Joanna told me to make her cum in my mouth so she would know I loved her pussy and I was now determined to make her fill my mouth with her hot cum. I sucked her clit as I finger fucked her and it didn’t take very long before Joanna was moaning that she was going to cum, so as much as I enjoyed finger fucking her and sucking on her clit, I took my fingers out of her hot cunt, put one finger in her asshole as I stuck my tongue in her cunt hole and rubbed her clit with my other hand. She actually screamed as her ass came off the bed and she flooded my mouth with her hot, sweet cum and I was swallowing for all I was worth as she shot out more cum again and now my face and tits were cum covered as I couldn’t handle it all, when her pussy erupted for the third time. That’s when I found out that when Joanna cums, she has three quick spurts of her delicious cunt juice and to this day I still wind up covered in her cum, not that I’m complaining, because sometimes she stands over me and plays with herself so when she cums it covers my body. After all that cum I still wanted more, I wanted to do to her what she did to me, especially I wanted to see what it would be like to lick her hot asshole. I pushed her legs back like she did to me and realized that her cunt and asshole were totally exposed for me and now I knew why I feel like such a little whore when I’m in that position. But having Joanna in that position made a raging dyke out of me and all I wanted to do was ravage her pussy and asshole and make her beg me like she made me beg her.I tried to make it last and have Joanna beg like a little cunt but I couldn’t keep my tongue out of her cunt hole or stop sucking on her clit, so all she did was moan and say things like, “Oh god baby that’s fucking heaven baby. Fuck, eat me baby, eat my fucking cunt bitch” and cum in my mouth for me. I worked Joanna’s pussy over until my mouth ached and she was telling me she couldn’t take anymore and I was covered in her cum. When I finished licking her sweet tasty pussy clean, I got up along side of her, took her in my arms and kissed her with all the passion I had in me and this time she wrapped her legs around me and we lay there kissing passionately, not saying a word for about fifteen minutes. Then Joanna said to me that she knew I was something special but she had no idea how special and we talked about her sexual history and mine and how much we loved fucking each other. We talked a bit, then realized we were hungry, so we ordered room service and while waiting Joanna asked me if I had ever showed my pussy off to a strange man and when I told her I had not, she told me I was going to when the bellhop came with dinner. We took a shower while waiting and Joanna shaved my pussy so that I now had a bald pussy like she did. The bellhop came, Joanna made me lay in bed with my legs spread, opened the door buck naked and the bellhop almost dropped the tray. That poor guy didn’t know where to look, his head kept swiveling back and forth trying to look at both of us while Joanna signed the bill.

Now I have to tell you, laying there with my legs spread wide open for a strange man and watching Joanna, my pussy was wet as hell again and I started stroking my pussy as Joanna set up the bed for dinner. She smiled and told me to make myself cum before I could eat and I lay there playing with my pussy in front of somebody for the first time in my life. With Joanna watching me it only took a minute for my cunt to explode and when it did, Joanna licked it clean for me, making me cum again. Then we sat up with one of my legs over Joanna and one of hers over mine so our pussies were touching and fed each other and I still think it was the sexiest thing I ever did. At one point Joanna wrapped her arms around me and ground her pussy into mine and made me cum while I was chewing my food and after I came I told Joanna I was falling in love with her. She got this huge smile on her face and told me that’s how she felt too and we kissed for at least five minutes before we broke to finish our food. Joanna told me that after we finished eating we were going to feed each other desert, which puzzled me as we didn’t order any desert.

We finished, Joanna kissed me again and told me that we were going to do a sixty-nine and eat each other for our desert and my pussy went from hot and wet to blazing and water fall condition just thinking about it. I got on top, felt her hot body against mine and inhaled the aroma of her beautiful cunt and virtually lost my mind with desire, burying my face in her delicious pussy and when Joanna buried her face in my pussy, my cunt erupted like Mt. Saint Helens and I could hear Joanna moaning like a porn queen. We made each other cum quite a few times and the wet spot was huge when we finished, but Joanna wasn’t finished with me yet, she got up and got a wet wash cloth and towel. She washed my face, tits and pussy off, then made me get up and led me to the big easy chair in the room. She sat in the chair, pulled me into her lap and started stroking my pussy while she alternately kissed me and talked to me. For me it was just fucking incredible what she was doing to me, I was sitting in her lap like I was a little girl and she had control of my whole body. She made me tell her all my innermost secrets about sex, that I loved sucking my husband’s cock, that I loved being used because it made me feel like a little whore, that showing off my pussy to the bellhop made me crazy with lust and that I loved her pussy, along with the first time I got felt up and had sex and the first time I gave a guy a blow job. She also made me tell her I wanted to be her bitch and that I was hers to do with as she pleased and the whole time she kept me right on the edge so that when she made me cum, my ass came off her about a foot as the cum rocketed out of my pussy like a fire hydrant being opened.

I would have never believed it was possible to cum as many times as I did that night but Joanna is an incredible lover and she made me do a lot of things that night that I had never even thought of trying or doing before. My favorite was when she made me get on my knees and eat her pussy and she was telling me what a great cunt lapper I am and that I was born to be her special cunt lapper and I was so hot I came just from her hearing her voice. We sucked and fucked each other all night until we passed out from exhaustion and slept like two babies until the phone rang in the morning, waking us for breakfast. When we awoke, we wrapped around each other and Joanna kissed me so passionately that I was panting when we stopped kissing, so we did a fairly quick sixty-nine and then took a bath together. Joanna made me wash her from head to toe and I loved doing it as it was so exciting to me as she made me do most of it by rubbing my soaped up tits all over her body, then I dries her off and we got dressed. She wouldn’t let me wear panties or panty hose, but she did have a pair of thigh highs that she made me wear with the shortest skirt I had with me. We had breakfast with the other ladies and started out on our shopping expedition with a map of all the big time stores in New York City and Joanna put her hand up my skirt and rubbed my cunt every chance she got so my pussy was in heat all day.

We were in a big department store right before lunch and Joanna and I split from the group to try on sports clothes and as soon as we got into a changing booth, Joanna stripped me buck naked and shoved three fingers into my wet cunt and made me beg her to make me cum and I know when I came, every women in the changing room knew I had. Then she made me get on my knees and eat her pussy while she told me what a hot little cunt I am and the best cunt lapper ever and I swallowed every bit of her hot cum when she came. She also made me play with myself while I ate her out and I came when she did so that my cum was running down my legs when I stood up. Joanna loved that and she made me put my stockings back on right over the wet cum and I did find it quite exciting walking around like that. It was the best weekend of my life and I had never given myself to anyone like I did with Joanna and had never been so sexually satisfied in my life either. We have been together for about three years now and out husbands don’t have a clue about us but our girlfriends do and every now and then we all go away for a shopping trip and the last one Joanna and I put a show on for our friends. It was extremely exciting putting our sex show on for our friends and judging from the conversations I don’t think it will be long before our friends give it a try as Marie and Barb have been kissing in front of Joanna and I and the last time they did they were feeling each other up.

Joanna has made an exhibitionist out of me now, when it’s just the two of us out, we kiss in front of people, deep passionate kisses and we go to this lesbian club so we can dance and Joanna can show my pussy off. She loves showing the girls my pussy and I pretend I don’t like doing it, but I really love having them check out my wet cunt and sometimes Joanna will let one of them put their finger in my cunt and I love that. I haven’t worn panties or pants since that shopping trip because Joanna wants my pussy available to her whenever and I also I found out it’s thrilling to flash my cunt at people. Joanna has turned me into a sex machine and I love her for it and I really want to have sex in front of a lot of people now and I’m working on it, so who knows.