri, a hurt look in her eyes, then called out, “Wait!” The two guys stopped and slowly turned to face the naked teens. Amy crossed her arms over her breasts and stood up, ignoring their stares at her pussy. “What are you going to do with the pictures?” she demanded, trying to act brave.

They grinned and laughed. “Let’s just say you two are going to be quite famous in our little town!” Bill replied with a grin.

Amy crouched down and looked pleadingly at Sheri. “We can’t let them do that! Our lives will be ruined!” Sheri looked down, then back up at Amy, a tear running down her cheek.

“I know, but I’ve never . . .” She sniffed and wiped the tear from her cheek. Bill and John stood impatiently on the other side of the clearing.

“Come on, girls. What’s it gonna be? We ain’t got all day!” Bill called out. They looked over at him and Amy held up one finger. She turned back to Sheri.

“I know, honey. I haven’t either. But I don’t think we have a choice. It’s them, or . . .” She didn’t have to say any more. Sheri was all too aware of what would happen. She’d played the scenario over in her head a thousand times trying to work up the nerve to tell Amy how she felt.

Sheri squeezed Amy’s hand and nodded sadly. “I know,” she whispered.

Bill took a step toward them. “What’s it gonna be ladies?” He grinned at John. “Do we party or go home and fire up the computer?” Amy looked at Sheri one more time and Sheri nodded reluctantly, lowering her head. Amy stood up and turned to face them, her arms at her sides in a defiant gesture.

“All right. We’ll do it.”

With a grin to each other, Bill and John started walking back toward the two naked girls. They could feel their eyes on their naked flesh and it felt to Amy like slimy bugs crawling across her skin. Amy once more moved toward their clothes, but Bill beat her to them. He pointed to their sneakers. “Put those on. We’re going to another place I know that’s a little more private.” He gathered up their clothes and bundled them under his arm, with the exception of Amy’s panties, which he passed to John. John took a good sniff then looked at them.

“Whose are these?” he asked, holding the white panties out.

Amy stuck her feet into her sneakers and glared at him as Sheri pulled hers on. “They’re mine, dickhead. And I want them back!” She held out her hand and took a step toward him.

Bill put an arm out to stop her. “Uh, uh,” he said, wagging a finger in her face. “Maybe after. It’s up to John.” She looked over at John, who held them to his face again and shook his head, grinning sadistically.

“Why can’t we put our clothes on?” Sheri asked in a pleading voice. Amy cringed. One thing she didn’t want to do was to appear weak and helpless. That was just what they wanted and Sheri was playing right into their hands.

“Naw,” Bill said with a wave of his hand. “It ain’t that far and you’d only have to take them off again when we get there. Besides,” he added with a wink to John. “If we have your clothes, you’re less likely to try to run away!” He looked up at the hot sun. “And it’s too damned hot to go chasing you through the woods!” Amy looked over at Sheri, who was still trying to cover herself with her hands. She reached out and took her hand, shaking her head. Sheri sighed and reluctantly dropped her other arm to her side. Bill and John stood looking at them and Amy could see the bulges growing in their shorts. John looked over at Bill.

“Very nice! This could be a good afternoon!” They both laughed and Bill pointed to a small path leading off into the woods from the far side of the clearing.

“This way, ladies. Just follow the path. I’ll tell you when to stop.” Amy led Sheri to the path, still holding her hand. But the path was narrow and slightly overgrown. They soon had to let go and walk single file to avoid the bushes. Sheri focused on Amy’s small, heart-shaped ass as they trudged along the path. It was hot in the woods, without the slightest hint of a breeze to cool them. Flies buzzed non-stop and the branches scratched at their bare skin, leaving long, thin red welts along their legs and thighs. Sheri tried to ignore the leering eyes she knew were watching her own ass, instead concentrating on following Amy and avoiding as many branches as she could.

After several minutes, Bill called out for them to stop. He squeezed past them on the narrow path, intentionally rubbing his body against theirs as he did. He stepped a few feet past Amy and held some branches aside on the side of the path. He ignored her hateful glare and gestured for her to go through. “In here.” Amy stepped through, followed closely by Sheri, who ignored Bill’s lustful look. A few yards in, they emerged into another grassy clearing on the edge of the lake. There was an old rock-lined fire pit in the center and it was completely open to the lake, although they couldn’t see anything but trees on the other side.

“Much more private, don’t you think, ladies?” Bill said, looking around the small clearing.

The girls turned to face them. “Let’s just get this over with,” Amy snarled.

Bill looked amused. “Now, now! There’s no need to be mean about it! You never know – you might just enjoy it!”

“I doubt it!” Sheri growled, finally showing some backbone. Amy squeezed her hand reassuringly.

Bill ignored her comment and turned to John. “Do you have a preference?”

John looked over both of them, then his eyes settled on Sheri. “I’ve always been partial to blondes,” he replied. Sheri shuddered.

“Works for me!” Bill exclaimed. He walked over and stood before Amy, then dropped his towel at his feet. “On your knees, baby!” Amy looked at Sheri and gave her hand another squeeze, forcing a smile. Then she released Sheri’s hand and dropped to her knees before Bill. She looked at the growing bulge in his shorts then up to him.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said flatly, showing no emotion in her face or voice.

He sighed and rolled his eyes. “Just pull my shorts down, put my cock in your mouth, and suck. It’s not complicated.”

Amy looked back at his shorts. With a sigh, she reluctantly grasped the waistband and pulled downward. His shorts slid down, revealing the curly black hairs of his pubic area and the thick base of his nearly fully erect penis. As she lowered his shorts further, mesmerized by her first look at a live cock, the waistband slipped over the tip and it sprang up, nearly hitting her in the face and startling her. She stared at it, the large purple head only a few inches from her face. She could smell the musky aroma and see the precum oozing from the hole in the tip.

“C’mon! Take them all the way off!” he demanded. Amy quickly pulled his shorts down to his ankles and he kicked them free while he pulled off his t-shirt. Her eyes instinctively went back to his hard cock. It was of average size, about seven inches. But having never seen one before, it seemed huge to her. More fluid was seeping from the hole, covering the large helmet-shaped glans in a slick coating. The rest of it was rough, with a large purple vein running down the length of it. It almost seemed to pulse as it bobbed in front of her face.

“Lick it!” he hissed, pushing it closer to her face. Amy swallowed hard and took a deep breath. She tentatively took it in her hand, then stuck out her tongue and hesitantly touched it to the tip. She was surprised at the smooth softness of it. A drop of the pre-cum fell to her tongue and she could taste the tangy fluid. It wasn’t exactly good, but it wasn’t that bad, she decided.

Bill watched as she slowly licked his cock, exploring it with her tongue. He was really getting turned on watching the pretty teen taste cock for the first time and couldn’t wait to have it inside that sweet little mouth. After a few minutes of Amy licking his throbbing tool, he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Open up, honey! Suck my cock!” he said, placing a hand on her head.

Amy looked up at him, her eyes vacant, and opened her mouth. He moved her head back down and pushed his cock against her lips. When she made no attempt to suck it in, he pushed forward on the back of her head, forcing his cock all the way in to the back of her throat. Amy immediately gagged and after a second or two, he pulled it back out. She began to retch and cough. He gave her a few moments, never letting go of her hair. When she finally stopped, he forced her to look up at him.

“Now, we can do this the hard way, or the easy way. If you don’t want to play along, I’ll just fuck your mouth like that until I cum. It’s all the same to me. But I think it would be better for you if you went along and put a little more enthusiasm into it, don’t you think?” He smiled down at her, but his eyes were cold. She nodded as best she could with his hand gripping her hair. “That’s better. Now, shall we try this again?” He eased up on his grip and Amy once again found his cock touching her lips. This them, she parted them and allowed him to slowly push it into her mouth. She could feel the smooth head as it slid across her lips and tongue. He stopped before he reached the back of her throat this time, but still maintained his hold on her head. “Ok now, suck me,” he said in a flat, even tone. He began to gently move her head back and forth on his cock until she got the idea and started to do it herself. “Mmmm . . .” he murmured. “Yes, that’s it! Just like that!” Amy continued to move her mouth back and forth, tasting more and more of his pre-cum with every pass. She was still extremely pissed about being forced to do this demeaning act, but it wasn’t as disgusting as she had thought it would be. She was actually getting a little turned on by it, much to her disgust. Her own body was betraying her! Bill had been moving his hips in time to her movements and after a few minutes, he began to move faster, forcing Amy to pick up her pace as well.

“Oh, yeah! Faster! Faster!!” Amy began to move faster. She didn’t know a lot about sex, but she did know that when a guy came, a lot of white stuff shot out. She didn’t want him to cum in her mouth, but there didn’t seem to be much she could do about it.

“Oh, yeah! I’m cumming!!” he groaned.

Amy tried to pull her mouth from his throbbing tool and cry “No”, but all that came out was a muffled “Mmmph!” Suddenly, he pulled his cock from her mouth and held it in front of her face, stroking it. He held her head with the other hand so she couldn’t move.

“Open your mouth!” he cried, yanking back on her hair. Amy opened her mouth to cry out and a second later a stream of hot jism struck her nose and fell across her open mouth. She could taste the salty goo on her tongue and another second later, a second shot erupted from Bill’s pulsating dick. This one hit her directly in the mouth and she felt it splash across her tongue and hit the back of her throat. He continued stroking his shooting cock, covering her face with his seed, before finally stopping. Amy was in shock. She couldn’t believe what had just been done to her! Before she could react or spit the vile cum from her mouth, he pushed her head forward, his cock once more pressing against her spermy lips. “Clean me off, bitch!” he growled, yanking hard on her hair. Amy cried out, but he pushed his seeping tool into her mouth, cutting off her protest. “Suck it, slut!” He demanded. Amy, now near tears, sucked and licked the remaining jism from his deflating cock. Finally he pulled his cock from her mouth and grinned maliciously at her.

“Not bad for your first blow-job!” He wiped a gob of cum from her face and held his finger to her lips. Figuring she had nothing left to lose, she opened her mouth and sucked it clean. “Next time you can swallow it all! Less mess!”

Amy stared up at him. “N . . . next time?!”

He grinned down at her. “Oh, yeah. We’re going to do this a lot! And lots more stuff, too!” Amy closed her eyes, fighting back tears. ‘Oh, shit!’ she thought. ‘What have we gotten ourselves into?’

– To Be Continued… –