Chapter 3

Sheri watched as Amy knelt before Bill and began to pull his shorts down. Then John grabbed her by the hand and turned her toward him. He had also spread his towel out on the soft grass. He grinned at her, his eyes taking her small, lithe body. She was indeed very petite and didn’t look at all her age. He wasn’t exactly sure how old she was, but he had seen her around the high school in his sophomore year so he figured she had to be at least seventeen or eighteen. He wordlessly pulled her over next to his towel.

“Kneel down there,” he said, unfastening his cutoffs. He pointed to a spot next to the towel. Fighting back tears, Sheri knelt down, the soft grass tickling her bare legs. She watched as John pulled his shorts down, revealing to her a six or seven inch long hard cock. She could hear Bill explaining what to do to Amy, but couldn’t seem to pull her eyes from his long, hard penis. Like Amy, she was also a virgin and had never even seen a real cock before. John kicked off his shorts, pulled his shirt over his head, and stepped over to where Sheri knelt. He stepped onto the towel. His hard cock bobbed about a foot from her face and she could smell the pungent aroma of his sex. A drop of precum formed near the hole in the tip and the large head glistened with it.

“Touch it,” he said quietly, watching her face intently. Sheri watched her hand rise up and grasp the rock hard shaft. It was like she was watching someone else doing it. “Now stroke it – slowly.” She began moving her hand back and forth slowly, feeling the hardness of it and all the bumps under the skin. As her hand moved over the head, she was surprised by its softness. Her hand became slick with his oozing precum and she coated his shaft as she stroked it, causing it to glisten in the afternoon sun. John sighed approvingly. “Good . . . very good.” He looked down at her as she jerked him off, her eyes locked on his throbbing meat. After a few minutes, he stopped her.

“Ok. Stay right there.” She let go of his cock and instinctively brought her hand up to her nose. She took a good sniff, finding the scent almost intoxicating. He lay down on his back on the towel, his erect cock pointing straight up from the curls of dark pubic hair at its base. “Now I want you to lick my cock. All over. And my balls. Then I want you to suck it.” Sheri sighed resignedly. She knew this was coming and had accepted her fate. She stole a glance across the clearing and saw that Amy was on her knees and had Bill’s cock in her mouth, her hair bouncing as she bobbed her head back and forth on it. She turned her attention back to the hard cock in front of her and, screwing up her courage, leaned over it. The smell was much stronger as her face came closer and she began licking the long, hard shaft. She could taste the pungent precum that coated it but didn’t let that stop her from doing what she knew had to be done.

“Mmmm,” he murmured. “That’s nice. Don’t forget my balls.” Sheri cradled his balls in one hand and dutifully licked them, bringing a sigh of pleasure from John. The thought briefly crossed her mind that all she had to do was squeeze to inflict intense pain on him, but quickly dismissed the idea. That would do them no good. He let her keep licking him for a few more minutes before stopping her. “Ok, now I want you to suck it. But I also want a taste of that sweet little pussy of yours. Straddle me and put your pussy over my face, then suck my cock.” Sheri looked at him, not understanding what he wanted. “Go on,” he said, tugging on her leg. Sheri raised one leg over his head and crawled on top of him with her pussy poised somewhere over his face. She felt his hands on her hips, pulling her exposed cunt toward his face.

“Come on, blondie! Suck it!” he exclaimed from somewhere between her spread legs. It was a little disconcerting having a guy staring directly into her most private area. She stared down at the long hard shaft she had just been licking and moved her face back down to it, this time parting her lips and pressing them against the velvet soft head. John sighed and pulled her pussy to his mouth. As Sheri pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, she could feel his warm breath on her exposed pussy, then she shuddered as his tongue touched her and slid along her slit. She cried out, but it was more of a murmur with his hard cock in her mouth. He pushed her hips up a bit and said, “Don’t stop.” Then he pulled her back down and once again his warm tongue touched her virgin pussy, sending shivers along her spine. He pulled away from her again. “So you like that, huh?” Sheri murmured something, his cock still filling her mouth. “Just do what your girlfriend’s doing over there.” Sheri looked over to where Amy was sucking on Bill’s cock. She was bobbing her head furiously now and he was pumping his hips, holding her head in place with his hand. Sheri felt John push upward, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. He pulled his tongue from her pussy again. “Come on, slut! Suck my cock, godamit!” Sheri began to move her head up and down, his cock sliding over her lips and tongue. He sighed. “Ahhh . . . that’s better!” To her surprised delight, he went back to licking her pussy, creating feelings in her that she had never experienced before!

He touched on her clit and she released his cock. “Oh, shit!” she cried as she began to feel the first tingling of an impending orgasm. He lifted her small body from his face.

“Keep sucking!” She bent back down, now fully aroused, and attacked his cock with renewed vigor. His tongue dove and swirled inside her increasingly wet hole and she bobbed her head faster and faster on his drooling penis, gripping it in her small hand and stroking it at the same time. John grunted his approval and shifted his attention to her tiny clit. She released his cock and howled in pleasure.

“Oh my god! D . . . don’t stop!!” She bent over again and resumed her fellatio. She could feel the unfamiliar but wonderful feeling building inside her and hoped that he wouldn’t stop doing whatever it was he was doing with his tongue. He was pushing upward with his cock to meet her downward motion and the taste of his precum was getting even stronger. Suddenly, she felt herself about to cum. Her body went rigid and she released his cock and cried out, her cries fading to a strangled gurgle as she climaxed and released, pushing her spasming pussy onto his face as she exploded in her first non self-inflicted orgasm. Her tiny body spasmed and convulsed as she came over and over, waves of pleasure flowing through her. She finally collapsed to his body, exhausted and spent. He lifted her hips from his face.

“I’m guessing you came,” he said. His voice was slightly muffled from her body and she was still only semi aware of her surroundings.

“H . . . holy shit!” she gasped, raising herself from his body.

“My turn now, baby,” he said. “Get me off!” She grasped his hard cock and put it back into her mouth, sucking on it while stroking it. John lay his head back and closed his eyes. He knew he wasn’t far from cumming, but he really wanted to enjoy the feel of her sweet little mouth on his cock. After a few minutes, he began to feel the familiar tingle in his balls. He vaguely heard Bill groan as he shot his load all over Amy’s face.

“Oh, yeah! I’m cumming!! Arghhh . . .!” Sheri wasn’t sure what to expect and when his cock erupted in her mouth, filling it with his warm, salty seed, it surprised her. She pulled her mouth from his spurting cock, cum drooling over her lips. Another shot hit her forehead, then her cheek. Startled, she pulled back while he finished ejaculating. John groaned , then lay back, his body relaxing. He raised his head slightly. “Come on, finish the job! Clean me off!” Sheri looked down at his cock. A trickle of white cum was seeping from the tip and running down over the head. He put a hand on her head and pushed her face toward his cock. “Come on, bitch! Do it!”

Startled by his harsh words, she took his cock back into her mouth and sucked the remaining jism from it. She had swallowed some of the initial shot and she swallowed this, too, without even thinking about it. Her mouth was coated with it and it was all she could taste anyway, so what difference did a little more make? When he was satisfied, he pushed her aside and she tumbled to the grass next to him. She looked over and saw Amy watching her while she wiped the cum from her face. Bill looked over at Sheri’s cum-streaked face and grinned. He gave Amy a slight push.

“Why don’t you two go and clean each other off? We’ll need a few minutes to recover before we go again.”

Amy turned to him, the cum running down her pretty face. “Again?! You said blow-jobs!”

A smile crossed Bill’s face. “No, I said we’d start with blow-jobs. I want to pop your cherry, baby.”

Amy gave him a long, hard stare. “No. I won’t do it. A deal is a deal and we did our part. I want those files.”

Bill sighed and held her stare. “Fine. Then you just sucked my dick for nothing. These pictures will be e-mailed to all your friends by tonight.”

Amy felt her strength fall away and she began to sob. “Why are you doing this to us?” Her tears mixed with the gobs of cum on her pretty face.

Bill shrugged casually, ignoring her sobs and pleas. “Because we can.” He gestured toward Sheri. “Now, why don’t you two make out for a while. Lick the cum from each other, then lick some other places.” He winked at John, who smiled and chuckled.

“That should help Little John get back in the game!” he said, grinning. Sheri, realizing the uselessness of arguing with these assholes, went over to Amy and held her until she stopped crying.

“It’s ok, Amy. It won’t be so bad,” she said soothingly. She looked into her pretty green eyes and wiped a gob of cum from her cheek.

“Swallow that!” Bill called out. “I meant what I said about cleaning each other up! Use your tongues to do it!” He laughed at his sick prank and John joined in, both of them watching the hapless teens with great amusement.

Sheri smiled weakly at Amy and stuck the cum-covered finger into her mouth. “It’s not so bad,” she whispered. She leaned over and kissed her, pushing her tongue deep into her mouth. Amy eagerly returned Sheri’s warm, tender kiss, then the taste of cum once again overpowered her senses. Sheri broke off the kiss and smiled at her. “I’ll do you first, ok?” Amy nodded, feeling foolish for losing her cool, and Sheri began to lick the sticky semen from her face. She finished with her face, stealing a few kisses in the process, then moved her attention down to her tits. A few gobs had dripped from her face and landed on them and she eagerly attacked the firm globes, sucking and licking all the cum from them in a matter of seconds. She spent a little time sucking on her nipples after she was finished. Amy sighed and held her head to her breast, enjoying the feel of Sheri’s soft lips on her tits. Finally, Sheri raised her head and smiled at Amy. “Now you do me, ok?” Amy nodded and forced a smile. Despite their situation, at least she had told Sheri how she felt and was rewarded when Sheri reciprocated her feelings. No matter what happened, they would always have each other.

Amy glanced over at the two guys watching them and playing with their semi-hard cocks, then began to slowly lick the drying cum from Sheri’s face. Although none landed on Sheri’s tits, when she finished with her face Amy bent down and suckled her hard nipples. Sheri sighed. It really did feel good to have Amy treating her the way she wanted her to, despite their circumstances.

“My, my. You two really are a couple of teenaged dykes, aren’t you?” Sheri spun around and was surprised to see John taking more pictures of them. She reluctantly and gently pushed Amy’s face from her breasts.

“Stop that!” she cried, throwing a small twig at him. “Haven’t you done enough?!”

John merely shrugged. “Can’t hurt to have a few more.” He sat back down on his towel and Sheri could see that he was hard again. Bill had also regained his hardness and was now eyeing the two girls lustily. He stood up and spread his towel on the grass next to John’s.

“Lie down,” he said to Amy and gestured toward his towel. Amy held Sheri’s hand for a long moment, looking into her eyes, then crawled over and lay back on the towel as instructed, keeping her knees up and together in a futile act of defiance. He looked over at Sheri. “Now you.” He pointed at the other towel. “But face the other way.” Sheri lay down, adjusting her position so that her head was next to Amy’s. They held hands and Amy gave her a feeble smile.

“I’m glad you’re here, Sheri,” she whispered. Sheri squeezed her hand and returned her smile.

“Me too,” she whispered back.

Bill, satisfied that they were positioned properly, looked over at John. “Do you still prefer blondes?”

“Sure,” John replied. “But we can switch off later. A little variety keeps things interesting!” They both laughed and each moved down to the girls’ feet.

“Time for the main event, ladies!” Bill exclaimed, grinning down at a terrified Amy.

Chapter 4

Sheri looked up at John as he knelt at her feet and pushed her legs apart. She was wide-eyed, scared of the pain; of feeling his huge cock pushing into her tiny pussy. He grinned and rubbed a finger along her still sensitive slit. She gasped at his touch.

“Ahhh . . . so you like that!” he exclaimed. He looked at his finger. “And still wet!” He held out his finger, dripping with her juices, to her lips. Sheri looked up at him, then grabbed his hand and pushed his finger into her mouth, sucking it clean. “Good girl!” he said with the same leering grin. Then he crawled between her open legs and placed the tip of his cock at her opening. He applied pressure, working it between the folds of her engorged labia until her tiny pussy began to spread. He continued working his thick head into her, grunting as it slowly slipped into her tiny hole. He managed to get in about an inch, just enough so that his entire head was in. Sheri gripped Amy’s hand, preparing for the pain she knew was coming.

“Wow! You are a tighty!” he gasped, pausing to catch his breath and adjust his knees for a better position. Her cunt was so tight he could feel himself close to cumming again. If she hadn’t given him that awesome blow-job earlier, he probably would have blown his load right then and there!

Meanwhile, Bill was pushing Amy’s knees apart. She tried to resist, but it was a futile attempt. He was just too strong. He stopped and watched while John got started on Sheri, then shifted his attention back to Amy, his eyes dropping to her bare lips.

“Oh, this is gonna be good!” he said with a wide grin. Amy closed her eyes. She felt Sheri squeeze her hand and she squeezed hers back. At least she didn’t have to endure this alone. Bill ran his finger along Amy’s slit and looked up at her.

“You’re not even wet!” he exclaimed, seeming surprised. “We’ll have to fix that!” He backed away, then lowered his head between her thighs. His breath was hot on the sensitive bare skin of her pussy and she felt herself starting to get a little moist at the thought of his tongue on her virgin slit. Then she felt his lips on her labia and his warm tongue darted out, caressing the tender insides of her vagina. She moaned in pleasure. Despite the circumstances and her utter hatred of these assholes, it felt damn good! Once again, her body betrayed her and she felt her juices flowing. Bill continued to lick her until he was satisfied with her lubrication, then resumed his previous position kneeling between her legs. With a leering grin, he placed his cock at her opening and began to push.

Amy felt the soft head at her lips and the pressure as he attempted to push it inside her. She had masturbated many times and had tried pushing her finger inside herself once. Her finger barely fit and she couldn’t imagine how his long, thick cock ever would. But he kept pushing, working it from side to side, the pressure constant and growing stronger. She closed her eyes tight and gripped Sheri’s hand with one hand and the towel with the other. She began to feel her vagina spreading open and his soft head was starting to push into her body! Surprisingly, there was no pain. Just the odd sensation of being stretched wide. Where was the pain? It seemed like this should hurt!

“Oh, yeah!” Bill exclaimed, releasing his breath as his cock finally began to slip inside the hot grip of her virgin hole. He pushed in one inch, then two. She was still wondering why it didn’t hurt when a sharp pain suddenly exploded inside her as he pushed up against her hymen. Amy cried out, begging him to stop, but he kept pushing. She was sobbing in pain and fear as he forced his cock through her barrier and into the untouched depths of her vagina.

As Bill began to force his cock into Amy’s pussy, John continued his forward motion with Sheri. She too felt her body being stretched unnaturally. When he reached her cherry, she grit her teeth against the pain, determined not to give him the pleasure of seeing her cry out. She heard Amy cry out and beg Bill to stop, but he ignored her and she began to sob and wail.

‘Don’t cry, Amy, please! Don’t let them see you cry!’ she thought. But her thoughts about Amy were cut off when John pulled back a bit, then drove forward, ripping through her barrier and burying his cock all the way in her tight pussy in one quick motion. She stiffened and bit her lip, but didn’t cry out. Her aching vagina pulsed, as if trying to force the invader out. It hurt like hell, but she could take it.

John didn’t move for what seemed like a long time after driving his cock into her. His face was twisted into a grimace; his jaw set. Finally, he relaxed somewhat and looked down at her with a twisted grin. “Holy shit! You’re tight!” he gasped, taking in deep gulps of air. Sheri was grateful for the respite. It gave her body time to adjust to his cock and her mind time to focus away from the searing pain.

Bill paused, then withdrew slowly from Amy’s ravaged pussy. Then he slowly pushed back in, ignoring her cries and tears. He continued the slow fuck in and out of her badly distended young pussy, fighting hard to keep control. He wanted this to last as long as possible!

Amy could feel every inch of the long shaft as it moved in and out of her aching twat. Every time it passed the spot where her hymen had been, the pain flared up again. She eventually stopped crying and lay there unmoving as he leaned over her, his breath hot on her face and his sweat dripping from his brow onto her chest. After a while, the pain eased to a dull throb and he seemed to be moving easier. He began to pump faster, then slowed for a few strokes before speeding up again. After repeating this pattern a few times, Amy was surprised to find she was starting to feel some pleasure! Her body was betraying her again! Every time his cock slid in it would rub along her clit and send tingles of pleasure throughout her body. Without even realizing she was doing it, she began to rock her hips in time to his thrusts, increasing her sensations.

Sheri was also starting to feel some pleasure. Unlike Amy, she had refused to give in to the pain and now her body was using it to create intense pleasure. Her tight pussy clenched and squeezed John’s hard cock as he fucked her. She could feel the softness of the head, the little ridge at the bottom, and the rough hardness of his shaft as her strong vaginal muscles clamped down on it. After several minutes of slow, but steady fucking, he pulled out and hauled her up into a sitting position in front of him. He gripped the back of her head, holding her hair, and pulled her toward him.

“Suck it!” he hissed and pushed his wet cock to her lips. Sheri parted her lips obediently and he pushed it into her mouth, then began to slowly pump it in and out. After a few minutes of this, he turned to Bill. “Wanna swap?”

Bill nodded and withdrew his cock from Amy’s stretched vagina. He looked over at Sheri sitting on the towel and grinned. “Let’s change positions, too!” He motioned to Sheri. “On your hands and knees, blondie! Ass in the air!”

Sheri’s eyes widened in horror. No. He wouldn’t! Not in there! “P . . . please! You can fuck me all you want, just not in there!”

Bill looked confused for a second, then he realized what she meant. He laughed. “Relax. I’m not going to fuck you up the ass.” He paused, looking thoughtful. “Well, not today anyway. We’ll save that for another time.” He crawled to her feet and grabbed her ankles, flipping her over onto her stomach. “We’re gonna do it doggie style!” He wrapped an arm around her small waist and pulled her to her knees, then pushed her head down onto the towel. As he crawled between her splayed feet, he noticed Amy watching them, her eyes burning with hatred. He winked at her as he positioned his cock, wet with Amy’s juices, at Sheri’s engorged lips, then pushed it into her in one motion.

Sheri had raised her head and turned to look back at him, but the moment his cock penetrated her, she dropped it back to the towel, her hands gripping at it by her head. Bill’s cock appeared to be about the same size as John’s, but it felt like he was pushing deeper inside her and touching on some very sensitive places! She moaned and sighed as he began to move, slowly at first, then progressively faster until their sweaty bodies were slapping together noisily. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her toward him as he thrust harder and faster into her tight pussy.

Amy and John both watched Sheri and Bill get started. The look of intense pleasure on Sheri’s face seemed odd to Amy. How could she be enjoying this? Weren’t they basically being raped? Gang-banged? Technically, it was blackmail, but the end result was the same. They were being forced to have sex against their will. True, She herself had felt some pleasure earlier, but Sheri was actually moaning!

“Ok, baby, come here.” John took her hand and led her over to a fallen tree. It had broken off about two feet up and had fallen onto another log, leaving it more or less parallel to the ground about two feet high. He led her around to the far side so they could watch Sheri and Bill, about six feet away.

“Bend over and grab the log,” he instructed her. Reluctantly, Amy bent over and grasped the dead tree, the rough bark digging into her hands. She closed her eyes, listening to the sounds of Bill and Sheri fucking just in front of her, and braced herself to be violated again. He stepped behind her and rubbed his finger along her recently deflowered pussy. Once again, her body betrayed her and she gasped as her juices flowed onto his finger. When he brushed against her sensitive little bud, she let out a little yelp as her body reacted positively to his touch. Then he pushed her feet wide apart and stepped up, rubbing the soft head of his hard cock along her wet slit. Amy opened her eyes and watched as Sheri gasped and moaned each time Bill thrust inside her. Then John pushed forward and she felt her pussy stretching again as it slid slowly into her until she felt his pubic hair tickling her buttocks. There wasn’t much pain this time. Just a little sting as he pushed past where her cherry had once been. He began to work up a rhythm and soon she began to feel the tingle of pleasure once again. His hands grasped her slender waist and he pulled her toward him each time he thrust forward. Like Sheri, she was experiencing stimuli like she hadn’t when on her back and found herself starting to give in to the wonderful feelings. She felt his hand slip under her stomach and reach up to fondle her tits. ‘Damn!’ she thought, ‘That feels good, too!’ He pumped faster, his hand alternating from one tit to the other, squeezing and pinching them roughly. She felt the stirrings of an impending orgasm and gripped the log tighter, not believing that her body was reacting this way. She could feel the heavy weight of his balls slapping against her thighs and labia each time he drove forward, which only served to heighten her state of arousal.

She felt a mounting pressure and her entire body was flooded with a warm, sensual feeling. The next thing she knew, her body went rigid and a small cry escaped her lips as the orgasm enveloped her senses, setting very nerve ending off like an electric charge had been administered. Her pussy muscles contracted, clenching down on John’s cock and trapping it inside her. She jerked a few times uncontrollably as she climaxed, crying out in ecstacy despite herself. She leaned heavily against the log, her body limp, and gasped for air. John’s cock was still inside her twitching pussy and when he moved it, she cried out again as another smaller orgasm was triggered. She felt a warmth down her leg and thought that he must have came inside her, but he was moving again, his cock still hard. It must be her own cum, she thought as she lowered her head between her arms while he slowly pushed in and out of her tortured and hyper-sensitive pussy.

“Oh, yeah, baby!” John gasped. “I knew you’d like fucking!” She didn’t reply. There was no denying her massive orgasm, and it had felt good. Really good! He pulled his hard cock from her pussy with a slurping sound and spun her around. Her eyes were glassy and she wobbled slightly, her legs and body weak from the exertion. “Suck it!” he ordered, pushing her to her knees on the grass. “Clean your cum off it!” She fell to the ground and grasped his stiff dick in her hand, then opened her mouth and sucked it in. She could still taste his musky sex, but it was mixed with a new taste, that of her own cum. She sucked on it noisily, not caring anymore. The sooner he came, the sooner the nightmare would end. She hoped.

After a few minutes of this, he pulled her to her feet and kissed her – hard. He pushed his tongue deep into her throat, teasing her tongue and tasting their mixed fluids. He broke off the kiss and picked her up.

“Put your legs around me,” he said. She wrapped her long legs around his waist, locking her feet together behind his back. He shifted his hands under her ass and easily lifted her up so that her pussy was poised over his stiff rod, then slowly lowered her onto it. She gasped and put her arms around his neck while he began to lift her small body up and down on his cock. He managed to keep this up for a couple of minutes until his arms tired and he lowered her back to her feet. He grinned at her.

“I could fuck that tight little cunt of yours all night!’ he exclaimed. He looked over at Sheri and Bill, who were still fucking doggie-style, but Bill had slowed down. He was also getting tired. “Come on,” he said and led Amy back over to where Sheri and Bill were. Bill was sweating and panting for breath while Sheri lay on the towel, her face flushed and her mouth slightly open. A small trickle of drool ran from her lips to the towel. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. Bill looked up at John, then nodded to Sheri’s limp body.

“She’s been cumming non-stop for a long time,” he gasped. “I’m getting pretty fucking tired!”

“Why don’t we let them finish us off with blow-jobs?” John asked. Amy snorted derisively. ‘Let’ them. ‘Mighty nice of you boys to ‘let’ us do that’, she thought to herself. Bill nodded and withdrew his wet cock from Sheri’s drooling pussy with an audible sucking sound. Sheri groaned and collapsed to the towel. Amy ran over and knelt next to her, stroking her hair.

“Sheri? Can you hear me? Are you ok?” she asked softly, peering into her flushed face. Bill laughed as he stood up, pointing to her.

“Ok? Christ, I wish I could cum like that!” John joined in his mocking laughter. Amy ignored them and bent down closer to Sheri’s face. Her eyes fluttered open. She swallowed and nodded slightly, turning her face to Amy.

“C . . . can’t s . . .stop . . .” She paused and shivered as another small orgasm hit her. ” . . . cumming!” she finally gasped.

John looked at Sheri and grinned, then gave Bill a high five. “All right, Bill! You’re not even doing her anymore and she’s still getting off!” Amy stroked her hair for a few moments then slowly helped her to a sitting position as the guys watched. Her face held a dazed, vacant look and her eyes were glassy. She looked up at Amy’s concerned face and managed a dopey smile.

“Really, Amy, I’m all right,” she said. Bill and John stepped closer, their erect cocks pointing straight out from their naked bodies.

“Ok, then! Let’s go!” Bill exclaimed, waggling his cock at them. Amy looked at Sheri, who nodded resignedly. They each knelt before them and took a cock into their mouth, stroking and sucking on it. Within a minute or two, Bill was emptying his load into Amy’s mouth. His hand held her head in place. “Swallow it! All of it!” he commanded. Somehow, she managed to get most of the warm, salty goo down her throat, with only a small dribble leaking from the corner of her mouth. When he was finished, he pushed her to the grass and began to put his clothes back on.

John was practically fucking Sheri’s mouth, pushing his cock in until she started to gag, then pulling out and repeating. Before long, he felt the tingle in his groin and grabbed her hair, holding her in place while he unloaded shot after shot into her waiting mouth. She, too, was forced to swallow it all. He left her kneeling there on the grass while he put his clothes back on. When they were dressed, they turned to the still naked teens. Bill had their clothes in his hands.

“We’ll leave your clothes where we found you,” he said. They turned to go, then Bill stopped and turned back to them. “Be here tomorrow at noon.” He started to leave again but Sheri spoke up.

“T . . . tomorrow? Why?” She was afraid she already knew the answer.

The guys turned back, smirks on their faces. “Why? So we can fuck you again!”, Bill exclaimed. He winked at Sheri. “I can’t wait to try that other hole of yours!”

“But you said that if we did this you wouldn’t show anyone the pictures!” Amy cried out.

Bill smiled. “No, I said that if you didn’t do it, I would show everyone the pictures. And if you’re not here tomorrow, ready for another go, that’s exactly what will happen!”

John patted the pocket of his shorts where his camera phone was, his face serious. “As long as I’ve got these, you’ll do whatever the fuck we tell you to do!” With that, they disappeared into the bushes, leaving the two girls utterly speechless. Amy stared after them and began to cry. Sheri held her, but felt her own tears welling up in her eyes.

“What are we going to do?!” Amy wailed, clinging to Sheri.

Sheri held her for a few seconds, then said, “We can’t keep this up. The way I see it, we have two choices.” She lifted Amy’s face up and met her teary eyes. “Either we get those pictures, or we come out as a couple. Then the pictures would be useless.”

Amy wiped her eyes and nodded. “They won’t give us the pictures, so I guess we have no choice. I don’t care. I just know that I can’t do that again.”

Sheri helped her to her feet. “Why don’t we think about it first. Sleep on it. Maybe we’ll come up with something else.” She looked into Amy’s red-rimmed eyes. “There’s no going back if we go public . . .” She took Amy’s hand and smiled warmly. “And as much as I like you, we would be ruined socially – at least in this town.”

Amy nodded and sighed. Sheri was right and she didn’t think she was ready to take that step yet. Not until her and Sheri had explored their new relationship further. “All right,” she agreed.

Sheri looked up at the setting sun. “It’s getting late. Why don’t you stay over at my house tonight? My mother will be out late and she won’t mind. I know I could sure use some company tonight.”

Amy sniffed and let Sheri lead her toward the path. “Ok. I don’t think I want to be alone tonight, either.” They made their way back to the first clearing, taking a good look from the cover of the bushes to make sure no one was around. The coast was clear and they found their clothing in a pile on the grass. They soon discovered that Amy’s panties and Sheri’s bikini bottom were missing.

“Assholes,” Sheri remarked as she pulled her shorts on over her bare skin. “That was a new bikini!” They held hands and started walking silently through the woods toward home.

– To Be Continued… –