We had all just moved into this brand new development we are living in and by all, I mean my five girlfriends that moved in at the same time we did, my husband and seven year old daughter. The five ladies, Marie, Thelma, Denise, Joanna and Barb and I hit it right off and quickly became fast friends. Our husbands all got along also, which made it really nice for all of us and we began doing lots of things together. We were there about eight months and Christmas was only a month away when Thelma said we girls should go on a shopping excursion to New York city, which was about seven hours away and stay for two or three days. We ran it by our husbands and they were fine with the idea, so we left on a Thursday and were coming back Sunday so we could have two full days of shopping. We took the train to the city and for all of us it was our first time on a train and we had a ball, putting us in a great mood for the weekend.

We had worked out the sleeping arraignments before we left and I was rooming with Joanna, a very sexy raven haired lady and when we got to the hotel it was decided we would rest a bit since it was a little after five PM and go out to dinner around eight. As soon as we were in the room Joanna decided to take a bath, stripped naked and went in to take her bath, asking if I would like to join her as that way we could wash each other’s backs. At first I declined but Joanna told me she wouldn’t bite me and she would really like to get her back washed for a change, so I agreed and got undressed but walked into the bathroom with my robe on. Joanna asked if I was going to bathe with my robe on and blushing, I dropped the robe and got into the tub with her. I couldn’t help noticing her beautiful tits, thirty four D with nipples that stuck out almost an inch and light brown areola about as round as a soda can. Her tits were so beautiful I really wanted to kiss them and hold them, a new thing for me and I saw that her pussy was shaven clean and that her pussy was a beautiful as her tits, perfect camel toe pussy.

Joanna looked me up and down as I got into the tub, smiled at me and told me I had a really nice body, which made me blush again while I was staring at her tits. Later I found out that my staring wasn’t lost on Joanna, that it actually empowered her to make a move on me and when she told me to turn around so she could wash my back, I did so without hesitation. She moved up behind me, put her legs over mine, pressing her tits into my back and reached around and took hold of my tits. She was kissing my neck while she manipulated my tits and pressing her tits and cunt into me and it all felt so fucking good, I just let it happen. She whispered into my ear then, “Baby, I am so fucking hot for you, I need to fuck you baby, I need your hot cunt baby, it’s been to long since I had any pussy baby. I need to eat your hot cunt baby, you excite the hell out of me and my tongue desperately needs to fuck your cunt baby. You are so fucking beautiful baby and I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day I met you, I need your fucking cunt baby”. I was mesmerized by her touch and words, her hands were so soft and what she was doing to my tits felt so fucking good, way better than what my husband did to them and feeling her tits pressing into my back was making my cunt boil over, plus the fact her voice was driving me fucking crazy.

I didn’t say anything, just moaned like a cunt in heat and Joanna knew I was hers as she grabbed hold of my cunt and started rubbing it, making my legs spread apart like they had a mind of their own. Still whispering in my ear Joanna asked if I liked what she was doing to my sweet cunt while she worked my clit over and then she asked me if I would like for her to put her fingers in my hot cunt and I groaned yes like the animal in heat she had turned me into. She had my mind and body both on fire, I don’t know why she turned me on so much but I just wanted her to possess me and fuck my brains out. She slid a finger into my furnace of a cunt while telling me to turn my head and when I turned my head, moaning like a porn star, she kissed me and my brain exploded. She had the softest, most sensuous lips ever, it was a kiss bestowed on me by the Goddess of Love and my whole body melted and I came for her. She slipped her tongue into my mouth as she put another finger into my pussy and was pulling on my nipple as I came again, screaming in silence. With her two fingers still in my pussy and my nipple in her hand, she took her lips away from mine and said to me, “It’s time for you to give your pussy to Joanna baby so Joanna can make a meal out of your beautiful cunt baby. Joanna needs to taste your hot cunt now baby and make you cum in Joanna’s mouth so she can swallow your hot cunt’s nectar baby. You want to give your pussy to Joanna don’t you baby?” and I practically screamed, “Oh yes, I want Joanna to have my pussy, please take my pussy, please”.

We got out of the tub and went right to bed without drying off; Joanna pushed me onto the bed telling me to spread my legs nice and wide for her, which I was only to eager to do. She got between my legs with her hot hands on my thighs and told me how beautiful my pussy is, that my pussy was made to be eaten and she was going to take good care of my sweet cunt. With that she started kissing and nibbling my cunt all over, driving me insane with lust and at that point I would have never believed that another woman could make me as fucking hot as Joanna made me, I was burning up with lust and was so over the top, I would do absolutely anything she told me to. Never before had I ever been that hot that I would unquestioningly do whatever I was told because no matter how hot a man made me, I never lost it like I did with Joanna. She pinned my legs back and started licking me from my asshole to my clit and I was making noises like an animal, which she had effectively turned me into. I never had a man do that to me, lick my asshole and pussy and I loved feeling her tongue on my two most intimate places and when she put her tongue in my cunt hole, I whimpered and came. Now at that point I was not a squirter like some women, at most I got a little wetter but I did cum all the same, which made my whole body shake and Joanna somehow knew that I wanted to be held after I came.

She got along side me, took me in her arms and kissed me with the most passionate kiss of my life as I wrapped myself around her like an octopus, I was in heaven. When she stopped kissing me she said, “That was beautiful baby, fucking beautiful, just like you baby, fucking beautiful” and I just melted for her. She told me that she loved eating pussy and my pussy was the hottest, sweetest pussy she ever ate and from now on my pussy belonged to her didn’t it. I murmured to her, “I can’t believe how you make me feel baby, I’m so fucking hot for you baby that you own my pussy now baby” and this time I kissed her. She then told me that she wasn’t finished with my pussy yet and to spread my legs for her like a good little cunt so she could suck my hot little cunt dry. I did as told, Joanna got back between my legs and started kissing and licking my pussy again, but slower this time so that by the time she got from my asshole to my clit, I was panting like a bitch in heat and moaning disappointment when she took her tongue away from my clit. He as she went from my asshole towards my clit, she was stopping to slide her talented tongue into my pussy, still so slow I was going fucking crazy with desire. Even with Joanna doing it slow and easy to my pussy I still was about to cum after a little bit and when she saw I was about to cum, she stopped and kissed my thighs while rubbing my ass, putting me into a fucking frenzy.

After I calmed down Joanna started the same routine all over again and I don’t know how long we did this for but I was literally going out of my mind with desire and then I started begging her to make me cum. At first I was just saying, “Please make me cum baby, please make me fucking cum baby, please, please” and after that didn’t work, I started promising her I would do anything for her if she made me cum. She asked me what I meant by anything and at first I replied, “You know, anything you want baby, anything” and after saying it a few times Joanna told me to give her an example. I thought for a second and then it hit me so I told her I would eat her pussy for her and when she came back with, “Really”, I told her I would really eat her pussy and be her cunt lapper if she made me cum. With that she put a finger in my asshole, two in my pussy, sucked my clit into her mouth and I screamed out loud as I had the first squirting orgasm of my life, covering Joanna with my hot cum. She sucked as much of my cum into her mouth as she could, then licked the outside of my cunt clean and when she stuck her tongue in my cunt hole, I came again, squirting my cum down her throat. She sucked me dry, got along side me and when she kissed me, I tasted my own cum for the first time and hoped Joanna tasted as good because I knew I was going to be eating her pussy before long.

She held me and again I wrapped around her like an octopus and again I kissed her first and I was in heaven being held and kissed after sex, not something I was used to. I could feel her magnificent tits pressing into mine, her leg pressing into my pussy, her hot sweet lips on mine and I was transported to the sexiest place in the world as I surrendered myself to Joanna totally. We both fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke up to the phone ringing, still in each other’s arms. It was Denise on the phone asking when we would be ready to go eat, Joanna was now laying on her back talking to Denise and her tits were staring me in the face and I just couldn’t resist them as I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. Joanna told Denise that I was not feeling well and she didn’t want to leave me alone so we were not going to make it to dinner. She hung the phone up, kind of sighed and asked me if I liked her tits, I gurgled yes as I continued to suck on her tit and again I couldn’t believe the feeling of contentment it gave me sucking on Joanna’s beautiful tits and I just knew that I was going to be doing that a lot in the future. Her nipple had gotten rock hard in my mouth, I had both hands on her tit milking it while I sucked and Joanna was now moaning while telling me how fucking hot I was making her, so I sucked harder.

After a few minutes of my working her sweet tits, Joanna had her legs spread wide open and told me to be a good girl and play with her hot cunt. I reached down between her legs and for the first time in my life, touched a pussy other than my own and I fell instantly in love with Joanna’s pussy. It was all wet and hot and felt so wonderful to touch I was overjoyed she let me touch it and when I put my finger in her cunt hole, I came a little, it just felt so good wrapped around my finger. I started finger fucking her pussy and now Joanna was moaning like a porn queen while telling me how hot I made her cunt and how good I made her tits feel. It didn’t take long before Joanna tensed up, moaned real loud and shot cum out of her pussy like a fire hose and I was overjoyed that I did that to her. I asked her if she would like me to eat her pussy and when she said yes, for some reason I wanted to hear her call me her cunt lapper, so I told her to tell me she wanted me to be her special cunt lapper. Joanna took to that like a duck to water and she told me that she wanted me to eat her cunt and be her hot little cunt lapper and if I did a good job lapping her cunt she would make me her special little cunt lapper, so show Joanna how good a cunt lapper you are baby. I got between her legs and there in front of my eyes was her hot, glistening wet cunt and I was about to do something that no women in my family had ever done that I knew of, eat a hot pussy. I stuck my tongue out and licked her sweet cunt, overjoyed that Joanna’s cunt tasted even better than mine.