Tim’s face showed his anger.“Listen, little girl. You were completely blotto. You threw up all over my bathroom floor and all over your clothes. You peed in your pants You managed to get vomit on everything you were wearing. I had to take all your clothes off and put them in the washer. I was up half the night cleaning up. What did you want me to do. let you sleep in clothes covered with vomit and piss?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just don’t remember a thing. I know you are too nice a guy to take advantage of a drunken female. 

“ Forget it,” he said. “I’ll get you a robe in just a minute and I’ll put some clothes on. First I want to get the coffee started . Then you can get up and have some breakfast.“ he said.

I kicked off the sheet and lay there immobile, totally naked. “How come you didn’t… didn’t put some thing on me- pajamas or something?”
“Because I was tired and wanted to get to bed. Besides what difference would it had made. I had to get in the shower with you to hold you up while I washed you. So you had nothing to hide from me.”

I watched his eyes scan my body. I saw a bulge pushing on his pajama bottoms.. Again I exalted in my new found power over men’s bodies. I thought of what my mother had told me. All men want with a woman is a cave in which to bury their spears. I wondered if Tim thought he had now found a hole in which to bury his cock.

I lay on the bed totally naked looking up at him. “Don’t … don’t you want me?

“No Sandy. That’s not why I brought you here. You couldn’t give me your address so I had no choice but to bring you here.”

“Why? Why not? Am I too ugly to screw, too repulsive?“ I sat up in the bed, still naked. “ Bring your cock over here and I’ll please you and you won’t even have to look at my face , my ugly face.” I began too weep. Tim sat down on the bed next to me and took me in his arms. “ Now I was sobbing uncontrollably. Tim put my head on his chest and rubbed my back. “ There, there . It’s all right. Don’t cry. It just wouldn’t be right if I did what you want me to do. You’re a young, unhappy, depressed little girl and screwing you wouldn’t solve any of your problems.”

“Oh, God. I don’t know why I was ever born. Do you know what it’s like to walk around like a zombie, to be a non entity, to have no family or friends or anyone in the world that cares for you.?” I continued sobbing. 

Tim patted my back. “ There, there. I care for you and you do have assets I looked you over and you have a real nice body, nicely shaped tits, a nice flat stomach. A face isn’t everything.” He took my hand and looked at the scars on my wrist. “Oh, Sandy… Sandy. You poor young thing>”

“Oh, Tim. You’ve always been so kind to me- the only one. I just want to please you in some way. Make you feel good, make you like me. Won’t you let me? “ I reached for his crotch. His hard-on had returned. I gave his cock a squeeze “ He immediately took my hand and pulled it away “ That swelling tells me you want me. It’s talking to me I could make you feel good, make you really like me. Just give me a chance.” He held my hand so I couldn’t touch him again. “I know that’s what guys want from girls. My Mom said all guys want from a girl is a hole to stick his dick in. I got a hole Tim. You got a cock. Let me show you.” I lay back down and spread my legs wide. Tim patted me on the stomach. Oh my god. That felt so good it sent shivers through my body and made my cunt twitch. “Come on, Tim, stick it in me. I’ll make you like me.”

He stood up. “Sandy , please. It’s not right. We’re just not going to do this. And I like you the way we are. I’ll get you that robe and we’ll have breakfast. His bulge was bigger that ever. “I see what you got. I know you want me. Stop teasing and take it out – or am I too ugly . 

“No Sandy. That’s not why I brought you here. I can’t help having that bulge so don’t assume that…”

I began to cry. ”You’re saving it for that bitch I saw you with last night. That beauty queen. Don’t waste your juices on a scum bag like me” And I began to sob. 

“Oh, Sandy, please.” He sat on the bed again and put my head on his chest as he patted my back. I was crying so hard my body was heaving. Then I lifted my head a bit to wipe my eyes and saw his hard dick on the edge of the fly opening.. I plunged my head down , grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth He was stunned, confused.. He tried to get up but the weight of my body on him pushed him back down.. Before he could do anything I began an up and down motion. with my lips “ Sandy, what are you doing.? Stop it.” Now he was breathing hard and he stopped resisting . He groaned. I lifted my head and ran my tongue around the top of his dick. He had given in. He was no longer struggling to escape. I put my hand around the base of his cock and moved it up and down in unison with my head. Suddenly he groaned and shot his load deep into my throat. As he sat on the bed recovering, I kissed him on the cheek He just sat on the bed, motionless. “You liked that, didn’t you.? Now you know I’m good for something – that I can give you pleasure. That I’m not just a nothing.”

Tim didn’t say a word. He got up and walked to the laundry room. “ Here, you’re clothes are dry. Put them on and leave.”
Part II

The phone rang.. I picked it up. “Tim here. “ It was Rachael. 

“I want to hear what happened with that girl last night. Thought you were coming back.. Did you take her home and fuck her?”

“Of course not. What to you think I am”

“ I think you’re someone who loves to fuck, and I should know.”

“I’d like to talk to you about that girl. Can I meet you somewhere for coffee?”

Tim left his apartment and walked a couple blocks to the coffee shop. Rachael was already there. Tim kissed her on the cheek and sat down across from her.

After a few pleasantries I said.“ Rachael, she raped me.”

Rachael roared laughing. “She raped you?. Oh poor baby. Did you report her, call the police ? Now you will have to go for counseling and try to recover from the truma. ”She couldn’t stop laughing. 

“It’s true, “I said.“Let me explain,” and I started from the beginning and told her exactly what happened. She was incredulous. “My, my. She took advantage of a big guy like you? Tell me you didn’t enjoy it.”

“I really didn’t enjoy it. Oh, I had an organism but that I couldn’t help –just like some women have an organism when they are raped. But that’s not why I asked you to meet me. This girl, Sandy Beach, needs help. She ‘s severely depressed, totally neurotic and her self esteem is like minus 10. She has nobody in the world and because of her mother, she is convinced the only way to make men like her is by having sex with them. She is a totally confused, mixed up little girl. I saw her wrists. She has already tried to kill herself. A person with just a smidgen of humanity can’t ignore a person like that. She’s on her way to becoming a whore- or a corpse. 

“Why are you telling me all this. What am I supposed to do about it.”

“We, you can’t just ignore it. We must do something to straighten her out.”

“Why me? What can I do for the little slut?

“Don’t talk that way, Rachel. We’re all in the same race, the human race, and we can’t go through life ignoring other people’s problems when we might be able to help”

“So she’s neurotic. You know what Dr. Ellis, the renowned psychotherapist, said about neurosis-‘it’s just a high class word for whining’ “ 

She’s not a whiner. She’s a desperate girl who needs help.

“So, what am I supposed to do for her? Get her birth control pills”

“Don’t be funny, Rachel. I‘ve been thinking about this for a couple weeks. You’re head of the Human Resources Department You have the power to approve insurance for medical procedures . I have a good friend who is a plastic surgeon I’m going to talk to him, see if we can give Sandy a new face. You can work with him on the insurance angle.

“Hey, you’re talking major intervention here – like big time. How do you know your little sweetie will even go for it.”

“She’ll do whatever I say. But she needs other kinds of help too and that’s where you come in.”

Like what? Teach her how to brush her teeth?

“Not funny, Rachel. You saw how she was dressed for the party. She looked like she just walked in from a whore house. She has no idea about appropriate dress or fashion or just clothing taste. I want you to teach her. Take her out and buy her a new wardrobe. I’ll pay for it. And take her to a beauty salon. Get her hair styled and teach her how to apply make-up. You’ll have to befriend her – gain her trust – so she will build a relationship with you.

“I really don’t understand why you are taking such an interest in that loser – unless you want to make her more fuckable.”

“I told you why I want to. If you don’t want to help out, I’ll find some other female that will be more cooperative. I guess it’s your choice.”

“Ok, I’ll see what I can do. But you’d probably be better off if you just found a tailor to sew her cunt closed or better still take her to Africa and get her clitoris chopped off. Those Africans know how to keep their women in line.”

“Enough of your warped sense of humor. I’ll call her into my office and arrange for you two to get together.”

Part III

Turns out that Rachel person is really nice .I got a whole new wardrobe now and I didn’t even have to pay for it. She just put it on a credit card. Said it was a company fringe benefit. And shoes you wouldn’t believe. Tim took me to some kind of doctor and he looked me over and told Tim he thought he could help me. I’m not sure what he meant but Tim seemed pleased and that’s all that matters to me. I’m sure that Rachel is trying to get Tim to fuck her but I’m sure he won’t. I don’t think he’s interested in that sort of thing. He had his chance with me and wouldn’t take it so she’s wasting her time.

I met with Dr. Jenkins or about an hour. Heexplained to me what he could do . I didn’t understand a lot of it but if I agreed to an operation I would have to sigh a permission slip or something. Then Rachel came and talked to his secretary about insurance coverage. Dr. Jenkins said something about forgiving the co-payment or something. Anyway I knew they were going to try to change my face so I wouldn’t be so ugly. 

When I woke up my head was covered with bandages. The doctor said it would be a couple days before the bandages could be removed . In the meantime Tim visited me but no one else. As he talked to me he tried to explain that all men weren’t looking for sex from every woman they met and that men and women can enjoy each other in other ways. He went on and on , talking about relationships and stuff and that everything my mother had told me was wrong.

When the bandages were removed I was amazed. I couldn’t believe the pretty woman in the mirror was really me. Tim thought it would be a good idea if I found another place to work and he found me a job with another insurance company. 

I never see Tim any more but I’ll never forget him . He saved my lifeand he lives in my heart. For the first time in my life, men are noticing me, asking me out. And I know I don’t have to perform a sexual act to make them like me. Not that I don’t have sex with them . But now it’s on my terms, because I want to, because I want the great feeling you get from a man pushing his cock into my pussy. If he enjoys it, so much the better.