Chapter 5

The two girls walked in silence until they were almost to the ballfield behind the school. Amy finally broke the silence. “I wish we could somehow . . . get even with them. Not just get the pictures back, but . . .” She pounded her fist into her open palm. “Really get those bastards!” She stared straight ahead, not looking at Sheri. It hurt to walk and she was limping slightly. Sheri was, too. “It’s too bad we couldn’t get some fag pictures of them, or something like that,” she added, almost to herself. They took a few more painful steps, then Sheri suddenly stopped, a mischievous smile forming on her face and her eyes sparkling. Amy took a couple of steps before she realized Sheri wasn’t beside her, then stopped and looked back at her.

“Why are you smiling?” Amy asked, a puzzled look on her face.

Amy’s grin widened and she chewed on her lower lip as she walked up to where Amy stood. “You just gave me an idea!” Her face turned serious as she thought it over. “But we’d have to tell Tanya everything. We’ll need her help.”

Amy thought for a moment. Tanya and Sheri had been friends forever. She knew Sheri trusted her with her life. Amy had moved to the neighborhood six years ago and the three had been practically inseparable ever since. She didn’t have to think about it long. She knew they could both trust Tanya with their secret.

“Ok,” Amy said. “What’s your idea?”

Sheri looked at her mournfully and sighed. “Well, the bad part of it is that we’ll have to meet those two jerks tomorrow and screw them again.”

Amy’s face clouded over. “No! Not again! I don’t think I can!”

Sheri put her arm around her shoulders and hugged her reassuringly. “I know, I know, but hear me out. If this works, we’ll get them so bad they may have to leave town!” Amy looked at her, doubtful. Sheri pursed her lips together. “Listen, if we do nothing, they’ll just keep raping us over and over. If we come out, we’ll be outcasts. What have we got to lose? It’s just one more time. If it doesn’t work, . . .” She shrugged. “Then we start hanging out in gay bars. But if it does work, it’ll be so sweet!” She rubbed her hands together, grinning. Amy still seemed doubtful, but as Sheri began to explain her idea to her, a slight smile began to form on her lips. By the time they reached the school, they had the outline of their plan formed. Amy went home to gather her things for her overnight stay and Sheri went home to call Tanya. They had a lot of work to do before their meeting tomorrow.

A couple of hours later, Amy knocked briefly on Sheri’s kitchen door, then let herself in. Sheri was sitting at the table with a pretty redhead. Tanya. “Hi guys!” Amy called, trying to look cheerful. She wasn’t sure if Sheri had already told Tanya their secret and didn’t want to give it away. Tanya turned to her, then quickly got up from her chair and came over to Amy, a look of deep concern on her face.

Also eighteen, Tanya was about the same height as Amy, but weighed about ten pounds more. She wasn’t fat, or even chubby, but had a very well developed chest. She had been a full double D since she was fifteen. She was know as ‘Dolly’ among the boys at school, a nickname she absolutely hated. She didn’t like it when people drew attention to her huge tits, which were so much bigger than the other girls in junior high it was like not pointing out that someone had two heads. Gradually, she had learned to put up with their lusty looks and was even starting to get used to people staring at her chest when they talked to her. She was also very pretty, a natural beauty with wavy reddish-brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders and curled around her bright blue eyes. A few freckles dotted her small nose and her apple cheeks. She often wore loose tops to try and hide her abundant bosom and today she was wearing a loose-fitting lightweight pull-over and a pair of revealing, but not overly tight cutoff shorts.

Of the three of them, Tanya was the only one who had any previous sexual experience. Because of her attractive good looks, and no doubt more than a little bit due to her huge rack, she was always being asked out on dates. Being very outgoing and curious about sex, she had given her first hand-job when she was just fourteen, and had quickly graduated from there to oral sex. Not that she went down on every guy she went out with. In truth, she only had any kind of sexual relations with a few guys she had gone out with several times and really liked. And she had only had actual intercourse with two of them.

“Are you all right?” she asked, taking Amy’s bag in one hand and her hand in the other. “Did those assholes hurt you?”

Amy shook her head, her cheery smile fading. “No . . .no, not bad.” She glanced nervously at Sheri. “Did you tell her . . . everything?” Sheri nodded and Tanya hugged Amy.

“She told me about you two, if that’s what you mean.” She smiled at the pretty brunette. “And I think it’s wonderful! Nothing at all wrong with it!” She glanced over at Sheri while still holding Amy’s hand. “At least you’ve got someone!” Sheri giggled and Amy couldn’t help but smile. She felt encouraged by their close friendship. With Tanya’s help, they were going to make Bill and John regret ever having met them!

Chapter 6

The next day, Amy and Sheri started out along the path to the lake. They had spent a rather restless night in Sheri’s double bed. They didn’t make love, or even bring it up. They were both very nervous about the plan they had come up with. It was going to be tricky pulling it off and everything had to go just right. Plus the thought of having to submit to being raped again weighed heavily on their minds. They did fall asleep in each other’s arms, however, which was a small comfort.

They figured that John and Bill would be at the clearing early, waiting for them, so they left even earlier. It was crucial to their plan that they be there first to set up a few things. By eleven am they had everything ready and sat down to wait.

Tanya had left even earlier and made her way to the clearing by nine am, using the woods and avoiding the trail, just in case John and Bill were hanging around. They only had one shot at pulling this off and she didn’t want to take any chances on being seen. It was bad enough that her two best friends had to go through the humiliation of another forced gang bang. She wanted to make sure it would be their last. Amy and Sheri wanted to go with her to help, but she insisted that they stay at home. She explained that if John or Bill saw them going out there that early, they would get suspicious. The girls reluctantly agreed. She carried two leather cases, one slung over each shoulder. The first contained a high resolution digital camera with a zoom lens and the other held a video camera. She had a tripod for the video camera balanced on one shoulder.

When she arrived at the clearing, she slipped into the surrounding foliage and began to clear a path behind it, removing any twigs that she might step on and anything else that may alert anyone to her presence. She would need several shots from different angles and she wanted to make sure she could move silently behind the cover of the bushes. She set up the tripod and mounted the video camera, the aimed it carefully at the spot Amy and Sheri had described to her. When she finished and all was to her satisfaction, she took out her camera and sat down to wait.

About a half hour later Amy and Sheri arrived. Sheri carried a folded blanket and laid it over the log John had used with Amy the day before. They set about removing the twigs and rocks from a section of the grass, then unfolded the blanket and spread it out. Then they went over and examined the fallen tree closely. Sheri snapped off a dead branch, leaving about an inch or two still protruding from the log. Then they went over to the blanket and sat down, nervously looking back toward the path. They also scanned the woods, looking for any sign of Tanya. They had all agreed earlier not to try to communicate with her in case they were being watched.

At about a quarter to twelve, Sheri heard male voices approaching. Amy heard them a second later and gripped her hand tightly. A small branch flew from the trees, landing a few feet in front of them. That was the signal from Tanya that she had heard them too and was ready. Amy and Sheri stared in the direction of the approaching voices, already dreading what they would have to do. Sheri looked into Amy’s eyes, then kissed her softly. “Just one more time, sweetie,” she whispered, squeezing her hand reassuringly. “Then the bastards pay!” Amy managed a smile and nodded. She could do this. She had to! They both turned their heads at the same time as John and Bill emerged from the bushes. They were both shirtless and wore long shorts that fell almost to their knees. They seemed surprised to see the two girls there, sitting calmly on their blanket and waiting for them.

“You’re early!” Bill exclaimed. “And you brought your own blanket!” He nudged John. “I think they liked it!” He leered at them. “You did, didn’t you? You little whores!” They both laughed at his comment. Amy bit her lip to keep from crying.

“All right!” Bill said, rubbing his hands together after they stopped laughing. “Why don’t you two undress each other. You can even make out if you want to! We won’t mind!”

Sheri glared at him as they stood up. “Why don’t you two do the same. We won’t mind, either.”

Their grins faded and Bill gave her a cold stare. “Oh, you’re gonna pay for that, you fucking slut!” Sheri ignored him and turned calmly to Amy. Their eyes met and they leaned toward each other, their lips meeting in a warm kiss. “Now, now ain’t that sweet!” Bill commented sarcastically. He had also brought along a blanket and was spreading it out on the grass next to Sheri and Amy’s.

“Yeah, yeah, just fucking precious!” John said, scowling. Sheri’s comment had really pissed him off and he decided that he was going to make her regret saying it, the insubordinate little bitch. “Just get fucking naked, then get over here and suck my big cock!” Sheri pulled her lips from Amy’s and glanced down at John’s shorts, her eyebrows arched.

“Big? You must be thinking of someone else,” she said, meeting his dark glare. She knew she was pissing him off, antagonizing him, but it felt so damn good! Ignoring his look, she turned back to Amy and pulled her t-shirt over her head, tossing it to the grass next to the blanket. Not wanting to lose any more underwear to these sick fucks, neither of them had worn a bra or panties this time and Amy’s tits jiggled as they were freed. Amy then pulled off Sheri’s tube top, then gently caressed her baseball sized tits before leaning down and softly kissing each nipple. Then she pulled Sheri’s gym shorts down and Sheri kicked them off. Amy knelt down and kissed her lightly on her mons, then stood up so Sheri could remove the short skirt she had worn. Sheri unfastened it and it fell to the ground at Amy’s feet. Sheri stepped closer to kiss her and at the same time ran a finger lightly across her swollen labia.

“Wow! You two really put on a good show!” John exclaimed, then his face turned serious. “Now one of you get over here and suck my dick!”

Sheri pulled away from Amy and leaned back against the fallen tree. She licked her fingers, then spread her legs and began fingering her tight little pussy. “Why don’t you come over here and lick my pussy first?” she purred sexily. “It would really turn me on!” Her eyes softened and moved over his body invitingly.

John stared at her, a surprised look on his face. He looked over at Bill, who shrugged. John began to move toward Sheri. “Ok. Why not?” Sheri watched him approach. If their more aggressive behavior had made either of them suspicious, they didn’t show it. More likely they were just what they seemed to be – two horny guys with a couple of girls who would do anything they wanted. ‘Two stupid horny guys,’ she thought, smiling to herself.

“Hold it!” Sheri called out, raising her hand to stop him. Surprisingly, he obeyed her and stopped in his tracks. She pointed to his shorts. “Uh, uh. No clothes.” He stared at her and for a moment she thought he was going to tell her to fuck off, but he pulled his shorts down and tossed them aside, then resumed walking over to her. She spread her legs wider and moved slightly to the left so that the stub of the branch she had broken off earlier just touched her bare thigh. John stopped before her and dropped to his knees. He grabbed her hips with both hands and dove his tongue into her pussy without hesitation or foreplay. Sheri moaned loudly. It was meant to be a distraction from any noise Tanya might make as she moved around snapping pictures, but a part of her was enjoying it. Imagining it was Amy doing it to her helped as well.

By this time, Bill had also removed his shorts and was eyeing Amy lustily. She knew what she had to do. She smiled sexily and tilted her head toward Sheri and John. “Will you . . . do that . . . to me? I promise I’ll do whatever you want afterwards.” She gave him her most demure and innocent smile.

For a brief moment, she thought he would refuse, but then he said, “All right. But lay down.” She nodded and stepped over to the blankets, then lay down and spread her legs to him. Bill knelt between them and lowered his head to her pussy, then began to lick her thoroughly. Amy began to moan and cry out, while she looked over at Sheri and winked. So far, so good.

A few minutes later, Sheri started to moan louder and cry out. “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! I’m cumming!!” She let out a strangled cry and started to shake and quiver as she pretended to cum.

Amy also began to moan and cry out, but she was actually cumming. As much as she hated these two assholes, she discovered that she loved having her pussy eaten and it always made her cum. Well, it always had so far, anyway. She couldn’t wait to do it with Sheri.

Sheri pulled John to his feet, pleading mercy. She claimed she was too sensitive and couldn’t take any more of his wonderful tongue. “I need you to fuck me! Now!” she panted breathlessly and pulled his face to hers, kissing him and pressing her naked skin to his.

At the same time, Amy sat up as Bill lifted his face from her steamy pussy and leaned back on his haunches, grinning at her maliciously. “I knew you’d learn to like me!” he snarled and stood up. “Now it’s my turn! Suck my dick, slut!” He grabbed her hair and began to pull her face to her crotch when Amy looked up at him, her eyes pleading. She looked around, and pointed to the log. Sheri and John were still locked in a tight embrace, kissing passionately, but they were moving over to the blankets. Amy felt a pang of jealousy as she watched Sheri kissing someone else, but quickly dismissed it. It was a necessary part of their plan and she knew it meant nothing, although it still bothered her a little.

She pulled on Bill’s hand. “Let’s go over there so you can lean against the log. You always move back and it hurts my knees crawling on the ground.” He shot her an aggravated look and for a moment she thought he was going to refuse, but he eventually nodded. She led him over to the log and leaned him against it in the precise spot Sheri had been in while John licked her pussy. Then she knelt before him and stroked his cock a few times, looking up into his face. He pushed her head forward roughly. She parted her lips, and sucked it into her mouth. She began to bob her head back and forth on it while slipping her soft, warm tongue over the sensitive tip. Bill sighed and leaned back, closing his eyes as a contented smile spread across his lips.

Meanwhile, John led Sheri over to the blanket and pushed her down on her hands and knees near the spot Bill had knelt on to lick Amy’s pussy. She looked back at him, a worried look in her eyes.

John hesitated, looking down at her small little ass, then dropped to his knees and placed the tip of his cock against her swollen lips. He rubbed the head of his cock along her tight little slit, then pushed it into her hot, tight pussy until his pubic hair tickled her ass.

Sheri gasped as he began to slowly fuck her wet snatch. John gripped her waist and began to thrust faster into her, but his position made it a little awkward. He finally pulled out, then got on his feet, crouching over her. He pulled her ass a little higher, then plunged back in. Sheri felt her knees leave the blanket as John picked her up, ramming his shaft faster and faster into her tight little twat. He eventually ended up holding her upper thighs with his forearms while he stood up slightly, forcing her to stretch out her arms to the blanket to brace herself as he hammered away mercilessly at her tortured pussy.

All the while this was going on, Tanya was moving around behind the bushes, snapping pictures almost constantly while the video recorder captured the entire scene. She concentrated on a few positions they had set up in advance, but she figured the more pictures they had, the more they could do with them. Once she decided that she had enough shots, the plan was for her to make a lot of noise, as if a group of people were coming through the woods. Bill and John wouldn’t want to be caught screwing a couple of underage girls and they would hopefully abandon the afternoon’s session, knowing they could always pick up again later. That way, Amy and Sheri wouldn’t have to suffer any more than necessary. She was about finished and as she took the final few shots, she found herself becoming a little aroused at the sight of the live sex going on right in front of her. It even seemed to her that Amy and Sheri were actually getting off. But that couldn’t be the case. While they had submitted to the demands of these sick pricks, the fact was that they were still being brutally raped. She put her camera back in the leather bag and moved silently over near the trail, then walked down it a few yards.

“It’s over this way!” she shouted. “We’re almost there!” She snapped a couple of dead branches and shuffled her feet in the decaying leaves from last fall.

Bill suddenly looked in the direction of the shouts. “Shit!” he exclaimed, pushing Amy away. “Someone’s coming! C’mon, John! Let’s get out of here!” John reluctantly pulled his cock from Sheri’s cunt and dropped her to the towel.

“Same time, same place! Be here tomorrow! And be naked!” he hissed into her ear as he grabbed his shorts. They both ran into the bushes naked and disappeared.

Sheri picked herself up and looked over at Amy. “Are you ok?”

Amy nodded and looked in the direction the two had fled. “They sure took off in a hurry!”

Tanya emerged from the bushes. Sheri pulled her top back on, then picked up her shorts. Amy had already put her skirt on and was looking around for her shirt. Tanya picked it up and passed it to her. “I got plenty of excellent shots!” She paused, then looked at Sheri. “That some pretty wild acrobatics you were doing. Are you sure you’re ok?”

Sheri shrugged. “I’ll be all right.” She touched her crotch gingerly. “I was still a little sore from yesterday. That sure didn’t help!” She managed a smile. Amy shot her a concerned look as she pulled her shirt back on, but Sheri just waved her off. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Tanya watched them as they finished getting dressed. She had never considered lesbian sex before, but watching the two of them together had stirred something inside her. Maybe it was just idle curiosity. She had never known any gay people, male or female, and after watching them make out with each other, then fuck and suck Bill and John, she was getting more than a little aroused herself. Her panties were damp and her nipples were fully erect, plainly visible even through the loose-fitting pullover.

“Did you really cum when he went down on you, or were you faking it?” she asked Sheri.

Sheri shook her head. “No, I was faking it.”

“I came . . .for real,” Amy said quietly as she straightened her skirt. She looked over at Sheri and smiled. “I just imagined it was you.” Sheri blushed, then stepped over and kissed her. Tanya watched as her two best friends kissed, feeling a little awkward.

“Uh, I got plenty of good pictures,” she said again, trying to get them to stop kissing. She really was ok with them being lesbians, or bi-sexual, whatever. But it was still a little uncomfortable watching them make out in front of her. Amy and Sheri broke off their kiss and turned to her. “Your positions looked perfect! Let’s get to Mark’s house and get these doctored up!” Mark was a guy Tanya had known from school, a bit of a computer geek, who she had persuaded to help them.

Amy and Sheri had no desire to stay here any longer than necessary. They quickly gathered up the blanket, leaving Bill and John’s lying on the ground, and started back down the trail. If all went well, they would never have to be subservient to those two assholes ever again!

Chapter 7

An hour later, the three friends approached at the back door of a small bungalow a few streets over from the school. Tanya had called Mark on her cell phone to make sure he was home and was still willing to help them. He was.

“Mark promised me he would keep quiet about the pictures,” Tanya had told them on the way over.

Sheri nodded and Amy said, “We should still keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t keep any copies on his hard drive.” Tanya shrugged, but nodded.

“Ok, but he really is a nice guy. I don’t think we have anything to worry about.” Mark was a very quiet, bookish guy who kept pretty much to himself. He wasn’t ugly or creepy, just extremely shy. He was an excellent student, at or near the top of the class, and was going to university in the fall on a full scholarship. He just didn’t seem to have many social skills. Tanya seemed to like him, though and he often helped her with her homework. They were often seen huddled together over a book or computer at the library at school. Amy and Sheri knew him enough to say hello, but like most of the other students, they usually didn’t pay him much attention at school.

“Are you sure we need his help?” Amy asked as they started up the walkway. “I’m not really comfortable with the idea of him seeing me in those pictures.”

Tanya paused, turning to them. “He isn’t a bad guy. I know him pretty well and he’s not the type to spread rumors. If we ask him not to say anything, he won’t. And he knows more about computers than anyone I know. If we want these to look authentic, we need his help.” Her voice had a tone of sincerity, which was reflected in her eyes. “And, as you probably already know, he’s a little shy around girls, so behave yourselves. We need him on our side.” Amy and Sheri looked at each other and Amy sighed.

“Ok, Tanya. I guess we trust your judgement on this. And we’ll be good.” They walked up to the back door of the neat little bungalow and Tanya rang the bell. After a moment, the door was opened by a tall, sandy haired teenager with small, wire rimmed glasses. He looked like he got his hair cut at the local barber college, but otherwise wasn’t completely unattractive, Sheri thought. He wore a striped buttoned shirt and faded jeans that were maybe a little too short in the legs. Obviously, fashion wasn’t his strong suit. He glanced nervously at Sheri and Amy, then to Tanya.

“Hi, Tanya,” he said, then he lowered his eyes and in a lower voice added, “Sheri, Amy.” He stood aside to let them in. “Come on in. The computer’s downstairs.” Amy and Sheri exchanged looks, then followed Mark and Tanya down a flight of steps into a rec room. There was nothing unusual about it – a couple of older couches, a larger than usual TV, a few scattered tables and one very ancient looking lazy boy. At the far end, a flat panel computer screen glowed from a desk littered with all kinds of computer paraphernalia, from remote disk drives to modems and cds. Mark took a seat in the chair in front of the screen and Tanya pulled another one over next to him. Amy and Sheri stood behind them. Mark clicked a few keys, then turned to Tanya. “I need the camera,” he said. Tanya glanced at Amy and Sheri, then handed him the camera case. He pulled the camera out, then dug in the bag and retrieved its usb cable, which he plugged into a slot on the front of his computer under the desk. He reached for the mouse and Tanya put a hand on his. He looked up at her, meeting her eyes.

“I need your absolute word that none of this goes beyond this room,” she said softly, but in a firm tone of voice. “Besides hurting Amy and Sheri, the two guys in these pictures would be very upset if they found out who was responsible for this. And the deal would be off.” Mark held her gaze for a moment, then nodded. Sheri thought that for someone who was supposed to be nervous around girls, he seemed quite comfortable with Tanya. She dismissed her thoughts, deciding that he had been helping her with her schoolwork for the past year and was probably used to her company. She did wonder what Tanya had meant by ‘the deal’s off’. What had she promised him for his cooperation?

“I know,” he said quietly. “You don’t have to worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

Tanya held his gaze for a few seconds, then released his hand and he clicked his mouse. In a few seconds, the images Tanya had taken flashed one by one across the screen. Mark stared at them intently.

“I know those guys,” he said after a few moments. “A couple of real dickheads, if you ask me.” He didn’t make any comments about Sheri and Amy’s pictures, lewd or otherwise. Amy found it hard to look at them and turned away.

“I don’t want to see those. Do you mind if I watch TV while you work?” Mark waved a hand in her direction but didn’t take his eyes off a picture of Sheri kneeling before John, his cock in her mouth. Mark seemed like a nice enough guy, but she didn’t really know him and it was embarrassing for him to see her in such a humiliating and compromising position.

“Sure. The remote’s on the coffee table, I think.”

She went over and picked up the remote, then sat down on the couch. Sheri also found it hard to see herself in the degrading position and went over and sat next to her. Mark was pointing to the picture and saying, “This shouldn’t be too hard. They’re almost in the exact same position.” They continued to talk about the intricacies of cropping the photos using Photoshop, which Tanya seemed to understand, but Sheri tuned them out, most of it way over her head. After about fifteen minutes, Tanya got up and came over to them, leaving Mark to his work.

“Mark says they should turn out real good. He had lots of different angles to work with so he should be able to make a good match.” Sheri nodded, but Amy continued to watch some soap opera she found on the TV. Sheri looked over at Tanya.

“You mentioned a ‘deal’ to Mark. What did you mean by that?”

Tanya waved off her question. “It’s nothing. I’ll tell you later.” She looked over to where he was busily clicking away at his mouse, moving images around on the digital pictures. He was a nice guy and she thought it was too bad that he wasn’t a little more self-confident. He was even sort of good looking, once you got past the mismatched and dated clothes, and the bad haircut. His biggest problem was his shyness, especially around girls. All he needed was to go out on a date with someone to boost his self-esteem. And Tanya had decided to take him on as her own personal project. She left Sheri and Amy to their soap opera and went back over to him.

A little while later, Mark leaned back and Tanya called Sheri and Amy over. They peered at the screen over Mark and Tanya’s shoulders and laughed when they saw what Mark had done. He had created two pictures, neither with Sheri or Amy in it. The first showed John kneeling before Bill, who was leaning back against the fallen tree, a look of intense pleasure on his face. His cock could clearly be seen in John’s mouth. The girls were amazed at how real it looked. Mark truly was a master of Photoshop. He clicked the mouse and the picture was replaced with a version of the other one he had created. This one showed Bill on his hands and knees on the blanket while John appeared to be fucking him up the ass doggie-style. The grimaces of ecstacy on their faces were the icing on the cake.

“Awesome!” Sheri exclaimed, and gave Mark a quick kiss on the cheek. He quickly turned three shades of red.

“Yeah, Mark, that’s amazing!” Amy added. “We really owe you one!”

Mark nervously pushed up his glasses and looked at Tanya. “Yeah, well . . .” She smiled at him and placed a hand on his knee.

“Can you give us a few minutes alone, Mark? I need to talk to Amy and Sheri.” He looked at the others, then nodded, got up and went up stairs. The three girls watched until he reached the top, then Amy and Sheri looked questioningly at Tanya.

“What’s up, Tanya?” Sheri eyed her suspiciously. “What did you promise him in return for these?” She nodded to the computer screen, which still showed the picture of John fucking Bill. Amy also shot her an inquisitive look.

Tanya sighed and leaned back in her chair. “It’s really no big deal. And it doesn’t involve you guys, so don’t worry.”

“If it’s no big deal, then why don’t you just tell us,” Amy said, eyeing her intently.

Tanya looked up at them for a second, then sighed again and lowered her eyes. “I promised him that I would . . . go out with him.” Sheri and Amy looked at each other.

“That’s no big deal,” Sheri said with a shrug. “He’s a bit of a geek, but he’s ok looking.”

“And that I would . . . uh, sleep with him,” Tanya added in a low voice.

Amy and Sheri’s mouths dropped open. “Tanya!” Amy exclaimed, trying to keep her voice low so Mark wouldn’t hear. “You shouldn’t have told him that! This is our problem, not yours!”

Sheri shook her head. “No, Tanya. We can’t let you do that. I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing you did that for us.”

Tanya held up a hand, stopping their protests. “Relax. I told him I would, and I will. End of story.” She shrugged and grinned. “You never know, he might be good. Shy ones sometimes surprise you!”

Amy and Sheri just gawked at her, speechless. They couldn’t believe that Tanya would agree to such a sacrifice for them! Finally, Sheri found her voice. “When do you . . .”

“Today,” Tanya replied, “Well, starting today.” Amy and Sheri looked confused.

“What do you mean, ‘starting’ today?” Sheri asked, cocking her head slightly and eyeing Tanya warily. “Just what have you done, Tanya?”

Tanya stood up and brushed a stray piece of lint from her shirt. “I told him that I would be his girlfriend for the rest of the summer.” She looked up at her two friends. “And that we could have sex at least twice a week.”

“Tanya! No!” Amy cried. “Call it off! We don’t need the pictures this bad! We can find another way!”

Tanya shook her head. “Like I said, it’s not that big a deal.” She shrugged and smiled coyly. “Besides, he’s kinda cute!”

Amy and Sheri stared open mouthed at her. “But, Tanya! We can’t ask you to do that . . .for us!” Sheri exclaimed. Amy nodded her agreement.

“It’s a done deal,” Tanya said, turning back to the computer screen. “And really, I don’t mind. It’s only for another month and I had to do something to stop those two assholes from raping you.”

Just then, the door at the top of the stairs opened and Mark called out.

“Can I come back now?”

“Sure!” Tanya answered. They watched him slowly come down the stairs and approach them, his eyes going nervously from on to the other.

“Tanya told us about your deal for helping us,” Sheri said. Mark swallowed and lowered his eyes, seeming embarrassed, then looked back up at them. She looked from Tanya and back to Mark. “Why don’t you take me instead of Tanya,” she said in a low voice. Mark looked at her, taking in her hot body. Amy spoke up.

“Or me,” she said, moving closer to Sheri. “After all, it’s us who need the pictures, not Tanya.” Before Mark could reply, Tanya moved over next to him.

“No,” she said in a firm voice. “I made Mark a promise, and I intend to keep it.” She slipped her hand into his and looked over at him. Mark met her gaze, then looked back at Amy and Sheri.

“I’m flattered,” he replied. “But I think I’ll stick with Tanya.” Tanya smiled reassuringly at her two friends. They looked at each other, nobody speaking. Finally, Amy spoke up in a low voice.

“What if all three of us were there? Would you do it then?”

Tanya’s mouth dropped open and she stared at Amy in wide-eyed surprise. But Sheri grinned and nudged Amy. “I think that’s a wonderful idea, babe!” Tanya shifted her stare to Sheri, still not saying anything. “What?” Sheri asked, shrugging and spreading her arms. “Why not?”

Tanya finally found her voice. “Why . . . why would you suggest that?!” she blurted out, once again looking at Amy. Amy looked calmly at her, then turned to Mark.

“Would that interest you, Mark?” He looked at her, then to Sheri, who was rubbing her hands together and grinning, then over to Tanya. “Before you answer,” Amy continued, “here’s the deal. If we do this – all together – Tanya’s off the hook for the rest of the summer. That’s your choice. All three of us for, say, one weekend, or Tanya for the remainder of the summer.” Mark looked at her, then to the others. It wasn’t an easy decision. He really did like Tanya, and he was hoping that after a few ‘dates’ she would start to feel the same way about him. But three beautiful and willing girls at once! How often did a guy get an opportunity like that?! He looked once more at Tanya, who still hadn’t responded. She had at first been shocked that Amy would even suggest such a course of action, but now she understood why she did it. She wanted to get Tanya out of her summer-long deal.

“How do you feel about it, Tanya?” Mark asked her. She looked up at him. Amy spoke up again.

“We don’t expect you to do anything with us, Tanya,” she said, glancing at Sheri.

“No,” Sheri added, “of course not! Well, not unless you want to!” She winked suggestively and shot Tanya a coy grin. Amy rolled her eyes, but smiled.

“Yes, unless you want to,” she repeated with a sigh. She moved closer to Tanya. “I hate to admit this, but having sex with another couple there . . . kinda made it hot!” Tanya shot her a questioning look and Amy nodded. Sheri piped up.

“Oh, yeah! She’s right!”

Tanya looked at them for a moment, then turned to Mark. “Is that your decision? All three of us?” He studied her eyes, then nodded slowly.

“If it’s ok with you. I’ll let you out of our arrangement if you go through with it. I promise.” He took her hand and smiled. Tanya returned his smile cautiously.

“Ok, then. I’ll do it,” she said.

“Great!” Sheri exclaimed exuberantly. “Now, the question is where and when?” They all went silent, each trying to work out a plan.

“We could get a hotel room,” Tanya suggested. Sheri shook her head.

“Too expensive for a whole weekend. And too complicated. They’ll want a credit card and personal information. We’d have to settle for some fleabag motel that wouldn’t care.”

“We could go camping,” Mark said. They all looked at him, then at each other. Amy shrugged.

“That’ll work. We could set it up for next weekend. Remember that spot we found out hiking? Up on the hill?” Sheri and Tanya nodded.

“Yeah!” Sheri said. “You could see the trail from the campsite. If anyone were to come along, we’d have half an hour to get ready before they got there!”

Amy nodded. “It’s about an hour and a half walk, but it’s the best spot for privacy.” They all agreed.

“So how about if we plan for next weekend?” Sheri said, looking around at the small group. Everyone agreed. Sheri and Amy gathered up the pictures and prepared to leave, but Tanya hung back.

“I think I’ll stay for a while,” she said, then looked up to Mark. “If it’s ok with you. I need to talk to you about something.”

Mark nodded. “Uh, sure, no problem.” Sheri and Amy said their goodbyes and agreed to meet with Tanya after they presented Bill and John with the pictures and videotape in the morning. Then they climbed the stairs and stepped back out into the stifling afternoon heat.

They walked toward Sheri’s house, neither talking. Sheri had asked Amy to stay with her again in hopes that they would be able to have a little fun after they went to bed, so they walked past Amy’s house without stopping. Sheri began to wonder about Tanya and Mark. Was there something between them? Some kind of spark? It seemed like an odd match. All of Tanya’s previous boyfriends had been either on the football or basketball team. In truth, with her pretty looks, nice figure, and that huge rack, she could have had the pick of any guy at school. She wondered what she saw in Mark, unless it was purely a charity thing. They continued walking, each lost in their own thoughts.

– To Be Continued… –