I am a 15 year old boy who lives a three miles away from
Samantha Hames and her Mum.
I didnt know about Samantha or her Mum until Samantha appeared in the
Sun newspaper almost 7 months ago.
Well I dont mind admiting the second I saw the pictures of Samantha I
begun to fancy her I thought the SUPERSIZED Samantha was incredibly
sexxxy I was sitting onĀ  the sofa drooling over the photos of Samantha
when my younger sister came and caught me perving over Samantha I even
had a full hard on so I had huge bulge in front of my trousers.
Rachel now demanded to see what I found so interesting so I showed her
I fully expected Rachel to say I was sick and a perv but she didnt
actualy what Rachel said was Hey you know that girl and mum live 2
doors away from our Aunt Jan.
I had not realised that Samantha lived only 3 miles away and a few
doors from our Aunt until she told me.
I quickly decided I would start to spend more time around my Aunt’s
house in the hope I would get to see or maybe I might even get to meet
the SEXXXY Samantha.
I soon got both my wishes as my Aunt Jan knew her Mum well enough to
regularly drink coffee together.
I knew Samantha was a big girl but even I was shocked when I met and
saw her for the first time she was simply huge so large in fact if
didnt know Samantha’s real age you would guess by looking at her she
was at least 3 or 4 years older than she is.
Well Samantha didnt have many friends so she rapidly accepted my offer
of friendship we became good friends which really really pleased me as
I had the ulterior motive of getting so friendly that I could gain
entry into the Super Sexxxy Samantha’s knickers.
Samantha was still eating as much if not more so I totally amazed as I
watched her gain half a stone in just a month and as Samantha grew
bigger and bigger so my cock got harder and harder for her.
I had known Samantha for 2 months and in that time she had gained a
stone in weight and my sister Rachel got to know Samantha.
It was Rachel who finally revealed my longing for Samantha to Samantha
she told her everything even about me lusting over her photos in
newspaper with a huge bulge in my trousers from my hard on.
Well as soon as Samantha found out about my feelings for her she came
to me and said that Rachel had told her everything then Samantha said I
shocked and surprised that any boy would fancy fat me.
I told her well I fancy you Samantha the moment I first saw you I did.
I could see that Samantha was now really happy knowing that a teenage
boy fancies her she was so happy I knew if asked her to become my
girlfriend she would leap at the chance so I duly asked her out and
Samantha accepted straight away.
Well in the Sun photos Sam weighed 14st 2lbs and she was a uk adult
size 18 with a 32 D bust making her as busty as the model Caprice.
Well by the time I asked Sam out she gained a whole stone and her boobs
had increased by 2 inches and a cup size so Sam was now wearing 34 DD
bras so this 9 year old girl had boobs as big as the UK page 3 girl
Nikkala Scott.
I was really really looking forward to seeing Samantha body when she
was totally naked and she didnt disappoint me at all.
I actually managed to convince Samantha to have full sex for the first
time the day we started going out together so I could easily see the
level Samantha was at she was just a hot horny slut waiting to be
That first day I slipped my 12 hard inches inside Samantha 4 times and
I knew by her reactions that this was now going to be a regular thing.
To keep you updated in the 7 months since the Sun photos Samantha has
grown 3 inches taller so now she 5foot 3inches tall and she has gained
3.5 stone so she now weighs 17.5 stone making her heavier than her Mum
Sam is now wearing adult uk size 24 and her boobs have swollen up to
utterly massive 38 E so Sam is now as busty as Nadia Sawalha is and It
is still 4 weeks until Sam turn 10 years old.
I have been getting into Sam’s knickers daily for the past 5 months
because she has been demanding sex everyday.
I can tell you Sam is not just addicted to chocolate nowdays she is
also addicted to my long stiff cock inside her aching pussy.
I have talked Sam into going on the pill after birthday it is one thing
fucking a 10 year old girl but I sure dont want to get her pregnant at
that age because Iam sure she would make the Guinness World Records as
the youngest girl to get pregnant in uk if not europe.
I have fucked Sam’s brains out over 200 times so far and the best thing
is that Sam is still increasing in size too