Vic lay on his bed, stretched out on his side, naked, his hard,
throbbing cock in his hand. As he stroked himself harder and harder,
faster and faster, his breathing growing hoarse and ragged, his gaze
was locked inexorably upon the centerfold of the magazine before him.

Her name, according to the XXX magazine at any rate, was Honie and,
despite the unusual spelling, Vic certainly thought that she was. Her
body was lean and trim, smooth and petite, hairless and just lightly
tanned. Her nipples were hard as she smiled coyly for the unimaginably
lucky photographer who’d been privileged enough to take the photos and
get this incredible shot of her. Her head was tilted to one side, her
long, glossy, dark hair falling casually over one delicate shoulder in
a flowing, shimmering cascade. Honie’s willowy legs were spread very
wide apart, showing her bald pussy and asshole in all their erotic
glory. To make it better, the astoundingly gorgeous girl was lightly
pinching the puffy, swollen lips of her twat between long fingernails,
parting herself even more as a dab of her liquid love drooled out.

Vic’s breath grew heavier still as his gaze flicked back and forth
between Honie’s awesome pussy, her pert, perky tits, and her amazingly
beautiful face.

“Fuck, Honie! I wish you were here with me, babe. You are so fucking
hot! I’m gonna fucking cum for you, Honie. You want me to fucking cum
for you?” Vic kept whispering to the model in the centerfold as he
jerked his cock harder and faster, bringing himself to orgasm,
groaning, just barely managing to catch him molten goo with his other
hand as it jetted out of his prick in a high-pressure blast.

“Fuck!” he moaned. “That’s incredible!”

“Yes,” a soft, feminine voice said. “It was, wasn’t it?”

“Shit!” Vic nearly screamed, thrashing in shock, nearly falling from
his bed. He looked up to see his sister,
Angie, standing in his room, just inside the closed door. Trying to
hide his nudity, his spent semen and the porn magazine, he scowled hard
at her. “How the hell did you get in here? My door was locked!”

Angie sidled closer, her eyes fixed on her naked brother. “One,” she
said, ticking points off on her long, delicate fingers as she spoke,
“watch your mouth. If Mom or Dad heard half of what you’ve said in the
past few minutes they’d disown you. Two, no, your door was not locked.
And, third, luckily for you it was me who heard you in here and
discovered that bit of carelessness and not Dad or Mom. Again, if it’d
been either of them, you’d be in a heap of trouble right now.”

Still trying to hide his bare dick, cooling cum and magazine from her,
he said, “I’m eighteen. I can look at pornography if I want to.”

She nodded. “Legally, you can, yes. Though I know as well as you do
that you’ve been doing that since you were eleven and that porn shop
opened up across town. The only difference is that, since your last
birthday, you can actually go inside and purchase things, rather than
root though their dumpster like you used to. But, legality aside, Mom
and Dad would still freak if they knew you’d brought even a single bit
of porn into the house. And I know you’ve got a lot more than just this
one magazine.”


Angie eased closer, still watching him. “I’ve come in here when you
weren’t home. I’ve looked. I’ve found your stashes. Some of them,
anyway. This is your room. You know it’s nooks and crevices better than
I do. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if you’ve got porn tucked away in
places I never thought to check. But I found more than enough.
Magazines, VHS tapes, even a few DVDs. You’re quite the little porn
connoisseur, aren’t you, little brother?”

Temporarily forgetting his state of nudity, Vic leapt of his bed to
stand nose-to-nose with her. “You went through my stuff?”

“Yes. I did.”

“This is my room, Angie!”

“Yes, it is.” She held up a hand. “And, before you ask, no, I didn’t
say a word to Mom or Dad about it. If I had, you’d have already heard
and they’d have raided your room and thrown out all of your X-rated
goodies. Now do me a favor and back up before you drip on my feet.”

Vic glanced down and saw his now limp cock still oozing cum from his
recent orgasm. His face burning now with embarrassment as well shock
and rage, he backed up, covering his cock with both hands. The now-cold
pool of spunk in his hand smeared on his groin, causing him to jump.
He’d forgotten he was still holding his spent load.

Angie laughed and reached past him to pick up the magazine he’d just
jerked off to. Holding it up, studying the centerfold, she smiled.
“She’s pretty. You’ve got good taste in women. And everything is
natural. Not even any tattoos or body piercing visible in this
picture.” She nodded. “Good. Too many people are into that now. It’s

“I agree,” Vic muttered, watching his sister flip through the pages of
the magazine, working her way backwards to the cover. “What do you
want? Why’d you sneak in here?”

Angie looked at the cover. ” ‘Hot Vixens’,” she said, reading the name
of the publication. ” ‘The hottest sluts and the most extreme fucking
allowed by the law!’.” Tossing the magazine back onto the bed, she
locked her gaze with her brother’s, saying, “Vic, I didn’t sneak in
here. I heard you moaning and just opened the door. You were so far
gone you never noticed. Like I said before, your very lucky it was me
and not Mom or Dad. As for what I want Well, little brother, I’ve kind
of already gotten it.”

“What do you mean?”

She smiled softly. “Like I said. I knew you were amassing a porn
collection. I knew what you did in here at night, like this. Why else
would you have porn at all?”

Vic felt his face flame hotter.

Angie reached out a small hand and placed it lightly on his bare
shoulder. “Don’t worry, Vic. I don’t care that you jerk off. In fact, I
wanted to watch you do it.”


She nodded. “That’s right. I wanted to watch my little brother whack
his pud to a dirty magazine.”

Still glaring at her, he said, “Now you’ve seen it. Get out of here.”

Angie raised her carefully sculpted eyebrows and ran a hand quickly
through her long brunette hair, pushing it over her shoulders, then
said, “Not yet. We’re not though. I only caught the climax. I want to
see the entire show.”

“What?” Vic was stunned. “Are you crazy?”

“No. And, yes, you heard me right. I want you to jerk yourself to
another orgasm while I watch.”


She shrugged. “Fine. Do it and all of this is our secret. Refuse me
this and I’ll not only tell Dad and Mom that I caught you masturbating,
I’ll tell them about your entire porn collection.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I would. All you need to do to keep me from doing it is to jerk off
for me.”


Shrugging again, she asked, “Why not?”

“Because I just came.”


“So it’ll be a while before I’m ready again.”

“We’ve got all night, little brother. How long do you need?”

Vic couldn’t believe what was happening. His sister was blackmailing
him into masturbating for her viewing pleasure! He was angry, shocked,
embarrassed, and yet oddly excited by the prospect at the same time. “I
don’t know,” he said.

“How often do you usually do it?”

“I don’t know!”

“I’m sure you do. How often?”


“Whenever what?”

“Whenever I’m horny.”

Angie glanced at the magazine lying on the bed. “Judging from all the
porn I know you’ve got hidden in here, I’m guessing that’s pretty
often. I’m sure you’ve done it at least twice in a night before. Do it
tonight. Masturbate for me.”

Vic sighed and sat on the bed. Grabbing some tissue, he started to wipe
his hands and cock.

“No,” Angie said. “Leave it.”


“Because I like it. And I want you to jerk yourself off while still
wearing the cum from your last orgasm.”

“But its drying!”


“So it feels weird!”

“If you don’t like it, cum quickly for me.” She picked up the magazine
and flipped to the centerfold, holding it up for him. “Is she worthy of
another orgasm tonight?”

Vic looked at the picture of Honie, but, with his sister holding the
magazine and her demands ringing in his head, there wasn’t even a
twitch in his cock. He nodded. “Yeah, she is. But I can’t. Not with you

“You’d better!” Angie tossed the magazine onto the bed beside him, then
spun the swivel chair at his desk around and sat in it, facing him.
“And you’d better do it quick. Otherwise, that cum will dry all over
you and flake off.”

“Angie Why are you doing this to me?”

“I told you that already. I want to see my little brother whack his

Vic sighed and started to protest again. Then he looked into Angie’s
bright blue eyes and knew she’d never let him out of this. She would
sit there, making whatever threats or demands she thought he needed to
hear to make him perform for her. “Okay,” he moaned and picked up the
magazine, holding it in front of him, trying to use it to shield
himself from Angie’s gaze.

“No,” she said instantly. “Same pose as when I walked in.”

“Angie ”

“Do it.”

Sighing again, Vic lay down and rolled onto his side, facing his
sister, the magazine on the bed before him, open to the centerfold.
Reaching down, he took hold of his limp prick and began to stroke it.
It stayed soft.

“Angie, I can’t. Not with you here.”

“You have to unless you want me to tell Mom and Dad.”

“I can’t! Not so soon after just cumming!”

Watching him closely, Angie stood and moved to stand at the edge of his
bed. “Alright. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you some time. I won’t
even make you do it for me tonight. But, this changes things. Since
you’re making me wait, you don’t get away with just one time now.”

“What are you saying?”

“I mean,” she said, “unless you can bring yourself off right here and
now, this goes on for the rest of our lives. From tomorrow on, anytime
I want to see you masturbate, you either do it, or I tell Mom and Dad
about how you’re a raving porn addict who jerks his pud relentlessly.”

Vic frowned. “What do you mean by the rest of our lives?”

“I mean what it sounds like. Years from now, when we’re both married
and have children and such, even if we’re living in different states,
if I call you up and say I want to see you jerk off, you drop whatever
you’re doing, get to me quick as you can, strip naked, and whack off
for me. That’s the deal. Unless you want me to tell Mom and Dad, that

“Give me a few minutes,” Vic said.

Angie stood and watched as he stroked and stroked and jerked and
jerked. His cock made it about half way to erect, then went limp again.
His sister shook her head, saying, “Looks like you just made a
life-long commitment, little brother.” She leaned down and kissed his
cheek, saying, “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t really make you travel to
another state just to masturbate for me. You know that. I love you,
Vic. But I will take full advantage of our deal, trust me. I’ll let you
know when I’m ready to see the first show.”

She turned, crossed to the door, unlocked it, then left his room.
Vic leaped up, ran to the door and locked it, his heart pounding,
wondering when Angie was going to make her demand for him to masturbate
for her next.