Max stopped and tightened his grip on Janet’s hand. “How about we stop
here?” he asked, waving his free hand to indicate the sunlight-dappled
spot of the forest they were in and the small, crystal-clear stream
that bubbled by a few feet away.

Janet shrugged, dropping her backpack to the ground. “Sure.”

Max smiled and dropped his own pack. He sat on the ground, gently
pulling her down with him.

Janet smiled and wrapped her arms around him. “I’m glad we were both
able to get the day off work to come out hiking like this.”

“Me, too, hon. I’ve really missed you lately.”

Janet leaned against him. “I’ve missed you, too.” Then she reached for
her backpack and pulled out an energy bar and a bottle of water. “You
going to eat while we’re stopped?”

Max pulled her back against him, embracing her tightly. “I might. But
I’ve got other things more important to do first.” He kissed her,
starting softly, then pressing his lips to hers harder, more

Janet responded by throwing her arms around him and drawing them even
more closely together.

“I love you, Janet!”

She kissed him hard, sucking on his lip, then said, “I love you, too,

He brushed her long auburn hair out of her face and stared into her
bright green eyes. “This place is great, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It is.”



“We could make it even more special. If you wanted.”

Janet looked at him, her head tilted ever so slightly to one side. “Max
We’ve had this discussion before. I know you want to make love to me.
Believe me, I want the same thing. But not before we’re married. Okay?”

Max felt his spirits dropping. “Our wedding isn’t for another four
months. And you’ve already made me wait over a year.”

She smiled. “So the next four months should be nothing for you.” She
kissed him again. “Just think what our wedding night will be like!
You’ll be my first, Max. You know that. I know you’ve been with other
women, but I’ve never been with a man before. Not like that. It’ll be

“It’ll be special whenever we do it, Janet. Why not here?”

“In the outdoors where anyone might see us?”

Max sighed. “There’s no one else around for miles, babe. No one will
see us.”

“Max  Darling  I’m sorry. But it doesn’t feel right. Wait till our
wedding night. Please? For me?”

Max sighed again and leaned over to kiss her. “Okay. For you.” He tried
to ignore the raging hard-on in his shorts.

“If just kissing me turns you on that much, just think what your
reaction will be when we’re finally in bed together!”


Giggling, Janet lightly stroked her hand across his groin.

Max felt his stiff cock jerk in response to her touch. “You’ll feel me
up through my clothes, but you won’t let me make love to you?”

“I want to save that, Max.”

Watching her, he took a deep breath and asked, “Do I at least get to
see you naked before our wedding night?”

“Max ”

“It’s a legitimate question! Do I get to see your hot little body bare
before then or not?”

She grinned and kissed him lightly. “Maybe.”


“I don’t know.”

“How about now?”

“You’re joking!”

“I’m not.”

“I can’t!”

“Yes you can.”

She hesitated, then said, “We’re in public!”

Max glanced around, then looked back at her, locking his gaze with
hers. “If you define ‘public’ as being out in a secluded area of the
woods with absolutely no one else around for a good six miles, then,
yes, we’re in public.” He stood up and pulled off his shirt.

“What are you doing?” she asked as she rose with him, uncertainty in
her voice.

“You’ve never seen me naked, either. Come on. Off with your clothes!
Time to see and be seen!”

Her face reddened and she glanced away. “Max, I ”

“What?” he asked, kicking off his hiking boots.

“If someone else came along I’d die of embarrassment!”

“I promise you, no one else is going to see you. Just me. The man
you’re marrying in four more months. The man who’d do anything to make
you happy. The man who loves you more than life itself. The man who is
going to not only see you completely naked in four months, but who is
going to make mad, passionate, hot, steamy love to you. The man who-”

“Okay!” Janet laughed, slipping her tee shirt over her head.

Max stared at her. He couldn’t help it. Her petite body was slightly
tanned and her small breasts were held by a white bra, the color of the
fabric contrasting with her skin tone.

Janet kicked off her shoes, then stopped. “That’s all you’ve taken off,
so that’s all I’m taking off. You want to see more, you’ve got to show

Max shook his head. “My chest is bare. Yours isn’t.”

“Max ”

“Hey! It’s not my fault I don’t need to wear a bra!”

Janet grinned, though he could tell she was trying not to. Finally she
unlatched her bra and slid it off, affording his a wonderful view of
her petite, perky breasts with their rosy pink nipples.

Max laughed. “That’s my girl!” Unbuckling his belt, he quickly
unfastened his denim shorts and let them fall. Stepping out of them, he
moved closer to her.

Janet placed the palms of both her hands flat on his chest. “Not too
close. This is just so each of us can see the goods. Okay? For more,
you’ve got to wait.” She matched him by slipping out of her own denim

Max was in awe of her flawless skin, so smooth and silky. “You’ve got
an incredible body!”

She blushed deeper. “You’ve touched it often enough that I’m sure you
already know the curves by heart.”

He nodded. “Yeah, but  seeing you for the first time ” Realizing that
there was still more to see, he quickly stripped out of his white
briefs and tossed them aside. When he looked back, Janet was staring
fixedly at his raging hard-on as it bounced with his movements. “Like
what you see?”

She only nodded at first, then said, “Very much so, yes. I knew, from
touching you before, that it was big. But  I didn’t realize just how

Max watched her as she stared at his cock. He hoped she was thinking of
how good it was going to feel when she finally allowed him to slide his
fat, seven-inch-long piece of man-meat deep inside of her.

He cleared his throat. She jerked a bit, as if startled, then her eyes
met his face. He raised his eyebrows a bit and said, “I’ve shown you
everything. Now it’s your turn.”

Moving slowly, as if still uncertain, Janet hooked her thumbs into the
waistband of her panties. Then she stopped and said, “You haven’t shown
me everything. Turn around.”

Max hesitated, then spread his arms at his sides and turned slowly,
letting her see his nude body from all sides. When he was facing her
once more, he said, “Your turn, babe.”

Swallowing hard, her hands actually shaking a bit, Janet slid her
panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

Max’s jaw dropped at the sight of her smooth, perfectly hairless pubis.
“Oh ”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I  I didn’t know you shaved down there.”

Janet’s lovely pixie face registered horror. “You don’t like it?”

“That’s not it at all! I love it! I’m just shocked, that’s all.”

She breathed an audible sigh of relief.

“Come on,” he told her. “I had to show you everything.”

Still moving hesitantly, she spread her arms at her sides and turned
slowly, allowing him a view from all angles. Facing him again, she
smiled and asked, “Like what you see?”

“I do. You’re gorgeous.”

Her face reddened even more as she bent to pull her panties back on.


She froze. “Why?

“Well, you’ve seen my genitals in all their glory. I’ve only gotten a
bit of a peek at yours. Would you mind showing me more?”

“Do I have to?”

He sighed, not wanting to make her more uncomfortable than she already
was, but also very much wanting to see her. “No,” he said. “You don’t.
But I’d really like to see.”

Janet straightened and smiled at him. “Since you’ll be seeing it – and
doing even more with it! – in a few months anyway ” She turned her back
to him, bent at the waist, reached back, and spread herself open for

Max’s breath caught at the sight of her beautiful pink virgin pussy.
She was wet, damp with desire in spite of her obvious nervousness.

“Thank you, babe. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she said, turning back to face him and bending to
pull on her panties.


She stood, smiling. “Now what? You’ve seen everything.”

He nodded. “I saw that you’re wet, too.”

Her blush burned even more brightly red across her cheeks. “Max!”

“You showed me! How was I supposed to not notice.”

“So why did you want me to wait?”

“Well, you’re turned on. And so am I. Why don’t we deal with that
before we get dressed and finish our hike?” He saw the look on her face
and held up a hand, saying, “I don’t mean sex. Not with each other,
anyway. But we could watch one another You know ”

She looked stunned. “Masturbate?” she said.

He nodded.

“No. Max. I’m sorry. But ”


“I was just looking at how hard you are. And you’re dripping!”

“Told you I’m turned on.”

“How will you get that back into your shorts?”

“It won’t be easy.”

She laughed. “Okay.”

“Okay, what?”

“You’re right. We’re both turned on. We both need relief. One of us
more blatantly obvious than the other. Let’s do what you wanted. Let’s
masturbate for each other.”


“Yes.” She dropped to the ground, sitting atop her discarded clothing
as she said the word.

Max sat on his own clothing pile. “Janet. It was only a suggestion. You
don’t have to do this. Not if you don’t want to.”

She smiled. “I do want to. I do it thinking about you all the time
anyway.” She laughed at his expression and continued. “This will be
fun. And, whenever I get myself off thinking of you, I always wonder if
you do the same, thinking of me. This time I’ll know for sure. Besides,
as you said, this is a special place. This will make it even more
special for us.”

Max’s cock twitched as he looked at her. “After we’re married, let’s
come back out here. To this spot.”

“And make love?”


Her smile grew. “Okay. But for now ” She trailed off, closing her eyes
as she caressed her tight, hard nipples.

Max took hold of his dick and began to stroke it gently, watching his
betrothed massage and kneed her little breasts.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, her gaze instantly falling to
his busy hand. She slid one of her own delicate hands down over her
flat belly to her hairless twat and slid a finger inside herself.

“I can’t wait till that’s you there, Max, instead of my finger!”

At her words, at the sight before him, Max began to stroke faster,
already feeling the building of his soon-to-be orgasm.

Janet watched him very intently as she kept one hand on her chest,
flitting from nipple to nipple, and her other hand, now drenched in her
juice, administered to her pink gash.

“I want to feel your massive dick in me, Max. I want to look down and
see it sliding in and out of my virgin hole on our wedding night! I
want to feel you climax inside of me, shooting your hot load deep
inside my body!”

Max groaned, jerking his cock faster and faster. Then he bellowed as a
massive jet of hot, white cream spurted from his satiny purple
cock-head and splashed onto his chest. Roaring in pure animal lust, he
jerked faster, coaxing two more blasts of cum before he slowed,
breathing heavily.

Janet was staring at him in awe, her own hands still busily tending to
her own aroused erogenous zones. In a few moments, her breath hitched
and she scooted down a bit, splaying her lean legs wider, giving Max an
exquisite view of her sopping twat as she scrubbed her clit. She
screamed, the sound shrill and high, her head thrashing from side to
side. Musky juice spurted from her pussy, filling the forest air with
her luscious scent. She groaned, drawing the noise out, undulating it,
as she bucked her slim hips against her hand until finally, spent, she

Max stared at the love of his life, wanting to draw her into his arms
and hold her. Yet, knowing that she would think he was trying for
something more and become upset by the action. Instead, he simply sat
and watched as her breathing slowed to normal and she opened her eyes,
beaming at him.

“I love you, Janet.”

She sat up, her gaze moving quickly from his face, to his jizz-soaked
chest, to his still half-erect cock, and back. “I love you, too, Max.
You’re a mess, though!”

He grinned and leaned forward, inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of
her orgasm. “You’re a bit sticky, too.”

Janet stood, juice dripping from her pussy to the leaf-strewn grass at
her feet. She reached out, offering her hand to him. Max took it and
rose with her, loving the feel of her warm juice smearing between their
palms. She led him toward the nearby stream, saying, “Why don’t we give
each other a quick bath before getting dressed?”