Vic sat on the living room couch, side-by-side with Stanley, video game
controller clutched tightly in his hands. On the television screen
before them, Stanley’s knight brought his shimmering broadsword around
in a devastating arc which took the head from the shoulders of Vic’s
ogre in a spray of dark blood.

Groaning, Vic tossed the game controller onto the couch side him.
“Crap!” he fumed.

Stanley laughed. “Want to try it again? Looks like you need the

“Screw you,” Vic retorted, laughing. “Just ’cause you’ve had ‘Realms of
Dark Fantasy’ longer and get to play it more-”


He froze as his sister’s voice interrupted him. It had been nearly
three weeks since she had caught him in his room, late at night,
masturbating to the XXX magazine. Since then, he’d been freezing each
time she spoke to him. Especially when, like now, their parents were
away from home. He turned to see Angie standing in the doorway, leaning
against the wall.

“What?” he asked, trying to sound calm.

She stood up straight and crooked a slender finger at him. “Can I speak
to you for a minute?”

Trying not to panic, Vic stood. “Stan, I’ll be right back. Set the game
to play against the computer if you want while I’m gone. And help
yourself to anything in the kitchen.”

His best friend nodded. “Thanks, man. I think I will play against the
computer.” He smiled to take the sting from his next words. “I need a
worthy opponent!”

Vic smirked. “Screw you!” Then he turned to face Angie.

With a subtle tilt of her head that sent her dark hair to swaying, she
indicated that he should follow her out of the room. She led the way
upstairs. As Vic followed her, his stomach began to churn.

“What do you want?” he asked her.

“I think you know, little brother,” she said as she stepped into her

Vic halted outside the door. “Angie, are you insane?”

“Why do you ask?”

“For starters, I’m your brother! If you seriously want me to do what
you said you wanted me to do-”

“I do.”

“You’re sick!”

“Any other objections?”



“Stan’s downstairs in the living room!”

“You want him to watch, too?”


“Then why does his being downstairs matter?”

“You don’t seriously expect me to masturbate with him here?”

“I do, yes.”


“You know why, little brother.”

“I mean why now? It’s been weeks.”

“I’ve been letting you revel in anticipation.”

“I wouldn’t call it reveling.”

“What would you call it?”


She smiled. “And now the wait is over. Take your clothes off and let me
watch you jerk your hard pud to climax.”

He took a breath, then let it out slowly. “If I refuse?”

“You know what will happen. Now hurry up. Or Stan might get worried and
come looking for you just in time to catch part of your little show.”

Gritting his teeth, Vic pulled off his T-shirt and tossed it onto his
sister’s bed. Smiling brightly, Angie walked past him and closed her
bedroom door as Vic stripped out of the rest of his clothing. Naked, he
held both hands over his limp prick.

“No need to hide that from me, Vic,” Angie said as she settled into
chair to watch. “I’m going to see it when your jerking it anyway.”

“Why are you making me do this?”

“You know why. Because I want to. Now hurry up. Or I just may go get
Stan and let him watch, too.”

Left with no real choice, Vic shifted his hands, cupping one around his
balls and wrapping the other around his still-soft member.

“That’s better,” Angie said.

Vic slowly stroked himself, glaring at his sister as she smiled back,
watching him. But it was no use. He stayed limp.

“Would it be easier for you sitting down? Sit on my bed if you like.”

Vic sat and kept stroking. His cock remained soft.

Angie stood.

Vic leapt up. “Where are you going?”

“I’ll be right back.”

“You aren’t getting Stan up here for this!”

“No. Not yet I’m not. Just wait.”

Before he could say another word, she was gone from the room. Vic’s
stomach was in a knot. He had no idea what kind of additional torture
his sadistic sister was planning for him.

A few moments later, the door opened again and Angie stepped back into
the bedroom, one hand behind her back.

“What’ve you got?” Vic asked.

“Here,” she said, bringing her hand from behind her back. She held a
magazine and a DVD. “I raided one of your older stashes. I figure
you’ve not seen either of these for a while. Take your pick. Which one
do you think will get you turned on the fastest?” She tossed the
pornography onto the bed beside him, then closed and locked the door.

The magazine was one he’d forgotten he even had. It was an issue of
“Sexy Teens” that, now that he saw it again, he recalled many, many
enjoyable hours spent with it. The DVD was a 4-hour fuck-fest titled
“Hot Girls Just Wanna Have Cum”.

Vic picked up the DVD and asked, “Can I use your DVD player?”

She chuckled. “I wouldn’t have brought that in if I was going to answer
with a no, would I?”

Vic turned on Angie’s television and DVD player and inserted the disc.
Bringing up the scene selection screen, he quickly scanned the images
there before highlighting one of the last ones and starting the film.

“What’s so special about that scene?” Angie inquired.

“Watch and you’ll see.”

“No. I’m watching you the entire time. Why is that scene so good to
make you go for it over the rest of them?”

“It just is.”


“What do you care?”

She shrugged. “I just want to know what gets me little brother all hot
and bothered and hard.”

“You’re sick.”

“Maybe. Now answer me. What’s so hot about that scene?”

“It’s an orgy. Five guys and one girl.”

Angie’s sculpted eyebrows shot up. “And you say I’m sick?”

“Hey! I’m not the one forcing a sibling to jerk off for me!”

Angie conceded and fell silent, apparently content to watch him.

Wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible before Stan came
looking for him, Vic did his best to block out Angie’s presence and
focus solely on the television screen as the five guys groped the
statuesque redhead’s body and began to unfasten her clothing, helping
her out of it.

To his utter amazement, Vic found his cock growing harder and harder in
his stroking hand. Maybe he could do this and get it behind him.

On screen, the redhead was now completely nude and she sank slowly to
her knees, pawing at the crotch of one the men. The guy obliged by
unzipping his pants and shoving them, along with his boxers, to his
ankles. His 8-inch-long prick bobbed in the air, hard and pulsing, for
about two seconds before the woman wrapped her luscious lips around it
and began to suck as she gazed up into the man’s eyes. Two other men
were taking up positions beneath and behind her, sliding beefy dicks
into her pussy and asshole. The remaining two guys had to be satisfied,
for the time being, with toying with her breasts as their own erections
strained at their pants. They paused long enough to strip naked, then
resumed their fondling of the woman’s large tits.

Vic watched as the screen changed to a close-up of the two fat dicks
fucking in and out of the woman’s tight pussy and ass. She was wet
enough that everything in sight glistened with her secretions.

His cock grew harder in his hand and he beat it faster and faster. His
other hand stole to his chest, lightly rubbing his nipples. His breath
grew harsh.

On the television, he watched the redhead sucking the guy who stood
before her, her head bobbing, her cheeks hollowing with the suction.
Faint, wet sucking sounds could be heard above the more audible, wetter
slapping sounds of the cocks pumping in and out of her other end.

“Oh, yes!” Vic whispered, feeling his balls tighten. An instant later
his load of hot cum surged up through his rock-hard shaft, erupting
into the air as his hand moved so quickly it was blur. “Fuck, yes!” A
second shot of cream followed. Both landed on his stomach.

“Oh, very nice, little brother!”

Vic jumped, abruptly feeling his face burning.

Angie laughed. “You forgot I was here! Didn’t you?”

Vic nodded, trying to hide his still-hard cock.

Angie broke into another fit of giggles. “See? It’s not so bad. I
really enjoyed that! Didn’t you?”


“Bull. How can you not enjoy an orgasm?”

“That’s not what I meant. Are we done now?”

“For the time being.”

Vic stood, not caring if he dripped fresh semen onto the carpet of his
sister’s bedroom. “How long is this going to go on?”

She smiled. “As long as I want it to. Now you’d better get cleaned up
and get back down there to Stanley before he gets worried. Don’t worry
about your porn. I’ll take it back and put it away for you. And I’ll be
sure to let you know when you’ll be needing it again!”